District Level Joint Consultative Committee meeting on 29th September

Bemetra September 22, 2018: - The meeting of the District Level Joint Consultative Committee to be held in the direction of meeting of Joint District Office Building was organized on Tuesday 25th September. As per the instructions of the Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, partial amendment was made in the said meeting on Saturday 29th September at 11 a.m. The compliance report of the decision taken in the meeting and the decision taken in the meeting held in the meeting has been mandated to be submitted to the office compulsorily by September 24 and to be present in the scheduled date and time.

Assembly election 2018 Zonal officer appointed for Bemetara assembly constituency

Bemetra September 22, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in the three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections 2018. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kavre appointed 21 officers under the Bemetara Assembly constituency as Zonal officers. Among them, Assistant Engineer, Pradhan Mantri G.C.O. a R. Dhruv to Jodhpuri, Project Officer Duda Bemetra Mohinder Sahu, Bemetara, District Education Officer Bemetra A.K. Bhargava to Kobia, Assistant Registrar Co-operative Societies S.K. Tigga to Matka, Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Kamod Thakur to Bawmohatra, District Planning and Statistical Officer Rajkumar Ogre Nino, Vikas Vikas Education Officer Arun Khare, Hardia, Mandi Secretary, Agriculture Produce Market, Bemetara, Tulsiram Sinha, Sarda, Assistant Assistant Professor (Project) ) Ajay Kumar Thakur, Shepherd, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr. DK, Shukla, Dewarbija, in-charge, deputy director, Agriculture Shashank Shinde, Paripora, developmental education officer, Barla Nirbhaylal Ravte, CMO Berla, D. L. Banerjee, Ledgeara, Sub-Divisional Officer, Water Resources, C.S. Shivhare to Barla, CEO Bemetara Deepak Thakur, Kusima, six Engineer PHE (Project) Bemetra Shyamdas Satyavanshi, Bargaon, District Women and Child Development Officer, Rajendra Kashyap, Anandgaon, District Women and Child Development Officer, Manoj Sinha, Bhimbouri, Assistant Director, District Education, SK. Kathlee Hasda, CEO of District Birla, Mrs. Anita Jain has been appointed as Gordali Zonal Officer of Goddari and Energy Department, Krida Abhishek Shukla. Apart from this, two officials have been kept in the reserve, in which Superintendent ITI Bemmattara Hari Singh Rana and six Professor shah. big. Saaza IP Dinkar is included.

It has been stated in the order issued by the collector that the concerned zonal officers should observe the route according to the route chart of their zone area, inform the concerned department if inspection and verifying the door, window, furniture repair and access road damaged by the polling station building. So that the necessary improvements can be made. To be present in the election training itself and also to train members of the polling party. In the polling station building, the assembly election 2018, the number of polling station, the name of the polling station, should be written at the intimate scene. Identifying the sensitive village from the point of view of formation of the Village and Ward wise Awareness Group, give information in the enclosed form. Incorporate 05 to 10 non-political persons in the group, which will organize group discussion, rally etc. in the village and give information about crimes under Section 171B. In the form the police station will sign the charge.

Atal Vikas Yatra 2018 Collector collects a meeting of public meetings

Bemetra September 22, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware visited the district headquarter headquarters Saza on Monday and discussed the preparations for the Chief Minister's proposed development trip on September 26. During this, he gave necessary directions regarding platform arrangements, bericates, meeting, drinking water arrangements etc. District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Saja Umashankar Sahu, along with other officials were present.

Action of District Judge over one person

Bemetra 20 September 2018 - Collector and District Magistrate Shri M.D. Kaveri has issued an order today to the district collector's proceedings. This is the first proceeding of District Badar process after 6 years of district formation. According to the order issued by the collector's court, Suresh Kumar Nishad, the father himself. Budhuram Nishad Age 43 years, Sakin - Village Jamghat, Tehsil Berla, District Bemetara are included. The collector has said in the order issued that under the Section 5 (a), (b) of the Chhattisgarh State Security Act 1990, he passed the order from the borders of Bemetara district, boundaries of District Durg, Kabirdham, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Mungeli, Balodabazar and District Bemetra It should be removed within 24 hours of going or out. Anadhaarak order will not enter any condition in Bemetara district for 6 months of being Tamil. The District Magistrate has directed the concerned police station to co-ordinate this.

