Assembly election 2018 Second phase of Sector Officers training on October 13

Training program for second phase of Sector Officers appointed for Mahasamund, 11th Oct, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 and training program of EVM and VVPAT has been organized in the meeting room of District Panchayat at 11.00 am on October 13, 2018. Training on the use of the Sector Officer for the use of EVM and VVPAT by the District Master Trainer, Mr. Himanshu Bharti and his team. In this training, all the sector officials have been asked to appear at the scheduled time.

Development Block Level Master Tea Nurse Training Second Phase Today

The training of second phase of the development level-level Master Trainers appointed for Mahasamund, 11th October, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 has been organized today at 12.00 pm on 2 October at 2 pm from the Zilla Panchayat's meeting room. It will be trained in connection with the use of EVMs and VVPATs in the Assembly General Elections 2018 with training of polling parties. In this training, the development level level Master Tea Nurse has been asked to appear at the scheduled time.

To increase the percentage of houses in urban areas Made aware

In the direction and guidance of Mahasamund, 11 October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, for the purpose of increasing the percentage of voting in urban areas of the district, Subhash Nagar of Mahasamund and BLO in Kumbharpara Ward. People were made aware of polling by making attractive rangoli by Sudha Nayat. On this occasion, voters present on the occasion administered the pledge to motivate voters present in the Tehsildar Shri Bhagirathi Khande to inspire himself and his family to vote. In the program, ward dwellers, including Nodal Officer of Sweep, Dr. Malti Tiwari were present in large numbers.

Sub-divisional officer meeting of Li officials for the construction of human chain

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the assembly elections in 2018, Mahasamund, 11th October, 2018, to increase the percentage of voting in the year 2018, the Divisional Officer (Revenue) Mr. Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi held the meeting of officers in the Departmental Office, Mahasamund. Lee. He said that according to the Sweep Action Plan on October 13, 2018, people will be made aware of the cent percent polling by making human chain in the main road of Mahasamund. On this occasion, Principal of Government Post Graduate College, Mahasamund, Mr. S.K. Chatterjee, Nodal Officer Dr. Malti Tiwari, District Secretary Mr. Rakhraj Sharma and other officials were present.

Information given to representatives of political parties about "Single Window System"

No political agendas, meetings, rally vehicle use, temporary election office, loudspeaker permission by any political party, candidate and authorized worker in the period of effectiveness of Model Code of Conduct in Mahasamund, October 11, 2018 / Assembly General Election. Has been asked to give the application through the "Single Window System" "Facilitation" issued by the Election Commission of India. Sub-Divisional Officer Mahasamund told that necessary information regarding this was given to the representatives of political parties in the revenue department (revenue) in the revenue department.


All the paddy production center Committees constituted for continuous monitoring

Mahasamund, October 11, 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has regularly monitored all 122 paddy accumulation centers in Mahasamund district, quality of paddy, storage, procurement of paddy purchased, regularization of the problems faced by farmers in procuring paddy and getting their payment. Committees have been set up to ensure the purchase and monitoring of paddy from the investigation, registered.
These committees will submit the compliance report to the food branch of the collector's office every week as per the arrangement of paddy procurement. The collector has asked to ensure that all procurement centers have all necessary preparations and cleanliness, bursts, duns, bricks, computers, generators, master machines, scales, fork-distributed, hamalals Ensure arrangements, contracts, new and one recruitment, the siege of power, the center.
In order to make systematic procurement of paddy of every farmer in the district, arrangements for procurement of paddy on the advance token system will be treated as in previous years. Given the weighment capacity, storage capacity and capacity of each paddy procurement center, the maximum limit for procurement of paddy will be determined daily. By observing the paddy brought in the Paddy Purchase Center, ensure that the average good quality paddy should be bought from the actual registered farmer and the amount of paddy should not exceed the prescribed percentage.
The collector has asked to ensure adequate availability of rain water in the Paddy procurement centers and in each new granary, the stench of the committee has been asked to give sacks to fill the paddy. He has said that in the course of inspection, verify the stock of paddy mandatory. At the time of inspection, make sure that the bags of bags filled after the purchase of paddy are ensured in the purchase center on that day. It has also been asked to ensure regular transportation of paddy procured in Paddy earning center so that excessive paddy is not collected in the purchase center. He has said that in case of problems in transport, inform the District Marketing Officer immediately. On the delay in the paddy transport, it has also been asked to transfer the paddy from the committee itself. If the information received from the Paddy Purchase center to be sent to the collection center for the collection of condensation, then the notice of the Committee constituted under the chairmanship of the Tehsildar for the removal of the paddy by sending the collection center to the immediate staff / purchasing center. The paddy will be withdrawn when the paddy is rejected and according to the specification, clean / converting will be provided to the marketing association. When any kind of procrastination or negligence or irregularity is reflected in the paddy acquisition by the committees on the support price from the farmers, it has been instructed to immediately send the e-mail number to the collector food branch and give it on a large scale / hummingbow.

