Raipur: Chief Minister discussed with representatives of industrial institutions in Lucknow

Chhattisgarh informed about the development prospects


Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today discussed the industrial possibilities in Chhattisgarh by meeting the representatives of industrial institutions and industrialists while reaching Lucknow capital of Uttar Pradesh during the Barabanki tour.

    Chief Minister Shri Baghel said that the new state is rich in Chhattisgarh Mineral, Forest, Natural and Human Resources, Infrastructure etc. There is a favorable environment for the industries and there are wide scope of industrial development. Mr. Baghel, while apprising the State Government's vision for industrial development in the state, suggested that suggestions related to the new industrial policy and food processing policy in the state also came from industrial institutions. Chief Minister, Mr. Baghel, discussed the participation of industrialists from Uttar Pradesh in various areas of Chhattisgarh and invited their suggestions. The Chief Minister also invited the entrepreneurs to visit the state for investment studies in Chhattisgarh and to discuss with senior officials.

Chief Minister Shri Baghel said that in Chhattisgarh state, industries other than iron and coal based industries are being promoted, especially on agriculture, horticulture and forest-based processing units. There is also enough resources for setting up industry related to IT, health, agriculture in the state. Here are the proper amenities for travel from other states and metro cities etc. On this occasion, the Urban Administration and Labor Minister of the State Government, Dr. Shiv Kumar Dahariya, the renowned artist of Indian cinema and Mr. Rajibbar, the Chief Secretary of the Chief Minister Mr. Gaurav Dwivedawadi, Commissioner-cum-Director Public Relations Mr. Taran Prakash Sinha, Indian Industries Association, P H.D. Chamber of Commerce and CII The delegates were present. At the meeting, industrial institutions and IAA Representatives of the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    On this occasion, the General Secretary of the Indian Industries Association and the Managing Director of Manali Pigment Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Manmohan Agrawal, I.I.A. Former Chairman and Director of Mohini Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sanjay Kaul, Mr. V. Of Agarwal Former President I.I.A. And Shashi Kables Limited, Mr. G.C. Chaturvedi Former President I.I.A. And Operator Excel Plastics, Mr. Anil Gupta, Former Chairman, IAI And Operator Premier Rolling and Forging Works Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Manish Goyal, Former President, IIAA. And Operator Lucknow Printers and Publishers, Shri Chetan Dev Bhalla Divisional Chairman, IIA and Operator Monica Products and Mr. D.S.Varma Executive Director IIA were present. Similarly, Ph.D. On behalf of Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chairman Mr. Mukesh Bahadur Singh and Mr. Gaurav Prakash, Regional Director Mrs. Anuradha Goyal, Executive Officer, Mr. Amaresh Rastogi attended. CII On behalf of Mr. Tanay Agarwal, Managing Director of Silver Tree Industries Limited, J.R. Agro Industries Pvt. Similarly Mr. Ajay Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, Mr. Ashish Agarwal, Joint Managing Director of Shashank Gupta Urban Axis Infratech Limited, Managing Director of Mr. Arban Axis Infratech Ltd. was also present.

Raipur: A new generation of new thinking will become developed state Chhattisgarh: Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Anniversary of Government Digvijaya College


Shri Bhupesh Baghel has challenged the active involvement of young people in the reform of Chhattisgarh. He said that the new thinking of the new generation will prove to be helpful in making Chhattisgarh a developed state. Mr. Baghel was addressing the medals and distribution function of the Chief Guest in the Government Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon.
        The Chief Minister wore a statue of late Mahant Raja Digvijay Das on the statue of the college and paid tribute to him. He said that in the direction of new construction of Chhalinggadh, our government has taken historic decisions in the interest of farmers while taking the first step. With the forgiveness of the farmers, the decision has been taken to purchase the paddy on 2 thousand 500 rupees per quintal. Chhattisgarh is the only state in the country where the highest price for paddy has been fixed. The prosperity of the peasant families is included in the priority of the state government.
    The Chief Minister said that to strengthen the system of study and teaching in the field of higher education, steps have been taken to fill the vacant posts of more than 1,300 assistant professors in the colleges. 15 thousand teachers will also be recruited in schools. New employment opportunities are open for educated youth. It has been decided to encourage the agro-based industrial units in the state. Chhattisgarh is a state rich in resources. The state government will be working to create new Chhattisgarh by streamlining these resources. He said that students are the future of the state and the country. There are many dreams in the mind of the youth but they should be aware that while keeping these dreams, keep their feet on the floor. While flying on the heights of the sky, we do not forget our sacraments and ideals. The Chief Minister also announced the construction of the hostel in the college and immediate correction of auditorium sound system.