Collector's review meeting regarding preparatory preparations for the purchase of paddy

Paddy procurement at support price 2018
Collector's review meeting regarding preparatory preparations for the purchase of paddy
Registered farmers do not need registration for last year for paddy acquisition

Bemetra September 22, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware today convened a joint meeting of officials of Food, Cooperative, Markfed, Civil Supplies Corporation in connection with the procurement price on the support price of the State Government under Kharif Marketing Year 2018 in the collectorate meeting room. Paddy and maize will be procured from 01 November 2018 to 31 January 2019 in Kharif marketing year 2018 by the state government. Paddy procurement will be done on the support price from farmers, through 86 procurement centers of 54 cooperative societies of the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware has instructed the Agriculture, Cooperative, Revenue and District Marketing Officers to ensure that the farmers do not have any problem in the paddy procurement. Registration work in the district is in progress. In order to sell paddy, registered farmers in the previous year need not be re-registered this year, this year the registration of maize will also be registered. Maximum 15 acres per acre will be purchased at paddy support price. New and old grinders will be used for purchase work. The district has 49 Millers through which custom milling is done. During the purchase, the Collector instructed to arrange tarpoling to avoid the rain. Together they asked to strengthen the Denise System, which did not spoil the paddy. The nodal officer of the CCB told that adequate storage of manure has been done in the district, more demand from the farmers is not coming.

The purchase of maize will be done only in some of the identified committees of the district. In the last year 91 thousand 732 farmers had registered 135612.23 hectares of paddy land. Out of which, 598805 farmers of 2698754.60 quintal paddy were purchased from 96825.29 hectares of paddy. Kharif Marketing In the year 2018, registered farmers of previous years do not need to re-register this year. But the farmers who have not been registered for paddy or maize can apply in the prescribed form by applying the application, bank pass book, Aadhar card, loan book, B1, P2 and the concerned Tehsildar. Work of registration of new farmers is going on till 31 October 2018 The amendment to the amount of land in the total area of ​​registered farmers of the previous year will be done by the committees after verification of Patwari. All co-operative societies have been given the list of registered farmers for the revised list of the patwars. The work of verification of the list is being done by the Patwariis.

Government has paid Rs. 1750.00 for paddy (Kaman) this year. For the quantum of paddy (grade A), Rs 1770 per quintal and Rs 1700 for maize has been fixed per quintal. According to the announcement of the government, a sum of Rs 300 / - per quintal bonus will also be provided. The farmers who have not registered for paddy and maize can obtain applications from their co-operative committee and apply them in the Tehsil office. Additional Collector in the meeting K.S. Mandavi, S.K. R. Women, food officer Bhupendra Mishra, Nodal officer of the District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Kashyap, District Marketing Officer Mr. Lahhore, District Manager of Civil Supplies Corporation, Mrs. Jyoti Soni were present.

16 branches in District of District Co-operative Bank - 16 branches of District Co-operative Central Bank are operated in Bemetara district, through which the amount of paddy acquisition for farmers is transferred to their bank accounts. These branches include Bemetara, Javra, Balasamund, Beard, Saza, Devakar, Berla, Deobar Bija, Parapody, Navagad, Nandighat, Sambalpur, Maro, Telka, Thankhmaharia and Bhimbauri.

More than 2.61 lakh children will get vaccine under the Mizals-Rubella vaccination campaign Collector gave information to media representatives

Bemetra September 22, 2018: - Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware gave information in detail in this regard regarding the National Program of Mijals-Rubella Vaccination Campaign today with the representatives of the media in the collectorate meeting room. The collector informed that under the campaign, vaccination of children from 09 months to 15 years will be done. Vaccination of Measles-Rubella (MR) by vaccination sessions in government and private schools, Anganwadi etc. will be made by the Health Department team. He said that for the vaccination beginning on October 6, 2 lakh 61 thousand 782 children of the said age group have been marked. This campaign will run till December 19, 2018. For this, 1421 schools / Anganwadi institution is included.

Among them, there were 71569 child centers of Vikaskhand Bemetra, 396 centers of vaccination, 58309 children vaccination center 278 of Berla, 61640 children vaccination center 390, Navagad 70264 child vaccination center 357. The District Magistrate informed that for this, 743 primary schools of the district, 396 middle schools, 76 high schools, 149 private schools and 1055 children of Anganwadi centers will be criticized. For this, 1074 facilities will also be taken. CMHO said that it will take vaccine in other government working days except on Tuesday and Friday. The collector has appealed to spread public awareness for immunization in the campaign involving all the civil society organizations, public representatives and the general public including the media. In the press conference, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. Sharma, District Program Manager Smt. Anupama Tiwari, District Public Relations Officer were also present.

The collector told that the vaccine will not be vaccinated to children. This needle will be used only once in the vaccination of auto disct syringes. Mr. Kaware informed that after immunization, the sign of the child will be marked with indelible ink in the left thumb. The collector said that the way people have participated in the Pulse Polio campaign, in the same way appealing to the parents said that to protect the disease, make sure that their children get vaccinated. CMHO Dr. Sharma said that after immunization, the child should be kept in special monitoring for half an hour. Some children may have problems of dizziness and vomiting. He said that this vaccine will not have any type of side effect. He told that if a child has an MMR If the vaccine has already been installed, it can also be vaccinated. Dr. Sharma said that this vaccine is manufactured in India and it is being sent from India to other countries only. Media representatives will play an important role in removing rumors about vaccination.

