Congress MLA Deepak Badge resigns from legislative assembly to fulfill this responsibility

In December 2018, elected Congress MLA Deepak Badge resigned from the legislative post in Chitrakot assembly seat of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh.

In December 2018, elected Congress MLA Deepak Badge resigned from the legislative post in Chitrakot assembly seat of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. After being elected MP from Bastar Parliamentary Constituency, Deepak Badge has resigned in the Assembly. Deepak Badge has submitted his resignation to the Assembly Secretariat. Deepak badge had reached the assembly by winning a second consecutive year in the elections of 2018.

After the resignation of Deepak Badge in secretariat, notification will be sent to the Chief Electoral Officer by the Assembly Secretariat. After this, there will be a by-election in this seat. In Chhattisgarh, apart from Chitrakot seat, there will also be a by-election in Dantewada assembly seat. Because the elected BJP Bhima Mandavi has been killed by the Maoists. In such a situation there will also be a by-election.

Significantly, in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, Congress had created the Chitrakot MLA Deepak Badge as the candidate from Bastar seat. In this election, Deepak badge defeated BJP candidate Badam Kashyap with more than 37 thousand votes and became the first MP. After this he has now resigned from the legislature.

MLA Bhima Mandavi murder: Center and state government face-off against NIA investigation

BJP is not keen to hand over the NIA to the investigation of the death of MLA Bhima Mandavi. On the other hand, state Home Minister Tamrampuj Sahu, surrounded the central government, said that why NIA is not submitting the report of the incident of Jhiram Valley.

In the murder case of BJP legislator Bhima Mandavi, differences between the Congress government and the central government have emerged. While on the one hand the state government has asked for a judicial inquiry of the legislator's murder. The Central Government has instructed the NIA to investigate it. Now the state government has asked the Center to reconsider the NIA investigation. The Congress government of the state is unable to show its trust in the NIA. That is why BJP legislator Bheema Mandavi is not going to hand over the NIA to investigate the death. State Home Minister Tamrampuj Sahu, surrounded the central government, said that why NIA is not submitting the report of the incident of Jhiram Valley.

 NIA first report of Ziram Valley

The Chhattisgarh government has written a letter to the Union Home Secretary to reconsider the NIA investigation. The state government has cited judicial inquiry in the case of murder of MLA Bhima Mandavi. On the other hand, NI has got instructions from the Central Government to investigate the matter. But the Congress government of the state does not believe in NIA. In the matter of Chhattisgarh Home Minister Tamr Dhwaj Sahu says that the government does not have any problem with any investigation. Questioning the NIA investigation, he said that the first agency will report the investigation of the incident of the Ziram Valley. How long will it take for NIA to complete this investigation? This can be estimated.

BJP is raising questions on the motive of the state government

After getting the instructions from the central government, the NIA has also started preparing for the investigation. Even after 15 days, the state government has not given the file of NIA to the case of murder of BJP legislator Bhima Mandavi. On which BJP is questioning the motive of the state government. However, now the matter of seeing between the center and state government's tension will be that when the investigation of this case is completed. Or, as before, there will be dust in the offices of agencies for checking the files of many incidents.

A girl said from CM Bhupesh Baghel in Choupal - I want to become secretary of TS Singh dev

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was listening to the problems of people by putting a four-wheeler in Keshvanar area of Surajpur district. At the same time a girl told the CM from such a thing that everyone heard laughing.

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh had reached Surajpur district on Tuesday. During this time, CM Baghel was listening to people's problems by using Choupal. Meanwhile, a young woman complained to the Chief Minister about not getting the benefits of the scheme. The girl argued that she is not married anymore. Therefore, he is not able to take advantage of this scheme. Laughing in surprise, CM Bazel also said, first you are looking for a bride. But the girl refused clear from the marriage itself. Then collector Deepak Soni offered to make the girl secretary of the Upper Committee. But the girl turned it down too. Then he talked about making CM a secretary from Panchayat minister

From CM Baghel, a girl said this thing

According to the information, the Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel, who arrived in Keshvanar area of ​​Surajpur on Tuesday, was busy with the villages. CM will see that the villagers in Chaupal were also apprising of the Chief Minister about their problems. In the meantime, as soon as a young woman told her problem, the entire environment was lost in the riots and the chief minister could not even stop her laugh. In fact, the 20-year-old girl, who arrived from Laturi village during the Choupal program, urged the Chief Minister to launch a new scheme in her area, but she has been expelled from the scheme due to being a Bachelor. Because of this, he has become unemployed.