    Presiding over the function, the former MP Mrs. Karuna Shukla said that the history of Chhattisgarh will change under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel. In the personality of Shri Baghel, Chhattisgarhi culture, love for ethics and behavior is clearly visible. Mrs. Shukla gave best wishes while wishing for the bright future of all the students.

    Principal of the college Mr. R.N. Singh highlighted the progress of the college that the Student Union President Kumari Saraswati Jain also expressed his views on this occasion. The function was attended by MLA Daleshwar Sahu, MLA Mr. Bhuneshwar Baghel, President of District Panchayat Rajnandgaon Mrs. Chitralekha Verma, Former Minister Mr. Dinesh Patilla, in-charge IG Shri Ratan Lal Dangi, Collector Shri Bhim Singh, Superintendent of Police Mr. Kamlochan Kashyap and other local senior people representatives, Social workers and college family members were present.

Jashpurnagar: The concept of 'Narva Garuna Ghurva Au Bari' is coming to the conclusion of the village of Heytakapa.

Gautan made in 8 acres with shramdan and government help

The Collector appreciated the thinking and hard work of the villagers


The idea of ​​the new government of Chhattisgarh has been conceived by the villagers of Heathakapa with their thinking, hard work and government help. The idea of ​​"Navra, Garuva, Ghurvaa au-Aila Bachanaa Sankari" has been envisaged. Hathkapa is a village of Kunakuri Vikaskhand in Jashpur district. This village is situated in the lap of hills. There are 412 families residing in this village. This village is also the headquarters of Panchayat. In its dependent village Upkarakapa, water conservation, utilization of the water of the river (drain), and the development of body development is appreciated.

Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar visited the Headkapa and Upkarpada and examined the Gautan and pasture developed in 8 acres of land for preservation and promotion under the "Navra Garuna Ghurva Au Bari" program. The Collector appreciated the efforts of the villagers of Heathakapa and where all of you have demonstrated the motive of the Chhattisgarh government. The collector has given all possible assistance to take forward this project through the plans of all departments of Governance (Convergence) in Hathkapa and Upkar Kapa.

        The collector also discussed the women related to the self-help group during this period and explained to him the use of vegetable and fruit plants. He said that the woman who cultivates vegetable-vegetable hybrid seeds should be administered to the self-help group as well as to manage its marketing arrangements.

        Hepakapa's Sarpanch Umbrela Bai told that in order to make gaughana in the village, 8 acres of land in the foothills of the hill were all marked with the consent of all. To make gothan here, it was done by performing Shramadan and cleanliness. The guidance of the officers of the district panchayat, agriculture and other departments, has developed 12 baths and four drinking water stitches for fodder fodder along with the development of Gothan. 7 shepherds have been kept to feed the animals. The sutures have been made to prepare the Nadep and Vermi Compost compost in this Gothan. Gathegan's Facing is done at the cost of 5.50 lakhs, 3 acres of land belonging to Gautan, which has been donated for three years by Parasari, Milan, Jhulan, Bhaineshwar, resident of Heathakpa, voluntarily. In this land, work is being done to set up Nepalese grass for feeding of animals. The collector praised the villagers who donated the land. He said that with the help of Napier grass, the cultivation of the fields was done on lease of land surrounding the vacant land and other fruit trees would be provided to the villagers to get additional income.

The collector said that in the case of water conservation, animal development and Bari development, the village of Hathakapa is not only the district of Jashpur but it is the leading village of Chhattisgarh state. This village has become the elaborate village of Narva Garva Ghurva Au Vari Vikas Yojana. The construction and development of this Gothan is being done under the supervision of Gopal Shepherd Committee. At present there are 300 maintenance.

