The establishment of the Child Protection Committee will also be in the urban bodies


The meeting of district child protection committee was held in the meeting room of Yeha District Collectorate under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga. In the meeting, he got detailed information about the work being done in respect of child protection in the district. In the meeting Mr. Dugga also gave directions for the formation of the Child Protection Committee in the urban bodies of the District Child Protection Committee and the members of the committee constituted in regard to child protection. In the meeting, he said that regular visits to the Child Home have been mentioned in the Annual Plan of ANM. They gave ANM instructions to visit regular childhood.

In the same way, they have spread the Adoption process in all the private nursing homes, to inspect the child line regularly on the bus stand and railway station and according to the Right to Education act, children of child care institutions in private schools are in touch. Prioritized even to give priority In the meeting, they were also discussed in connection with the works of juvenile justice board and child welfare committee and prison inspection. There were also discussions regarding the issues of missing children in the district and they gave the courtesy to follow the directions given by the High Court regarding the missing children. They learned about the tasks related to rescuers, rehabilitation and social integration of missing children.

On this occasion, Mr. Chandresh Sisodia, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, gave detailed information about the work done regarding child protection. In the meeting, Additional Superintendent of Police, Smt. Nivedita Pal Sharma, Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Ms. Sage Nayak, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Mr. S. Pekera, Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department, Mr. C.L.Jayaswal, Head of the Municipality Baikunthpur. District Officers of District Child Protection Committee including Municipal Officer, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, District Bar protection officer were present.


T.D.S. Workshop in relation to deduction


On Monday, October 1, at the collectorate meeting room, G.T. TDS under the Act Regarding the implementation of the deduction, the workshop of all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of the District will be held after the meeting of the time-limit in the collectorate meeting room.

Timeline meeting on 01 October


On Tuesday, October 1, at 10.30 pm, in the collector's meeting room, the TL meeting will be held in the collectorate to be held in the collectorate. The date of the meeting has been changed due to the government holiday on October 02 in the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti.

Cooperative Minister distributed smart mobile phone in Narayanpur


Shri Dayaladas Baghel, Minister of Cooperative, Culture and Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh, today, in the remote village Panchayat of Navagad Block, Narayanpur. Under the Communication Revolution Sky Scheme, distribution of FourG Smart Mobile Phones to the villagers. Shri Baghel said that the sensitive Chief Minister of the state Dr. Raman Singh has started many schemes in the interest of the poor. Whether it is cheval distribution, Saraswati cycle scheme at affordable rates, facility of treatment upto Rs 50 thousand in smart card, interest on zero percent interest for farming and farming, Ujjwala scheme is included mainly. Today the camp was organized by the Electricity Department under Narcotic Power Bill Scheme in Narayanpur. On this occasion, Panchgana was also attended by Taranjan Sahu, President of Janpad Panchayat Navagad, Sarpanch Gram Panchayat Narayanpur Smt. Shakuntala Sahu.

Organizing Gram Sabha to be held in Panchayats from October 2, Collector gave the CEO To the prescript


Gram Sabha will be organized in Panchayats on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, in the Bemetara district. In this regard, the Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware has appointed all the District CEOs. In order to organize the Gram Sabha, issuing circular has been directed at the local level. According to the circular issued by the collector on the directions of the State Government, it has been stated that according to the prescribed schedule, the meeting of the Gram Sabhas will be started from 2 October 2018 in every village. For the meeting of Gram Sabha held from 2nd October, a timetable should be prepared for organizing Gram Sabhas in each village panchayat and their dependent villages in the district panchayat, so that at one date a village gram sabha can be held in one gram panchayat . With this type of arrangement, the Sarpanch and the Secretary will be able to be easily available in the Gram Sabha meeting.

Special responsibility should be given to the officers and employees according to the local requirement for organizing the Gram Sabha. The following points should be considered especially in the Gram Sabhas - Detailed information should be given about the construction of Gram Panchayat Vikas Yojana (Hummer Gav Harmar Yojana) and action should be taken in relation to construction of work plan according to the guidelines. To encourage rural cleanliness programs under various programs, review the progress of the two facilities / constructions in the houses / constructions. Ensure the quality and utilization of the two offices built under Clean India Mission.

