CM Baghel's letter to PM Modi on plan to hand over Nagarnar Steel plant to private hands, informs privatization unfortunate

CM Baghel wrote in the letter that Naxal activities in the state have been curbed. Due to privatization of this plant, Naxalites are expected to take undue advantage of the dissatisfaction of the tribals.


 Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a rethinking of the decision to privatize the nagarnar steel plant in Bastar. . The Chief Minister has written in the letter - The NMDC Steel Plant under construction at Bastar is likely to be commissioned in the near future at a cost of more than about 20 thousand crore rupees by NMDC. At the commencement of this steel plant, the valuable mineral wealth of Bastar will be exploited at the Nagarnar Steel Plant of NMDC at Bastar and this will help in nation building. With the start of this industrial unit, thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities will be available in the area.

Tribal community is agitating

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh said - It has been learned that the Central Government is preparing to hand over the Nagarnar Steel Plant of Bastar in private hands. It would be very unfortunate that the proposed public sector steel plant in tribal area of ​​Chhattisgarh should be privatized. This step of the central government will give a big shock to the hopes and aspirations of millions of tribals. Bhupesh Baghel said that due to this decision of the Central Government, the tribal community is agitating and there is a feeling of dissatisfaction against the administration.


Naxalites will take advantage of tribals' anger
He wrote in the letter that the state government has been successful in curbing Naxal activities with untiring efforts. In these circumstances, privatization of the Nagarnar Steel Plant will give a big shock to the Bastar people along with the state. Due to privatization of this plant, Naxalites are expected to take undue advantage of the dissatisfaction of the tribals. About 610 hectares of private land has been acquired for the Nagarnar Steel Plant, which has been taken up for 'public purpose'. With this, about 211 hectares of government land in the Nagarnar Steel Plant is still owned by the Government of Chhattisgarh. Of this, only 27 hectares of land has been given conditionally to NMDC for 30 years, the rest of the government land is owned by the Chhattisgarh government and the first condition of the land that the state government has transferred to the Industries Department is that the land by the Industries Department Will be used only for the purpose of setting up a steel plant by NMDC. It is noteworthy that PESA Act, 1996 is applicable in Chhattisgarh to protect the interests of tribals and their natural rights.

Urge to reconsider

The Chief Minister said that the state government has expanded the 4 iron ore mines located at Bailadila for the next 20 years by the state government, so that new employment opportunities will be created in Bastar region. All-round development of this region should be encouraged and the people here can connect with the mainstream of development. The Chief Minister demanded from the Prime Minister that the Central Government should reconsider the decision to privatize the Nagarnar Steel Plant and allow it to continue functioning as a public sector enterprise.

Jagdalpur: NITI Aayog praised the works of young volunteers of Bastar

The NITI Aayog appreciated the work being done by the Government of India for the rescue of Kovid-19 by the youth volunteers in the aspirational district Bastar. Young Volunteers are being encouraged by the attention of their loved ones under the program to protect the elderly citizens from Kovid-19 and to use the sanitizer and wash the hands from time to time by following the social and physical distance. Collector Shri Rajat Bansal congratulated the Volunteers for their appreciation of the awareness program of young Volunteers by NITI Aayog.

Raipur : Chhattisgarh 4th in landlocked states in Niti Aayogs Export preparedness index : Chhattisgarh in top ten with 55.95 per cent

Chhattisgarh has been ranked fourth among the landlocked states by the Niti Aayog for having the potential to become a prominent exporting state.
According to the Export Preparedness Index 2020 released by the Niti Aayog yesterday, Chhattisgarh is in the fourth position in the landlocked states category as it had initiated several measures to promote exports. Rajasthan, Telangana and Haryana are ahead of Chhattisgarh in this category.
The report noted that other states facing similar socio-economic challenges can look at the measures taken by Chhattisgarh and try to implement them to grow their exports.
Niti Aayog in partnership with the Institute of Competitiveness released the first Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020. The index ranked states in four categories: coastal, Himalayan, Landlocked, Union Territories/city states according to four parameters  policy, business ecosystem, export ecosystem and export performance.
In overall ranking, Chhattisgarh is in the top ten lists. It is in the eighth position with 55.95 per cent. The index also took into consideration 11 sub-pillars -- export promotion policy; institutional framework; business environment; infrastructure; transport connectivity; access to finance; export infrastructure; trade support; R&D infrastructure; export diversification; and growth orientation.


Raipur: Bhoomipujan of Chhattisgarh's new assembly building tomorrow, Sonia-Rahul will be witness

A new Vidhan Sabha Building will be constructed on 51 acres at Nava Raipur in Chhattisgarh at a cost of Rs 270 crore. The construction work to be done in Nava Raipur is likely to start by the end of October.