On this matter of the young woman, the Chief Minister laughs laughing that first you find a suitable boy, then you get married. CM will see that the girl refused to marry on this. Upon hearing the girl's story, Deepak Soni, the collector present in Choupal said that you make the Lotto New Secretary of the Upper Committee. Upon hearing this matter of the collector, the young woman also said in a humorous manner that I do not have to be a secretary to become a secretary of Panchayat minister TS Singh Devi. On the matter of the girl, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and laughing with Panchayat Minister TS Sinhalel, the entire Choupal smiled and laughing.


Bid less than the support price of paddy in Mandi, farmers worry

While the farmers are not getting the support price, the Mandi administration and the Rice millers are getting the Bhagat Bhagat, while the Mandi Secretary is seen chanting their own chants.

In Chhattisgarh government-administration has been claiming to be the beneficiary of farmers. But in reality the farmers still have puppets of traders' hands. Something similar is being seen in the agricultural produce mundi of Mahasamund district. When the farmers came to sell paddy in Mandi for years, the farmers did not take anything except disappointment. Farmers were worried and forced to sell paddy in two and a half times in compulsion to see the prices of paddy grown from farmers' farming in Mandi less than the support price. While the farmers are not getting the support price, the Mandi administration and the Rice millers are getting the Bhagat Bhagat, while the Mandi Secretary is seen chanting their own chants.

Farmers can not get the right price for paddy

According to the information, in the agricultural produce Mandi Patiyazar office, after a dozen years of farming, the sale of paddy in Mandi came so that they could get the best price for their paddy. But the prices of paddy in Mandi can be heard from 1305 to 1370 rupees per quintal. Even after this, the farmers did not give up hope and left the paddy trader not only in the Mandi but also thinking that the other day, another trader would give him a good price and leave the next day. Please tell you that the government should not have any problem in selling the produce to the farmers and the farmer can get the support price for their grains, hence the production of agricultural produce Mandi has been spent on all the districts of the state. But with the collusion of employees and traders of this agricultural produce Mandi, the farmers are getting lesser rice and they are very worried. The government has fixed the support price of paddy of 1750 and 1770 rupees per quintal. In Mahasamund district, 5 major agricultural produce is Mandi and 12 sub-mandi. But in the last ten years, even a single grain paddy has not been procured from Agriculture produce Mandi. 70 percent of the population of Mahasamund district is dependent on agriculture. In this year's Rabi season, paddy crop has been taken in 31 thousand hectare of the district and District Cooperative Bank has given loan of Rs 9 crore 43 lakh to 1944 farmers. Farmers say that this situation has been created due to the founding of Mandi and merchants.

Saying this is responsible

In this case, the secretary of agriculture produce Mandi is giving his own cleanliness. At the same time the officials were seen to save the traders. Mandi secretary Bodhan Mandai says that the trader is not bound to buy rice in support price. If the government agency nominates the government, then it can be purchased by it. Right now, the purchase of paddy has just started. Paddy was purchased last year too. The government has made it mandatory for the farmers to provide facilities so that they do not have trouble to sell paddy. It is worth mentioning that the manager is talking about buying paddy through deal sheet. The deal sheet means Rice Miller takes the paddy biscuit from the farmers by buying paddy at a price of two and a half times. However, despite this situation of Mandi being done over the years, no action taken by the administration has given rise to many questions.

Phone Tapping Case: Suspended IPS Mukesh Gupta to appear before EOW today

Suspended IPS Mukesh Gupta will be present before the EOW (Economic Crime Branch) in the phone tapping case. EOW will inquire further in case of phone taping from Mukesh Gupta. Earlier, he had to appear before EOW on May 21 but he did not appear. He had cited his daughter's health suddenly and demanded the next date. On his demand, the Economic Offenses Wing gave the date of today. It is imperative to see whether IPS Mukesh Gupta is present or not today. It is noteworthy that Mukesh Gupta's Police Department is not hidden from anyone and all the officers who are investigating are junior to Mukesh Gupta. They kept away from scratch for long periods of scrutiny and kept their strings in front of EOW.

What is the whole case

After the change of power in Chhattisgarh, an order to investigate the Nan scam was ordered. Then it was revealed that before the raids, the officers and staff of the NAN were getting the phone taped. After getting the firm evidence of this, EOW filed a case against then DG Mukesh Gupta, SP Rajneesh Singh. In this case, EOW's DSP RK Dubey had made a statement against DG and SP, that under his pressure, he issued an order to illegally tap the phones of the officers. However Dubey's statement later became controversial.

