Raipur: No guilty will be spared in the case of misdemeanor: Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has taken the rape case very seriously in the shelter home of a social service organization based in Kota, Raipur. They have strongly condemned this incident. Shri Baghel today said that the order of the magisterial inquiry into the matter has been issued and a four member committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of the Additional Collector. Mr. Baghel said that anyone found guilty in the investigation of this case will not be spared. Strict action will be taken against him.

Raipur: Food Minister Shri Akbar takes over as Chairman of Supply Corporation

Instructions for delivering ration on time to fair price shops
Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Minister, Shri Mohammad Akbar today assumed the charge of Chairman of the Chhattisgarh State Civil Supplies Corporation headquarters at Avanti. Corporal officials welcomed them intimately. Shri Akbar reviewed the present system of supply of ration material to the fair value shops of the state under the Public Distribution System. He expressed his displeasure over the availability of ration material in timely collection of ration material in Sukma district and directed the officers to ensure such arrangements, through which the ration material to all reasonable price shops in the state is reached within the prescribed time limit. Go. Shri Akbar said that it is the responsibility of the supply corporation to deliver ration material to the remote areas of the state on time. The officials follow this responsibility seriously. It is known that Mr. Mohammed Akbar has also been the first President of the supply corporation after the formation of Chhattisgarh State. After the formation of a new government in the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, he has been given the responsibility of the post of Chairman of Supply Corporation as well as the Minister of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department. On the occasion of taking charge of Shri Akbar, the corporation officials welcomed him intimately. On this occasion, Mr. Vinod Kumar Lal, Executive Director (Finance) of the Corporation and Mr. K. L. Sinha, HK Sharma, Deputy Manager, S / Shri S.N. Suryavanshi and CK Tamarakar, Accountant Ms. G. Padma and Deputy Accounts Officer Shri Ajay Dhoot were also present.

Raipur: The formation of a magistrate's inquiry committee to investigate the misdeeds

Four-member committee headed by additional collector
While taking prompt action on the directions of the state government for investigating the misdemeanor case in Ghoronga, the shelter house of Social Service Agency 'Kompawalni Child Welfare Organizations', a four-member magistrate inquiry committee has been constituted by District Magistrate Raipur. Additional Collector Mr. Vipin Manjhi will be the Chairman of the Committee. Mr. Manjhi is the official of the Indian Administrative Service. Apart from him, the deputy collector of Raipur as Rajeev Pandey, additional Tehsildar Amit Beck and Naib Tehsildar Mrs Novita Sinha will be included in the committee as a member. Given the severity and sensitivity of the incident, the Magistrate's investigation committee has been formed. It is worth noting that the State Welfare Department of the State Government had sent a letter to the Collector Raipur from the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) today, and the magistrate of the case was asked to conduct the inquiry with the Additional Collector level officer. Immediately following the directions of the government, the Collector and the District Magistrate, Dr. Basavaraju S. Issued an order for immediate investigation. It has been said in the order that the committee will investigate every necessary point of the incident and present the report to the immediate collector and the office of the District Magistrate. In order to publish the incidents of incest in the news published in the daily newspapers of the district, incidents of incest by the physiotherapist working in this institution have been mentioned.

Collective medicine will be consumed for the prevention of filariaria disease

Jashpur 16 Jan

Elephant (Phailaria) is a serious and very annoying disease, which is going to run the Phileara eradication program at the national level for liberation. In the same sequence, mass medicines will be consumed on 8,9 and 10 February from the state level for eradication of national filariasis and emancipation. On February 8, all the children registered in Anganwadi along with all the appropriate beneficiaries of the community will be consumed by Anganwadi workers.

Similarly, all children registered in schools will be claimed in the school by the nominated authors. In the said day, for the purpose of consuming medicines for beneficiaries in the said day, medicines will be consumed by giving house rent by the Matanin Anganwadi workers on 9th and 10th February for the next two days.
Normally a person is not serious about taking medicines in a healthy condition.

As a result, the success of the program appears to be adversely affected. For this, the group has been asked to chant in the village before the date of drug conservation date 8 February. At the same time, the drug distribution center has also been given the capability to provide the presence of beneficiaries of the beneficiaries and to all the beneficiaries for drug intake before drug distributor.

Collector's meeting of the deadline

Jashpur 16 Jan

Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar held a meeting of the time limit from 11 am in the meeting room of the District Office on Tuesday. In the meeting, he inquired about the progress of the work done by all the departments. And instructed to speed up the work. Apart from this he also asked the absent officer and staff to give notice to the time-limit meeting. In addition, District Panchayat CEO Mr. Kuldeep Sharma present in the meeting also gave different instructions to the officials.

In the meeting, Shri Kshirsagar gave all SDM the mandate to pay special attention to the land allotment. On caste certificates, he told all the SDMs that all nodal officers should provide training in this regard. And for all the people who have not been able to caste caste certificates, they should make caste certificates by putting them in one month. They purchased the paddy but said that the concerned RI and food inspectors will be presently presenting the report of the purchase of rice. He said that if any farmer is selling more paddy, then he will take physical attention while taking special attention.