Raipur. Bhoomi Poojan of the new Vidhan Sabha Building in Chhattisgarh will take place on August 28, that is, Friday. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will also be involved in video conferencing in the Bhoomi Poojan program of this assembly building to be built in Naya Raipur. When this building is ready in Nava Raipur, after that all the major buildings of the government will be in one place. Preparations for the construction of the assembly building have started. It will be constructed on about 51 acres of land just opposite the Ministry and HOD Building. A proposal of Rs 270 crore has been prepared to construct the new building of the assembly.

After getting the approval for the construction of the new assembly of Chhattisgarh, the Public Works Department (PWD) will issue its tender. The work of building the assembly building can begin by the end of October. Government officials said that a target has been set to complete the construction work of the new building of the assembly in a maximum of two years. State government officials have started preparing for the Bhoomi Pujan celebrations of the new building of the assembly tomorrow.

Let us tell you that this week, the monsoon session of Chhattisgarh Assembly has started from Tuesday. In view of the increasing infection of COVID-19 epidemic in the state, several security measures have been taken to organize the assembly session. The monsoon session of the assembly will run from 25 to 28 August. During this time a total of 4 meetings are to be held. Assembly officials had informed before the commencement of the monsoon session that several changes have been made in the state in view of the rising infection of the corona virus epidemic. During the monsoon session, a glass wall has been made between the chairs of the legislators in the assembly, so that the standards of social distancing can be followed. The other staff of the Legislative Assembly have also been instructed to take complete vigilance and security measures during this period.

Jagdalpur: Collector inspects Maharani Hospital

Jagdalpur :Collector Shri Rajat Bansal inspected Maharani Hospital Jagdalpur on 26 August 2020. During the inspection, the necessary arrangements of the hospital and the medical work currently being done in the context of infection of Kovid-19 were reviewed.
During the inspection, Collector Mr. Bansal said that the Maharani Hospital is located at the heart of the city and there is regular movement of people in the hospital for health benefits.

Therefore, the PPE for the health workers being direct from the patients in the hospital. All measures should be taken to prevent pest and infection of Kovid-19. He directed the Civil Surgeon, Maharani Hospital and said that 03 days of Home Isolation should be done when the employees working in the institution are affected by the person infected with Kovid-19.
Thereafter, Kovid-19 infection should be investigated. Attendance should be given in case of negative report if Isolation of next 2 days is done on positive report. After this, take the next medical action based on the symptoms that are reflected.
Shri Bansal said that if the person is found infected with Kovid-19 in the hospital premises or ward, the said site should be sanitized and sealed for a period of 24 hours. In order to make the medical devices in the hospital infection free. Lamps should be used. The hospital should be sanitized every morning and evening. Work should be taken seriously. Disciplinary action will be proposed if there is negligence in work
Ensure adequate availability of antigen pests. Buffer wards should be made functional in Maharani Hospital and imposing penalty on Jeevandeep through the Jeevandeep Committee on the persons who have visited the institution without masks.

Innocent playing outside house murdered after rape, accused youth arrested

In Rajnandgaon, the accused took a 4-year-old girl from outside the house. When the girl tried to scream in defense, the accused pressed her mouth, due to which the innocent died of suffocation. Police filed a case against the accused.

Rajnandgaon. A four-year-old girl was allegedly raped and raped by a 28-year-old man in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon district. Police gave this information on Sunday. An official said that the incident took place on Saturday and accused Shekhar Korram was arrested. He said that on Saturday evening, the victim's family informed the police about her disappearance from the afternoon. During investigation, it was revealed that the girl was last seen outside Korram's house.

The officer said that the accused was hiding in an under-construction house in the village itself. He said that Korram told the police that when the girl was playing outside her house. At that time he picked up the girl and took her inside and sexually abused her. When she tried to scream, she covered her face with a cloth, which resulted in the death of the girl from her knee. The official said the body of the girl was recovered from Korram's house. He said that a case has been registered against the accused under sections other than poxo.

A 9-year-old girl raped in Dih police station area
At the same time, on August 10, a case of rape with a 9-year-old girl was reported in Khamhar Dih police station area of ​​Raipur. The police arrested the accused in the case. It is alleged that the teacher who taught in the madrasa carried out the rape incident while teaching tuition. Arshad Rahmani (27 years), living in Pandri area, used to go home to train a 9-year-old girl in Khamhar Dih police station area. During this time, the intention of the accused was spoiled on the girl.
All the members were busy with their work

According to the complaint made to the police, accused Rahmani had molested the girl and touched her private parts for two days even before executing the incident on Sunday. Yesterday when the girl was alone in the house and all the members of the house were busy with their work. During this time, taking advantage of the opportunity, the accused raped the girl. After the incident, the accused was running out. During this time, the girl informed her mother about the incident.

