Batgaon upgraded to Tehsil status: Dr. Raman Singh : Chief Minister dedicates, lays foundation

stones of works worth Rs 104 crore           

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today toured Balodabazar-Batapara as a part of State-wide 'Vikas Yatra'. He announced the up-gradation of sub-tehsil Batgaon to Tehsil. He was addressing a mammoth public meeting at Batgaon. He also revealed that a stadium will be constructed at Batgaon soon at a cost of about Rs Three crore at the same spot where today's public meeting was being held.

Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan of  several developmental works.  This included dedicated works worth Rs 54 crore 17 lakh and performed 'bhoomipujan of works worth Rs 49 crore 69 lakh. He revealed that major concessions had been given to farmers. The farmers will get the benefit of 'Flat Rate' on electricity over and above consumption of 7, 500 units per annum on single irrigation pump. The concession will be given on more than one irrigation pump also to the farmers. Subsidy of Rs One lakh had been re-introduced on electricity connections to irrigation pumps.

Chief Minister while addressing a public meeting at Batgaon said that the soil of Balodabazar-Batapara is as pious as sandalwood.  Giroudpuri is the holy land of Satnam preacher Guru Ghasidas. Sonakhan is the birth place of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. Assembly Speaker Mr. Gowrishankar Agrawal, Food Minister Mr. Punnulal Mohale, Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, MLAs Dr. Sanam Jangde, Mr. Shivratan Sharma, MP Mrs. Kamladevi Patle and several prominent citizens were also present.

Dr. Raman Singh distributed relief materials worth Rs 36 crore to about 17 thousand beneficiaries of various social welfare schemes of the State Government. This includes 'abaadi pattas' to about 6 thousand 358 families and domestic cooking gas connections to 500 women under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' scheme. He also gave away sanction letters to 2 thousand 770 families of the Prime Minister Housing Project (Rural). Dr. Raman Singh gave away sewing machines, cycles, instruments kits, financial assistance to delivery cases, girls' marriages, scholarships to students worth Rs One crore 77 lakh to about 2 thousand 770 families.

Chief Minister dedicated Jora-Balodi road up gradation at a cost of Rs Three crore 27 lakh, up-gradation of Bahmanpuri and Pandripali Government Higher -Middle School building at a cost of Rs 53 lakh, mini-stadium worth Rs 51 lakh at Sarseeva, police station building at Sarseeva at a cost of Rs 50 lakh and 22 Smart anganwadi bhawans built at a cost of Rs 36 lakh.

Dr. Raman Singh laid the foundation stones of works-cement concrete roads worth Rs One crore 70 lakh at Nagar Panchayat Batgaon, laying of roads at Nagar Panchayat Bhilaigarh at a cost of Rs 2 crore 64 lakh, water diversion project worth Rs.20 crore,  minor irrigation scheme worth Rs 10 crore 37 lakh ,  lining-rejuvenation works of Takuradiya reservoir canals at a cost of Rs 6 crore 24 lakh. Fishing nets to 63 fishermen's samitis, Soil Health Cards to 300 farmers, skill up-gradation certificates to 95 youth.

Vikas Yatra -2018: Chief Minister approves three major announcements for farmers: farmers with an irrigation pump will get 7500 units of free electricity at higher consumption, on payment of flat rate facility

More than one irrigation pumps will be available on flat rate payment facility

One lakh rupees grant facility for irrigation pumps, starting from today
Dr. Raman Singh has given the public Rs 115 crores for development tour
Suggesses the construction of more
72 thousand beneficiaries of Pandya's massive assembly
49 crores worth of material and grant

Paddy bonus of 42.70 crores to 45 thousand farmers

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today made three major announcements for the farmers of Chhattisgarh in the General Assembly of Development Block Headquarters Pandaria in Kabirdham district during the statewide development tour. Dr. Singh said that 7500 units of electricity are being given free of cost to farmers on an irrigation pump. Farmers can now pay electricity bills in the flat rate even if they are consuming more electricity. He said- With the first irrigation pump, the farmers will get the facility of paying their electricity bills on flat rates, on their irrigation pumps, more than five horsepower irrigation pumps, and on flat rates. Along with this, he announced the restoration of grant facility to one lakh rupees from today to give electricity connections to irrigation pumps. It is known that this facility was closed for some time. Farmers of more than four lakh irrigation pump holders of the state will get the benefit of the announcement of the Chief Minister today.

