Hardworking farmers of the diocese will receive a Rs 2400 crore Paddy bonus: Dr. Raman Singh

Bilaspur: Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, addressing Amsabha at village Kotami of Pedara Vikasakhanad of Bilaspur District on Sept. 24, said that hardworking farmers of the state would get a bonus of Rs 2400 crore this year upon purchase of Paddy at the support price. In order to unleash a fair price of paddy to the farmers, Shri Narendra Modi has made a lump-sum increase of 200 rupees per qtls in Paddy's support price. The state government is giving paddy bonuses of Rs 300 per QTLs this year. The farmers will get the price of qtls Paddy from 2050 to Rs 2070 per farmer. Unhoene will also be paid a bonus amount with Paddy's support value to farmers upon starting Paddy's purchases from November. Marwahi is also the area of hardworking farmers. It will also benefit the farmers of the region with the whole state.

In the General Assembly of the Government of Marwahi Higher Secondary school field, urban Administration Minister Shri Amar Agarwal, chairman of Zila Panchayat, had several janaparatinidhi and a large number of rural villagers including Shri Deepak Sahu. The Chief Minister has occasion

The chief minister said that farmers are being given the facility to pay flat-rate electricity bills on more than one irrigation pumps of up to 5 horsepower. The state's single-light stripe is being facilitated by over 12 lakh impoverished households, whose power consumption is more than 40 units per month, paying for a flat rate electricity bill. The farmers are being provided with a loan without interest from the cooperative banks. The chief minister said the Teduupatata bonus of Rs 750 crore will be disbursed to teduupatata collectors of the state during the one-month development journey. He said that the mother Danteshwari and mother Bamleshwari had started taking blessings. In this development journey I have raced to seek the blessings of the public Janardan. It is a journey of public confidence. I consider it sacred to visit pilgrims.

The Chief Minister mentioned various schemes of the State Government, including the Chief minister's Food Safety plan, Chief Minister's Health safety plan, prime Ujjwala plan, prime housing scheme, solar Sujala scheme on the occasion. He said the Prime Minister Mr Males







Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurates Ayushmann-Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojana in Chhattisgarh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated the scheme in Chhattisgarh by distributing e-golden card to the beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojana in a program organized at New Circuit House here today. Dr. Singh distributed e-Golden Card to Mr. Jivarkhan Maheswari of Arang, Mr Rajendra Kumar Yadav of Semaria, Smt. Bhojbati Sahu of Arang, Smt. Kumari Bai Dhruv of Raipur Katarra Pond and Smt. Basanti Bai, the beneficiaries of the scheme.
On the occasion, the Chief Minister said on this occasion that Chhattisgarh and our country are entering into a new age today through the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's Ayushman India-Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojna launched in Ranchi today. Where the poor families get relief from the anxiety treatment for serious diseases. He said that poor house and land was sold when there was a serious illness like heart, liver, kidney, cancer, but he could not get treatment. Now treatment of such critical diseases will be possible under this scheme. He said that the opportunities of Anant Chaudhas today were inaugurated by the Prime Minister in this unique scheme. This plan is the country's largest health care plan in the country itself.

 Dr. Singh said that through this scheme, about 37 lakh poor families in Chhattisgarh will get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh in one year. He said that the beneficiaries of the scheme will get the facility of treatment in government and private hospitals listed. About 50 million people of 100 million families in the country will get the direct benefit of this scheme. Dr. Singh informed that about one thousand hospitals have been listed in Chhattisgarh for implementation of this scheme. They have 608 government and 428 private hospitals. Dr. Singh said that Chhattisgarh is the leading state in terms of preparations for implementation of this scheme. He congratulated the officials and staff of the Department for the efforts made by the Department of Health for the efforts made by the Department of Health, awareness and teamwork to prepare the plan.
Health Minister, Shri Ajay Chandraqar challenged the doctors and employees of the health department and employees that the poor should get the benefits of this scheme without any interruption. He said that Chhattisgarh is the state which has the highest amount of money on health. He said that the budget of health department has increased from Rs. 350 crores to about 4300 crores. He also gave information about preparations made by the department for Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Chief Secretary Shri Ajay Singh said that in the matter of health security, Chhattisgarh is the leading state of the country. In the form of pilot project of Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the first implementation was done in Dhamtari district. The first phase of this scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Jangla village of Bijapur in the month of April. He said that under the Chief Minister's Health Protection Scheme, all the families of the state will continue the treatment of free treatment upto 50 thousand rupees in a year. Health Secretary Ms Niharika Barik Singh said that more than three thousand patients have got the benefit of this scheme in the state so far. He said that all the families under the Chief Minister's Health Protection Scheme will get benefit of free treatment up to Rs 50,000 and all the beneficiaries will be provided free treatment of 50 thousand to 5 lakhs under the Trust model to the poor families. Public Works Minister Shri Rajesh Murat, MLA Shri Shree Chand Sondhani, Director of National Health Mission, Dr Sarveshwar Bhure, were present on the occasion, along with a large number of beneficiaries of the staff, officers and doctors of the Health Department.