Humor on the path of self reliance

        Vinod Kerketta of Hathakapa village has become an inspiration for the other youth by making their livelihood and their livelihoods of animal husbandry and milk production through hard work and hard work. 30-year-old Mr. Kerketta started his cow's work almost a year ago, inspired by the task of preserving conservation and enrichment in his village. Today, he has 7 milch cows, which gives an average of 30 liters of milk per day. Whom he sells in his village including Goria Kunukuri. Mr Kerketta said that this has made him earn 12-15 thousand rupees per month. There is a motive to pursue this work of cow rearing. He is trying to make a green fodder arrangement for the cows, and to plant the Napier grass. Along with cow-servicing, he is also doing pisciculture. Mr. Kerketta, who is making fish by making 2 dubari (pond) in his own land, said that in the last 4 months he has produced more than one quintal of fish.

Turns to turn development

       Mr. Fattestar Chauhan, a farmer of the dependent village Upkarppa of Hathkapa village panchayat, developed a luxurious turn (fencing) in the last one and a half acres of his house. Fattestar Chauhan is dressing potatoes, papaya, gram, garlic, radish, munga, onion, groundnut, as well as arranging for green fodder for the birds. Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar examined Fatechwar Chauhan Bardi and described the best man developed by him as a model. The collector said that it is the intention of the state government to produce vegetable nights and fruits through the villagers' bari and become economically self dependent. They do not have to buy from the vegetable niger market. Farmer Fatechhar Chauhan, through his electricity and irrigation water from the irrigation canal water. Durbari has also been constructed from MNREGA for water conservation in Upkarakapa village at a cost of 9 lakh 65 thousand rupees.

Women of self help group will cultivate vegetable

       In Daparkappa village, 10 self help groups of women have been encouraged to cultivate vegetable. Collector Shri Kshirsagar discussed the activities of the Upkarakapa village in detail about the activities of their group and in the direction of self-reliance, during his visit today. Women expressed their intention to cultivate vegetable in a collective manner, while giving the women self-help groups to the officers of the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, for their being free of the management of hybrid vegetable seeds, manure etc.. The Collector also said to ensure the management of irrigation under NABARD's Baradi Development Program. Hathakapa, Upkarakapa village under water project, IhMP 15 With water conservation as well as livelihood, farmers are also cultivating fruitful plants. Uprakapa's Badruddin has cultivated papaya in 1.5 acres of land. During this time SDM Shri R.N. Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Kunkuri, ADO of Agriculture Department, Shri Ravi Ranjan Sahu and other officers were present.

Lateral Entry Entrance Exam held at Navodaya Vidyalaya on February 02

Bemetara 31 Jan

Lateral Entry, Entry Examination for vacant seats in Class 9th of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayya Bori District Durga will be held from 02.12.2019 to 9.00 AM. The Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Bemetra said that the examination of the candidates who can be examined by the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Behemeta, can be present at the examination center with the entry letter at the said time.

Leprosy Mass Awareness Rally MLA Chandrakar Launched by green flagging

Mahasamund 31 Jan

On the occasion of Jan 30, the death anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi organized a program in the campus of Ashbai Golcha Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Mahasamund under the Touch Leprosy Awareness Campaign. The program was inaugurated by Mahasamund MLA Mr. Vinod Chandrakar and Mr. Daulal Chandkar by offering a lamp lit and a prayer on Gandhi's photograph.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinod Chandrakar, MLA, while addressing the Gram Sabhas and Touch Leprosy Awareness Campaign which is being run from 30th January to 13th February 2019, said that it was successful in spreading all the well-known campaign campaigns. . If the symptoms of leprosy appear in your home and the people around you, encourage them to check and treat them immediately and help you to make your district leprosy free.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinod Chandrakar, MLA, while addressing the Gram Sabhas and Touch Leprosy Awareness Campaign which is being run from 30th January to 13th February 2019, said that it was successful in spreading all the well-known campaign campaigns. . If the symptoms of leprosy appear in your home and the people around you, encourage them to check and treat them immediately and help you to make your district leprosy free. On this occasion, it was challenged to remove the misconceptions related to leprosy in relation to leprosy, and to keep the leprosy patients in the mainstream of society, with their family and society, because leprosy is a common disease like other diseases and It is cured by all modern hospitals in free public hospitals.