After giving the statement, RK Dubey gave an affidavit in the High Court that the statement was made after putting pressure on him. After a few days, he again incorrectly rejected his previous affidavit by giving a fresh affidavit in the High Court. He alleged that only on the request of Mukesh Gupta and Rajneesh Singh, the phones of officers were tapped illegally. In this case Mukesh Gupta was called for an inquiry by issuing a notice.

The big statement of CM Bhupesh Baghel on power cuts, said: The people of the BJP who are entering the system are making disturbances

There is a buzz about the undeclared power cut in Chhattisgarh. From the political parties to the general public it is in its heart. Alam is that in the matter Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is responsible to the authorities till Baghel. According to CM, a conspiracy is being made to defame the power company and the government.

After planting in the energy park on the Environment Day, CM Bhupesh Baghel on the power cut in the discussion with the media gave a big statement saying that Chhattisgarh state is a state of surplus production in the field of electricity. In spite of this, if there is a power cut in this, then it is for the BJP mentality that is present in the power department. It also said that such officers will be taken to task very soon.


Multiplication of power demand and supply in Chhattisgarh

In April 2019, a maximum of 4500 Mw was supplied. In May 2019, 4200 Mw was supplied as per demand. According to the report every half hour, on average, 58 Mw surplus power is present. From October 2018 to December 2018, due to the code of conduct, the maintenance did not occur. From March 2019 to May 27, 2019, there was no mechanism due to the code of conduct.

Just after the Code of Conduct, there was trouble in Maintenance due to the storm and hurricane. Maintain a thorough maintenance before the rain is a big challenge for the department. Transformer purchase on May 28 - Tender has been issued for sub station.

It is true that people are disturbed with undeclared power cuts and the answer may probably not be given to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, and that is the reason that from the department to the sub-urban Even after being the head of the CM, the CM is putting the responsibility of power cuts on the officials of the BJP mindset. However, we have to see how long the people get rid of this problem.

(Input- Awadhesh Mishra)

Balrampur: Co-operative bank branch opened in Shankargarh

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is on a migration to several districts of the state. During this, the Chief Minister reached Balsar, Gram Panchayat of Shankargarh Vikaskhand in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district on Tuesday. Here, they talked to the villagers by placing a four-wheeler and heard the people's problem.

The Chief Minister announced to open the branch of the Central District Cooperative Bank (Co-operative Bank) in Shankargarh. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the Adarsh ​​Gothan built on 1.2 hectare of land in village Belasar. The Chief Minister announced the opening of the branch of Central District Cooperative Bank in Shankargarh. Simultaneously, he distributed the contents and checks to the beneficiaries of various schemes.

There is a proposal to open a branch of co-operative bank at Block Headquarters, Shankargarh. For this, two months ago, the presence of Ramdev Ram, then the bank's chairman, is preparing to start the branch after the selection of the building. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that due to the opening of the bank branch, villagers will get direct benefits.

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Bhupesh Baghel✔


आज बलरामपुर रामानुजगंज जिले के शंकरगढ़ विकासखंड के बेलसर ग्राम में चौपाल लगाकर ग्रामीण साथियों की समस्याएं सुनीं।

शंकरगढ़ में कोआपरेटिव बैंक की शाखा खोलने की घोषणा भी की, जिससे कि अधिक से अधिक जनता लाभान्वित हो सके।


9:31 PM - Jun 4, 2019

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The allegations made by the government about the PDS and twitter war in the previous government, CM Bhupesh Baghel

Chhattisgarh's PDS (Public Distribution System) has begun a phase of accusations and reciprocity between the government and the former government.

Chhattisgarh's PDS (Public Distribution System) has begun a round-the-clock discussion between the government and the former government. The present government chief, Bhupesh Baghel, has accused him of answering the questions of Dr. Raman Singh, the head of the former government. Twitter has started both on PDS. This war has been taken after the decision of the Bhupesh Govt to make changes in the system.

After the government's decision, former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh tweeted. Dr. Raman Singh wrote, 'Our government has operated PDS as the most advanced and excellent system of the country. This proved to be an exemplary and public interest model for many states. It is appreciated by various institutions but Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel ji's government is making changes in this system, he will take it towards the downfall.

CM Bhupesh gave this answer

CM Bhupesh Baghel has responded to Raman Singh's allegations. Tweeted: "The state has seen the state of your PDS and its scandal is known to the whole country Raman Singh ji From millions of fake ration cards to non-scandal worth 36000 crores, all are just for your PDS. One of the reasons for the collapse of your government was also the scams. If you talk about this, you start shouting Badlapur Badlapur.

Let us know that Chhattisgarh's most popular name (Civil Supplies Corporation) scam was revealed in February 2015 in the third inning of Dr Raman Singh's government. Then the opposition Bhupesh Baghel and the Congress Party had targeted the government. After coming into government, Bhupesh Sarkar has constituted SIT for a fresh investigation into the matter.