PM Modi praises Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, Attack on opposition

Janjgir: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited Janjgir in Chhattisgarh, felicitated Dr. Raman Singh, the head of state from the forum. PM said in the praise of Chief Minister Raman Singh that Raman Singh's thinking was a big one and if he was the second leader, he would have been involved in just getting votes with the votes, but the government's thinking is not such, he thinks how Chhattisgarh's development is, How better is the life expectancy of the people of Chhattisgarh? PM Modi started speech with Jai Juhar. Addressing a conference of farmers organized under the Achal Vikas Yatra of Chhattisgarh government, PM Modi said that Atalji had built three states on the basis of his vision. He said that due to his vision of development, today Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand are on the path of development.

PM Modi said in praise of Raman Singh, "Your Chauravale Baba, if someone else would have kept rice, kept on sharing with the voters, distributing salt, spreading sandal, but the thinking of the Chief Minister is of development, no development There is no limit, new highs should be intentions. Whatever work is done under the leadership of Chief Minister Raman Singh, now the Indian government takes part in it, because it is known that its pie Using e will develop Chhattisgarh "
PM Modi also attacked the opposition with praise of Raman Singh, he said that one rupee of first development in the country would save 15 paise while reaching the people. Now the entire money is being developed in the country. PM Modi said that only during the previous governments only certain people got the house. Does not the poor have the right to dream of home? He said that corruption has badly destroyed the government system. He said that our promise is that all should be developed. The PM said that the people of Chhattisgarh are so sensible that they never made a mistake in making the right decision.
The PM laid the foundation stone of Bilaspur-Patharpali Four Lane road of 1,607 crores in Janjgir and Bilaspur-Anuppur third railway line project of Rs. 1,697 crores 79 lacs. Bilaspur-Pathapalli road project will be constructed by the National Highway Authority of India under Central Road Transport and Highways Ministry. The construction of the third line of Bilaspur-Anuppur section of South Eastern Central Railway will make rail traffic from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh to Anuppur district headquarters, Anuppur. Its construction will cost a thousand 696 crores 79 lakhs. The length of this new railroad will be 152 km, of which 119.55 km will be in Chhattisgarh and about 32.45 km in Madhya Pradesh.


Ayushman Bhartiya Jan Arogya launched in district

Balrajpur, September 22, 2018 / Ayushman Bharat Jan Swasthya Yojana will be inaugurated today on 23rd September at 12.00 pm in the District Hospital Balrampur, labor, sports and youth welfare, public grievances redressal and in-charge of the district Shri Bhayyalal Rajwade and Ramanujganj MLA Mr. Brihaspat Singh. . On this occasion the elected representatives of the district, dignitaries and district level officials will be present.

Distribution of smart phones to students from Sep 26

Balrampur September 22, 2018- 584 smart phones will be distributed on 26th and 27th September at Government College, Balrampur under Communication Revolution Scheme (SKY).
Ambitious scheme of Chhattisgarh Government, under the Communication Revolution, a total of 584 smart phones will be distributed to the students of government college Balrampur. 470 in government college Balrampur, government ITI 47 students of Balrampur and 67 students of Ashrafi Goddess Nursing Institute Balrampur. Government ITI On September 26, students of the Government College Balrampur and Asrifi Goddess Nursing Institute Balrampur will be distributing smart phones on September 27. Principal of Government College Prof. N. K. Devangan said that Barcode Sleep will be distributed to the beneficiaries of the smartphone in their respective organizations on September 25. To obtain Barcode Sleep, photocopy of Aadhar card and 2 passport size photographs and identity card issued by the organization will be brought together.

Collector inspected training center

Collector inspected training center

Balrampur, September 22, 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak gave necessary directions to the teachers who received training by inspecting voter awareness training in the new lavalihud college building.
During the inspection, district election officer and collector Shri Hiralal Nayak said that a total of 662 polling stations have been set up in the district. To make voters aware about voting, EVMs in all polling stations. And VV Information about the operation of pat machine is being given. He told the teachers getting training that whatever information is being given in the training, give it to the voters and the EVMs. And VV Tell the confidence of the pat machine. He told the teachers to make voters aware about voting and increase the percentage of voting. It is known that the polling personnel of the Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018, all the teachers engaged in all the teachers' work, will be posted from Tehsilwar from September 17 to September 30, 2018. And VV Training is being done by Master Trainers in connection with Pat's operation and voting process.


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