Chief Minister declares 7-day State morning as a mark of respect to Governor Tandon

Cultural programmes, awards' ceremony cancelled    

 Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today expressed his profound condolences on the demise of Governor Mr. Balramji Das Tandon in the capital today and declared seven-day State mourning. As soon as the news of demise filtered, Chief Minister rushed to the Ambedkar Hospital  and paid his tributes. On the instructions of Chief Minister, the General Administration Department (GAD) issued a circular at Mantralaya (Mahanadi Bhawan) to this effect. The order had been issued to all departments, Divisional Commissioners and District Collectors. The State mourning will be held from August 14-20th. The National Flag will be hoisted at 'Half-Mast' on all the State Government offices buildings and where the National Flag is hoisted. No entertainment and cultural programmes will be conducted at the Government-level. The Independence Day (August 15) will be conducted as per traditional norms. The National Flag will 'NOT' be flown half-mast on August 15th as it is a National Festival.  Passing out Parade will be carried out as usual. Chief Minister will address the gathering as per norms but there will not be any cultural programmes and awards' distribution and felicitation ceremonies even in the evenings.


The Chief Minister expressed deep sorrow over the demise of Governor Mr. Balramji Das Tandon

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has expressed deep sorrow over the demise of the Governor of the state Mr. Balramji Das Tandon. In a condolence message issued here today, he said that late Mr. Tandon served as the Governor of Chhattisgarh for the last nearly four years, giving valuable services to the state. As governor, he was very aware of the development of Chhattisgarh.
The Chief Minister said - In the last four years, I have always been guided by the interests of the state and the subjects related to the betterment of the people of the region. Dr. Singh said - I feel like we all lost the guardian of our state forever.
He took charge of the post of Chhattisgarh Governor on July 25, 2014. He was like a father for me. The Chief Minister said - His death also has personal damages for me. He was very intuitive, simple and incompetent. Such people get rarely in politics.
    Dr. Raman Singh said - Late Mr. Tandan has spent many important responsibilities for the service of the people in different roles in different areas of public life for nearly 65 years during his 91 year life span.
In the Emergency from 1975 to 1977, he had to stay in jail. He was a councilor of Amritsar Municipal Corporation from 1953 to 1967. What is a big example of his popularity that he was elected a member of the Punjab Assembly six times? As a legislator, he represented Amritsar in the year 1957, 1962, 1967, 1969 and 1977, and in the year 1997 in Rajpura region. Not only this, but as the Cabinet Minister of the Punjab Government, he introduced his efficient administrative ability in industry, health, local government, labor and employment departments.
The Chief Minister has expressed his deep sympathy and sympathy towards the bereaved family of late Tandon and prayed to God for the peace of the departed soul. [www.thenewsindia]

Chhattisgarh Governor Balram Das Tandon dies at the age of 90, breathed his last in Ambedkar Hospital, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh mourned

