Training for EVM / MCMC / MCC for Assembly General Election 2018 today

According to information received from Surajpur 10 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.D. Devsanapati, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Sankar, while amending the date and time for training in respect of EEM / MCMC / MCC, today 11 October 1, 2018, from 1 p.m. to 04 p.m. Chief Electioning Officer Chhattisgarh Raipur, in the video conferencing Training by medium has been organized. Therefore, be sure to attend mandatory conference hall in district office, including its assistants for training conducted through video conferencing in prescribed time and time in the said training.

Chief Minister and Union Steel Minister visited Bhilai Nagar hospital


Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today visited the hospital located at Sector 9 of Bhilai with Central Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh, where he reviewed the health and treatment of injured workers in the accident of Bhilai Steel Plant. The Chief Minister and the Union Steel Minister directed the doctors of the hospital to ensure better treatment of the injured.

On this occasion, the Minister of State for Steel, Shri Vishnudev Sai, Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management of the Government of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Prem Prakash Pandey, along with other officers of the State and Central Government and Steel Plant Management were also present. The Chief Minister discussed with the Union Minister Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh in a brief meeting at the hospital premises yesterday in the entire event sequence.
The chief minister said that this is definitely a very serious and sad incident. We have lost many of our workers in this accident. The whole sympathy and sympathy of both the center and the state is with the families suffering from this accident. While the Chief Minister wished for early recovery of injured workers in the accident, he assured all possible cooperation in their treatment. The Chief Minister said that the State Government has instructed its officials to give top priority to protection of human life in all sectors of the private sector and public sector and said that safety standards are followed strictly in all types of factories.

Union Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh also called the accident very serious and sad. He said that both Chhattisgarh government and the Central Government are standing with the affected families of their workers at every step. And we all look forward to delivering all possible help to them. The Union Steel Minister said that the causes of the accident will be thoroughly investigated and those found guilty will be taken strict action as per the rules.

Assembly general election 2018 : Nodal officer of postal ballot and CEO of all the districts Trained in postal ballot


Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.C. In the presence of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, in the presence of DevSanapati, on 10th October 2018, in connection with the postal ballot in the Joint District Office meeting, the nodal officer of the postal ballot, Chief Executive Officer of all the district panchayats, Pc Sony and Mr. S.P. Detailed information about the postal ballot process was given by Nishad. All such public servants who are a voter but are unable to vote in their polling booths while exercising their duties in the election, they can vote with all the postal ballots. Application for postal ballot is applied in format 12 for voting.

This application is received by the nodal officer of the postal ballot and the Legislative Savarkar registers the postal ballot paper for all Vaidya applications. For this purpose, the format 13A, 13B, 13C and 13D are issued for the voter by completing all necessary information. In the 13th anniversary of the envelope containing 13 ball envelopes in which there is a ballot, the 13th largest envelope in which both the documents are kept in the declaration and ballot paper after closing the seal in the 13th envelope while 13D is directed only for the voter.

After the evaluation, 13 c is placed in a large envelope training site, in the assembly-wise ballot box kept by the nodal officer. During the first training of polling parties, application form for postal ballot will be made available in format 12. During the second training, voting should be done by the nodal officer on the training site, through the entire system of voting. To maintain the transparency of voting on the day of voting, political party candidates should be asked to be present by informing them.

A gazetted officer should also be arranged to verify the voter's manifesto on the polling day. After the ballot, the ballot ballot will be sealed in front of the candidates in the strong room, which will be arranged to be delivered in the presence of candidates in the counting time at the counting place. The team of Nodal Officer should issue a postal ballot with great caution and in the marked copy of the electoral rolls for all the issued postal ballots, the seal of the release of the PDB should be placed in the respective voter's column in the black ink. There is a need to take special precautions in it, because the voter who gets sealed for issuing the PB in the electoral roll, is eligible to vote only with the postal ballot.

The information of the postal ballot issued per day should be given by the nodal officer to the District Election Officer. In the last, the numerical information of the total issued and received postal ballots is given by the Nodal Officer to the District Election Officer.
On this occasion, the nodal officer of the postal ballot and the chief executive officer of all the district panchayat were present.


Medical Board Meeting on 22nd October


Medical board was to be organized on 19th October 2018 in Balrampur District Hospital. The said date was postponed due to the declaration of government holiday. Now the meeting of the Medical Board has been scheduled on the coming October 22, 2018 days.

Control Room Establishment & Property Distortion Act


A control room has also been set up at the office of Chief Electoral Officer. The telephone number of this control room is 0771-4913677. Any citizen can also provide information on the said telephone number for property deformation related complaints.

Property deformation act

Section 3 of the Property Discrimination Prevention Act, it is mentioned that anyone who distorts it by writing or marking any marking of ink, patch, color or any other substance in public view without the written permission of the owner of the property, It will be punishable with up to Rs. 1000. In an order issued under the Act, it has been said that before any political party or contestant contesting candidate banners on any private property, posting, posting or flags related to election campaign or color, written by Khadiya, private property owner Make the necessary documents available in the election office from the written consent of No political party or candidate will be able to do so without the permission of the Swami to write his supporters, followers to the followers, hang banners, paste the notices, slogans etc.