    Dr. Raman Singh today handed over 242 works of 115 crore 53 lakh rupees to the people of Kabirdham (Kawardha) district in the public meeting of Pandaria. They inaugurated more than 200 construction works completed about Rs.33.13 crore, and laid foundation stones of 42 new approved works of 84.40 crore rupees. While addressing the massive public meeting, the Chief Minister said, "Vikas Yatra is like a holy pilgrimage to seek blessings from Janardan, in which the State Government is giving its account of its function by reaching the public. People are being benefited from the schemes. Describing sugarcane cultivation in Pandaria region, Dr. Singh said that for the farmers of this area, the state government has established a cooperative sugar factory. Bonus is also being given to sugarcane farmers.

    In the General Assembly of Pandaria, Dr. Singh distributes checks worth about 49 crore 22 lakh rupees and checks of assistance amounting to 72 thousand 335 beneficiaries of the district under different welfare schemes of the government. They also distributed paddy bonus of 42 crores 70 lakhs and house acceptance certificates to 2838 families under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme for 45 thousand farmers. Among the works that the Chief Minister inaugurated, the Pundariya- Child Hospital Hospital (MCH Wing Hospital) built at Pandaria at a cost of Rs 8 lakhs 23 lakhs, from Mianjoli to Devpura road with a cost of Rs.37.77 million, from the large bridge, Kunda The cost of construction of the road work of Makaar road - Rs. 71 lakhs, the cost of construction of CC road coop from village Kumhari, 14 lakh rupees, Paneka Nalajal feeding scheme cost 44 lakh rupees. They spent Rs 39 lakh in the Kalyamagari Naljal feeding scheme costing Rs. 41 lakhs, Baghamra Naljal feeding scheme costing 36 lakh rupees, Botarkhurda Naljal feeding scheme cost 37 lakh rupees and Palanassari Naljal, built at a cost of around Rs. 50 lakhs. The plan was also released.

    On this occasion, Dr. Singh has given the market charitra 2.90km from Rampura. Road construction cost approximately Rs 2 crores, from Kahmagali to Kodavakala 4.15 kms. Road construction cost Rs 3 crore 19 lakh, from Koyasam to Hirapur 3.85 kms. Road construction cost Rs. 3 crore 16 lakh, in the district panchayat pandari, 33 roads cost of construction of CC road, bridge, additional room, primary and middle secondary school building, Rs. 2 crore 49 lakh, Kunda castar district panchayat pandaria under National Rurban Mission 52 works cost construction of CC Road Coalfield, Rs. 3 crore 5 lakh, 47 works cost of Anganwadi building, 55 lakh rupees, restoration of panchayat building 8 Work costs released around Rs 14 lakh, Rurbn 18 GPs cluster Wi-Fi costs 10 million.

    Under the Prime Minister's Rural Road Scheme, 18 roads were renovated at a cost of Rs 20.52 crore, construction cost of Bhatkundera Thathapur Parivartan Yojana, Rs.6.11 crore and community health in Kukadur. Construction cost of the center includes Rs. 2 crore 43 lakhs. In the General Assembly, he pandetai 8.40 km from Singhhari. Road construction costs 11 crore 23 lakh rupees, Cholguda from Mohagaon 2.70 km Road construction cost Rs 4 crores 93 lacs, wells from Gopalpur, 2 kms. Road construction cost 4.77 million, Gatapara 3.20 km from Ballpur Road construction cost: Rs.66.22 million; Nagar Panchayat: PANDATARI; CC cost and drain construction cost: 1 crore 63 lakh thousand rupees; Government Ayurveda dispensary building; Rs. 14 lakh; Government Ayurveda dispensary; Birendranagar cost: 14 lakh; The community building costing was also released.
    Chief Minister Dr. Singh spent Rs. 40 lakhs on the high level bridge, Dhanaura Naljal feeding scheme costing Rs. 2.5 million rupees, Rs. 46 lakhs rupees, Lalpur, Lalpur, at a cost of Rs. Narsinghpur with 0.80 km Road construction cost Rs 51 lakh, Kozhikal Kampa 0.80 kms. Road construction cost Rs 62 lakh, paddy from Bandha 1.80 kms. Road Construction: One crore 40 lakh rupees, two kilometers from Mahli. Construction of Roads: Rs. 1.4 crore, Rs. 1.70 km from Buckella Road construction cost of Rs 1.6 crore, from Devdhara to Gorakhpur 4.20 km. Road construction cost of Rs. 20 crores 83 lacs, Nawagaon Musu to Kodapuri 3 kms. Road Construction cost: Rs. 2 crore 34 lakh; Kodapuri to Naroli 3.70 km. Road construction cost: 27 million rupees, 86 lakhs