Big change in the lives of the poor in fifteen years: Dr. Raman Singh

Smart Chhattisgarh educated Chhattisgarh workshop :
 Chief minister

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that in the last 15 years in Chhattisgarh, there has been a big change in the lives of the poor. Schemes are being run in the state for the betterment and progress of all sections. We have worked with the help of the people to create Chhattisgarh for the development of a developed state. Dr. Singh, a private TV on the topic of Smart Chhattisgarh-educated Chhattisgarh in Raipur today evening. Addressing the program organized by the channel
On this occasion, he honored successful entrepreneurs in different sectors including education industry.
Work on increasing the road, rail, air connectivity. He said that we make plans and implement them for the needs of the people. If you compare the situation from 2003 to today, then all areas have changed. IIT I.I.M. in the field of education National level institutions like AIIMS National Law University have been established. Chhattisgarh has emerged as an education hub in the country.
The event is organized by private television channel 'G TV Chhattisgarh-Madhya Pradesh. On this occasion, the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources Shri Brij Mohan Agarwal was also present.
    The Chief Minister said that for the change in the lives of poor people, schemes are being run for one kilometer for food, housing, drinking water, LPG connection, drinking water skill upgradation and health facilities. Cities are developing better infrastructure. This has led to a big change in the standard of living of the rural population.
He said that in relation to the involvement of Raipur in the first ten cities in the country of Issue of Living Index, he said that better connectivity and education are seeing future in Raipur city due to health facilities. In the coming time, it will be included in the top five cities of the country. The Chief Minister said that the Communication Revolution Scheme has been started for telecom connectivity in remote areas of the state.
In this plan 50 lakh smart phones are being distributed. In this, free smart phones are being distributed to 40 lakh women and 5 lakh students. The Chief Minister said that full transparency has been taken in the Communication Revolution Plan. Smart phones have been purchased at the cheapest rate in the country. He said that 16 hundred towers are also being installed for communication connectivity in remote areas in the scheme.
The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has increased the amount of rupees two hundred rupees in the support price of the paddy to the farmers. The support price of paddy has increased from 1550 to 1750. In this, the State Government will be getting a bonus of Rs.30 / - with the bonus of Rs.2050 per quintal from the farmers at the support price at the support price. He told that the poor families will not have problems in treating serious diseases.


Chief Minister inaugurated Public Bicycling Sharing in New Raipur

Chief Minister Shri Raman Singh today inaugurated Environmental Beneficiaries, beneficial and financially beneficial public by-cycle sharing in New Raipur. He started the service by distribute public by bicycle sharing cards to the school children present on the occasion. The Chief Minister said on this occasion that this service will prove to be beneficial for children as well as economically and healthily for the elderly.
This service started by the new Raipur Development Authority in New Raipur will enable bicycles to be available to the citizens at minimum rates. Mr. Rajesh Murat, Minister of Housing and Environment, Shri Aman Singh, Chairman of New Raipur Development Authority and Mr. Rajat Kumar, CEO of Raipur Development Authority and other officials were present in the program held in Sector 19, New Raipur.
About 100 bicycles have been started in New Raipur and 10 stations have been constructed from where the bicycles can be taken or left. Around 55 km bicycle track has been built in new Raipur. Continued monitoring of these bicycles controlled in the control room with GPS technology. Bicycles can be rented by app, smart card, log-in-pin or mobile phone payment.
Id need to be provided for this. The company will verify it at its own level. Scan the number of bicycles from Registered Customer App and you can open the lock. Due to low rental, this service will also encourage cycling in the city. Bicycle Trek has been constructed separately in the entire city. The state-of-the-art BRT bus service and public bike sharing in New Raipur have been started to keep the environment clean.


All encounters seem to be fake to Congress: CM Raman Singh

On August 6, at Sukma in Chhattisgarh, the security forces have claimed to take the biggest action of this year on Naxal violence. The Congress has questioned the action of the security forces personnel. The tribal leader of the Congress and former minister A Ravind Netam has alleged that the security forces of Sukma in a fake encounter encounter a fake encounter. In this encounter, innocent tribals were targeted.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has reversed this charge of Congress. After returning from Delhi on Thursday, Raman Singh said in a discussion with the media in Raipur that every encounter seems to be fake to the Congress. The Congress does not believe in any encounter till today. The police is continuously penetrating inside. The campaign is continuing in the big area of ​​Naxalites.

Significantly, under the Operation Monsoon in Sukma, the security forces claimed to have killed 15 Naxalites in the encounter. In this encounter between the Golapalli and Konta police station areas, the security forces also claimed to have recovered arms and other Naxal material with the body of 15 Naxalites. Along with this, two Maoists were also arrested. This action was said to be the biggest achievement of this year against Naxal violence.

Jashpur: Police Strike Again on Tribal Day, Pathholgari, dealing with stress situation

The issue of Pathholgarh in Jashpur in Chhattisgarh, once again seems to catch the balance. On Thursday, on the tribal day of Jashpur, a stone has been rehabilitated. The issue of changing the political vote bank in the district is threatening to re-tension about Pathholgarh. In such a situation, a large number of police forces have been dispatched to Bachharaon for dealing with the situation of tension.