आपके पीडीएस का हाल प्रदेश ने देखा है और उसके घोटालों का पता पूरे देश को है रमन सिंह जी।

लाखों फ़र्ज़ी राशन कार्ड से लेकर 36000 करोड़ का नान घोटाला सब आपके पीडीएस की ही देन हैं।

आपकी सरकार के पतन की एक वजह ये घोटाले भी थे। इनकी बात करें तो आप बदलापुर बदलापुर चिल्लाने लगते हैं।




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आपके पीडीएस का हाल प्रदेश ने देखा है और उसके घोटालों का पता पूरे देश को है रमन सिंह जी।

लाखों फ़र्ज़ी राशन कार्ड से लेकर 36000 करोड़ का नान घोटाला सब आपके पीडीएस की ही देन हैं।

आपकी सरकार के पतन की एक वजह ये घोटाले भी थे। इनकी बात करें तो आप बदलापुर बदलापुर चिल्लाने लगते हैं।


Bhupesh Baghel arrives in Palampili for the first time after becoming CM, this big statement given to the Maoists

After becoming the Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel reached Pulmapalli for the first time in Sukma district. With CM Baghel, Home Minister Tamr Dhwaj Sahu and in-charge minister Kvassa Lakhma also arrived. The Chief Minister first joined the CRPF program where CM Baghel talked with the jawans and wished his courage and tried to know about their problems. CM Bhupesh Baghel also inaugurated a sub-health center. After this, the Chief Minister took a chaupal and took the information from the people about their problems and assured them to solve them.

CM announce these announcements

Regarding the problems of the personnel deployed in the Maoist-affected areas, CM Baghel also informed him about the problems and resolved their problems. If there was talk of making Assistant Rakshak as the reserve, then the educational qualification was getting worse. After this, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel talked of discussions. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the community building, grain godown along with the newly constructed delivery center. In the Choupal program, CM Baghel informed about the plans of the government. At the same time, talking about the recruitment of unemployed youth at the local level He said that emphasis will be given to opening small openings in village-village. Apart from this, Gadiras, Tongpal and Jagargunda also announced to make sub-tehsils. On the other hand, CM Bagheli of the mini stadium gave the approval.

These statements given to the Maoists

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that there is a lot of development potential in Sukma district. Be a woman or a young person with employment so that the quality of life of the people improves. Employment will be given as much education as possible. There will be no shortage of Chhattisgarh government. Regarding Naxalism, he said that there is a direct point in the constitution of India. Only after leaving the weapon can talk to the Naxalites possible. On Polavaram, he said that his party has been kept in front of the Government of India. If needed, they will also go to court. There will be no compromise with the interests of Sukma. On the release of the tribals, he said that the committee has been formed for people locked in jail. The decision will be taken soon.

Commission to probe OP Choudhary, Dantewada land scam, may fall in difficulties

Government has given instructions to investigate the land scam in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. It is being told that when OP Choudhary was the collector of Dantewada, the scam happened at the same time. The State Government has constituted an inquiry commission under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, CK Khaitan, to investigate the scandal.

According to the information received, the investigation will be done at three points and the report will be presented. It is being told that the investigation commission can complete its investigation within three months and present its report. General Administration Department has also issued a notification regarding this. It is being told that the then collector of Dantewada and the Tehsildar will be examined against. In Dantewada district, there will be inquiry in relation to land swap of revenue.


Politics begins after order of inquiry

Now after the commissioning of an inquiry commission against former Chairperson OP Choudhary of Raipur, politics is also getting fiercely on this issue. While the BJP is calling it the politics of Badalpur, Congress is rightly declining this investigation. In this entire case, BJP spokesman Gaurishankar Shrivas said that OP Chaudhary has put the government in the dock, which is being investigated against him. This government is not able to withstand the opposition and is doing Badlapur politics.

At the same time Congress spokesman Vikas Tiwari says that OP Chaudhary is the leader of the BJP and writes the letter to collect headlines in the media. The scams that have been done by them are being investigated. Apart from the port of land of tribals, the DMF fund has also been disturbed. The mobilization of public money has happened in the previous government.

This is the whole case

This whole case is between 2011 and 2013. It is being told that four people had purchased agricultural land of a farmer near the Zilla Panchayat Bhawan. In 2013, Patwari, Revenue Inspector, Tehsildar and SDM, together in 15 days, completed the process of giving government land to these people instead of private land. According to the information, the land was swapped by the name of Vikas Bhavan and it was exchanged from the commercial land near the bus stand.

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