The Prime Minister's criticism is also being termed as traitor: CM Bhupesh Baghel

CM Baghel gave his views in the program organized on the topic "Gandhi and Modern India" at Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur.

Raipur. In Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, CM Bhupesh Baghel said, "Did India get the kind of India that Mahatma Gandhi envisioned. Gandhiji non violence ), He put forward the idea of ​​walking on the truth, but today the situation has become such in the country that people do not dare to say anything against the Prime Minister, if someone says something then they will start being called Traitor . "

CM gave his views on the topic "Gandhi and modern India"

Actually, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel expressed his views in a program organized on the topic "Mahatma Gandhi and Modern India" at Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University in Raipur. Explain that this seminar was organized by Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University and Azim Premji Foundation.

Government of Chhattisgarh is following the principles laid by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi: CM

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel started the National Workshop here, where he said that the Government of Chhattisgarh is following the principles laid down by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He said that Gandhiji always kept the national interest paramount.

However, CM Baghel inaugurated the photo exhibition focusing on the personality and gratitude of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on his visit to Chhattisgarh.

Amit Jogi brought from Raipur to Bilaspur in police custody, admitted in Mekahara Hospital

Congress MLA said this on the allegation of misbehavior of Air India women staff


MLA Vinod Chandrakar (MLA Vinod Chandrakar), MLA from Mahasamund assembly constituency in Chhattisgarh, has been severely accused by Air India.

Mahasamund: MLA Vinod Chandrakar (MLA Vinod Chandrakar), MLA from Mahasamund assembly constituency of Chhattisgarh, has been severely accused by Air India. The MLA is alleged to have misbehaved with the lady employee of Air India by the MLA at Raipur Airport on 7 September. Air India has blamed Vinod Chandrakar for the misconduct, saying strict action against him. However, MLA Vinod Chandrakar denied the abuse. Also, defamation has been said on Air India.

Actually the whole case is on 7 September, when MLA Vinod Chandrakar (MLA Vinod Chandrakar) was going from his Raipur (Raipur) to Ranchi with his colleagues. MLA Vinod Chandrakar, while talking to News 18, said that the employees of Air India are talking upside down to Kotwal. The MLA said that there was a flight at 6:30 in the evening. They reached the airport at 6 o'clock. Then there was a delay during security checking. Meanwhile, Air India employee Rahul came there and talked about being late and asked to hurry, but the second check was delayed again. During this time, the rest of the companions had reached the gate and the female employee standing at the gate was requested to wait for 2 minutes, the MLA is coming.

Employees did not listen

According to MLA Vinod Chandrakar, the female employee did not listen to her colleagues and closed the gate. After this, the MLA arrived to talk to Air India's authority. But everyone said that they could not do anything. After which he left for Ranchi by road on the second day. The MLA says that CCTV should be investigated. Milk will be milk and water will be water .. If I have misbehaved then get an FIR made against me and if I am innocent then I will claim defamation. MLA Chandrakar said that he had complained about this to people named Air India Ashwani Lohani, Manpreet and Prafulla.

Why are the stalwarts of the opposition forced to visit the court-office in Chhattisgarh?

In Chhattisgarh (Opposition) these days the Opposition is fighting, but more than the court in the court. Opposition not on public issues but for themselves.

Raipur: After the formation of Congress government in Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), many big stalwarts of Chhattisgarh BJP (BJP) including former CM Ajit Jogi's party (Ajit Jogi) have also been forced to walk around the court. Where BJP is calling it the old Badlapur and confusing policy of Congress (Congress) party. At the same time, Ajit Jogi's party Janata Congress Chhattisgarh J (JCCJ) says that the government wants to weaken the opposition. Wants to scare In such a situation, questions are arising whether the government is really working on Badlapur and the strategy of engaging the opposition.