Two open-ended villages in the open should also be reviewed; To achieve 100% toilets in Gram Panchayat, number of total families, toilets, number of toilets, number of families, all members of families The toilet is being used by? Discuss all steps taken by the members of the family on all occasions and on the steps taken on the steps taken to discourage the use of the two operators and those who are not using the 2Gour offices or setting up of monitoring committee for toilets. The person / organization / organization doing outstanding work in the field of cleanliness and work should be honored by organizing the function on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 02th of October.

After conducting cleanliness program of all the check-chaas and established idols of villages, on October 02, as a cleanliness day in Chhattisgarh, all organized. Gandhi Gurdwara will be set up in Gram Panchayats with a population of more than 5000 thousand in Chhattisgarh. After marking the land for garden establishment, the work of excavation of trees, plantation, filling etc. will be done from Mentre item. Resolution regarding the principles and principles of Mahatma Gandhi ji, and in every Gram Panchayat Bhavan, the writing of the works of Gandhiji's works should be done. Discussion regarding concrete / liquid waste management in the Gram Panchayat area; Promoting Gandhian thought philosophy through Gram Sabha.

Proposals for issuing audit certificate for the expenditure of the accounts of the expenditure, approval of approved works, administrative approval, cost of work, approval of expenditure incurred on expenditure and expenditure incurred by various schemes under 2018-19, 2018-19. . The fair / market / the establishment of Kanji House and the review of the expenditure incurred, before the Panchayat / present office bearers and officials / employees from which the accounts of panchayats should be accounted for or accounted for arrears should be read in the Gram Sabha. It has been stated in the circular issued that under the 14th Finance Commission, the following rules / instructions should be read in the gram panchayats for obtaining the performance of grants - taxes should be fully charged by the panchayat. (List of accused tax should be read and read) and details of action taken in the proceedings of the alleged taxes should be sent to this office through the Janpad Panchayat.

Recovery collected against the tax charged by the panchayat, should be read out in the list of names of those who deposit the amount against the accused taxation. Details of the amount collected and the amount collected and the balance and the information of the person through Janpad Panchayat. To be sent to this office. Increase in revenue of self compared to last year (Statement of revenues up to last year and September 2018); Audited accounts of the Gram Panchayat two years ago and yearly assessment of taxation and recovery of taxes, Mahatma Gandhi employment guarantee Based on the demand for employment by the rural families in the village panchayats of the district under the scheme, keeping in mind the situation of the year, provide work. Approval of Ane's action plan and should review the conditions of employment provided.

Keeping in view the possibility of adversity of monsoon in the state in kharif 2018, weather based crop insurance scheme has been implemented to reimburse farmers for their crop loss. Crop insurance scheme should be discussed in gram sabha to get maximum benefit from farmers. This scheme is mandatory for the debtor farmers. The farmers also get rid of the benefits of this scheme. Social audit of beneficiaries and beneficiaries of beneficiaries under the Social Assistance Program should be verified. The books of Swami Atmanand Library will be discussed in the Gram Sabha regarding the availability of village residents for reading.

In relation to the cancellation of applicants received in respect of the Right to Information Act 2005, review. Under the Education Quality Campaign, the level of level of expected successes will be reviewed by the quality of education of the students, the level of teacher work performance of the teachers, 2 infrastructure and sanitation system, drinking water and water system for rescue. To provide information on the provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, at the Panchayat level, discussions should be made regarding the formation of Bal Mitra Panchayat and the creation of child marriage free village panchayat. Due to the implementation of the prepared work plan under the scheme of daughter saving, education and planning, women and child development departments should be discussed.

The Election Commission of India has the intention that all the citizens who have attained the age of 18 in all the forthcoming elections have attained the age of 18, but they can not register their names in any voter list due to any reason. Twin names in the voter list so that no citizen can not be deprived of the constitutional right of voting and enthusiastically attempting his franchise in a fear-free environment. Able to do Pledge to the civilians in the Gram Sabha organized on the occasion of 02 October 2018. The format of affidavit is sent enclosed. In view of the local requirement by the Janpad Panchayat / Gram Panchayat, other subject matter can be included in the Gram Sabha Agenda. After the meeting of the Gram Sabha, get information compiled in the District Panchayats, make the Collector's office aware of the proceedings before October 15, 2018 and make sure to send information to the Directorate of Panchayat in New Raipur position.






