In charge, Assistant Commissioner, Mrs Chandrakar took charge

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - Assistant Commissioner in-charge of Scheduled Caste and Tribal Development Department, Bemetra, Smt. Menaka Chandrakar has taken charge today. Mrs. Chandrakar Commissioner of Primary Tribal office has been transferred from New Raipur.

District level rural sports competition concluded

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - District level sports competition was organized by Department of Sports and Youth Welfare at Diet and College Ground Bemetra on 27th September. The program was launched by Mahadev Kanwaro collector Bemetra lighting the lamp. Participants of four development blocks will demonstrate their sports skills and represent the district in state level competition. At the closing ceremony of the competition, collector, S. Award distribution program was held in the presence of Alok District Panchayat Bemetra, Municipal Corporation President of Vijay Sinha, Vijay Sukhivani Municipality Vice President and in-charge Sports Officer Nageshwar Tiwari. In his commentary, Vijay Sinha said that even today in such a strong sunshine, you are showing your interest in the game. Congratulations on who won today and congratulated those who could not achieve success also congratulated you for preparing for the next game. Success and failure are connected in every sphere of life. In his remarks, Vijay Sukhwani said that whatever you enjoy in sports disciplines, it is important not to lose and win. Alok said in his enlightenment that those who have set their goals will definitely go ahead whether it is any area, you ask the players about their goal of the children and give directions to them, that they are assured in addition to the rest. Used to be given two hours in studies.
Collector Shri Kaver said that success and failure are connected in every sphere of life, so there is no need to be disappointed, but we have to do more work. Seeing people, I remember my childhood, I used to study in the hostel and whatever work was done diligently, whether it was gardening or other but studied for nearly 12 hours and we got success from first class Done You also ask the children about sports related to sports and the size of the field. Now, in the Asian Games, you can not perform as well as the population of India, but with better performance, you expect from people that you too reach that level.
 The result of the competition was as follows: Vikalhanda Kusami I in the Whalibal Boys and Girls category, Saja played in both the groups in football, in the same way, in the Handball, Saja won the first position while dominating. Bametra in the Kabbadi child class while Saja has re-played in the girl category. Development block Barla in Kho-Kho won conformity with his talent in both the classes; In Raskakasi, the children of Sajja showed their jawar and got first place in all the boys, girls and mixes. 100 and 200m in the girls category in individual sports Q Jitendra Birla was first, 400 m, 1500 m In the house Gomti Saza, 800m Radha is also the first of Saja's. Long Jump - Amara Navagadh, Bhala Fake Ku Love, Uchi jug najby saaza, tawa fak meena bemetara In the relay, the maternal and maternal grandfather was first. In the children category, 100 mts and 400 m In Surendra Berla, 200m In Narada Berla, 8001500 m Phaguram Saza, Uchi jumping, Tava Thakek, Ishwar Berla, Gola Fek Ravindra Navagad, Long Jump, Shiva Navagad, Ramashankar Navagad, 4x400m Yashwant and fellow Bemetara betrayed At the end of the program, the in-charge sports officer gifted a vote of thanks to all the guests. The program was conducted by Manoj Bakshi.

Collector's meeting of Li political parties 12 thousand 335 new voters increased in Bemetra district

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - According to the Legislative Assembly election 2018, the Collector and District Election Officer, in the meeting of the political parties of the district, today gave information regarding the second special brief revision of the electoral roll 2018. According to the Election Commission of India, the final voter list for the assembly elections in the district has been published on 27 September 2018. Draft-6 names in the three assembly constituencies of District Bemetra include 18 thousand 888, draft-7 extinction 5750, format-8 amendment 1968, draft-8 (a) shifting 696, thus total claim objections received 27 thousand 337. Which was resolved. The collector said that in the three assembly constituencies of this district total number of voters is 585, 85 thousand, 144, male 2 lakh 96 thousand 376, female 2 lakh 88 thousand 768. In this way, the number of new voters in the district has increased by 12 thousand 335. Among the new voters, the male is 5316 and the female is 7019. There has been a significant increase in the number of women voters, who have played their part due to the promotion of voter awareness campaign (sweep plan). Before this revision, the district's Resario 968 was increased to 974.
The collector said that the final publication of the electoral roll published during the revision has been done on September 27. The revised list has been kept in the polling station for seven days. The list of service observers has also been finalized on 27th September. The number of service voters in the district has increased from 125 to 130. It was told in the meeting that the Model Code of Conduct becomes effective from the announcement day of the announcement program. The collector said that it is mandatory for each candidate to open a separate bank account for the account of the expenditure of the election expenditure. This bank account candidate will be opened at least one day before filing nomination. At the time of filing of nomination, the candidate will furnish details of this bank account written in writing. The bank account can be opened jointly with the name of itself or with its election agent. Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Election Supervisor Santosh Namdev, representatives of political parties Yashwant Dondey, Bhisingendra Nirmalkar and Sushil Kumar Markandey were present.

