Liquor shops will remain closed on January 30

Bemetara 28 Jan

Under the Chhattisgarh Excise Desh / Exotic Wine Management Rule, Wednesday 30 January 2019 is declared a dry day on the occasion of "Mahatma Gandhi Nirvana Diwas". Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware on the said date all the country / foreign liquor located in the district. -2 (Ghag) and F.L. - 1 (Ghag) and Wine Storage Wandering has been directed to keep it completely closed.

He has also instructed to strictly monitor the sale of narcotics by keeping constant monitoring and control over possible illegal liquor bases of the district. Collector, strictly following the instructions to the Excise Department and Police Department officials, according to the administrative facilities, the duty of Excise Chief Reconstruction and Respectors is to impose duty. Penalty action will be taken after determining the liability on receipt of a complaint of drug sale on dry days.



Collector's demise on 31st January

Bemetara 28 Jan

The meeting of the general public to be held on Tuesday in the presence of Joint District Office Building Bemetra, will be held on January 31 in the evening between 11 AM and 12 AM.



Officers should carry out their duties better - collector

Bemetara 28 Jan

On the occasion of the 70th Republic Day, Collector Mahadev Kaware gave congratulations and good wishes to the officers, employees, on the 70th Republic Day of Independent India in the Guidelines of the joint office building / collectorate building situated at the District Headquarters on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day.

The collector expected the employees, employees to discharge their duties and responsibilities in a good and good manner. On this occasion, the Superintendent of Police Mr. Prashant Thakur, Additional Collector Mr. S.R. Women, Deputy Collector, Mrs. Silly Thomas, Mr. B.R. Officers / employees of various departments of the district administration, including Dhruv and officers of the police administration were present.



Show cause notice

Bemetara 28 Jan

Accidental inspection of paddy purchase centers Sarda and Bijja by Collector Mahadev Kaware and District Marketing Officer. Collector Shri Kaware has instructed the committee manager Sarda Santosh Kumar Nishad and the Service Co-operative Society, who was careless in the work, to give a show-cause notices to Dehram Joshi of Seema Bija. During the inspection at the Purchase Center, paddy sacks were found in the open and wet from the rain.

Committee manager Santosh Kumar Nishad was found absent in the Sarda Committee, which was expressed by the collector's harsh resentment. In the event of rainfall, the respective centers are responsible for keeping the stock of paddy in the earning center. Instructions were given to keep enough talaprati in all the centers before the purchase, and then the purchasing centers were kept in an unexpected manner by the Sadaa and Bijas in the open,Which is a clear violation of the Paddy acquisition policy. Individual accountability of committee managers has been fixed in case of poor paddy. In this regard, the Collector Shri Kavre instructed the Committee Manager Sarda and Bija to submit his explanation within two days in the Nodal Officer's office, Bemetara.


Collector collects inspection centers

Bemetara 28 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware inspected Sarda Kendra and ascertained the details of the situation of paddy after passing the rain in the past. He instructed the safe storage of paddy from the cap cover.

Due to not keeping the paddy safe from Cape cover, a causation notice was issued to the co-operative society Sarda and committee managers of Jhal Society. Also, a notice was issued to Bija's committee manager, Dera Rama Joshi, for not covering the Cape cover properly.

Good governance in the Goodwill Cricket match

Surajpur 28 Jan

On the occasion of Republic Day, goodwill cricket match was held in the stadium ground Surajpur between the civil administration against the district administration. Mr. K.C., DevSenapati the Chairman of the District Administration Unit  decided to bat first before winning the toss.

Laxman scored 22 runs from 14 balls, Rajesh Maravi scored 15 runs in 7 balls, Mo Gaus Beg game officer, unbeaten 42 runs in 19 balls and collector K.C. DevSenapati, thanks to 18 runs from 13 balls, the district administration scored 115 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in 12 overs. On behalf of the civic eleven, Sharad got 4 wickets, Ravi Goyal, Ethical and Rais Khan 1-1.Chasing a target of 116 runs, the XI team made only 60 runs in the last 12 overs, losing 8 wickets. Which includes Ravi Goyal's 15 runs. On behalf of the district administration, Sameer took two wickets, two wickets for Mou Gaus Baig, Laxman, Vineet Sahu, Amrut Kuzur and collector Shri K.C. Devsenapati took 1-1 wickets.