State-level school competition ends on October 02


The closing ceremony of the 18th state level school competition 2018 is held on Tuesday 02 October at 12 noon at the historic Basic School Ground. The Chief Guest of the ceremony will be Co-operative Minister Mr. Dayaladas Baghel. The program will be chaired by Mr. Tambrandh Sahu, MP of Durg Lok Sabha constituency. As a special guest, MLA Bemetra Avdesh Singh Chandel, Vice Chairman of District Panchayat Bemetra Shri Dilip Singh Thakur, Vice President of District Panchayat Bemetra Shri Santhadra Diwan, Vice Chairman of Municipal Council Bemetra Shri Vijay Sukhwani will be present.

District level Joint Consultative Committee meeting chaired by the Collector

Bemetara : The District Level Joint Consultative Committee meeting of representatives of various recognized employees organizations of the government was held today under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware in the presence of Joint District Office, Bemetra, in the meeting room. The collector said that all the government officials and employees must first discharge their duties and obligations firstly. He instructed the departmental officials to expedite the various problems related to employee interest as early as possible. Representatives of various employees' organizations expressed gratitude to the collector for organizing district level meeting. The collector said that the officials of the District level from time to time also organized a meeting in their respective departments to ensure the various problems of the employees.

The Collector ordered the issuance of showcause notices in the meeting, expressing displeasure over the absence of the Secretary of Food Factory, Markfed District Marketing Officer, Agriculture Produce Market, Bemetara. Employees' associations were thanked to the collector for the restoration of the suspended employees during the visit by the collector.The District Magistrate said that the department should give drinking slip inevitably, to ensure timely confidentiality of their department, hearing and decision of Departmental Investigation (DE) on time, in which departments, pending timings, pay scales are resolved.

During the meeting, it was mentioned by the employees' organizations that there was no room for any waiting room for the visitors to meet the collector in the collectorate, the wait room has now been constructed. Likewise, for the drivers of Joint District Office, Bemetara, there was a demand for providing a room like other districts in the state, also to establish a Basic (Land line) phone in the said room. In a meeting organized in a conducive environment, discussions were discussed in the various departments of the Agenda, regarding pending promotion, progress, time-scale pay scale, follow-up appointment, earned leave, pension case, medical assistance, departmental check, annual salary increase etc. Besides, pay-slips, timely confidential photographs, supply of uniforms to small wage staff, and hot coat supply in winter, indebtedness of service book passbook etc. were discussed.

Representatives of the employee organizations in the meeting demanded that the photocopy of the report should be made available to the respective employees by making a confidential report. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, the additional collector by Mr. K.S. Mandavi, Shri S. R. Wailing, SDM Berla- Mr. R.P. District Education Officer Shri G.R. Chandrakar, Executive Engineer P.H.E. Shri Parikrish Chaudhary, Water Resources Shri Kuldeep Narang, CMHO Dr. S.K. Sharma, Civil Surgeon Dr. S.K. Apart from Pal, Assistant Commissioner Ajak Apart from Mrs Menka Chandrakar, six. Representatives of accredited staff organizations were present in addition to representatives of third class employees union, teacher association, clerical class government employee union, small wage employee association, patwari union, education union, state employee union, driver union etc.

Distributed Motorized Tricycle to four Divisions

Bemetara : Collector Mahadev Kavare and Vijay Sinha, president of the Municipal Council, distributed motorized triuscle to four Divisions of the district. These include Meghnath Sahu Village Bialai, Rama Nishad Bhimpuri, Nilesh Verma Kanteli and Gopal Verma Lolasera. Senior Superintendent of Police H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat S. Alok, Additional Collector S. R. Women's, A.S.P. Vimal Bas was present.

Under the District Mineral Trust, 25 Nos. Motorized Triuscle has been purchased in the district. This includes 13 under Navi Mandala, Navagad 04, Bemetra 05 and Berla 04. During the Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. On arrival of Raman Singh, Triasikal was distributed to the devotees.

