CM will give development work of Rs 155 crores to cremated people

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh is on a tour of his home district Kawardha on Wednesday. During this, Chief Minister Raman Singh will be involved in the Atal Vikas Yatra program organized in Vannanchal village, Kui-Kukdur of Pandaria Block in the district.

Here, giving information about the program of Chief Minister Raman Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Motiram Chandravanshi said that the CM will address the General Assembly in the government primary school premises. During this period, the Chief Minister will give relief to the residents of about 155 crore rupees for development works. In addition, Chief Minister Tendupta distributed a bonus of Rs. 16 crores to collectors.

He said that under the prescribed schedule, the Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh, will depart from Jangajirpur Champa at 12.30 pm and reach Kui-Kukdur at 1.10 pm, where he will attend the General Assembly 2.10 noon. After this, time has been reserved from 2.10 to 3.10, after which the CM will depart for the restoration of the Bemetara district.

Parliamentary Secretary Motiram Chandravanshi said that in this general meeting of Raman Singh, thousands of BJP workers will be present. All the preparations have been completed under CM's program.

Chief Minister approves sanctioned amount for six beneficiaries

On the recommendations of Mahasamund, 25 September 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, the sanctioned amount has been sanctioned to six needy persons in the district. Among them, Shri Tileshwar Patel of Gram Keduvana of Saryapali Vikas Vikas and Mr. Jagannath Yadav, Smt. Kanchan Meher of village Kasdol, Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur of Ward No. 2 Sarai Pali and Mr. Parashuram Yadav of village Kandurar has been sanctioned four-four thousand rupees. Apart from this, financial assistance of Rs. 50 thousand has been sanctioned to Mr. Regender Kaur Saluja of Ward No. 1. The related beneficiaries will be paid the amount directly through their bank accounts through RTGS. To get the sanctioned amount, they will have to submit the Voter Photo Identity Letter, Bank Pass Book, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, two self-photographs and other documents, and the registration certificate of the institution in the concerned Tahsil office of the concerned area to the Tehsildar. 

Training given to officer-employee related to election

Keeping in mind the Mahanmund, September 25, 2018 / upcoming Legislative Assembly Election 2018, on the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, today the Expenditure Accounts team, Audience Team, Static Surveillance Team, Video Observation Team, Video Surveillance Team , MCMC, Model Code of Conduct, Assistant Expenditure Observer, Expenditure Control Cell, Control Room Duty Officer-employees Training was done. This training was trained by Master Trainers Mr. Himanshu Bhai through the Power Presentation. Apart from introductory information on this occasion, detailed training was done about the print media committee, electronic media committee and FM, expenditure audit committee for the action of Model Code of Conduct, MCMC Media Certification and Monitoring Committee related to election. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Mohammad Sharif Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, District Treasury Officer Mr. K.K. Official officials including Dubey were present.

Children will be admitted in Anganwadis and schools in October.Measles-rubella (MR) vaccine

Mahasamund 25 September 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta today after meeting the time-limit meeting of the District Office, the Health Officers, especially under the Meijles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign, from October 6 to December 19, 2018, Directed to ensure 100% vaccination of children up to 15 years (class 10th). In the meeting, the Collector asked the District Education Officer to take a meeting of the Principal of all private and government schools, ashrams, madrassas and give information about the Mejals-Rubbla. Apart from this, all the developmental education officers and co-ordinators coordinate with the teachers, the guardian committee and coordination of the health department in all schools, and instruct the parents about the Mejals-Rubella (MR) immunization campaign. He brought awareness among the citizens through the coordination of the officers and staff of the Women and Child Development Department and related departments and instructed them to spread widely, so that no child is deprived of Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination. Do not stay. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. SB Mangrulkar, District Education Officer Mr. BL Kurray and officials of the concerned department were present. Chief Medical and Health Department officials said that in this campaign, the target of Mahasamund district is to include 3 lakh 13 thousand 743 children. Of these, about 75 percent of the school going children belong to the age group.

The citizens gave information about their problems in the Collector'sCollector ordered to take necessary actionToday 135 applications Jndrshn

In the Mahasamund, 25th September 2018 / Collector Mahadarshan, the citizens, representatives from the far-flung areas of the district have now informed the collector of Mr. Himashikhar Gupta about their demands and problems. Collector Shri Gupta, after hearing his demands and problems seriously, asked the concerned officers to be resolved within the time limit.