Vikas Yatra 2018: The honor and blessings that the people of Rajnandgaon got from the service of the people, even less then: Dr. Raman Singh

CM's announcement will be done: 200 ponds of urbanization will be done

Chief Minister did Rs 329 crore
Launch of Construction Works - Bhumi Pujan

Approximately 82 thousand farmers got paddy bonus of 83 crores and 54 thousand families got lease

Distribution of materials and checks to 41 thousand workers of the district

Addressing the massive general meeting of Rajnandgaon, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said during the Vikas Yatra that even here the people got so much honor and love from the people that I will be able to serve them all the time, even then I am less. He gave information to the people in 14 years about the important works done in Rajnandgaon. Dr. Singh announced the gravitation of two hundred ponds of Rajnandgaon in the meeting. This work will be done by CSR. He said that concrete work has been done in the field of infrastructure by establishing a medical college hospital in Rajnandgaon district, international hockey stadium, Digvijay stadium, big irrigation projects like big irrigation projects. This time it was drought but due to the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme, the farmers got great relief. In the Rajnandgaon district alone, the sum assured of Rs. 400 crores was paid to affected farmers in Kharaf. More than 35 thousand prime houses were sanctioned in the district. Free gas cylinders were given to one lakh 30 thousand women under the Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme. Major changes in people's lives are coming from these schemes. The Chief Minister said that the benefits of the schemes of the labor department to thousands of beneficiaries in Rajnandgaon today have been given during the development visit. Better implementation of the schemes of labor department is improving the working conditions of the workers.

Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh said on this occasion that during the development visit, the unprecedented enthusiasm of the public was noticed. He said that in 14 years there has been a lot of development work in Rajnandgaon. Whether it is the area of ​​agriculture or better health facilities. Effective work is being done in every scheme, it has accelerated the pace of development in the district. On this occasion, in-charge of the district Mr. Rajesh Murat, Rajnandgaon Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav and other special guests were present.

The Chief Minister said that to connect everyone with technolgy, five lakh mobile phones will be distributed under the Sky Scheme. When this was said to them, people present in the meeting expressed their happiness by lighting their mobile. The Chief Minister also remembered the literary figures on this occasion. He said that celebrities such as Muktibodh, Bakshi ji and Baldev Prasad Mishra made Rajnandgaon a customary. It is good to see that this Impression is continuously developing.

During the state-wide development tour, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated the construction work of the cost of 329 crore 33 lakh rupees and land worship in the General Body held in the district headquarters Rajnandgaon. They laid the foundation for the construction work completed at a cost of 120 crore 13 lakh rupees and the construction work of Rs. 209 crore 20 lakh rupees. The Chief Minister gave 82 thousand farmers a paddy bonus of 83 crore rupees by pressing the button from their computer online in the program. Dr. Singh distributed distribution of checks of material and aid to 54 thousand families of the district and 41 thousand workers under the schemes of the Labor Department and Labor Department.

