Raipur: Health Minister Shri T.S. Singh dev launches intensive diarrhea control fortnight and 'beloved batiya day': In the state from 28th May to 9th June, intense diarrhea control fortnight

Will ensure the availability of sanitary pads for all juveniles

Government - Mr. T. S. Singh

Chhattisgarh Health Minister Shri T.S. Sinhdev today inaugurated Deep Diary Control Fortnight and 'Sweet Bitia Day' in Ambikapur. Addressing the program organized at Medical College Hospital, he said that the government will ensure the availability of sanitary pad for all the juveniles. Hospitals in the state have adequate arrangements to deal with vomiting and diarrhea. In villages and villages, Packet and zinc tablets are available in adequate quantity.

Launching the 'Sweet Bitia Day' organized for the menstruation hygiene awareness, Health Minister Shri Sinhadev said that equality of both men and women is essential for the overall development of society at the global level. As long as there is discrimination between women and men in our social system, the development of society will be affected. He said that due to taboo, hesitation and a lack of awareness, adolescents and women do not use sanitary pads. There are many such women in Chhattisgarh. He said that the government will ensure the availability of sanitary pad to protect the youth from infection.

Shri Singhdev said that in order to make people aware of vomiting and diarrhea, people need to work with the health department and people representatives and enlightened sections also. ORS in control of diarrhea Slurry and zinc tablets are most useful. It is present with every Mithanin and health worker. It is very important to pay attention to cleanliness to avoid diarrhea. Give children information about washing hands before eating and after defecation.

Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdev flagged off the awareness chariot to make people aware about defenses and cleanliness from diarrhea. This chariot will make people aware of all the development blocks of Sarguja district. On this occasion, there was also a large number of Mitanin and Anganwadi workers, including Ajay Tirkey, Mayor of Ambikapur Municipal Corporation, Collector Dr Summary Matrit and senior officials of Health Department.

CM will say that everyone is simplified, simplified, when sitting down from the platform, among the common people

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is winning the hearts of people constantly with his attitude and simplicity till becoming Congress President, MLA and CM. In this sequence, on Monday, once again the people got convinced to see the simple prediction of Chief Minister.

14 minutes lecture on Nehru's ideas


Indeed, the occasion was of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's death, a lecture series was organized in Nehru on the Congress Bhawan. During this, Chief Minister Baghel gave lectures on Nehru's views, philosophy and his thinking for about 14 minutes. CM invited the former JNU professor Purushottam Agarwal to himself among the applause. When Purushottam Agarwal grew towards the stage, Bhupesh Bazel got down from the platform and went straight into the middle of the ordinary.

People got distracted and centered on CM Bhupesh

In such a situation, the Chief Minister was suddenly surprised to sit in the middle of this way. Then the cameras of the media also remained on them. During this time people got attention from the lecture and became centered on the Chief Minister. Professor Purushottam, seeing the interruption in the lecture, said, "I request the Chief Minister to remain present till the entire lecture. Otherwise, where the Chief Minister or other senior personality is present, the entire lecture goes with him."

Upon hearing this, the Chief Minister smiled and assured that he would be present all the time. Let me tell you that the program of CM Baghel was about to be crisp. Regardless of that he was present throughout the program.

After this Purushottam Agrawal called CM Baghel on stage. After this, Chief Minister Baghel himself requested the media to listen to the lecture and take care of the inconvenience of the people. He said that he wants to hear the thoughts of Purushottam Agrawal, so he is sitting here.

Shedding on the chaos in the hospital, Singh dev began to fix himself, chairs and tables

On Sunday evening, Health Minister TS Sinhadev visited the Ambedkar Hospital in Chhattisgarh's Raipur and inspected the hospital and reviewed the wards there. In the meantime, seeing disorder in the hospital resented the doctors and kept the chaos kept and kept the tables themselves by law.

Health Minister TS Sinhdev lamented the doctors during this time and said that Ambedkar Hospital should have 650 beds and that means six district hospitals are needed to improve the system. It is to say that only after the code of conduct has passed, the Health Minister has come into action mode and he has given inspection to many hospitals in the district.


Seeing the clutter of Ambedkar Hospital, TS Sinhdev said that the ward has filled the chances due to the high number of patients in the hospital, because people come from all over the state for treatment. Looking at all these, there is a need to improve the system here. In order to cope with the problem of heat and water, Sinhadev instructed to arrange water in the hospital. In addition, instructed to open a blood bank soon in the hospital.