Today 135 applications have been received in the program. In this, the villagers of village Gadaghat and Behradideh of Bagbahara Vikashkhand requested to make a separate village panchayat, they said that there are two dependent deficiencies under the Address Cardinal. Similarly, Mr. Nitharam Kamar of Gram Parasapani has submitted an application to get a house under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. Residents of Ward no.5 of Village Chhalpavan requested the removal of illegal encroachment. On this, the Collector directed the concerned Tehsildar to take necessary action and take necessary action.

Similarly, Divyang Shree Khamman Lal Sahu of village Sivanikala requested to make a bus near to get loan and coming under the disabled self employment scheme, Mr. Balram Kumar, Divyang, of village Boirdih, to give pension and battery running tricycle. On this, the collector asked the concerned department officials to take action according to the rules. Residents of village Harnadadar gave a financial assistance to Shri Kashiram Kamar of Gram MAMABHACHA in village Shankarapara, Mrs. Kanshbai of village Jitki, adding name to BPL list and getting old age pension amount, Mr. Shivnath of Manabaya water from the road The installation of big pipeline for drainage, Mr. Lakshman Patel of Deborragad and Mr. Nirakar of Parevapali To provide the compensation amount under the Sal Insurance Scheme, Shri Bhukaram Sahu of Jijvera submitted an application regarding improving his land. On this occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, DFO Mr. Alok Tiwari, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari and other District Level Officers were present.

Organizing different contests for the purpose of increasing voting percentage. Sworn oath to use your franchise in all the elections 15 voters to be made elected

In order to increase the percentage of voting in the district under the Sweep Action Plan, Mahantamand, 25 September 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta organized a painting, singing competition for the devotees of Shanti Bai Arts, Commerce and Science College, Mahasamund. . In the program, "Welcome to the light of the Divine is our pride", we were made to vote for the badge. The welcome song was done by Divayang Hema Patwa. Chanting of Vande Mataram Bharat Bhakti song, Chhattisgarhi song More chhattisgarh under singing by singing Shri Ramkumar Sahu, Chhattisgarhi song Chaldei Didi, Chalis Bhaiya Vote Daree, on the voter awareness through Divya Shiva Surdas ji by removing the sound of flute from Bhaiya paddy bowl and mouth. Bara Jabbo Sughghar Sarkar Bhabbo voter ke Dharam Nibboo, Divyang Savita Nishad was presented with the country's devotional songs.

 Under the competition, organized by Divyang Hema Patwa in the event organized by E.M.M. After making a picture of the machine, Divyaung Usha Sahu made her participation in the program by making a picture of voters' awareness and writing a picture of people who went to vote by Karuna Chandrakar. Through the activities of the electoral literacy club through Divya people, various aspects of Vocal ladder were told by playing a snake ladder, playing a blindfold, feeding. Divya enjoyed playing the game with interest in sports. Early Divya voters were introduced to junior voters and their video clips were also made. Divisors were asked by Master Trainer Chaman Chandrakar to give detailed information about the VVPet by operating VVPET and confirming his opinion. By Divyangjan, E.M.M. Operating machine VVPAT confirmed its vote. Keeping the dignity of democratic traditions, keeping the complete faith in the democracy by the Deputy Collector, Pooja Bansal, by keeping the dignity of fair and peaceful elections intact, religion, class, caste, community, language or other people present in the presence of all people. Sworn in to use his franchise in all the elections without being impressed by any temptation.

On this occasion 15 voters were made voters' messenger. The program was conducted by sweep secretary and district project officer, Rekhraj Sharma. This occasion, NL Sidar, Assistant Director, Social Welfare Department, Swip College, Nodal Officer, Danti Malti Tiwari, N.S. In charge, Ajay Kumar Raja, Assistant Nodal Officer of Sweep, Mr. Pramod Kannauj, N. S.N. of Shantibai College. In-charge Namrata Dewagan, S.A.Ashibai Golacha K. N. S.S. In-charge Sarita Tiwari, PG along with Dhanesh Yadav College Ambassador of Mahasamund, student of N.S. student was present.

