Assembly election 2018 Executive Magistrate appointed to maintain peace and law and order in the district

In view of Korea, October 12, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has appointed Executive Magistrates to maintain peace and law and order in the district. He has entrusted the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in the area of ​​Baikunthpur area, to Mr. T. R. Deewangan, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Bakuntalpur. Similarly, Mr. Umesh Kumar Kushwaha, Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Officer of Patna, has entrusted the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in all the areas under the Police Station, Mr. Umesh Kumar Kushwaha, Police Station, Patna, Kathakona, Pandopora Chaki and Sub Tehsil area and Executive Officer of Bakundipur, Mr. Apurva Preet Tappo. .
Collector Dugga, Mr. Dugga, sonhatt, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Sonhat, Mr. Sonhat and all the area, Khabgwan's Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Mr. Shini Pacara was posted in Police Station, Khaggaon and Tehsil area and Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Bakundipar and Mr. Liladhar Dhruv, Maintaining peace and law and order in all the areas under Is responsible for the responsibility. Similarly, to maintain the peace and law and order arrangements in the police station of Mannagar, Khongapani, Jhagrakhand, Police Check, Nagpur and Tehsil, Mr. Dasarath Singh Rajput, Executive Officer of Kharagwan, all the area under Thana Chirmiri and Podi and Mr. Bharat Kaushik, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Mannagar. The liability is entrusted.
Collector Mr. Dugga, Mr. Nighe Tehsildar, Nab Tehsildar of Bharatpur and Mr. Manamohan Pratap Singh, Nab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Kahhari, Mr. Shashibhushan Soni, Mr. Mannohan Pratap Singh, Police Officer, Police Station, Thane, Janakpur and Tahsil area; All the regions and land records under Ramgarh, Superintendent of Korea Mr. Rajendra Prasad is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in the entire region under police whip.

Assembly Election 2018: Formation of Standing Committee


A staging committee has been constituted for officers and officials of Bemetara district to resolve the difficulties during the electoral process of the Assembly elections 2018. In the committee, collector and district officer will be Bemetara coordinator. According to the order issued by the District Election Officer, the members of the committee, Superintendent of Police, Bemetara, Deputy District Officer, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Bemetara, Berla, Navagad and Saja, Sub-Divisional Officer (Police) Bemetara, President of Bharatiya Janata Party, District Bemetra , President of the Indian National Congress, District Bemetra, Chairman and Problem of Bahujan Samaj Party, District Bemetra Candidates (since the date of the allocation date) will be candidates.

Instructions for submission of Arms of license stripes to nearest police station

Surajpur is the Oct 12, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr KD Devasanapati, that notification has been issued for the Assembly elections 2018. According to which, voting for the Legislative Assembly Election 2018 in Surajpur District is scheduled for 12th November 2018 in Phase I and 20th November 2018 in Phase-I and counting on December 11, 2018. According to Section 17 of the Ordinance Act, 1959, according to Section 17 of the Arms Act, the weapon license of all the licenses of the Surajpur district will be held from October 06, 2018 to December 11, 2018, as per the declared code of conduct for law and order. Suspended with immediate effect. In the suspension period, the licensed will submit their weapon to the nearest police station and after 11 December 2018, the suspension order will be automatically canceled.


Training of Nodal Officers of Media Attestation and Monitoring Committee

Surajpur October 12, 2018 / Today on 12th October, 2018, in the presence of the District Collector, District Collector of Surajpur Mr. Sanjeev Jha, in the presence of Chief Executive Officer of the Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KC Desh Senapati, in the meeting room of district Panchayat in the presence of District level Media Certification and Nodal Officers of Monitoring Committee. Finished
In training Mr. Deveshapati said that the common means of campaigning are propaganda by vehicle, propaganda by loudspeakers, election meetings and electoral rallies, and advertisements from the print media (newspapers) in the current powerful sources of election campaign, electronic media (Television channel, cable channel, e-newsletter, bulk sms), election pamphlet, falexshi, banner, poster Including advertising. He informed that political advertisements by political parties / candidates in electronic media, TV channels, local cable network, e-newspapers, permission to print advertisement expenses on the print media, not showing in election expenditure account, Political advertising, and criticism of aspects of the personal life of any other candidate in political advertising or speech Is. The training of district level media attestation and surveillance committee in the monitoring, monitoring political advertisements in print and electronic media, allowing broadcasting of political advertisements on electronic media, permitting transmission of pad news, publishing in electronic media Allow political affiliation to be advertised, print and electronic media, and Monitoring political advertisements, patched pad news, reporting to the retiring officer in violation of Model Code of Conduct in the media area, after receiving permission for the review of the received application (approved, rejected, back for modification) When it is broadcast, monitor it, record the broadcast ad, take action on the broadcast advertising of the baggage permit To give report to the Returning Officer, PAD News: To advertise the advertisement within the press, and to make a notice to the candidate through the Returning Officer. In the committee, District Election Officer, Chairman, Deputy District Election Officer, a first class officer of the Information and Broadcasting Department, recommended by the Press Council of India / Independent citizen and DPRO / District Information Officer / equivalent Member Secretary.
On this occasion, Nodal officers and staff of District level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee were present in the training.