CD scandal case: CBI Court may coordinate sent to Bhupesh Baghel, arrests

In the case of Chhattisgarh's hyped sex CD scandal then a new twist has come. The CBI special court on Monday sent PCC chairman Bhupesh Baghel to coordinate the case. The CBI has asked the PCC Chairman to be present in the court. The discussions of the alleged sex CD scandal in political corridors have been intensified once the PCC president has been in coordination with the court.

After the information was PCC, the Bhupesh Baghel walked to the courthouse after the coordination. Bhupesh Baghel court arrived from Ambedkar Chowk. Several congressional officers are also present at the court with the PCC president. Bhupesh Baghel will be offered at the CBI special Judge Sumit Kapoor's court.

According to sources, the alleged CD-Cod case may also bhupesh Baghel arrest. Vinod Verma, charged in the CD scandal, also exists in the court. At the moment the CBI court has revoked invoices by citing a lack of documents. The CBI will now re-submit the invoice to the court at around 3 pm. The court has cited the witnesses not being photographed and the document being incomplete.
Give a tell that on October 27, 2017

Seals will be borders of Korea and Sidhi districts at the time of election


CCTV cameras and static wireless sets will be kept in the border areas.According to the resolution of the Election Commission of Korea on 22nd September, 2018, today, in order to make the forthcoming assembly elections in an independent, unbiased and peaceful manner, today, District Collector of the District District, Janakpur, collector and District Election Officer, Shri Narendra Singh Duga and collector of Sidhi district And the meeting meeting was concluded between District Election Officer Mr. Dilip Kumar. In the meeting, detailed discussions were taken in connection with the security arrangements, blockade, checkpost, illegal liquor, ganja, other drugs and cash transport in frontier areas of both districts, arrest of the accused criminals etc. and sealed border areas during the elections. Decided to do On this occasion, District Magistrate and police administration officers of both districts were present along with Additional Superintendent of Sidhi District Tarun Nayak, Additional Superintendent of Police of Korea, Smt. Nivedita Pal Sharma, Additional Collector of Korea District, Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi.

Strategy was made to maintain law and order and deal with any disturbances during the elections in the meeting. During the election, it was also decided to monitor smuggling of narcotics and criminal activities and footprint. It was also decided to set up CCTV cameras and static wireless sets in the border areas of the two districts. Apart from the officers of the district and police administration, in the meeting, there was also a need to maintain consistent coordination between the Forest Department and the Gram Panchayat Secretary in the border areas. In the same way, it was agreed between the local level field staff, SDM, SDOP, Tehsildar etc to travel and coordinate in the border areas. Apart from this, it was also said in the meeting that officials have been advised to exchange information and maintain continuous contacts.



Aim is to transform lives of common citizens from Delhi to Raipur and Atal Nagar: Narendra Modi

 Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi today said that the only aim is top transform the lives of common citizens from Delhi to Raipur to Atal Nagar.  The intentions are pure and clear. Mr. Miodi said that former Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee had a far-sighted vision and carved out three states-Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal and Jharkhand- to make them developed.