District level mass mobilization camp today in Balouda

Today, on 26th September, 2018 day, District level mass mobilization camp will be organized in MahaSamund, September 25, 2018 / Village of Balodha in Sarayali Development Area. This camp will be held in the Government Higher Secondary School from 10:30 a.m. in the morning. Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has instructed the district and development block level officials to attend the scheduled time and instruct the common citizens to solve the problems and problems.

Special focus on the conduct of voter awareness programs - increase voting percentage - collector Collector's meeting of the deadline

Mahasamund, September 25, 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta reviewed the activities, plans and programs of different departments and took necessary directions to the officials taking a time-limit meeting in the meeting room of the District Office here. Collector Mr. Himashikhar Gupta reviewed the preparations made so far in connection with the forthcoming assembly election 2018. He said that VV Pat is being exhibited in the polling stations in the district. Exhibition work has been completed in most places. He said that if there is a need to display VV pat and EVM machine in some public places, then it should be displayed there. He also said that in the polling booths which had reduced percentage of voting during the last election, pay special attention to the conduct of voter awareness programs and to make the voters aware of various activities to increase voting percentage in those places. Apart from this, we have also demonstrated VV pat and EVM machines at such places.

In the time-limit meeting, the collector said that the Model Code of Conduct has been implemented in the municipal council Bagbahara, officials should ensure their compliance. He said that keeping in view the forthcoming assembly elections 2018, the Chief Executive Officer of all the district panchayats and disciplinary officials will now mark the hoardings etc. And, when the Model Code of Conduct is in force, it will ensure the immediate removal action. He said that keeping in view the election, ensuring the arrangement of telephone in the control set up in tehsil and the duty of employees who attend it. He said that on the upcoming 30th September, Atal Vikas Yatra has been proposed in Basana of the district, in view of this, ensure the preparation prepared according to the responsibilities handed over to the officials.

In the time-frame meeting, the collector reviewed the development and construction activities run by various departments. He said that to start the approved works of the past, complete the starting works fast, complete the starting works faster. In the meeting, he reviewed the Chief Minister's new pension and said that it should take action according to the applications received under it. He directed the immediate removal of the applications received from various commissions, the Chief Minister's Principal and the Collector Mahadarshan. He said that in the forthcoming Kharif year, farmers have been registering for procurement of paddy at the support price, providing Patwari's verified list. In the meeting, District Panchayat CEO Mr. Riturraj Raghuvanshi, Forest Officer Mr. Alok Tiwari, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Tiwari, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue and various departments district level officers were present.


Atal Vikas Yojana 2018: To reach the benefit of the people of the last line of society, our goal: Dr. Raman Singh

Belar tehsil gets full tehsil status
Police outpost in Bellary open
Bilaspur district ahead of implementation of Ujjwala scheme

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has said that it is our goal to take advantage of the schemes of state government to the person of the last line of society. Dr. Singh was addressing the General Assembly organized under Atal Vikas Yatra in Belatar in Bilaspur district. He said that if the policy and policy are clear then bigger targets can be achieved. He said that Bilaspur district is at the forefront in the distribution of LPG connection in the Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojna. More than one lakh 80 thousand women have got gas connections, which is the highest in the state. On this occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh announced the acceptance of the complete Tehsil status of the Belarara sub-district and acceptance of police post in Belatar.
     In the Atal Vikas Yatra organized at Belatar, the Chief Minister inaugurated 49 works and constructed Bhumi Pujan of 88 crores 49 lakhs. Out of which, work done mainly for Bhumi Pujan include Bilaspur University Building, Auditorium Building in Government Engineering College Bilaspur, Mokka bypass in the Rampala by Sendari Main Road. The inauguration works carried out by the Chief Minister include construction of new Government Polytechnic Building in Bilaspur, Coni Bairkona Marg, Basant Vihar Chowk, Bilaspur from Bahasarai Marg. The Chief Minister distributed irrigation solar pumps to 206 beneficiaries under various government schemes like bright gas connection, smart phone, Ayushman card, phase paduka, tiffin, solar swirl scheme.