Pathalgadhi has been once again decorated in the village of Bechraon on World Tribal Day, where hundreds of tribal societies are mobilizing. Again, in the same style, the stone-clad supporters will perform a dance ceremony and present their solidarity with the worship of Pathholgari. In such a way, those who oppose the Pathaldhari are also likely to be there. In order to deal with the situation of any tension, the administration has sent a large number of police force to Bachharam.
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Significantly, about two months ago, the politics of Jashpur got a lot of power and strength for the ruling party in the fire of Pathargarh. At the same time, Pathaldhari supporters had to eat the prison air, after which they got bail also on the condition that they would not be involved in such acts. Even then, the work of giving indirect support and direction has been done by the high-level leaders, the result is that Pathhalgadi is ready to be re-prepared, but similar programs at the same venue are raising many questions on administration with tribal leaders including the Chief Minister. 

Congress high court will decide if elections will be fought or not: Charandas Mahant

Senior Congress leader and chairman of Congress Election Campaign Committee, Charandas Mahant has not made any claim from anywhere for the assembly elections. Earlier, news was coming that Charandas Mahant would contest the assembly elections from Shakti. Mahant has surprised people by not taking nomination form till the last date of application of the candidate's claimant till August 7. There is a round of discussions in this about political corridors.

When the media tried to talk to Charandas Mahant in case he laughed, he refused to say anything in the camera. However, Mahant said that his decision depends on the high command's instructions in the time to come. It is necessary to see if a hikamman directs them or if a change is possible on the verdict. Congress national president Rahul Gandhi is coming to Raipur on August 10, after the discussion of Charandas Mahant from Rahul Gandhi, further equations can be evident. However, the silence of Mahant is still considered to be very precious.

Phulbasan Yadav's contribution in women empowerment is very important: Dr. Raman Singh

Work of women's army to create an environment of better development in rural areas

 Mrs. Phulbasan Yadav's contribution in the direction of empowerment of women is historical. Today, thousands of women have stood on their feet in Rajnandgaon. Behind this, the inspiration of Mrs. Phulbasan is a big contribution. Chief Minister Dr. Singh was addressing the program of women's self-help group Mahila Force, organized today at Padmashree Govindram Nirmalkar Auditorium of Rajnandgaon.
He said that the work of women's army in creating an environment of better development in rural areas is excellent. He has done a lot of work from his emotions.
Dr. Singh said that under the Sky Scheme, smart phones in the hands of 40 lakh women in the state have a big job in the direction of empowerment of women. He also honored women doing remarkable work in cluster, village and worker level in women's army and gymkhana plantation campaign. Dr. Singh said that the sisters of self-help group are symbols of empowerment of women.
Continuous efforts are being made for the socio-economic development of women by the government. 50% of women in Panchayat and urban bodies have been ensured, Ration Card of 55 lakh families has been made for women. Smart phones are being distributed under the Sky Scheme. Useful work will be possible in which money transfers, online purchases, weather and farming information, children's education etc. Mr. Abhishek Singh, Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon also spoke about the upliftment of women while addressing the program.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated the newly constructed building of 'Abhiyan' of Divyang residential school in Rajnandgaon ...

Rajnandgaon: Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh addressed the function organized by the women self-help group 'Maa Bamleshwari Janhitik Samiti' at Padmashree Govindram Nirmalkar Auditorium of the district headquarters Rajnandgaon and inaugurated the newly constructed building of 'Divyang' residential school 'competent'. This school has been built by Power Grid Corporation of India under Corporate Social Responsibility. Public Works Minister Shri Rajesh Murat, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh, Mayor of Municipal Corporation Rajnandgaon, Mr. Madhusudan Yadav, Vice President of 22-Point Program Implementation Committee, Mr. Thokchand Parakh and Padmashri Honored Mrs. Phulbasan Yadav, among others, women representatives and a large number of Women's Self Help Groups Was present on this occasion. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of Brahmakumi Residential Training and Rajyog Training Center in Kourinbhata. The Chief Kamala sister of Chhattisgarh branch of Prajapati Bramhakumari Ishvari University, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh and Public Works Minister Shri Rajesh Moonat were present on the occasion.

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