So far 908.6 mm in the state. Average rainfall recorded

According to the information compiled in the state level flood control room maintained by the state's revenue and disaster management department, a total of 908.6 mm has been established in the state since June 1. Average rainfall has been recorded. The highest Bijapur district in the state is 1984.4 mm. And 614.8 mm in the lowest surguja. Average rainfall has been recorded so far.

    According to the information compiled in the state level flood control room from June 1 till now, 1089.5 mm in Surajpur, 771.1 mm in Balrampur, 971.1 mm in Jashpur, 852.9 mm in Korea, 695.5 mm in Raipur, 742.3 mm in Balodabazar, 784.3 in Gariaband Average rainfall was recorded in mm, 952.7 mm in Mahasamund, 793.5 mm in Dhamtari, 931.3 mm in Bilaspur, 678.6 mm in Mungeli, 787.9 mm in Raigad, 782.6 mm in Janjgir-Champa and 1040.0 mm in Korba. Similarly, 831.3 mm at Gorella-Pendra-Marwahi, 689.0 mm at Durg, 631.0 mm at Kabirdham, 662.9 mm at Rajnandgaon, 765.5 mm at Balod, 714.2 mm at Bemetra, 1026.8 mm at Bastar, 1232.7 mm at Kondagaon, 811.3 mm at Kanker. , 1124.0 mm in Narayanpur, 1327.8 mm in Dantewada and 1151.7 in Sukma have been recorded.
    According to the information compiled by the state-level flood control room, according to the rainfall recorded in various districts of the state today, on August 22 morning, 10.9 mm in Surguja district, 12.1 mm in Surajpur, 1.1 mm in Balrampur. 15.8 mm in Jashpur And 10.9 mm in Korea. Average rainfall was recorded. Similarly, 1.8 mm in Raipur, 2.2 mm in Balodabazar, 5.4 mm in Gariaband, 3.8 mm in Mahasamund, 1.6 mm in Dhamtari, 7.3 mm in Bilaspur. , 20.3 mm in Mungeli, 16.4 mm in Raigad, 7.7 mm in Janjgir-Champa, 17.0 mm in Korba, 9.2 mm in Gorella-Pandra-Marwahi, 2.1 in Durg Mm, 9.2 mm in Kabirdham, 11.9 mm in Rajnandgaon, 2.5 mm in Balod, 39.4 mm in Bemetra, 31.2 mm in Bastar, 10.0 mm in Kondagaon. ., 17.1 mm in Kanker, 21.9 mm in Narayanpur, 27.3 mm in Dantewada, 23.8 mm in Sukma. And 23.7 mm in Bijapur. Average rainfall was recorded.

Raipur: On August 20, the Chief Minister will transfer the second installment of Rs 1500 crore under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana to the accounts of 19 lakh farmers

More than 11.46 lakh tendu leaf collectors will get
 232.81 Crore Incentive Remuneration

Godhan Nyaya Yojana: Sellers will get amount of cow dung sold in second fortnight

Program will be organized through video conferencing
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Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel along with his ministerial colleagues, former Prime Minister of India Bharat Ratna late Shri Rajiv Gandhi's birth anniversary on August 20, through video conferencing in his residence office, through the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana, 19 million farmers of the state for 1500 crore Online transfer of the second installment amount of Rs.
On this occasion, the Chief Minister will transfer an amount of Rs 232.81 crore to Tendupatta collectors as incentive remuneration for the year 2018 and also transfer the amount of dung sold to the dung vendors under the Godan Nyaya Yojana in the second fortnight.
Under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana of the Government of Chhattisgarh, 19 lakh farmers of the state are being provided a grant-in-aid of Rs 5750 crore. In which an amount of 1500 crores was provided as the first installment on the Martyrdom Day of Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, while an amount of 1500 crores is being provided on August 20 as the second installment under this scheme.
Under the Godhan Nyaya Yojana, cow dung is being purchased by the state government at the rate of two rupees per kg. Under this scheme, the amount of dung purchased from August 2 to August 15 will also be transferred to the vendors in their accounts.
On this occasion, an amount of incentive remuneration of Rs 232 crore 81 lakh will be distributed to 11 lakh 46 thousand 626 tendu leaf collectors of 728 committees in the year 2016 season of Tendupatta collection under 114 development blocks of the state. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel this amount is directly in the account of tendu leaf collectors RTGS. Will transfer through
To distribute incentive remuneration to tendu leaf collectors, programs will be organized at the district level and 114 development blocks in the respective districts. In the programs to be organized at the development level, 10 collecting members will be awarded the maximum incentive remuneration amount.
It is noteworthy that in the year 2018 season of Tendupatta collection, a total of 14.85 lakh standard bags of Tendu Leaves were collected by 880 primary forest committees of the state. The rate of storage remuneration was Rs 2500 per standard bag in the year 2018. In the year 2018, an amount of Rs 371.15 crore was distributed as collection remuneration to 11 lakh 98 thousand 673 Tendupatta collectors. Out of these 880 committees, tendu leaves of 854 committees have been issued through tender.
Of these, 728 committees were in a state of profit. The provision of distributing 80 percent of the net profit from tendu leaf trade to tendu leaf collectors as incentive remuneration is in the policy of the state government.