Giving information related to the Gram Sabhana and Taste Leprosy Awareness Campaign by Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar, that from 30th January to 13th February, 2019, in the village panchayats organized in the village panchayats of the district, by the Sarpanch, To get rid of discrimination, swear and announcement regarding leprosy patients should be searched early and kept in the mainstream of the society. Security

And the information of leprosy will be given by the health worker of the concerned area at the time of prayer in school. Civil surgeon Dr. R.K. Paradl, giving information regarding symptoms and treatment of leprosy, told that if the early signs of leprosy disease such as staining of skin, including stenosis, prompt scrutiny of tingling sensation and cooling in hands, should be done by MTDT. With complete and regular treatment, it can be avoided by malignant maladies.

The program was conducted by Mr. Pramod Tiwari and he took oath through reading oath and declaration regarding the removal of discrimination against leprosy, early detection and treatment of leprosy patients and keeping them in mainstream society. Apart from this, swearing-in was also done in connection with the liberation of narcotics. Laundering a public awareness rally was inaugurated by Mahasamund MLA Mr. Vinod Chandrakar and Chief Medical and Health Officer with green flag.

Rally Ashi Bai Golchha ends with the Government Girls' Higher Secondary School, Gandhi Chowk, Bithoba Tokiz Chowk, Ambedkar Chowk, Nehru Chowk and Aasibi Golachha Government Girls Higher Secondary School. On the conclusion, on the occasion of martyr's day, Mahatma Gandhi and the brave martyrs were given a two-minute silence by shudvanjali.

District Leopard Officer Dr. V. P. Singh performed the gratitude. Ashi Bai Golcha in the rally, NSS of Government Girls Higher Secondary School All the students, including students of Scouts of the Model Child Higher Secondary School, Mahasamund, participated in the Government Men's Multipurpose Health Workers Training Center.

Public awareness rally, mainly Mr. Ekeshwar Shukla, District Leprosi Consultant, Consultant of Central Leprosy Division Mr. Sarvat Hussain Naqvi, Smt Sarita Tiwari, NSS. In-charge, Shri Ramkumar Sahu, Scout In-charge and NLEP Staff Pramod Tiwari, B.L. Sohu, Vishnu Chandrakar, Mansur Khan, Durgesh Chandkar, RK Sharma, Loknath Chandkar, Parmanand Chandrakar, Jitu Shrivas, Khubchand Thakur were especially present.



Organizing seminars and workshops under the startup plan tomorrow

Mahasamund 31 Jan

Under the Business Reform Action Plan 2019 and the Startup Scheme, the seminars and workshops will be organized in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Auditorium Jail Road located at Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur, from 10:30 p.m. on February 2019.

During this time Chief Guest MLA Shri Satyanarayan Sharma, Dhyanendra Sahu and Kuldeep Juneja will be present. Under the guidance of Chhattisgarh Commerce and Industry Department and Collector Raipur, joint workshop of District Trade and Industry Center Raipur and Mahasamund is being organized in order to get suggestions and discussions with concerned entrepreneurs and beneficiaries under the Business Reform Action Plan 2019. Entrepreneurs and businessmen of Mahasamund district get benefit by attending this workshop.

Collector took cognizance of immediate matter

Mahasamund 31 Jan

Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain today took serious note of the news published in a newspaper and asked to take immediate action to benefit the victim and take strict action against the culprits after the delay. For this, Additional Collector Shri Alok Pandey was directed to take immediate action. Calling the bank manager of the bank concerned by the additional collector, according to the rules, the online record reconciliation work was done in the cases of Mrs. Shanti Bai Sahu by taking NOC online.

Collector Shri Jain called Mrs. Shantibai Sahu today to the District Office and provided him a copy of computerized account and B-1 Khasra in his official room. It is to be mentioned that according to date 30 August 2018 passed in the Revenue Case No. 89A-6 Year 2017-18 of Mrs. Shanti Bai Sahu in the court of Tahsildar Bagbahara, Mrs. Shantibai Sahu, husband Mr. anant ram sahu, Johri Bai husband pardeshi village Bhikhpali,

In order to remove the name of Mrs. Johatri Bai husband Mr. Pardeshi, on the 30th of August 2018, the total amount of land measuring 8 No. of land situated in Khallari, Patwari Light No.-9, 3.220 hectare land was passed. In the aforesaid account, in the name of Mrs. Johatri Bai and Smt. Shanti Bai, there was a loan of one lakh rupees in the Chhattisgarh State Rural Bank branch, Tendukona.