    Dr. Raman Singh said that schemes have been made for each section of the society by the state government. Cheap rice, smartphones to the poor, bicycle to workers, pregnant women are getting Mahatari express facility. Plans have been made keeping in mind the village, poor and farmer by the state government. Electricity facility is being given to the farmers on the flat rate. This time, farmers will be paid bonus amount along with support price at the time of purchase of paddy. The best system of procurement of rice in the whole country is of our state only. The introduction of neem-coated urea to the farmers has been initiated by the central government, which has completely eliminated the fake urea market. Dr. Singh said that skill upgradation centers have been opened in all 27 districts from which efforts are being made to make youth available to them by training them for skill upgradation. Ayushman Yojana has been launched by the Central Government to provide better treatment facilities to the poor. In which up to 5 lakh can be treated. In the program Sarpanch Shri Maheshwar Marakam congratulated the Chief Minister wearing a Khumri.

    While addressing the gathering, Shri Lakhan Lal Sahu, MP, said that the state government is fulfilling the opportunity given by the affirmative Atal Bihari Vajpayee to us to move forward. Beladar MLA and Vice President of the Legislative Assembly Shri Badridhar Diwan said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Raman Singh, there has been a lot of development work in Belatar. With the establishment of Mokka Bypass, Ratanpur bypass, citizens have been given the facility of accommodation and save time also. The Sports Training Center at Kanye Central University, Open University, Bahrarii is pushing our youth forward. Urban Administration Minister Shri Amar Agrawal, Former Speaker of the Assembly Shri Dharam Lal Kaushik, President of State Women Commission, Smt. Harshita Pandey, Shri Bhupendra Savni, Bilaspur Mayor Mr. Kishore Rai, District Panchayat President Mr. Deepak Sahu were present in the meeting.

Atal Vikas Yatra 2018: Chief Minister inaugurated 65.62 crore works in Bharatpur

4.67 crores to more than one thousand beneficiaries
Distribution of material-aid amount
33/11 KV in Bahrasi Power station's power station
Communication Revolution plan: More than two thousand beneficiaries have mobile phones
Prime Minister Ujjwala plan: about 17 thousand
LPG connection to women


Chief Minister Dr.Ramn Singh inaugurated 66 development works worth 66 crores 62 lacs in Bharatpur district tribal multi divisional headquarters of korea district during the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra. Out of these, he inaugurated 24 works worth 34 crores 32 lacs and lay out 42 buildings and potholes for the cost of 31 crores 29 lacs. Dr. Singh distributed material and assistance amount of Rs.46.77 million to the 1,000 beneficiaries in various beneficiary schemes in the program. Labor, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Shri Bhaiya Lal Rajwada, Parliamentary Secretary Smt. Champa Devi Padale and MLA Shri Shyam Bihari Jaiswal were present on this occasion.

Among the works which the Chief Minister inaugurated in the General Assembly, the road from Kotadol to Murkil built at a cost of Rs.84.5 million, upgradation of Barwahi road from Madisarai at a cost of Rs. 7 crore 95 lakhs, created from a sum of Rs. 4 crore 13 lakhs. Road to Mukkil to Tiscoi, road from Singrauli to Domhara built with a nationality of 10 million 09 lakhs and road from Bharatpur to Semaria, built with a state of one crore 02 lakhs. Are involving.
Among the works undertaken by Dr. Singh, about 12 crore 26 lakh rupees were made from Jamthan, Kunwarpur road, a high level bridge constructed on the Hasdev river from Sonhat to Kailashpur road at a cost of Rs. 3 crore 16 lakhs. , A high level bridge on Ghunati Nallah in Ghatra, Haritola road, built from a nation of Rs.33.11 million, from the amount of Rs.22.24 million on the river Rampa 33/11 KV to be set up in the village Bahrasi with a bridge constructed on the way to Chule and Rs. 1 crore 56 lakh. The electric sub-center is also included.

Chief Minister Dr. Singh distributed Rs. 8 crore 41 lakh paddy bonus to 5 thousand 57 farmers, population of 510 villagers and 16 thousand under the scheme of Prime Minister Ujjwala under the Communication Revolution Scheme in Bharatpur. Distribution of gas to 762 beneficiaries, distribution of cycle, sewing machine and tool kit to 300 beneficiaries under various schemes of the Labor Department.

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