Jashpur 11 Jan

Under the Chief Minister's Child Plan, the efforts of the talented students of Naxal-affected districts, along with excellent and quality education as well as in the entrance examinations related to the national level engineering, medical and commerce subjects, will be conducted in the year 2019-20 in the Kanya Residential School Jashpur. Applications have been invited for 125 seats for admission in class 9th till 2 February.

The seat reserved for the admission in the 9th class (year 2019-20) in the attempt residential school Jashpur. The effort is a total of 125 seats in the Boys and Girls Residential School, Jashpur. Out of which 75 seats are for boys and 50 seats for girls. Under this, 50 percent reservation for Scheduled Tribes students, 20 percent for Scheduled Castes students, 20 percent for Other Backward Classes students and 10 percent reservation for general category students has been done. Efforts have been set for selection in residential schools. Students will be selected on merit basis basis.

It is compulsory to pass the minimum examination of 60% marks in B grade with the resident of the affected district and the examination of class VIII from Naxalite district school. Student should be a permanent caste certificate holder belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes declared by Chhattisgarh State. Direct entry of children directly to the affected families of Naxal violence will be given directly, but in this regard, it is necessary to attach the certificate of the District Superintendent of Police.

Assistant Commissioner Shri Vahane said that the entrance examination will be held on February 10 in the district headquarters Jashpur. For which interested applicants can submit application to Development Officer, Education Officer by February 2. For more information regarding this, the applicant can contact the office of Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Jashpur and all the development block education officer in office hours.

Organic Farmer Fair organized on January 16

Jashpur 11 Jan

Organic farming fair will be organized by the Agriculture Department under Biological Farming Mission, on January 16, at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, DumroBhar, Pathalgaon from 10 am to 4 pm. Deputy Director of Agriculture Department informed that information will be provided by agricultural scientists on organic farming / advanced agricultural techniques etc. to the farmers in organic farmers' fair. He has requested all the farmers to get information about biological farming in the presence of maximum number of organic farmers' fair.

4 lakhs sanctioned for affected families after death of snakebite

Jashpur 11 Jan

On October 8, 2018, the death of Shri Karam Sahi father father Anhingu Ram, resident of village Kairabel tehsil of Kansabel tehsil, has been sanctioned a grant of Rs 4 lakh to Anunu Ram, father of the deceased's deceased deceased.

Ineligible list for three posts in Child Protection Home (Child)

Jashpur 11 Jan

Under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme of the Women and Child Development Department, Jashpur, a proposal of 3 approved vacant post of probation officer, one post of the House Frm, the post of paramedical staff for the post of ineligible list of applications, claim objection 16 Have been invited till January. The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department said that the candidates can also view the non-ineligible list on the information panel of the District Child Protection Unit of the website and office of the district. In this context, whatever application you want to file a claim objection, the District Child Protection Unit can submit claim objection to the post of Bhagalpur road behind the Ranjita stadium in the prescribed time frame.

Upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019: Collector Shri Narendra Dugga appointed nodal officers

Koriya 11 Jan

Collector Shri Narendra Dugga has appointed nodal officers for smooth completion of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 and various processes of election process. In which Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvashi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. Jagannath Verma, Mr. Bikram Singh, Mr. PV Khess, Deputy Collector, Mr. Shyam Sunder Dubey, Deputy Divisional Officer,Mr. Apurva Preeti Tappo, Ms. Suman Raj, District Public Relations Officer Mr. Laxmikant Kosaria, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Shivpal Singh Pacara, Women and Child Development Project Officer Mr. Chandresh Sisodia, District Treasury Officer Mr. Anil Kumar Pathak,District Transport Officer Shri Arvind Bhagat, Information and Science Officer, Shri Sukhdev Patel, Executive Engineer, PWD, Mr. R.C. Ramram, District Food Officer, Shri Ashish Chaturvedi, Social Welfare Officer, Shri Shaima Sunder Raidas, Chief Municipal Officer, Shri Rakesh Sharma And Ms. Ankita Patel, a naib tehsildar of Baikunthpur.

Rural Agricultural Extension Officer Suspended

Balrampur 11 Jan

Balrajpur-Ramanujganj district's development block Rajpur, Rural Revenue Ex-Officers of Area Sevari, were found guilty of violation of Civil Service Practices Rule 1965 (13), in addition to discharging their own duties in addition to discharging their duties. Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak has been suspended by the immediate effect of the Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules, 1966 (9). During the suspension period, their head office, senior agricultural development officer Vikas Khand Vadaf Nagar has been appointed. Mr. Shijan Ekka will be eligible for allowance as per rules for the maintenance of livelihood.