Dr. Singh addressed the General Assembly held in Municipal Ground after road show in District Headquarters Rajnandgaon. Among the works that the Chief Minister inaugurated, the Ghumka-Telkahah road widening- cost 26.35 crore, Rajnandgaon-Arunda Gundardehi Marg- costing Rs 24.17 crore, 100 bed MCH hospital-cost Rs 15 crore, Railway under bridge in Parrikala- Rs 8.40 crore, Naljal feeding scheme- Rs 8.27 crores works included in the medical college. Among the works undertaken by the Chief Minister in Bhumi Pujan and Sholanyas, Ghumariya Barrage Canal Lining Work - cost 39.98 crores, Belgaon Mohra Road widening works cost Rs 19.27 crores, Rani Sagar Purohasagar beautification work- 16.38 crores, Raviara-Elwara-Rengakhethra road- 9.28 crores and Matiyadarri Enicatt Micro Irrigation Scheme- cost 8.90 crores.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh distributed material worth Rs.5.57 crore to 43 thousand 318 workers under the scheme of LPG cylinder and labor department under the Ujjwala scheme of 1850 women of poor families in the program. He provided 8 thousand 750 workers under Chief Minister Cycle Assistance Scheme to provide sewing machines and 5250 workers to 515 women workers under bicycle, sewing machine assistance scheme. He distributed the population lease to 53 thousand 958 families. The Chief Minister distributed material and checks to 351 Self Help Groups, checks of Rs.1 crore 36 lakhs, smart cards to 41 thousand 254 families and beneficiaries of social welfare department, CREDA, horticulture and other departments.


Vikas Yatra 2018 : Formation of Balod district led to accelerated development of the region : Dr Raman Singh

Arjunda village has important contribution in establishing identity of Chhattisgarh's folk culture

Chief Minister inaugurated-laid foundations of 74 construction works worth Rs 75 crore in Balod

More than 92 thousand farmers of district received bonus worth Rs 115.27 crore and more than 70 thousand families received 'aabaadi patta'

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that formation Balod district has led to tremendous development of this area. New Collectorate building has been built for convenience of common people, offices of various departments were started and the place also got its new District Hospital. After formation of the district, many major development works have been accomplished in this area. Chief Minister was addressing the massing public gathering held today in village Arjunda (Gunderdehi block) of Balod district during his state-wide Vikas Yatra. He said that Arjunda village has its own identity unique identity. This village has made important contribution in establishing the identity of Chhattisgarh's folk culture. Dr Singh unveiled 74 construction works worth Rs 74.94 crore at the general assembly for people of Balod district. This includes inauguration of 40 construction works worth Rs 25.57 crore and foundation laying of 34 construction works worth Rs 49.37 crore.

On the occasion, Chief Minister distributed goods and cheques of financial aid to one lakh 70 thousand 875 beneficiaries. He transferred paddy bonus amount of Rs 115 crore 27 lakh to bank accounts of 92 thousand 414 farmers of the district, with a click on the computer. Dr Singh distributed 'aabaadi patta' to 70 thousand 389 poor families, sewing machines and bicycles to 2600 labourers, tools and security equipments to 3000 labourers, and LPG connection to two thousand women of poor families under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana.

In his address to the general assembly, Chief Minister further said that soon each village of the state will have internet connectivity and labourers under MNREGA, women agriculture labourer, college students, farmers and villagers will soon have smart phones in their hands. Chief Minister said that under Soochna Kranti Yojana, 55 lakh smart phones will be distributed in the entire state for free. Registration for the same has already started. The work of optical fiber laying in 3600-km at the cost of nearly Rs 3000 crore has already been started under Bharat Net project, for providing internet connectivity. Mobile towers are being installed in each and every village to provide better mobile connectivity. Dr Singh said that under Ayushman Bharat Yojana, 37 lakh families of the state will get medical treatment facility of upto Rs 5 lakh.

Chief Minister informed people about various schemes of the government and commendable performance of the state in implementation of various schemes of Central Government. He added that in last 15 years his government has received full support, cooperation and blessings of the public and in next five years, development of the state will further pace up. Agriculture Minister Brijmohan Agrawal also addressed the general assembly.