In any state's politics, the opposition is seen as the vocal voice of the people. It is believed that if someone will fight the government on the road for the public, then it will be the opposition. At the same time, the Opposition is fighting in Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh) these days, but more than the court in the court. Opposition not on public issues but for themselves.

Why is the opposition revolving around the court

Janata Congress Chhattisgarh JK supremo Ajit Jogi is still hanging sword for arrest in caste case. At the same time, Junier Jogi and Jogi Congress state president Amit Jogi are in jail. He has a case of cheating on citizenship and place of birth. The series is not yet over Many stalwarts of BJP, the largest opposition party in the state, have been forced to make rounds of the court of law, whether in their own case or in the case of their close relatives.

These heavyweights of BJP are circling


In the Antagarh tape case, where former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has been badly engulfed after the statement given to the magistrate of Manturam Pawar. At the same time, he is also involved in the case of his son-in-law Puneet Gupta. Apart from the Antagarh tape case against Puneet Gupta, an FIR is also registered in the DKS scam case. An FIR has also been registered in the Antagarh tape case against former incumbent minister and BJP leader Rajesh Moonat. Former BJP MP Abhishek Singh has 27 FIRs registered in the chit fund scam case. MLA Shivtaran Sharma has also been booked in Raipur.

Government is not able to compete with opposition

Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik, former BJP President and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, on the FIR against the leaders of the Opposition, has alleged that since the government cannot compete with the opposition, it is getting confused. Jogi Congress spokesperson Iqbal Rizvi says that the government itself is getting caught in the public eye by taking such action. At the same time, the Congress says that whatever it does will have to be filled. Minister Kawasi Lakhma says that BJP people are making unnecessary allegations. Those who have done wrong will be investigated against them. Legal action will also be taken if the mistake is proved.



Chandrayaan-2: These ministers of the Chhattisgarh government, trapped by speaking against PM Modi, had to give clarification on Facebook

Chhattisgarh cabinet minister Amarjeet Bhagat has posted a letter on Facebook, amid increasing uproar on social media to comment on PM Modi.

Korea. Chhattisgarh's Food and Supplies Minister Amarjeet Bhagat has commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Chandrayaan-2 mission. During his one-day visit to Korea on Monday, Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat said, "Until now, Prime Minister Modi used to rob the applause of the work done by others, but went to launch Chandrayaan-2 for the first time and it failed."

Question was asked on completion of 100 days of Modi government at the Center

Actually, Amarjeet Bhagat was questioned by the media during an event held in Korea district on Monday to complete 100 days of the Modi government at the Center. In response to this, the minister said that "till now Modi only used to cut lace in the work of others, inaugurate and rob bravado. In such a situation he went to launch Chandrayaan-2 for the first time and that too failed ( Failed) Done. "

Seeing the matter growing, a clarification was given through Facebook post

Bhagat had to give his clarification through Facebook after he was surrounded on social media about this statement. He wrote on his Facebook wall, "The media is requested to understand the sentiment behind my statement. Do not present it otherwise. As an Indian, I always respect national institutions. Stay away from politics of taking credit to a politician Should be. Whether it is from an organization like ISRO or the strong and patriotic army of the country of India. In my heart, full of patriot and talented ISRO scientists Respect. "

Antagarh tape case: SIT will interrogate Manturam and Feroze face to face

Manturam alleged that former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Ajit Jogi, Amit Jogi and former minister Rajesh Munat had a deal of Rs 7.5 crore.

Raipur: Investigation has intensified in the high-profile Antagarh Tapecase case of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh). The SIT (SIT-Special Investigation Team) investigating the case is preparing to interrogate Manturam Pavar and Firoz Siddiqui face to face. Also, the police can take Feroz Siddiqui in jail on remand in the case of blackmailing. Let me tell you, on Saturday, a big statement was given in the court regarding Antaragh Election. Manturam alleged that former Chief Minister Dr. A deal worth Rs 7.5 crore was signed between Raman Singh, Ajit Jogi, Amit Jogi and former minister Rajesh Munat. However, Feroz Siddiqui and Manturam Pawar have been questioned before about Antagarh Tape Kand. Not much information was received from both of them then. Now the SIE is preparing to sit with both of them face to face.