This includes building, land, courtyard etc. If there is a banner on any private property without the consent, poster sticking, election campaign flag or written by color or account will be found to be distorted, then not only will be punished under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act. But the expenditure incurred in the removal of him will be realized from the candidates who contest the election, the political party etc., like the arrears of land revenue. With this, the expenditure incurred will be linked to expenditure accounts of political parties or candidates. Penal action will be taken under the Code of Indian Penal Code and the Code of Punishment Code.

Assembly Elections-2018 : So far, two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, posters, wall writing, banner flags, removal proceedings


Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that the proceedings under the Property Distortion Act have been intensified under the Vidhan Sabha Elections-2012. Under this, action has been taken to remove two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, posters, wall writing banners and flags from government assets for the period of 8th October.Including removal of one lakh 10 thousand 286 hoardings and posters 69 thousand 745 wall writing and 37 thousand 917 banner flags etc. Similar actions will be taken against government assets as well as private assets. For this, necessary instructions have been given to collector and district election officials.

He informed that till the October 7th, one lakh 34 thousand 578 hoardings and posters, wall writing, banner flags were removed. Including 74 thousand 645 hoardings and posters 41 thousand 642 wall writing and 18 thousand 291 banner flags. Similarly, on 8th October, 83 thousand 391 properties under act of deception were done. In which 35 thousand 641 hoardings and posters, 28 thousand 104 wall writing and 19 thousand 646 banner flags were removed. It is notable that the Model Code of Conduct has been effected from October 6, 2018 in the state, keeping it in view, action is being taken under the Property Discrimination Act. Which will continue even further.

The meeting of the Superintendent of Police in connection with law and order


Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manohar reviewed the situation of law and order in the district, taking a joint meeting of the police station and police check-in-charge of the district in the meeting room of his office this afternoon. In view of the assembly elections, they instructed the police officials to ensure speedy and effective action to curb crimes in the district. At the meeting, the ASP Vimal Kumar Bass, Sub-Divisional Officer, Police Bemetra Mr. K.P. Banjara, Berla- Mr. Jagdish Uike, D.S.P. Other officers of the Police Department including the headquarter Mr. Sunil David were present.

Ssp In the district, give necessary guidelines regarding law and order. During the election, the code of ideal conduct code is necessary, it must be ensured. The responsibility of conducting peaceful elections in the district is of the officers of the district administration and police department. The SSP asked the police officials to take action under prohibitory orders against those who disturb the peace. Immediately, the arrest warrant of Tamili. The number of security forces will be increased in sensitive and highly sensitive polling booths. He gave instructions to the police station to act under the gambling act, curbing the sale and sale of illegal liquor. During the election, check posts will be set up in the district, in these check posts the investigation of illegal liquor, investigation of the cash amount of more than Rs. 50 thousand and the temptation material given to the voters during the election will be examined. The monitoring team will be monitored and tested from time to time by the Flying Squad team. 

Information about sweep plan is being given after the national anthem


In the collectorate building located in Bemetra, the national work begins with the national anthem. The collective national anthem is sung in the Joint District Office coming to the office of punctual and timely officials of the government employees and officers. After this, information about brief reading and brief on topics is given by the collector. Apart from this, new technical terminology related to computers is also made aware. After the collective national anthem, an increase in the percentage of voting under the Voter Awareness Campaign is appealed to make maximum voting through Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (sweep plan).

In addition, information about Voters Variable Paper Audit Trail (VV Pat) machine is also being provided. The National Anthem starts at 10.30 am in Collectorate Bemetra every working day. In which collector Shri Mahadev Kaware is present himself. Apart from him, other officers are also involved in this. During the national anthem today, senior police superintendent Mr. H.R. Manhar was also present. Continuing the tradition of the national anthem, where officials and staff are reaching the office on time. This is developing a new working culture and the common citizens coming from remote areas are also joining the collective national anthem. The Senior Superintendent of Police was informed today about the compliance of traffic rules during the mass prayer.

Police Department appeals to follow traffic rules


Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar has appealed to the citizens to follow traffic rules to curb road accidents. Always use helmets when driving two-wheelers and do not have three rides in the vehicle. He said that look at the right-hand side while turning, after which the vehicle turns. Human life is precious.Black spots have been identified at different places in Bemetara district by the Public Works Department. The Superintendent of Police appealed to the cattle owners to keep their animals tied. Otherwise, open cattle will be closed at Kanji House.

District Administration and Police Administration's Appeal, Do not tell your ATM card password to anyone


Appeal for general citizens to be cautious of interest and chit fund companies, appeal has been made by the district administration and police administration. Likewise, it has been advised to avoid the misuse of ATM cards and frauds from them. Giving information in this regard, senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. H.R. Manhar told that some private companies are luring people more interest and earn huge earnings from the public and later they are able to settle their business. So, not coming to anybody's illusions, do not lose their original capital even after getting more interest.

The senior superintendent of police said that in the same way, thugs and sly vicious people call the people to get their password by threatening them to get the ATM block, saying that I am speaking from a bank that your ATM card is going to be blocked. If you want to keep your password tell? In such a situation, an unknown caller does not have to disclose his 16 digit password and neither the ATM's four digit password can be used to swindle with a lot of thugs and then with his hard earned earnings.

In the ATM center, you also get an unknown person in the name of cooperating who replaces your ATM card. Such people also need to be cautious.Senior Superintendent of Police told that the people are called upon to loot lakhs of rupees or prize money, and for that you submit a few percent amount to the tax group, after which you will be given a check or a bank draft. Be careful with such people, if they are deposited in their account by the thugs, they are asked to deposit more money.

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