Works inaugurated by Chief Minister today include shootfall construction in Kharkhara spiel channel worth Rs 16.71 crore, ITI building and girls hostel of 50-seat capacity in Daundilohara worth Rs 1.94 crore, power substation worth Rs one crore 40 lakh in village Firtutola (Junnpani), additional room construction in Government College Arjunda worth Rs one crore 40 lakh, road construction from main road to Chikhli road worth Rs one crore 17 lakh, and solar handpumps worth Rs 62.55 lakh for safe drinking water supply in 14 districts.

At the general assembly held today, Dr Singh laid foundation of road from village Kuthrel-Bhatagaon-Auri-Parsahi worth nearly Rs 21 crore, bridge from Achholi to Sanjari road worth Rs 3.80 crore, bridge construction on Chaurel to Mohlai road worth Rs 2.46 crore, bridge construction on Bhilai to Tilkhairi road worth Rs 2.41 crore, bridge construction from main road to Mongri road worth Rs 2.32 crore. On the occasion, MLA Mr. Rajendra Rai, 20-point programme implementation committee Vice-Chairman Mr. Khubchand Parakh, Ex-MLA Mr. Virendra Sahu, Mr. Pritam Sahu, Mr. Lal Mahendra Singh Tekam and Mrs Kumar Bai Sahu along with public representatives, senior officials and a large number of villagers were also present.

Vikas Yatra is 'Vijay Yatra' of masses: Dr. Raman Singh : Chief Minister dedicates, performs 'bhoomipujan' of works worth Rs 80 crore

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Chhattisgarh for their overwhelming support to the 'Vikas Yatra'. The yatra is meant to assess the extent of development and successful implementation of schemes for the poor, farmers and villagers. This is the commoners' Vijay Yatra. While referring to the Vikas Yatras of 2008 and 2013 he added that he is receiving overwhelming backing of the masses now also.

Dr. Raman Singh said that the main objective of this yatra is to connect the last man in the queue to development paradigm. He was addressing a massive gathering at district headquarter town Dhamtari late last night. He unveiled revolutionary freedom fighter Amar Shaheed VeerNarayan Singh statue. He dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan'  of 737 development works worth Rs 80 crore. He also distributed relief materials to one lakh 71 thousand beneficiaries of various social-welfare schemes of the State Government.

Chief Minister also distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 104 crore 67 lakh to about 80 thousand farmers. He gave away population pattas (Aabadi pattas) to about 82 thousand families. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Raman Singh addressed Vikas Yatras at Charama district Kanker and reached Balod district's Kochwahi, Jagatra, Balodgahan and then Dhamtari. New era of rapid development had emerged after the implementation of innovative Central Government and State Government social-welfare projects. The people in far-flung Abhujmargh also demand mobile connectivity. It is a sign of awareness regarding development in the hinterland. The State Government will distribute 50 lakh Smart Phones to herald Information revolution. 

 Agriculture Minister Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal, Panchayat Minister Mr. Ajay Chandrakar,  Forest Minister Mr. Mahesh Gaadga, Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, MP Mr. Chandulal Sahu, MLA Mr. Shivratan Sharma were present. Chief Minister dedicated 506 developmental works worth Rs 45 crore.

Vikas Yatra 2018: Bastar no longer will be dark: Dr. Raman Singh: Chief Minister inaugurated 125 development works of 64.43 crore in Antagarh and Bhumi Pujan

Blessings given to newly married 247 couples

10 thousand 671 beneficiaries of material and assistance amount distributed

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh arrived at Antagarh in Kanker district during the statewide development tour. While addressing the general body organized here, the Chief Minister said that Bastar is now getting exposed. Electricity is going to every village, mela and every house. Now darkness will not be here. He said that road connectivity, electricity and internet connectivity in Bastar is being increased. Bastar is now also connecting with air connectivity. Rail connectivity is also being increased. Rail has already reached Bhanupratappur, by the end of 2019, the railways will also reach Antagarh. Dr. Singh said that besides this, many works of education including school, college, ITI, school of attainment have been done in this area and in the last 15 years, the task of pursuing people in all areas has been done by the Government of Chhattisgarh. is.