Sub jail Surajpur was inspected by the Secretary of District Legal Services Authority

In the guidance of Surajpur, 12 October 2018 / District Judge / District District Legal Services Authority, Shri D.L. Katakwar, Deputy Inspector Surajpur was inspected by Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Surajpur. During inspection, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi examined the security of the prison, while inspecting the quality of rice, pulse, vegetable quality of the food items found by the detainees and inspecting the Legal Aid operated in the jail, the prisoners were given the services of the clinics. Having heard about the problems of the prisoners while talking about. Mr. Tripathi said that the prisoners who are not able to appoint an advocate for the prosecution of their case, if they report to the advocate in the clinic or go to the cell, then request the judge to provide free advocate for the lobby for my case. is. Mr. Tripathi told the prisoners that legal services were provided free of charge by the Legal Services Authority and also who told who could avail the free service. Secretary, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi gave detailed information about the procedures in the case till the court, the pleading for the prisoners, the process of appealing, the rights of prisoners, remand, arrest warrants, registration of first information report and the court.
During the inspection, Jail Superintendent Mr. AK Shukla, PLV Surajpur Shri Satya Narayan Singh, Umesh Kumar and other employees of the jail were present.

Training of Zonal / Sector and Executive Magistrates

On October 11, 2018, the training of zonal / sector and executive magistrates was done in the presence of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KD Deesanapati, President and Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur, Shri Sanjeev Jha, in the meeting room of Surajpur October 12, 2018 / Pilkhha Kheer.
In the training, detailed discussion was done by collector Shri Deveshnapati in connection with the election of barricades of electoral work, errors related to voting machines and improvement. Collector Shri DeSanapati and District Panchayat CEO Shri Sanjeev Jha discussed the questionnaire and its solution with Master Trainer, Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey. District Election Officer Shri K.D. Devsanapathy instructed the voting officers and the presiding officers to conduct tehsilwar intensive training skillful teachers in the schools. In each polling booths in the training, voters are being motivated to vote for free and autonomous voting in the polling day, along with the information given by the Election Commission's said machine which is connected to VVP. In the voter cell, the valet unit and VVP machine will be kept. After voting by the voter, the number of the candidates voted in VVP Pat, the candidate's name and his simbal will be displayed for seven seconds and the voter will be able to see. Voting booth compartment will be re-verified from the wallet unit and VV pat machine screen. As soon as voter will be voted out, at the same time, the candidate will get the lamp ready for the valet unit and at that time the slip will be drawn from VVP pat. As soon as the slip will remain in the voter slip stand for seven seconds, then the slip will drop in the drop box, at the same time the candidate will get a red lamps for the lamp and control unit and at the same time the whip will be heard for 10 seconds.


This will know that our voting has fallen. In training, E.V. M.M. and V.V. Pat machine is involved in the polling day by mixing the machines at the time of the Mole Poll and after watching the activities, the pole is to be done. The blind voting voter will need the person who helps in the voting even after getting information of the Braille script, because the blind voters will not be able to see the demonstration on the VV pat screen. Procedure for getting all voting materials and returning to returning office is given.
On this occasion, Sector / Zonal Officers including Election Training Assistant Nodal Officer Mr. Ajay Mishra, District Education Officer, Mr. Rajesh Singh and all Deputy District Presidents and Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars were present in the training.

Examination for admission in Sainik School on 6th January


The All India Sainik School entrance examination will be held on January 6, 2019 for admission in sixth and ninth grade in the session 2019-20 in the only Sainik School, Ambikapur (Sarguja) of the state. Application form for entrance examination in Sainik School, Ambikapur, can be filled online from Sainik School Society's official website, SainikSchoolAdmission, from November 26, 2018.

Activities of Sainik School, Ambikapur, can be seen on the school's website, For detailed information regarding this, contact can be made on the telephone number 07774261609 of the Sainik School, 7747032999. Principal of Sainik School has said that the date of birth of the student should be between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2009 for admission in class VIII. Similarly, for admission to Class IX, the student's birth date should be between 1 April 2004 and 31 March 2006. For admission in class IX, it is compulsory for the student to be eighth grade.

Students can take examination in the camps at Ambikapur, Bilaspur, Raipur, Raigad, Kanker and Jagdalpur for admission in Sainik School. Students will be able to take admission test in Sainik School, Ambikapur only for admission to Class IX.

Claims objection till October 19

Balrampur October 12, 2018 / Chief Medical and Health Officer has informed that eligible non-qualified co-educational merit list has been issued for candidates for the Male Multipurpose Health Worker Training session 2018-19. Candidates can submit their claim-objection till October 19 in the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer Balrampur. For more information in this regard, you can observe the office information panel.


Organizing Voter Awareness Campaign

Balrampur October 12, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 is in progress and voter awareness campaign is being conducted under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak with the objective of increasing the voting percentage in the district. By which all the citizens of the district are being made aware about voting.
Voter awareness campaign was organized at Government College, Ramanujganj. In the program, all college students who have been 18 years of age, were given the importance of voting and used their franchise during the elections to be fair and bold, and to make people aware of their voting about voting Was told. Voting through the electronic voting machine was given to the students in the awareness campaign. On this occasion, all the professors of the college and Assistant Nodal of the District Education Officer cum Sweep, Mr. IP Gupta, Assistant Project Officer of Bimal Higher Secondary School, Mr. Vimal Dubey, literary officer Om Prakash Gupta, Development Block Education Officer Mr. Lalit Kumar Patel were present on this occasion.

Sugam, Suvidha And Samadhan app launch


During the assembly elections in the district, an app launch has been launched at Collectorate District Election Office, Bemetara. In which application can apply online and avail this facility. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that this app is accessible, convenience, solution.

In the Sulabh app, the vehicle system for selection, detailed description of the vehicle, entry of the vehicle owner and driver, petrol-diesel, driver's payment, vehicle allocation will be determined at the district level. The collector said that the concerned citizen can apply online without applying the manual. Facilities and allowances for the permission of vehicle, rally, gathering etc., by the returning officer (RO) of the concerned assembly constituency, under the convenience app, are permitted. The solutions related to election through the solution app include disposal of National Governance System etc.


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