Manturam had made this charge

The name of Antagarh bypoll chief accused Manturam Pawar made a big disclosure in the statement given in court on Saturday under section 164, between former CM Raman Singh, Ajit Jogi, Rajesh Munat, Amit Jogi, Feroze Siddiqui and Ameen Menon Said to be a deal in return for seven and a half crores. Manturam had said that democracy was killed at that time and that there should be strong action against the culprits .. Let me tell you that Manturam Pawar was a Congress candidate in the 2014 by-election by-election and brought political backlash at the last minute. Four months after the incident, an audio tape was released which mentioned all the buying and dealing.

BJP-Congress gave this statement

A political ruckus ensued after the statement of Manturam Pawar on the Antagarh tape case. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh attacked CM Bhupesh Baghel, refuting the allegations against him. Regarding the charge of giving money in Antagarh by-election, Dr. Raman Singh said that this is purely inspired by politics and pressures have been taken from Manturam. He said that this is a conspiracy to influence the Dantewada by-election and such rhetoric is being done on the instructions of CM Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel). While he was in America during this time and he has not talked to anyone in this regard.

CM Bhupesh Baghel's tweet regarding Antagarh election

Regarding the statement of Manturam Pawar in Antagarh by-election, PCC (Congress) chief of communications Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said that only when the case of Antagarh taped came to light, then the immediate state president and current CM Bhupesh Baghel had accused him of buying and selling. Things are proving right.

Chhattisgarh Article

Chhattisgarh Article

15 km long Tiranga Yatra in Raipur, sets world record

A 15-km long tricolor journey was taken out by creating a human chain in the capital and history was created by making a world record.

Raipur: 15 km long tricolor journey was taken out in Raipur on Sunday. History was created by creating a world record. The tricolor journey started from Amapara Chowk in the capital, thousands of children, social institutions, policemen and a large number of common people participated. The longest tricolor journey was made by creating a human chain.

About 10 thousand people participated in it. The journey ended by going to Science College. Preparation was going on for two months
For this tricolor journey, about 8500 children from different schools of the capital were registered to form a human chain. The preparations for the yatra were going on for the last two months and after many people's hard work, the world record was achieved on Sunday. Chhattisgarh has beaten 193 countries by taking out 15 km tricolor journey. Chhattisgarh has received two awards for this journey, in which Australia has given the BRAVO Award of the state. There is also a place in the Champions Book of World Records.

Families brought the tortured woman to a two kilometer kanvad in childbirth, the birth of a child on the way

This case also becomes bigger. Because in Sarguja district, two ministers of Chhattisgarh government (Chhattisgarh Govt.) Including Health Minister have permanent residence.

The tribal main district of Chhattisgarh (Sarguja) in Sarguja district is as beautiful in terms of tourism as it is backward in the name of health care. In the last one week, photographs from four different villages have brought the reality of the Health Department to the surface. All these matters also become bigger. Because two ministers, including the health minister, have permanent accommodation in this district.

On the 9th of this month, a woman who was moaning with labor pen was carried for three kilometers in a stretcher of jugaad through a wild path. Then she got the Ambulance Mahtari Express and was able to reach the hospital. After this, a viral video on Sunday last has raised questions on the functioning of the health department. This time too, 22-year-old Dhaneshwari had to wait for an hour and a half after Mahtari Express after delivery of Mainpat, and when her family came to know about the arrival of Mahtari Express, then she got two kilometers on the way. Carrying was carried in Kanwar and when it reached the ambulance after one and a half hours. By then it was late.