       Recalling the occasion, the Chief Minister recalled Shri Ram Prasad Pottai, the martyr landlord of Parelk, Shri Ballal Singh, Principal Shaheed Bhumkal, Shri Gondidhur, Pandit Vishnu Prasad, and a member of the Constituent Assembly on this occasion, saying that these great men are proud of the nation and the world along with Chhattisgarh. The Chief Minister blessed the 247 newly married couples in the couple's relationship with the Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojna in Antagarh and wished for his happy life. On the occasion, the Chief Minister handed over the development work of about Rs. 64 crores. Out of these works, he inaugurated 18 development works of nearly Rs. 3 crore and laid foundation stones of 107 development works of Rs. 60 crore 44 lakhs. He organized 1100 cycle, 344 tool kit and 32 sewing machines on behalf of the Department of Labor, under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, 100 connections to the beneficiaries of the kitchen connections, 7871 population lease and 185 forest rights lease, Department of Agriculture from the Department of Revenue. On behalf of 590 farmers, seed mini kit, 90 flying fishermen to farmers, 31 cycle by forest department and distribution of 30 mini rice mill through tribal development department

The Chief Minister said that after receiving blessings from Mai Danteshwari, they have come out on this journey from Dantewada to seek the blessings of the people. He said that this development journey is incomplete without the public's blessings. He said that earlier farmers were seen drowning in the water before buying paddy, but his government not only bought rice for farmers, but also gave bonus for paddy. The State Government is distributing paddy bonuses worth 1700 crores this year. Along with this, bonus amount of Rs. 700 crores is also being distributed to the forest dwellers to the Tandupta collector. He said that in 2003, the standard Bora collection rate of the Tandupatra was only Rs 400, which has been fixed by the government from time to time and now Rs 2500 per standard sack has been fixed. The Chief Minister said that the country's first Food Safety Act has been enforced in the state and rice is being made available to poor families only one rupee per kg. Five kg of gram grains and free salt are also being provided to poor families.

      The Chief Minister said that the government was concerned about the treatment of poor families. Under the Chief Minister's Health Protection Scheme, all the families of the state are being provided treatment upto Rs 50 thousand. The Chief Minister said that the ration card and smart card are two revolutionary steps of the state government. The ration card arranged for people's well-fed food and arranged for their treatment with a smart card. The Chief Minister said that electrification work is being planned for removing dark from 6 lakh 40 thousand houses in the state. He said that no house will remain in the dark for the next four to five months and every electrification will be done in 100% households till every para mohalla.

       The Chief Minister said that Ujjwala scheme is a very big scheme for women, in this scheme, the LPG connections are being given to the poor families of women at the registration fee of Rs.200. He said that the dream of a poor house of the poor is also being fulfilled from the Prime Minister's house.

       The Chief Minister said that there was an atmosphere of terror and terror in this region and after 5 o'clock the market was closed, but now this is not the situation. Describing the Ayushman Bharat scheme as a big scheme, the Chief Minister said that it would be possible to treat serious diseases. In this, the poor families will get assistance of Rs 5 lakh for treatment. He said that internet connectivity is being increased in this area at a cost of about Rs 3000 crores through Bharat Net and Bastar Net. In the information revolution plan, now 50 lakh smartphones will be distributed free of cost, making life easier.

    Lok Sabha MP Mr. Vikram Nand and MLA Shri Bhojraj Nag also addressed the meeting. On this occasion, the Minister of Incharge and Minister in charge of Kanker district, Mr. Mahesh Gagra, Minister of Tribal Welfare, Shri Kedar Kashyap, District Panchayat President, Smt. Subhadra Salaam, Mr. Mantaram Kashyap, Commissioner Shri Dilip Vasanikar, IG Shri Vivekanand, Collector Mr. Toman Singh Sonawani, SP Shri K.L. Dhruv, including many public representatives, officers and employees and a large number of villagers were present.


Dantewada's strength to change the situation in the youth-Dr. Raman Singh: Chief Minister discussed tea with successful youth of Dantewada

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh met successful youth of Dantewada district in Bacheli before leaving for the state-wide development trip today. Dr. Singh, while discussing tea with the youth, said that these youths have fought the difficult terrain and have fought for success. Their successes are small to appear, but in the circumstances they have achieved success, they are inspirational for other young people. I also get energy with such young people. He said that this is exactly development. With the efforts of youth, there is a revolutionary change in Dantewada and Bastar. These youth have the power to change the situation in Bastar.