Chhattisgarh floods due to continuous rains, many areas submerged, CM Bhupesh Baghel took over

Chhattisgarh Weather Update: Due to incessant rains in Chhattisgarh since last evening, many areas of the state have created flood-like conditions. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel) has directed the collectors of all the affected areas to make arrangements for disaster relief.


Raipur. The incessant rains in many areas of Chhattisgarh have disrupted life. In many districts including Bijapur, heavy rains have led to flood-like conditions. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel) has instructed all district collectors and superintendents of police to be vigilant in view of the situation arising due to continuous rains. Keeping a special eye on flood affected areas, he has directed to ensure all necessary measures related to disaster management. Apart from this, CM Baghel has also asked to assess the damage caused by the floods and provide immediate help to the affected.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that in view of the incessant rains, all control rooms should be fully prepared and the water of river-drains should be constantly monitored. According to the Chhattisgarh newspaper, CM Baghel has instructed to ensure all necessary medical arrangements even in view of water-borne diseases during the rains. He said that adequate availability of medicines and antidotes for waterborne diseases, gastroenteritis and snakebite etc. should be ensured in health centers. Seeing the situation, the CM has asked to make all kinds of preparations ahead of time.

Heavy rainfall forecast in next 24 hours

Let us tell you that in many areas of the state, including the capital Raipur, it has been raining continuously since Saturday evening. According to the Meteorological Department, heavy rainfall has been recorded in Bhopalpatnam, Bijapur, Bhairamgarh and Raipur divisions Basna-Saraipali, Pithora of Bastar division. Due to continuous rains, the fields and barns and roads are full in many places and the rivers are in spate. The Meteorological Department has warned that there may be heavy rains at some places in the state in the next 24 hours. According to the scientists of the department, due to low pressure in and around Jharkhand, many areas of Chhattisgarh are getting rain.



Vatsala foundation easeing angnwadi children from corona mental stress

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand in India and in the world, only one thing is certain: the current​
outbreak will have profound impact not only in the health and economic situation, but also on the​
psychosocial well-being of societies across nation.
 Being very keen observers of people and environments,​ children notice, absorb and react to the stress in their caregivers and community members, which​ unavoidably affect their well-being. As every place such as anganwadi school, museum and zoo that they used to go for the utilisation of their energy and refreshment has been closed, this used a lot of stress, is it grief and worry amongst the children. 
for the upliftment of their mental status and to keep them involved in some co curricular activities but Vatsala Foundation organised Janmashtami 2020 for all the Anganwadi  of the 6 project areas of the Bemetara district. This initiative induced joyfulness amongst the children as a result of which we received more than 200 entries via various online portals.
some of the children dressed up as a coronavirus warrior Krishna and Radha holding sanitizer massand giving us instructions to follow the guidelines guarding covid-19 where is some took this opportunity to dress themselves as traditional Shyama Krishna and Radha, some of the videos provided was so soothing that it felt like all the beauty of Vrindavan is here.
Result of this initiative Janmashtami 2020 announced on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day that is 15th of August at exactly 3 p.m. at various online handles of the Foundation.
the result was categorised under three categories first Bal Krishna where Vedant Rajput secured first position followed by Parth Sharma as runner up second category Radha Krishna Jugal Jodi Shivam and Naina Srivas obtained first position followed by Bhanu Raj and yamani both of them were received lots of appreciation from jury. Special category for the most active AWW where Rani Shukla (Nandghat) and Chameli Nirmalkar (Tendubhata) secured first and second position respectively.
organizers vasala Foundation told the media that the result is just formality the actual result is the cheerful atmosphere that is created for the children and every children is winner in himself. special appreciation should be given to all the Anganwadi workers and WCD department.
Cash price, awards and trophies of this program will be given via cheque or bank transfer according to the guidelines provided by our honorable collector and Mrs Anita Agrawal(DPO)
Vatsala Foundation is highly thankful to all those who have supported them in this prestigious initiative.

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