Purchase of 877932.40 quintals of paddy in the district so far

Balrampur 11 Jan

In Kharif marketing year 2018-19, paddy is being procured at the support price from 23752 registered farmers in 37 paddy cultivation centers of 28 Cooperatives of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. So far, 877932.40 quintals of paddy have been made in paddy procurement centers of the district. Out of which, 46361.60 quintals thick rice and 831600.80 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. There has been an uproar of 317690 quintals of paddy.

The cooperative committee of the district is in 21178 in Kapildevpur, 18747 in downhat, 21919.20 in Kuseman, 53904.20 in Kameshwar Nagar, 5462.60 in Kodawa, 22392 in Gopalpur, 203838.40 in Gondal, 33766.60 in Jamari, 2441.60 in Jodpaath (Bharatpur), 4800 in Dipedeh, 15607.20 in Dongro , 5,097.80 in Trikunda, 25057.70 in Dhandhapur, 19985.20 in Doraha, 6420.80 in Passa, 16464 in Baroda, 25770.40 in Barikkala,Tatapani 20447.20, Baradar 16616.80, Barishera 29666, Balngipur 6450.72, Balrampur 41503.20, Maharajganj 34755.70, Bhulasikal, 6830.40, Bhanajanlal 68003.80, Mahavirganj 45725.20, Raghunathnagar 13900.20, Jigri (Basen) 8808.80, Rajpur 40007.20 27058 in Ramchandrapur, 24126 in Ramnagar, 23829.60 in Basantpur, 27153.80 in Vadafnagar, 26596 in Dindo, 26562 in Virendranagar, 21794.40 in Sewari and 4202.40 quintals of paddy farmers in Samaria.

In charge of Bemetara district, in charge for the smooth and successful work of election

Bemetara 11 Jan

Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Election 2019 has been given responsibilities to the in-charge officers and their assistant in-charge officers for successful implementation. Collector Mahadev Kawre told that the Officer-in-Charge for the polling team, trainer, training and staff welfare, Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Bemetra S. Alok and his assistant in-charge officer deputy director Panchayat Bemetra DK Kaushik, District Education Officer Chandrakar,All the chief executive officers will be the district panchayat. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Arranging adequate officers / employees for the formation of polling party, traffic, training, election materials, observer voting and counting etc., arrangement of visitor's visit, excursion, lodging, arrangement of liaisoning officer, transport, Security System, Telephone, Computer, Printer, CD / DVD Arrange the Adi,To organize all the training programs and to provide the necessary facilities at the training site, the necessary facilities in the material distribution-return locations and polling stations.

Similarly eVM Officer-in-Charge for the VV Pat and Executive Engineer, Public Health Mechanics, Bemmara, will be the officer and his assistant in-charge officer, District Marketing Officer, RS Lahomor. The responsibilities assigned to them are: eVM And the work of VV Pat, Checking, Warehousing, Safekeeping, and Rendimization, Sealing etc. is the work of In-charge Officer for the Officer-in-charge Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Berla RP Anhla and his assistant in-charge officer, District Transport Officer Bemetra Vivek Sinha. The responsibilities assigned to them are: Voting parties, material transport, E.V.M. To arrange the vehicle for VV Pat Transport, Sector Officer, Police Checker etc., to prepare the rent sheet.

In-charge for the election material, Officer in charge Officer, Bemetra D.N. Kashyap and his assistant in-charge officer will be District Registrar Kumar Bhayariya. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: preparing the necessary material for the election in the prescribed process, arranging the camera, computer, stationery etc.

Officer of the Model Code of Conduct / Complaint and Election Expenditure, deputy collector Shilli Thomas and his in-charge assistant officer, District Mineral Officer Meenakshi Sahu and District Treasury Officer. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: To ensure the compliance of the Model Code of Conduct and to solve the grievances, send information to the Commission, prepare all the work related reports and expenditure reports of the candidates.

Route chart, voter list election duty certificate, deputy collector of postal ballot Mr B.R. Dhru and his assistant in-charge officer, Assistant Superintendent of Land Records Ashutosh Gupta. These are the responsibilities assigned to them - preparation of root chart, preparation of sector, preparation of marked voter list,E.D.C. is the postal ballot work. In-charge Officer The Superintendent of Police, Bemetara Vimal Bass and his assistant in-charge officer will be the district superintendent of police. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: To coordinate with the Police Department, send the report of the law system to the commission every day.For the ballot / postal ballot, the in-charge officer sub-registrar co-operative organizations Bemetra SK Tigga and his assistant in-charge officer will be District Planning and Statistical Officer Bemetra R. K. Ogre. These are the responsibilities assigned to them, to ensure the assessment and availability of ballots and postal ballots.