       During discussion on tea, Mrs. Savita Sahu, the family's nutrition through e-Riksha, Mr. Kartik KG and Mr. Mithilesh Karma traveled from unemployment to employment and Mr. Loduru Nag and Mr. Kamal Nag with the help of Agriculture Department In the context of economic prosperity, shared information with the Chief Minister. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that today Bastar is moving fast in the direction of development and creating new dreams. The aim of the public philanthropic schemes of the government is Antodya. He further said that in the last 15 years, the government has made many schemes for the development of youth, farmers and women, these changes today are the result of the change in the lives of thousands of people like these. Every time I come here I meet promising youth and take inspiration from them. Even the journey to Shri K. Kartik KG, resident of Shri Ilmidi, Bijapur, Jawangana BPO, was not easy, fearing red terror, the people sent Kartik to Bilaspur for fear. While studying in Bilaspur, he got information about job opening in Jawang BPO. They came to Dantewada to help the family financially. Today Kartik is earning 8000 rupees per month and is financially supporting the family with himself. Like Mr. Karthik, Mr. Mithlesh, a resident of Dantewada, came first in the NMDC Maintenance Examination. Two brothers, the father of the largest mithlesh father in two sisters is a farmer. Mithlesh received Technical Education in the year 2013, studying at Weldar Trade with Government ITI Geedam. They now further wish to provide good education to their siblings while supporting financially with their father. Shri Kamal Singh resident of Mr. Lundur Ram Nag and Mr. Malawada resident of Hiranar district today thanked the Department of Agriculture and the District Administration for his happy life. Both farmers started training from the Botanical Research Center in Hyderabad with the help of the Agriculture Department and started advanced agriculture and today is a prosperous farmer. Other farmers in the area are motivating them and are looking for a path of economic growth through agriculture. Mr. Loduram Nag and Mr. Kamal Singh have increased their earnings several times by doing organic farming. Shri Loduram realized that the fertile power of the land was ending with chemical cultivation. With organic farming we can save it. They appealed to the farmers of the state that they want to leave the fertile land for their future generation, then adopt organic farming.

    Mrs. Savita Sahu, a resident of Chitlaanka, is an example of the empowerment of women. With the help of the Big Sahayahata Group, he got the e-rickshaw. Today, he is nurturing himself and his home by earning ten thousand Rupees per month in Dantewada city. His desire is to give higher education to the daughter. After the husband removed her from the house, the e-rickshaw family's support for nurturing the living is different.

Chief Minister condoles death of IFS officer Devendra Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today condoled the death of  Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board member secretary Mr. Devendra Singh . The senior officer passed away in a private hospital in the capital today. In a condolence message Dr. Raman Singh mentioned that Mr. Devendra Singh was a simple person easy to get along with and totally dedicated to his job. Dr. Raman Singh appreciated the significant contribution of the deceased officer to the Forest Department and Chhattisgarh  Environment Conservation Board. In his death the State Government had lost a dedicated officer. Dr.Raman Singh expressed his deep sympathies to the members of the bereaved family and prayed for peace to the departed soul.

Government committed to eradicate Naxalism from Chhattisgarh by year 2022: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh thanked the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh for the cooperation and support of the State Government on the Naxal Morcha. Dr. Raman Singh said before leaving for the state-wide development tour here today on the tour of three districts of Bastar division - I have assured the Union Home Minister that the support of Chhattisgarh Government with Naxal violence and terror will be done by 2022. Taking the aim of ending is working wholeheartedly and carefully. We are committed to this. In the affected areas, with the socio-economic well-being of the people, government has been working with utmost seriousness in terms of security of public life and law and order. During the Vikas Yatra, the release of the works of crores-billion rupees and the land masses are being taken in such areas and the people are being benefited from various schemes.