Thus, the district administration team easily defeated the civic eleven by 55 runs. The trophy was awarded to the winner and runner-up team. District Administration Team's Best Fielder Award SDM Subhash Singh Raj, Best Batsman Laxman Jaiswal and Man of the Match were awarded to Game Officer Mou Gaus Beg. While the award of Best Baller was given to Sharad of Citizen XI.

The role of the umpire in the match was done by Ved Prakash Shukla and Imam Hasan and scorer Roshan Gupta and Dilpal Karera and Commentator Ghulam Khan and Shatrughan Sanwar. On this occasion, Collector K.C. Devsenapati, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, SDM Subhash Singh Raj, Food Officer Amrit Kujur, Nagarpalika President Thaleshwar Sahu, Vice President Ajay Agarwal, DSP RP Sharma Singh, Congress Blake President Ashwani Singh, Manoj Dalmiya, Anoop Agarwal, Sunil Agarwal, Sandeep Agrawal, Vinay Mishra, Gabinath Sahu, Kalicharan, Zafar Haider etc. were specially present. In the Goodwill match, Naushad Ahmed, Wasim Raza, Bhagirathi Sahu, Carmo, Lalji Sahu, Gautam Sharma, Pankaj Dongre, Shivnorath etc. have been special contributors. A large number of people attend the match.


Prabha Dubey, President, Child Rights Protection Commission Inspected the Child Home

Mahasamund 28 Jan

Chhattisgarh State Child Rights Protection Commission President Mrs. Prabha Dubey was on the migration of the district today. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dubey inspected the Gurukul Ashram Kosrangi, the Child Ashram Bihazar and the Government Child Handloom House. They interacted with the children in the inspection and inquired about their daily activities. The officials asked the children to take care of food, living, health, and to make the basic arrangements disadvantaged. He said that the all-round development of children is possible only if they are given education as well as ethical education.

To keep children physically and mentally fit, pay attention to their sports and entertainment. He also asked to pay attention to cleanliness in the ashram and communication house. On this occasion, District Officer, District Protection Officer Shri Khemraj Choudhary and other officials were also present.


50 thousand rupees sanctioned for cows

Mahasamund 28 Jan

Using the powers conferred by the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) Mahasamund, an amount of financial assistance grants will be sanctioned to the injured persons in a road accident.

Among them, Mr. Balram Dhruv and Mr. Mayank Kannauj, resident of Gurudora of Mahasamund were injured in a road accident on January 30, 2018, they have been sanctioned an amount of 25-25 thousand rupees for grant of financial assistance.

Rs 12 lakh sanctioned on massacre

Mahasamund 28 Jan

Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain has sanctioned financial assistance of 12 lakh rupees for the next of kin of the deceased in the natural calamity under Revenue Book Circular 6-4. Among them, after the death of Shri Krishna Kumar Pradhan of village Paraskola of Vikashal, on December 12, 2017, his wife, Mrs. Tirotma Pradhan, died on 8th June, 2018, when the death of Mr. Avadh Kumar Nand, resident of Gopalpur, Pithora Development block, Father Shree Premalal Nand

And the death of Mr. Bijju Nishad resident of village Baghakho, Bhabbahar Vikaskhand, has been sanctioned financial assistance of four lakh rupees to his wife, Mrs. Bhuneshwari Nishad, after the burning of fire in 5 April 2017.


Rs. 04 lakh sanctioned to 01 beneficiaries of natural calamity victims

Surajpur 28 Jan

According to information received from Additional Collector Shri KP Singh in the direction of Collector Shri KC Devsenapati, 01 beneficiaries of natural victims have been provided financial assistance of Rs. 04 lakhs.

According to the release order, the death of the husband of Chaturam Jati Dhobi, the husband of the deceased resident of village Haripur, under the development block of Surajpur, died on 25 July 2015 due to the death of the well in the water, his husband Chaituram Rasundar was given a financial assistance of Rs. 4 lakhs. Approved. In the anticipation of the amount allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of allotment in the fiscal year 2018-19 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

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