Without the no-objection certificate (NOC), the digitized measles number can not be generated in the computer, after receiving the copy in the hands of the collector of the district, the tears of happiness in the eyes of Mrs. Shanti Bai and her son Shri Kirtan Sahu arose. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the District Administration.

District-level coordination committee (DLCC) meeting concluded

Surajpur 31 Jan

The meeting of the District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) was held in the meeting room of Surajpur District Joint District Office in the presence of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati and in the presence of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat. The Reserve Bank of India's LDO, while reviewing the deposits and CDs of different banks of the district-Surajpur. Mr. Chirag suggested In the district, 05 banks with more deposited funds, D.D.M. NABARD, Raipur General Manager District Trade and Entrepreneurship Center, Surajpur, APO NRLM, APO Duda, members of the leading District Manager, Surajapar, were directed to organize a meeting in February.

Thereby, the CD ratio of the district can be increased. The accounts of Prime Minister Janhana Yojana were directed to present the actual data of the beneficiaries of Prime Minister Jyoti Jyoti Bima Yojna, Prime Minister's Security Insurance Scheme in the next meeting.

In the meeting, Collector Devsenapati was directed to present the scheduled place of BC (Banking Correspondent) working in the district, along with the concerned bank's banner display board, to submit the list within the next two days to the office of Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur. The convener of this meeting Mr. R.K. Nayak Leading District Manager Surajpur, Shri Rajendra Rahte (DDM), District Advancement Manager, National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Raipur, Mr. M. Maha Maha Managers, District Industry Trade Center Surajpur, Mr. Avinash Kumar Executive Officer, District Antitrade Surajpur, A.P. Oo NRLM Regional Manager, CG State Rural Bank, Baikunthpur,

Manager of the District Headquarters Central Bank of India, Chief Manager of State Bank of India, Branch Manager PNB, Branch Manager IDBI, Branch Manager Bank Baroda, Branch Manager, Union Bank of India, Branch Manager Canara Bank and other bank assistant manager were present.


Divyang students submit their memorandum to the collector's name

Surajpur 31 Jan

Giving the memorandum to the Deputy Collector, Shri Ravi Singh, in the name of Collector, Shri KC Devsenapati, the trainees of Gyanoday Mute Deaf School Association, Vishrampur said that all of us are from Divyang Jan gyanoday Mute Deaf School Association, Vishrampur, in the month of December 2017 to October 2018. Admission was done to get training.

Before training by Gyanoday Mute Deaf School, Vishrampur, we were told that all of you will be provided computer training, but there will be training of beauty parlor, two-wheeler repairing work and embroidery etc.It was also informed by the previous institute of training that the amount will be given from the value of 300.00 per day. Prior to training, all of us were taken from the original documents (Aadhar card, medical certificate, pass) institution.

Eating and drinking did not get well and the house also did not let go. It was informed by the staff of the institution that the amount was received from the value of 10000.00 per beneficiary for the training of the institution but we have not been given full amount and certificate to all that demand has been given in the complaint and certificate .


Completed students' examination under Skill Development

Surajpur 31 Jan

According to information received from the Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Kandari, Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar, under the direction of Collector Mr. K.C. Devsenapati, the SSC Certification Program is under implementation in Surajpur district under the skill development program in the state. This includes various Higher Secondary schools in Surajpur district. The program was also organized in the Government Higher Secondary School, Kendra, last day.

In which the SSSC certification examination was conducted for class X students / students. In which all the students of telecom participated. These students are getting training in telecom sector of Skill Development. The trainer from the telekam sector run by the school was Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh and External Examiner Mr. Ajay P. Dhawle.

Who was sent for the assignment work by NSDC Delhi. SSC. For certification, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh had already given information to the students of the school, which did not cause any kind of problem.

Examiner Shri Dhawle said that Class X of Telecom students were fully prepared for the examination, so that the assignment program was very good and they were getting very conscious in the direction of the students' skill development.In the coming days, the Principal of the school Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar and other teachers have made significant contribution in the certification assignment work of these students. External examiner, including Principal Mr. Sonkar, greeted the students while wishing for the bright future of the students.

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