The unity of the country is in danger, everyone will have to fight: CM Bhupesh Baghel

The program was organized on Monday at Rajiv Bhawan, Chhattisgarh Congress office on the death anniversary of the country's first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

The program was organized on Monday at Rajiv Bhawan, Chhattisgarh Congress office on the death anniversary of the country's first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. In the program CM Bhupesh Baghel has joined as Chief Guest. CM Baghel has given a big statement in the program. CM said - In the threat of unity and integrity of the country, we all have to fight for unity and integrity.

An annotation was organized at Rajiv Bhavan on the death anniversary of Pandit Nehru. CM Bhupesh Baghel said, "Nehru ji's book is the ocean of knowledge of India. 'His thoughts, thoughts, history and geography are all in the book. Nehru's thoughts are inspirational for all of us. Nehru dreamed of an Indian who is developing but there is no goodness. Jinnah divided the country. Radicality is fatal to the state, country and society. '


Let us tell that lecture on Nehru's India theme was organized. Senior Congress leaders also joined the program. Purushottam Agrawal addressed the program as a guest speaker. CM Bhupesh Badeel sat between the workers of Baghel listening to Purushottam Agarwal.

Two accused arrested with 80 chestnuts in Sukma

Sukma Kotwali Police of Chhattisgarh, while carrying out a major operation, two accused have been arrested while transporting liquor illegally.

Sukma Kotwali Police of Chhattisgarh, while carrying out a major operation, two accused have been arrested while transporting liquor illegally. 80 chestnuts have been seized from the accused, whose estimated value is being mentioned as Rs 3 lakhs. After the action, the police presented both the accused in the court where they were sent directly to jail. This is by far the biggest action taken by the police.

Sukma Kotwali was informed on Sunday that liquor was being taken to Jagdalpur from Malkangiri district of Odisha in a pick-up vehicle. After that Kotwali in charge AK Nag created a team and the team started taking lock of vehicles by blocking from the morning. 80 pickled liquor was recovered after picking up the pick-up vehicle. After much questioning was done and the papers under the Excise Act were not submitted, the police came to bring two accused Jaganu Lalu and Sunil Baghel to Kotwali. Started the action under the Excise Act. Filed a case against the duo and presented them in the court from where they were sent to jail.

Raipur: Recruitment in Local Fund Audit: Desirable candidate for selection of 24 candidates ended: absence of record verification

In the event of not presenting the two candidates for the verification of the records to the selected candidates for various posts of the Directorate of Local Fund Audit, the candidature for selection of 24 candidates has been abolished.

According to information received from Directorate Directorate Local Fund Audit, the Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board was examined for recruitment of 20 vacancies of senior observers, 4 posts of senior inspector and 20 vacancies in local fund supervision. In the classwise merit sequence, total 84 candidates were given two opportunities for recording and verification. But even after the candidates were given enough opportunity to record-verification, the total of 24 candidates remained absent for the test-verification. He said that according to the results of the recruitment of vacant posts, in the class-wise merit, the total 84 candidates were given the test for test-verification on 11-12 March 2019 and on the final occasion on April 16, 2019, the Directorate Local Fund Audit, Indravati Bhawan, Atal Nagar , Was invited in Raipur but 24 candidates were absent for the test-verification. Candidate selection for the post of senior inspector-assistant inspector of absentee 24 candidates has been abolished. The list of these candidates can be seen on the governance website www.cgstate.gov.in and the departmental web site www.lfa.cg.nic.in.

Raipur: The food department allocates allocation of rice in June-July: Rashan card holders option option

The state government has released rice allocation for the ration card holders of the state in the month of June and July under the Public Distribution System. The ration card holder will have the option of raising rice for one or two months according to convenience. Ration cardholders will not have the obligation to raise a two-month ranch one time.

           The Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, by issuing a letter to the collectors of all the districts, the date of the organizing of the festival of rice will be distributed 02 months rice on the festival day. Transportation of two months of rice and other ration material for transporting vehicles and safe storage. For conducting the Rice Festival, a duty of nodal officer should be imposed for each fair value, by which the verification of ration material within the time limit and after verification of rice is taken. Apart from this, instructions have been given to spread the information through the poster-banners and other means of fair price shops of rice distribution information. In the letter issued, the collectors have been told that by the meeting of the operators of all the fair value shops at the development level, the announcement of April 2019 and the month of June in two months, the demand for rice and ration material uptake has been received by May 25. Go. It should also be completed in its entry departmental website.