The importance of sports in life as well as the importance of education - MLA Chandel

Bemetara : The 18th state-level school competition competition started today in the historic Basic School Grounds of Bemetra, District Headquarters. Local MLA Mr. Avdesh Singh Chandel formally announced the launch of the Drama Competition. On this occasion, Collector Shri Mahadev Kavare, Chairman of Municipal Council, Mr. Vijay Sinha, Vice President Mr. Vijay Sukhivani, Janpad Panchayat Vice President Bemetara Santadhar Diwan, Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Elderman of Municipality Council Shri Gaurav Sahu, District Education Officer Mr. G.R. Chandrakar, Assistant Director, S.K. Kanthale, Bio Bemetra Mr. Arun Khare, in-charge sports officer Nageshwar Tiwari, ASO Sunil Tiwari were present.

In the state-level school competition, Soft Child is 14 years old, BASEBAL 17 years, Whirlibal 19 years, Carrom 19 years children and girls are participating. It is known that 1051 participants are participating in the four-day event. The players of Bastar, Bilaspur, Durg, Janjgir-Champa, Jashpur, Kanker, Kadgaon, Korea, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Sarguja and Kabirdham are divided in 12 different zones of Chhattisgarh and are participating in this colorful competition. MLA Shri Chandel administered the oath of play to the sports spirit. Municipal Council President Mr. Sinha and Collector Shri Kaveri hoisted the flag of the sports flag.

MLA Shri Chandel said that you go successful and illuminate the name of the school and the state. Along with studies, playing sports in life is also of vital importance. To be healthy, play is also important. Players who perform better in this competition are given a 10-point bonus in the board exam. He appealed to all the players to play in the game spirit while welcoming mother Bhadrakali into the purview of Bhadrakali. Collector Shri Kaware said that it is a moment of pride for the Bemetara district. A state-level school competition is being organized here. Along with sports, we also teach discipline in life. Discipline in the game matters a lot.

Children from the remote zone of our region can get information about the cultural diversity of the area. Bemetra is the district headquarter which is famous for the production of pulses and oilseeds. The historic Shami Ganesh temple of Navagad, Mahamaya Temple of village Bucipurpur is famous. In the end, he gave his best wishes to all the players. Municipal Commissioner Mr. Sinha, Vice President Mr. Sukhwani, Vice President Mr. Deewan and Mr. Rajendra Sharma gave their congratulations and congratulations to the players while expressing their happiness on arrival in Bemetara. The welcome address was given by District Education Officer, Shri Ganandram Chandrakar. The program was conducted by Mrs. Sushma Sharma.


Appeal to be careful about online Challenge "Momo Game"

Bemetara : The Women and Child Development Department has appealed to citizens, children and their guardians to take care of the online Challenge Momo game. Officials of the Women and Child Development Department said that like the online blue well game, another new game has taken place, which is the Momo Challenge game. This is the most dangerous challenging game of the present times. What is this Momo Challenge and why is it being so viral? Giving some important information in this regard, he said that this open source network is an online game that is available free from the Internet. These games are currently being viral all over the internet.

This online Blue Well game has targeted the children especially 12 to 17 year old boys who forced them to ride. Similarly, this Momo Challenge is also a very dangerous new viral challenge. Which is spreading rapidly across the whole of the world, especially among children. It is important for all the parents to know about it. Because it is so dangerous that it can easily trap the children in their trap. The officials of the department said that these moms are reaching out to the children through the amazing messaging app Wattsp. This challenge asks those children to make an ad on Wattsp and keep the name Momo. If a child is able to do that, then he has a horror skeleton in the context of that contact's picture which looks like a Japanese swell picture, and with this, the next dangerous game of this challenge begins and further And becomes scary.

Momo games begin to talk to children gradually and later they scare them. It means to scare, that he says to the children, that he knows everything about them and if he does not do according to what he says, then he will kill them alive. Because this thing has a profound influence in the mind-brain of children and they begin to believe it to be real. As a result, children are easily trapped in their talks and take suicidal steps.

Officials said that it can be stopped by giving some information if you are a child and you use online watts and Facebook, then you should pay a little attention and block such a user. Those who provoke you to harm. If they bother you then you should talk to your parents and friends about this topic. If you are a parent then you should take care of your children as well as keep an eye on their behavior.

Keep in mind that they are not doing any wrong thing or behind your back and assuring them that they can share their troubles with you. Keep yourself safe and keep information safe by sharing information. They should share this information with their neighbors, relatives, friends and identities, talk to them. So that there will be awareness among us and this will save the lives of any child from risk.

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