Collector from high school children

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware today courtesy the students of Bhanusel, Government High Secondary School, Bemetara Block. During this he observed the smart class. With the children, they asked questions related to science like what is the ozone layer? What color is the earth visible from the solar system? Why does the sky appear in red when the sun rises and sinks? Correct answer- The red color wave is more. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, Development Director Education Mr. Khare, In-charge Principal Mrs. Babita Chauhan were present.

For the villagers, the Bhasooloolu camp is beneficial. Solution on 169 applications

Bemetra September 28, 2018: District level mass mobilization camp organized on Friday, in the remote village Bhansulula of Bemetara Block of the district, was aimed at villagers for the purpose of redressing the problems of common people on the spot. Of the 228 applications received in the camp, 169 applications have been solved on the spot. Deadline for remaining applications was fixed. On this occasion, Minister of Cooperative, Culture and Tourism, Shri Dayaladas Baghel, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar, District Panchayat Vice President Shri Dilip Singh Thakur, CEO of District Panchayat. Mr. S. Alok was present. Collector Shri Kaware gave the necessary instructions to the officers for their proper disposal, with the problems of the common citizens. Cooperative Minister, R.O. for pure drinking water in the village. Approved the establishment of the plant. The collector said that the RO from the District Mineral Development Fund Plant information was given. The motor-driven tricecle was distributed by the cooperative minister to Lata Yadav. Fish market was distributed by centrally to grants to the Yuvraj Sahu and Arjun Sahu by Sprayer Pump, Fish Farming Department, Anjori Ram Dhruv, Narayan Dhruv Khammariya, Hendanda Dhruv Khammariya, resident of village Bhayana. Tiffin Bax was distributed to the workers of MNREGA. Under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, gas connections were distributed to 30 sisters. Horticulture department distributed free fruitful plants to the villagers. In the camp organized in the high school campus, the departmental officers of the district appealed to the villagers to take advantage of the welfare schemes run by their respective welfare schemes by giving them to the villagers. These include mainly agricultural, labor, electricity, women and child development, fisheries, food, primitive race, health, education. A large number of villagers were present, including Mrs. Anand Bai Tandan, President of Janpad Panchayat Bemetra, Taranjan Sahu, President of Janpad Panchayat Navagadha and Panchgan. Chief Medical and Health Officer Doctor. S.K. Sharma informed about the avoidance of diseases.  