    He said- The campaign which is being run by the coordination of the security forces of the state and the center in the naxal-affected districts of the state has resulted in the gradual reversal of the Maoists' feet. Although this is a long battle, there is a need to work with caution and caution. He gave the example of Sarguja and said that with the help of public support and security forces in Sarguja, we have won the battle and people living there are living peacefully and taking advantage of development schemes. Even in Bastar, we will completely eliminate the Naxal problem very soon. Dr. Singh said - In the last four years, we have seen vast changes on the Naxal Front. He said that with the sense of guidance given by the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, that the states are being guided by the strategy, positive results have come to the states in the affected states towards the end of Naxalism. Dr. Raman Singh said that the Union Home Minister has helped Chhattisgarh on many fronts, including the acceptance of four new Bastaria battalions, a new Bastaria battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the reimbursement of the payment made to the Assistant In addition to 75 pre-existing institutions and 50 new Fortifide police stations, among others.

    Dr. Singh said that the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister have approved the assistance of Rs. 700 crore for three years in Chhattisgarh for special central assistance for the Left insurgency districts. This amount will be very useful in terms of infrastructure development in such areas. Dr. Singh said that extra mobile towers in Naxal affected area have also been received from the center. The Chief Minister said that the Union Home Minister appreciated the State Government while praising the ongoing Naxal Elimination Campaign in Chhattisgarh in a review meeting held in Raipur yesterday. In this meeting Dr. Raman Singh briefed the Union Home Minister about the steps being taken by the state government to tackle the naxal violence and terror in the state and the achievements so far.

Vikas Yatra to give account of work in the public's court: Dr. Singh: Rs. 108 crores for development work in Bacheli

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh reached Bacheli in Dantewada district this evening in Vikas Yatra. He handed over the construction work of 108 crore rupees to the people of the district in the massive public meeting organized in the field of Balladila Iron Ore Project in this city. Apart from this, he distributed more than six crore rupees to the beneficiaries under various schemes, about 46 million rupees and checks etc.

    While addressing the General Assembly, the Chief Minister said that in the last 14 years, I have come to give account of the work done by the government for the betterment of the people in the public court in the development journey. The speed of development in Dantewada district has increased. There is an example of the composite building of City Headquarters, District City of Education, Village Jawangan. Several construction works in the district are telling the story of development itself. Dr. Singh said that Vikas Yatra is my pilgrimage to seek blessings from the people.

    The Chief Minister said that Chhattisgarh is to be developed in the category of developed states, for this, we have come out in the development journey to take blessings of public and public. My biggest fortune is to come to Dantewada district for the second time. There were no electricity in 32,000 households in the district. Electricity has been reached in every village under the Prime Minister Sahitya Parivar Har Hari Yojana (Good Luck). Only 8000 houses are where there is no electricity, electricity will be provided in the next 4 months. He said that the work of sending water to 8 villages, including Geetha Nagar, with the Chhindaran water supply scheme, is at the final stage. This work will also be completed by June 2018. Construction of Neral and Dhurali Water Supply Scheme at a cost of Rs. 53 crores is underway, with the completion of 26 thousand people of 25 villages affected by drinking water in the area, they will get rid of drinking water problem.

          Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that the Gauravpath will be built in Becheri, the entire arrangement for the administration of the affected 80 shops has been made. He said that there is a network of roads in Dantewada. He said- The State Government intends that in the 21st Century, the youth of Chhattisgarh should get full access to the Internet, so that they can be equipped with the weapons of information. Hence the Bastar Net project has been started. Under the Communication Revolution Plan (SKY), 50 lakh youths of the state will be given smart phones. Registration for this has also begun. If a member of a family is ill, then there is no need to panic for the treatment, because the government is with them. Together with the Center, the state government will spend treatment up to five lakh rupees under the Ayushmann Bharat Scheme. This is the biggest plan of health insurance. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap, School Education and Tribal Development Minister and in charge of the district Mr. Kedar Kashyap, District Panchayat President Mrs. Kamla Nag, Vice President Mr. Manish Surana, Former MLA Mr. Bhima Mandavi, Chairman of Municipal Bacheli Mr. Gaurang Shaha, Dantewada Collector Saurabh Kumar, along with a large number of Panch-Sarpanch, office-bearers and civilians were present.

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