In the district, the arrivals of paddy coming from outside states 17 check posts installed Duty of officers and employees was imposed

Mahasamund, October 11, 2018 / Collector, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the Khamr marketing year 2018-19, during the Paddy Extingment period, to prevent the coming and preventing of paddy coming to the Paddy procurement centers of Orissa and other provinces in Chhattisgarh. For the employees of the district, the duty of duty was set in the new check post set by the 17th inter state check post and agricultural produce market committee. It went.
Under this, inter-State check post of Saraipali Tehsil, Banjari check post, forest department, Pallidih / Sirpur check-post forest department, Pajrapali check post (newly established by Krishi Utpani Mandi Saraipali), Jangalbeda checkpoint (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Sariyapali), Chhibra ( Ghat) Checkpoint (newly installed by Agricultural Produce Market). Similarly, the Bashabuljhar Pratyak Chauki Mandi Department of Basna Tehsil, Palaspali Check Chaki (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Basna), Kairamura / Kudiribahra Chawki (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bus) Salhejariya Check Post (new installed by Agriculture Produce Market Bus) is. Pithora tehsil kantangrachai checkpoint forest department, small Loram check post (new installed by Agricultural Produce Market Pithora), Charoda check post (newly installed by Agricultural Produce Market Pithora) and Tamari check post of Bagbahahah Tehsil, , Khemda check post (new establishment by Agriculture Produce Market Horticulture), Khatti check post (newly established by Agriculture Produce Market Horticulture) and Revcha Check Post Central Produce Market is the new set) by Bagbahra.
Inspection teams will visit the border areas and monitor the movement of illegal paddy. It is worth noting that during the paddy acquisition period at the support price, there is a possibility of selling paddy in neighboring states by selling paddy. This arrangement has been made for its prevention. During the period from October 15, 2018 to April 30, 2019, import of paddy from other states will be done only with the permission of Food and Civil Supplies. It is not necessary to take permission from the Director Food for the import of superfine variety of paddy which is more than Rs.1900 / - per quintal, but the importer will have to give information to the District Food Officer, Mahasamund to import the paddy. In charge of each checkpoint and in-charge of the concerned departments, Tehsils and the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) of the police station and the Tehsildar and Stationary Incharge, in continuous contact with the discharge of the obligation entrusted.

For procurement of paddy and corn in Kharif marketing year 2018-19   Set up control room at district level

District level control room marketing association office and food officer office has been set up in Mahasamund for the procurement of paddy and maize in Mahasamund, 11th October 2018 / Kharif marketing year 2018-19. Whose telephone number is 07723-223262. Collector Himashikhar Gupta has imposed the duty of officers and employees for this, including Deputy Managing Director Mr. Shashank Singh, Assistant Programmer Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal and District Office Food Shala for Mahasamund, Food Inspector Shri Chandrakant Baghel and Assistant Class- 3 Shri Suresh Kothare's duty has been imposed.


Men and women multipurpose health workers training session adjourned till next order

Mahasamund, October 11, 2018 / Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar said that District-wise applications were issued by Directorate of Health Services Chhattisgarh for the men and women's multipurpose health worker training session 2018-19. He said that the counseling of eligible candidates for Mahasamund district was fixed on 12 and 26 October 2018, which is currently being implemented in the state assembly under General Elections 2018 under the Model Code of Conduct for men and women's multipurpose health worker training session 2018-19 For counseling, the process of selection has been postponed till the next order.


Polling day announced on November 20

According to the Election Commission of Korea, October 11, 2018, District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has declared Pay Commission on November 20 as the forthcoming polling day for all three assembly seats in Korea District under the Legislative Assembly election 2018. According to Section 135-B of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, there is a provision for declaring employees 'sanction of leave on the day of polling day'. Apart from this, employed people in any business, business, industrial enterprise or any other establishment who is entitled to vote in the assembly for election, the vacancy will be approved on the day of polling. Collector Dugga has asked all the office-bearers and SACL in this regard. Chief General Manager of the Ministry of External Affairs has issued the order to ensure necessary action.

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