The Cooperative Minister said that it is a good thing for me today that through this camp you have got an opportunity to get rid of the problems of the people. My complete endeavor remains that you should come back to the camp and solve one problem. It is the first priority of the government to get the benefit of various welfare schemes of the state government to the villagers. The Government is being sanctioned to the homeless people under the scheme of one lakh 47 thousand rupees under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. 12 thousand rupees are being given for construction of toilets. PM to cook Under the Ujjwala scheme, gas connections are being given. Mr. Baghel said that if the Chief Minister's Food scheme does not apply, then it will come to the fringe of the area. Earlier, Kanaki and Khanda used to eat chaval, now people are eating a lot of food twice by getting the chewl at affordable rates. Under the Smart Card scheme, the Chief Minister has increased from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupees now. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the Prime Minister has provided annual facilities to the poor for treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. Before the money was arranged, the farm and the utensils were sold for sale. Agriculture loan is being provided by the State Government on zero percent interest for farming and farming. The Cooperative Minister has challenged the people to take advantage of government schemes and improve their standard of living.
Collector Shri Kaware said that two-two camps are being organized every month in different development blocks of the district by the district administration. Three camps have been organized in the month of September. The District Magistrate instructed the officers to work responsibly and be sensitive in solving the problems of common people. The District Magistrate said that under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, 70 thousand in the district so far, gas connections have been distributed to the beneficiaries. Communication Revolution One lakh 3 thousand 44 smart phones were distributed in the district under Sky Yazna. The Collector gave information regarding the last date for registering of paddy from the farmers on October 30. Those who have already registered, they do not need to register again. Mr. Kaware gave information regarding the Mizals-Rubella vaccination campaign run on October 6. 7109 cases have been approved under Chief Minister's New Pension Scheme. In the camp, the camp was organized by the Electricity Department under Easy electricity bill Yajna. The villagers took advantage of it Apart from this VVPET machine was demonstrated under voter awareness. The voter who has given his vote through this machine will display the symbol and photo for seven seconds.
Your ATM Do not tell the password to anyone: - Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar gave information regarding cybercrime. People dream of becoming rich instead of hard work in less time. For this, they get people trapped in their thugs. Sometimes people send messages of lottery to people in the mobile and in the name of processing fee they deposit the amount in installments. People do not realize the amount of lottery, but later they realize their thugs. Be wary of such thugs and sly people Ssp Said that your ATM Do not tell the card number and secret password to anyone. They never call you as a bank officer and your ATM. The card has been blocked. Be cautious with such junkies. Keep away from the temptation to make the earning of the hard earned money of the masses as hard-earned, and be cautious with the thugs and sly people. If any such complaint comes, then immediately inform your nearest police station.
 On this occasion, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra Mr. D.N. Kashyap, Executive Engineer P.H.E. Shri Parikshit Chaudhari, Water Resources Shri Kuldeep Narang, Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Department, Mr. SK Bagga, Nodal Officer of District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Kashyap, CEO of Janpad Panchayat Bemetra Deepak Thakur, District Planning and Statistical Officer Rajkumar Ogre, all district chief officers and a large number of villagers were present.



Meeting of District Level Selection Committee for selection of beneficiaries under Employment Plans

The meeting of the District Level Selection Committee for the selection of beneficiaries under various employment schemes conducted through District Intermediate Co-operative Society in the convening of Collector 28nd September, 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga was convened in the meeting room of District collectorate at 2 pm on October 4. is. Mr. Kamlesh Devangan, Executive Officer of the District Intergovernmental Co-operative Society, Mr. Badhai Lal Mahato, Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Labor, Sports and Youth Welfare, Mr. Bhaiyalal Rajwade, Korba Parliamentary Area, MLA of Bharatpur-Sonhat area, Mrs. Chandravadevi Pavel, MLA of Manendragarh area. Shri Shayam Bihari Jaiswal and the members of the committee, Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department, Regional Transport Officer, Agriculture Department deputy director and requested to be present at the scheduled time and place of the General Manager of Industry & Trade Center.

Training given to nodal officers to increase percentage of voting in urban areas

Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, as per the Legislative Assembly General Election 2018, under the Sweep Action Plan, the voter awareness program was regularly organized by marking low voting centers to increase the percentage of voting in urban areas of the district. Is going. In this regard, Nodal officers were trained in the District Public Education Committee, Mahasamand, today by Mr. Rakharaj Sharma, Secretary, District Nodal Officer of Sweep, Dr. Malti Tiwari and Sweep Secretary. In the training he was told that to increase the percentage of voting in urban areas, from October 1 to November 10, various activities like marking of those who do not vote, by solving the problem, preparing the strategy and organizing it in important days.
To observe the voting center for young voters in the International Day of Old Age, World Student Day etc., at every minimum polling station, street plays, rangoli, painting, VV Discuss on the importance of voting in democracy, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's birthdate, on the occasion of World Student Day, the biggest authority to vote in the democracy, the rally, the resolution letter, the polling fair, the Third Gender, and every assembly area For the Divisions of ALC (Election Literacy) singing, painting etc. organized on the basis of the competition and house-house survey with the appeal letter Perk went discussed in detail to be. On this occasion, nodal officers of all the colleges of the district were present.