When Mr. Kshirsagar urged for immediate disposal of cases pending in all pending cases of penitentiary in Jan Darshan, the number of penal cases was immediate. On this occasion, Forest Officer Mr. Krishna Jadhav, Additional Collector Mr. I.L. Thakur, Deputy Collector Mr. R.S. Tiwari, all SDM, CEO, departmental officers and other officers and employees were present.


Rs 8 lakh sanctioned for the heir of deceased in natural calamity

Koriya 16 Jan

Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga has sanctioned a sum of Rs 4-4 lakh for Mr. Mangalasia and Mrs. Shyam Bai for his successor, if he died from the serpent-feeding of Mr Mahesh and Gram Pondi Bachra of village Kadreva of Vikaskhana Khadgwan. They have sanctioned this amount under the natural disaster relief under the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular.

CA. Sealed closed tenders invited for auditing from January 25

Surajpur 16 Jan

Incharge Collector and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Jha said that under the District Mineral Trust scheme, the financial year 2015-16 and 2017-18 were passed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of the company from the Employee Chartered Accountant firm. Audit is to be done.

In the above regard, the expression of interest from the Chartered Accountant firms seeking audit work on 25th January, 2017 at 05.30 pm, has been invited in the sealed closed envelope in the physical and financial form.For getting detailed information, compulsory qualification, terms and conditions and application forms, contact the District Panchayat Surajpur or the notice board of the website www.surajpur.gov.in can be reviewed.




Instructions of special non-residential training centers for children outside the school, three day training cum workshop concluded

Surajpur 16 Jan

In-charge Collector and District Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Jha, in the direction of District Mission Coordinator Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission Surajpur received information from Mr. Sudarshan Aggarwal State Project Office Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, under the auspices of Raipur, with the cooperation of Humana Puppel to Pupil India, District Headquarters Surajpur Instructions of Special Non-Residential Training Centers of the District Three days of not residential training was conducted from January 10, 2019 to January 12 2019.

Sri Trilochan Rana from Orissa province of Humana Pepeil to Pupil India, Shri Satis Kumar from Chhattisgarh and Mr. Kishore Kumar of Jharkhand Province trained 22 instructors from the district. Special non-residential training centers will be run for the children out of school / school children by these instructors.

On the closing ceremony of the training to the instructors, a book named Kare has been distributed, which will be helpful in connecting these children with the main stream of education. In the training, District Mission Coordinator, Mr Sudarshan Agrawal, Assistant Project Coordinator (Pedagauji) Mr. Shobhtha Chaibe, Assistant Director Mrs Lata Bek were present.



Incharge Collector and District Panchayat CEO inspected paddy procurement centers

Surajpur 16 Jan

Shri Sanjeev Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the charge collector and district panchayat, inspected the purchase center of Ramanujanagar. Considering the slow pace of paddy lifting in the committees during the inspection, the Food Officer has directed Surajpur to lift the paddy soon in such purchase centers. The information collector has been issued the charge collector for the names of the registered agricultural extension officers who were found absent in the centers.

Along with this, keeping in view the possibility of procurement of paddy by the coaches / intermediaries in the Paddy procurement centers of the district, till 31 January 2019, under the supervision of the nominated officials, to procure paddy procurement, supervision, supervision and control of district officials Duty has been levied.

The Incharge Collector has directed the District Officers to assess the availability of the place to purchase and procurement in the purchase of paddy. In this order, inspection of the Paddy Purchase Center was done by the Mineral Officer Mrs. Triveni Devangan which was brought by Santosh / Somaaru Jaiswal after carrying a token of 160 sacks of paddy, 56 sacks were brought for sale, due to old and non-standard quality. The committee has been rejected.

Silifli Paddy Purchase Center was inspected by Naiv tehsildar Mrs. Garima Thakur in which 60 borry paddy and Jainagar paddy procurement center brought by Ganeshpur resident of Jalal / Nanku, Lakhan / Zaggar resident Karanji,According to the token of Munshi / Ramdu resident Rajapur, the paddy brought for sale has been examined. Along with this, the inspection of the Bhayyathan Paddy Purchase Center by Mrs. Indira Mishra, Tahsil Bhayyatan, was noticed in the inspection of light Patwari and Agricultural Extension Officers who were found absent, who have been issued show cause notices and token of the farmers were examined.



District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and Survey Committee concluded

Surajpur 16 Jan

The District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the meeting of the Survey Committee under District Collector, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the Rehabilitation of the handling of the workers by hand and the Rehabilitation Act 2013 and the Chief of the Collector and District Panchayat. Executive Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha presided over the function and MLA Prem Das If Singh And in the presence of MLA, Bhatgaon Shri Parasnath Rajwade, was organized in the meeting room of Joint District Office on January 15, 2019.

In the meeting, for the 43 episodes received for the acceptance of relief amount under Scheduled Caste / Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, under the various provisions of the Act, the total amount was recommended by Rs. 50 lakh 04 thousand 525 rupees relief committee. All the members of the committee were present in the meeting.

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