Ambikapur: 12 lacs sanctioned for disaster victim families

Appropriate grant of Rs. 12 lakhs of financial assistance grant from the demand of Rs. 4 lakh for the families of the three families of the disaster affected by the Additional Collector Mr. Nirmal Tigga, the concerned persons have been approached to contact the Tehsildar and get the amount.

    According to the information received, the amount of financial assistance grant of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned to the nearest heir of the deceased, due to the death of Ricky village resident Budhna, who died in the water on November 20, 2018, according to the information received. Similarly, due to dying in water on March 15, 2017, due to the death of Khamaharia village resident of Udaipur district, on March 15, 2017, the grant of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned for the nearest heir wife Beguni. The death grant of Rs. 4 lakhs has been sanctioned for the closest heir wife Amarao, due to the snake bite of Narkalo village resident of Lakhanpur, who died on September 22, 2018.

Ambikapur: Settlement Control Room from Aerial Lightning and Blowing Hurricanes: Control Room

As per the instructions of the State Government, Collector Dr. Sarfar Mittar has collected control information from the Superintendent, Land Records Office for the compilation of lightning and lightning storm damage information from June 1, 2019 to 11:00 pm Instructions are given. The control room has been directed to send information to Fax no. 0771-2223472 and website CG release at the rate gmail dot com in Raipur.
Instructions for preparing action plan at district level

    During the monsoon, the state government has been asked to ensure the necessary arrangements to protect against volatile and celestial lightning and storm storms. At the district level, a meeting plan has been organized to prepare a plan for rescue and relief from storm surge and wind storm and storm storm. In this regard, all Tahsildar and district level officials have been asked to direct the concerned officers and employees to properly monitor the rain-bearing equipment set up at the rain-fed stations of district level and tehsil level and collect information. In order to provide general citizens with information about telephone numbers and control officers and employees for the rescue and relief of lightning and aerial electricity and storm storm by installing control rooms in all tehsils for working from 1st June to 24 hours at district level and tehsil level. Having said. The control number of the control room has been called to disseminate the telephone number. Collector Dr. Summit Mitter has told the officers of the departments concerned that to ensure the installation of torrent drivers in the government and non-governmental multilateral buildings from their departmental budget, according to the lightning and celestial power and storm In order to avoid the storm, what are the precautions required, To freely disseminate stated.

Important instructions to Chief Medical and Health Officer and Deputy Director Animal Husbandry
    The Collector has directed the Chief Medical and Health Officer and Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry to constitute a medical team at the district and tehsil level to provide immediate treatment to the injured persons and animals with velocity and celestial electricity. Collector Dr. Sumitra Murthar has told Tehsildars that as per the provisions contained in the Revenue Book Circular 6-4, provide immediate grant assistance to the affected beneficiaries and ensure the proper treatment and facilities as per the inherent provision to the injured persons and animals also. The Executive Engineer of the Water Resources Department and Public Works Department has been told that such areas should be identified under the district, where there is a loss due to thunderstorm and celestial power and storm storm. Instructions have been given to make special arrangements for monitoring of these surveillance in these areas. The Collector has told District Sanani, Nagar Sanai Ambikapur that the storm - if any damage to the storm, inform all the rescue resources immediately. The Superintendent of Multi-Record has been told to inform the office of the relief commissioner of the office of the relief commissioner regularly and send it to the office of the relief commissioner regularly.

Bemetra: The Collector administered the oath of anti-terrorism day

On the occasion of Anti-Terrorism Day at the Joint District Office Building, at 11 o'clock, Collector Mahadev Kaware administered oath to officers and employees to protest against terrorism and violence. Employees-employees, firmly in the tradition of the country's peace and tolerance, and opposing all kinds of terrorism and violence, to create peace, social harmony and understanding between all sections of mankind and threaten human life values. And took an oath to fight disruptive powers. On this occasion Deputy Collector D.D. Dahire, Mineral Officer Mrs. Meenakshi Sahu, Assistant Engineer Kreda, Abhishek Shukla, District Public Relation Officer and collectorate officials and employees were present on the occasion.

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