In-charge Officer for Media / MCMC Control Room, Assistant Director, Public Relations Bemetra CL. Lonhare and his assistant in-charge officer will be District e-Manager Bemetara Mahendra Verma. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Issuing the Passionate, Providing News Cutting, Providing authorization to the journalists, Forming and working of MCMC.

Incharge Officer for Computerization, District Information Officer, NIC Bemetara Rohit Kumar Chandra Vanshi and his assistant in-charge officer assistant programmer will be Bemetara Ms. Babi Rajput, District Election Office. These are the responsibilities assigned to them, providing information in voting party formation, EVM, randomization of VV Pat, information related to the counting of votes, all the work related to IT.

For Sweep Officer in charge, District Education Officer, GR Chandkurkar and his Assistant In-charge Officer will be the District Development Officer of all development schools. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: organizing programs related to voter awareness, making sweep plans, operating electoral literacy and other activities.

In-charge Officer for the management of Light, Mike, Shamiana, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Bemetera MR Jatva and their Assistant In-Charge Officer, Departmental Officer, Public Works Department, Bemetara D. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Providing light, Mike, awning for the purpose of distribution of materials and returning locations and counting of votes and verification of the payments.

Incharge Officer for Sector Officer and Micro Observer, Additional Collector Bemetra S.R. Women and his assistant in-charge officer will be Assistant Statistics Officer Rohit Kumar Soni. They have all the responsibilities assigned to them - all the work related to the Sector Officer and Micro Observer.








Under the Debt Waiver scheme, the loan waiver of 94 thousand 842 farmers has been increased to 406.85 crores.

Bemetara 11 Jan

According to the announcement by the state's Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel Government, a loan waiver scheme is getting benefit of about Rs.406.85 crores in 94 thousand 842 farmers in the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware informed that out of the loan distributed in 16 branches of District Cooperative Central Bank Limited Durg, District Bemetra, 5 thousand 127 farmers in 4 committees under branch Bemetra estimated to be Rs. 2572.65 lakh, In the 3 societies of Juwara branch, 4 thousand 554 farmers received 1566.44 lakh rupees, 4,496 farmers of 4 committees of Baisamund branch, 1786.84 lakh rupees, 9,024 farmers in 9 committees of Navagadh branch, Rs. 3300.04 lakh, 4 thousand rupees of Nandighat branch Rs. 1315.44 lakh to 287 farmers, Rs. 3811.70 lakh to 7 thousand 612 farmers of Dadri branch, Rs. 1155.46 lakh to 4 thousand 087 farmers in Beo Branch,Rs. 1974.78 lakh to 6 thousand 053 farmers in Sambalpur branch, 10 thousand 984 farmers in Berla branch, Rs. 3983.86 lakh, 6 thousand 591 farmers in Saja branch, Rs. 3282.42 lakh, Rs. 1875.43 lakh to 4 thousand 520 farmers in Deokar branch, Rs. 2735.53 lakh to 4 thousand 773 farmers, Rs. 3377.28 lakh to 7 thousand 179 farmers in Thanchkhmaria branch,Rs. 2215.72 lakhs to 4 thousand 438 farmers in the taluka branch, Rs. 2792.87 lakh to 5 thousand 857 farmers in Bhimbauri branch, and for the 5 thousand 275 farmers under Deewarbija branch, the process of waiving the loan of about Rs. 2934.03 lakhs is under process. In the 54 cooperative societies of the district, entry of outstanding credit is being made in the online module of the cooperative department, after which the information of the actual beneficiary farmers and the amount will be available.



Meeting of housing allocation committee concluded

Bemetara 11 Jan

Government Officials of Government Housing F, G, H and I Type will all be allocated according to their eligibility criteria to the government officials and employees working in District Headquarter Bethemara. The meeting of the housing allocation committee was held today under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware. In which discussions and discussions were held regarding government accommodation allocation.

Under the Bemetra development block, 44 government housing houses have been constructed in Mohbhatha Ward. 19 crore 29 lakhs were sanctioned for this. These include 6 types of F-Type 6, 18 types of G type and 20 types of H Type. In the District Bemetra headquarters, the construction of the general administration department is being done by the Public Works Department behind the new rest house located at Berla Road.

A total of 40 houses are being constructed for government officials and employees whose tender value is Rs.55 crores 64 lacs. Which includes 4 types of E. Type 4, Type 6 of F type, 12 of G Type, 6 of H Type, and 12 types of I Type. Instructions have been issued by the collector to complete the construction work of Executive Engineer, Mr. Jatav. In the meeting, SP Superintendent Prashant Thakur, ADM K.S. Mandavi, Deputy Collector, B.R. Dhruv, Smt. Silly Thomas, Executive Engineer Lonovie M. R. Jatav, Assistant Engineer, Chhattisgarh Homebuilding Board Shri Sahu was present.

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