Prime Minister was addressing a mammoth 'farmers' conference at district headquarter town Janjgir as   a part of Atal Vikaas Yatra.  Mr. Modi gifted road and rail projects worth Rs Three thousand 840 crore to Chhattisgarh. The projects include- Rs 1607 crore Bilaspur-Pathrali four-lane road,  Rs 535 crore Sargaon- Bilaspur four-lane road and Rs 1698 crore  Bilaspur-Anuppur third rail line. He laid the 'Digital'' foundation stones. Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of Chief Minister Dr.  Raman Singh in rapidly developing the State during the past 15 years. It may be mentioned here that Mr. Modi is the first Prime Minister who had visited Janjgir since Independence.

Mr. Modi speaks in Chhattisgarhi

Prime Minister began his speech in Chhattisgarhi by greeting the massive gathering 'Jai Johar'. He added that he bows his head in front of the citizens as he is inspired to do something novel after visiting the State. Mr. Modi said that in the formation of three states no politics were involved. The formation of Chhattisgarh was done with good intentions. It was a far-sighted decision by Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. The aim was to benefit tribal brother and sisters inhabiting Uttarakhand hills, forests of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, provide basic amenities in hinterland, skills to deprived sections of the society and to develop backward states to make developed India.

People have faith in stable Government

Mr. Narendra Modi said that after the formation of new State the citizens are keen on contributing their mite in the progress. The result is that Chhattisgarh had joined the States of rapidly developing ones. He gave credit to the stability of the Government. The citizens have not committed any mistake in choosing the State Government. The citizens have voted with wisdom and foresight to develop the State. The citizens are aware of the hurdles and obstacles but still elected a stable Government. The result is that Chhattisgarh had aatined the dizzying heights of progress under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh.

''Chawal wale baba is not confined to chawal,

namak, but working for better future''

 Mr. Modi said that Dr. Raman Singh is not limited to çhawal, namak but is keen on brightening the lives of the common masses.  Prime Minister said that Dr. Raman Singh thinks 'Big'. There is development in all the sectors under his stewardship. Referring to Left -Wing Extremism (LWE) Mr. Modi said that earlier Chhattisgarh had been identified with Naxalism and terrorism. There were always news of blood, guns and pistols. It should be appreciated that in spite of such obstacles Dr. Raman Singh had chosen the path of progress. Mr. Modi said that the Union Governmaent always finances the policies of Chhattisgarh as Dr. Raman Singh spends every rupee on the welfare of the poor . The dreams are very 'Big''.

'Seeds to bazar' farmers are helped

Mr. Modi while throwing light on the policies and programmes of Union Government for the welfare of farmers said that they need assistance from seeds to  markets. High-quality seeds, better market conditions are being provided to the farmers. The soil is being tested.  Around 13 lakh Soil Health Cards had been distributed in the State. There is an increase in agricultural production. There is a record increase in foodgrains production since Independence. Janjgir-Champa is blessed with irrigation facilities but several parts of the country are solely dependent on rainfall. About Rs 13 crore had been distributed to farmers in Chhattisgarh under the Prime Minister Crops'Insurance Scheme. The nation will celebrate 75 years of Independece in the year 2022. The Government will realize the dreams of freedom fighters who had laid down their lives for the country. The authorities had been working to double the income of farmers. The farmers should be encouraged to take to pisciculture, animal husbandry,  honey production,  milk production. The processing of tomatoes and chillies will help in the increase of farmers' incomes.

No discrimination in development

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said that there is no limit for development. The villagers now demand double-lane roads, L.E.D. bulbs and many other amenities. There are lot of changes in the villages and in the lives of people. There will not any discrimination in development. The citizens have a right to live in the 21st century. The houses will be electrified and the residents will not live in darkness anymore. The poor are being provided with domestic cooking gas connections under the ''Ujjwala'' scheme.

Chhattisgarh is closer to economic freedom

under Modi's leadership : Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh while welcoming the Prime Minister to the land of Maharaja Jajwalya Dev said that Mr. Modi is working tirelessly for the development of the nation. He never took leave even for a single day during his past four-and-half-years of stewardship. Chhattisagrh is realizing the dream of economic freedom. He increased the States'share in resources from 32 per cent to 42 per cent. Around 32 lakh sisters had been allocated free domestic cooking gas connections under the Prime Minister ''Ujjwala'' scheme. The citzens will be allocated ''pucca' houses by the year 2022. There will be electricity in all the hamlets. Prime Minister had given a ''Big target''.