19 Approved Assistance for the needy

On the recommendation of Mahasamund 28 September 2018 / Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Home Minister Shri Ramsevak Pakra, Health Minister Shri Ajay Chandra Karkar and Sports Minister Shri Bhayyalal Rajwada, financial sanction amount of 4 lakh 5 thousand rupees has been sanctioned for 19 needy people of the district. Among them, Shri Dhaluram, resident of village MK Baher, Shri Ishwar Divan of Telibandha and Mr. Thakur Ram Dewan and five to five thousand rupees; Mr. Arun Kumar Sahu resident of Mahasamund Imlibhacha Ward no. 2 resident, Shankar Nagar ward no. 1 resident of Shri Diyanshu Bhosale, Village Phuljar Mrs. Manju, Mr. Chattrabhuja Rana of Monhada 10-10 thousand rupees, Smt. Revati Bai Sahu of village Shinodha, Mr. Devend of Pittajar And Smith, Mrs. Dewantin, Mr. Williams, Ms. Damini Sahu, Sarju Ram Sahu and Somesh Sahu, Mahasamund resident Mrs. Hema, financial assistance amounting to Narayan and 25-25 thousand rupees to Mr. Dilip Sahoo went sanctioned.
Similarly, a sum of 50-50 thousand rupees has been sanctioned for Shri Savan Sonawani of Subhash Nagar Mahasamund and Mr. Vijay Devangan of Belsunda. This amount is being provided to the concerned beneficiaries through RTGS. In order to get the acceptance amount for the beneficiaries, the voter photo identity card, bank pass book, Aadhar card, ration card, two photographs of self and registration of the documents and evidence of the institute along with the proof will be presented to Tahsildar in Tehsil office. To make the payment of sanctioned amount expeditiously,

October 2 declared a dry day on Gandhi Jayanti

Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Himashikhar Gupta has been declared a dry day on October 2, 2018, on Tuesday, on the occasion of "Gandhi Jayanti". As a result of declaring a dry day, the retail shops of all the country, foreign liquor of liquor and wine warehouses will remain completely closed.

Launch of new Electrical Junior Engineer Office in Pithora 35 villages will get electricity related information

Today, the new junior mechanic office of Pithora was inaugurated by cutting the lace of the office of Mahasamund, 28 September 2018 / Ptaura by Mrs. Roopkumari Chaudhary, Parliamentary Secretary, Women and Child Development Department. With the opening of this distribution center, Pithora and adjoining consumers will get the solutions of electricity related complaints and information in this city now. With the appointment of a new junior engineer in Pithora, the complaints will be promptly resolved and curbing unnecessary obstruction of electricity. Villagers present at the inauguration ceremony were happy to welcome the opening of the distribution center. The program was chaired by District Panchayat member Mrs Usha Patel. As a special guest on this occasion, a large number of dignitaries were present along with the Sarpanch of Teka, Mrs. Shobha Bhoi, Sarpanch of Lakhgarh, Mr. Priyaranjan Kosaria.
On this occasion, Parliamentary Secretary, Smt. Choudhary said in his note that the citizens of the area had the opportunity to open the power distribution center for many days. The opening of the distribution center is a big relief for the residents, now the people of Pithora city will get quick access. He told that the power needs all. Chhattisgarh is the first state in the country to provide electricity 24 hours a day; Flat rate facility is also being provided to more than one pump farmers and flat rate facility of 100 rupees per month to the poor families. The first area was low-voltage problem, but the problem of low-voltage has been overcome by the power department developing the power infrastructure. Mrs. Chaudhary appreciated the power and power of the power distribution companies and employees for the excellent work of service and electricity of the region.
Mr. A.K., Executive Engineer, Department of Electricity Gopawar while delivering the welcome address said that the government has given approval for 6 new distribution centers to increase the facilities of the district, which is being started in all new distribution centers in the week. He informed that presently 3,444 consumers and five villages of Pithora city have been included in distribution center. On this occasion, officials of the electrical department were present.

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