Birth of a child on the way
Due to poor route, the woman gave birth to the child in the Mahtari Express before reaching the hospital. Here, after the fourth such incident in a week, the statement of the Health Minister is also shocking. Because if they believe, then they know through the media that where there are villages without access. After the stir in the case, Health Minister TS Singhdev said that he was not aware of this incident. Now work is being done to improve the system.

Ambulance had to push
There are still more inaccessible villages like Panahi Pakni, Karamaha, in Surguja district. Well, even after the woman left the ambulance, the pain of the family members of the woman suffering from childbirth did not reduce. Because after boarding Dhaneshwari in the ambulance, the family also had to push in the junk ambulance. Here is the fourth case of suffering from snakebite to childbirth. Which has come up in the same mainpat development block of the district. Therefore, the opposition BJP has accused the administration and the government of not doing better monitoring for such cases being constantly exposed. BJP state minister Anurag Singhdev said that if the system does not improve soon, the movement will be done.

Antagarh Tape Scandal Case: Chief Minister Feroz Siddiqui arrested for blackmailing and ransom of Rs.1 crore

A case of blackmailing and recovery of 10 million rupees has been registered against Faruj Siddiqui, Chief Witness of High profile Antagarh Tape Kand.

A case of blackmailing and recovery of 10 million rupees has been registered against the Chief witness Firoz Siddiqui of High profile Antagarh Tape Kand in Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur. After arresting Firoz on Tuesday morning, SP Arif Sheikh informed the media, while telling the media that Congress leader Pappu Farhta has accused him of blackmailing Firoz. Along with that, he has already recovered nearly one crore rupees by blackmailing. After the complaint, the police raided her house in midnight to catch Feroz. The case is in 2018, whose complaint was lodged on Monday by Pappu Farhatta.

Some objectionable video-audio is with Feroz Siddiqui: SP

Explaining to the media, SP Sheikh Arif Hussain informed that Firoz Siddiqui has received information about making objectionable video of Pappu angel by sting operation. This is mentioned in the complaint letter by Pappu angel. Also, there are some videos of Pappu Angela near Feroz Siddiqui, which is under investigation now.

Police raids at Feroz's house at 1 am

So, the policemen reached Fatej Khan's house at the bowl pond on Monday-Tuesday night. During this time, civil line inspector Mohsin Khan, along with 10 policemen, had dumped Feroz Siddiqui's house at around 1 pm.

Night drama
According to Firoz's family, he informed about the call being made by the Superintendent of Police Sheikh Arif Hussain to inquire about the Antagad Tape Case. However, no notice or warrant of any kind was shown during this period. After this, they were pressured to go along with them immediately. While Feroze did not open the door, the police were standing outside the house all night.

Feroz is accused of trying to open the door during this time. After getting information about the incident, a large number of people and advocates had come to meet Feroz Siddiqui, but no one was allowed to meet him.

However, on Tuesday morning, the police of 3 more bases of Firoz were searched after arrest. SP said that on the basis of the complaint, Feroz Siddiqui believed that a large number of goods have been seized by submitting to three bases situated in the Talibandha Police Station and its bowl pond. It includes CDs, computers, cameras, pendrites and other similarities, which have been sent for forensic labs to check.

The Supreme Court was supposed to go

According to the information, Feroze Siddiqui was speaking about the role of SIT two days ago, stating the role of SIT as a 'Khapat' and going to the Supreme Court. He had said that he was going to petition on Tuesday, but in mid-night, suddenly the police arrested him.

Antagad tape case case

In the assembly elections held in Antagarh in 2014, the Congress had fielded former MLA Manturam Pawar as candidate. Bhojram Nag was standing from BJP. In the last time, Mantur had withdrawn his nomination. Later, a person's phone call named Firoz Siddiqui was viral. There were allegations that Amit Jogi, son of former CM Ajit Jogi, has returned the name of Mantu. In the tape scandal, the conversation was allegedly talked between Amit Jogi and son-in-law of late Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh Punit Gupta.

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