Chhattisgarh will be declared Ópen Defecation-Free soon as all the houses have toilets. Prime Minister's 'Swachhta Mission'' is now a mass movement in Chhattisgarh. Dr. Raman Singh called Mr. Modi as 'Messiah of the poor''. He had raised Minimum Support Price (MSP) for the farmers and the ultimated target is to double the incomes of farmers. He increased the Support Price of paddy by Rs 200. Dr. Raman Singh  said that this is the first time in the history of India that such a huge hike had taken place. The farmers are optimistic about future. ''Janjgir Sammelan'' had been organized by the farmers to express their gratitude. Chhattisgarh is gaining a lot by the policies and programmess of the Union government. The State had been allocated Rs 35 thousand 267 crore for the laying of roads during the past four years. Rail and telecom connectivity are being expanded at a brisk pace. Dr. Raman Singh said that eight thousand panchayats are being linked with Internet Connectivity with an investment of Rs Eight thosuand crores.

MP Mrs. Kamaladevi Patle welcomed the gathering. Mr. Modi sanctioned Kendriya Vidyalaya to Janjgir. She said that there is 80 per cent irrigation coverage in the district. It tops the list of foodgrains production. Janjgir is the ''Power Hub'' of the State.

Union Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari,  Union Minister of State for Steel Mr. Vishnudev Sahay,  Assembly Speaker Mr. Gowrishankar Agrawal, Home Minister Mr. Ramsevak Paikra,  Panchayat Minister Mr. Ajay Chandrakar, Urban Administration Minister Mr. Amar Agrawal,  Water Resources Minister Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal,  Scholl Education Minister Mr. Kedar Kashyap,  Higher Education Minister  Mr. Premprakash Pande,  Food Minister Mr. Punnulal Mohale,  Public Works Minister Mr.Rajesh Munat,  Women and Child Development Minister Mrs. Ramsheela Sahu, Tourism Minister Mr. Dayaldas Baghel, Forest Minister Mr. Mahesh Gaagda, Labour Minister Mr. Bhaiyyala Rajwade, former Assembly Speaker Mr. Dharamlal Kaushik, MPs , MLAs prominent personalities were prese.nt 

Prime Minister Mr. modi distributed material and certificates to beneficiaries

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today distributed certificates of electricity connections to the beneficiaries of Sarva electricity-every house plan (good luck) in the huge farmer conference organized under Atal Vikas Yatra in district headquarter of Janjgir in Chhattisgarh. He distributed the keys of tractor to the farmers in the scheme of Solar Irrigation Pump in the Solar Solar Scheme, leasing the population to the beneficiaries, and leasing the population to the beneficiaries in the Prime Minister's Ujjwala scheme and grant scheme of the Agriculture Department.

Prime Minister meets unique gift in Kosa nagari {champa}

In a huge farmer's conference organized by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as the Kosa nagar of Chhattisgarh, the district headquarter, Janjgir, under the Atal Vikas Yatra, a young couple presented a jacket and shawl made of fiber made from banana. The Prime Minister thanked him for this offering. He mentioned this in his speech and said that the construction of jacket from banana stem fibers proves that our farmers' brothers can also make many useful things from such useless items.


District sweep committee meeting on 24th September

Mahasamund, a meeting of the 22nd September 2018 / District sweep committee, has been held under the chairmanship of the District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer and District sweep Committee. This meeting is organized at the Zilla Panchayat Resource Center on 24th September, 2018 noon from 12 noon. In the said meeting, issues related to the action taken in accordance with the action plan and conduct of sweep activities in the coming months will be discussed. All ex-officio officials and members have been asked to appear at the scheduled time.

Municipal date of election program Bagbahra released

Mahasamund, September 22, 2018 / Chhattisgarh State Election Commission has decided to schedule a time election for the election in relation to the recall of the post of Chairman of the Municipality Council, Bagbahra. According to information received from Secretary of State Election Commission, publication of the list of voting on September 24, 2018, publication of list of polling stations and allotment of symbols, voting will be held on October 14, 2018 at 8 am and counting of results and results. On October 17, 2018, it will be held at 9 a.m.


VV Pat and EVM machine demonstration training

Mahasamund, September 22, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, was instructed today by SaraiPali Master Trainers to provide officers and employees with VV pat and EVM machine dames.

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