Assembly election 2018 Political parties meeting on October 15

Regarding various subjects of Mahasamund, October 13, 2018 / Assembly General Election 2018, at 5.00 pm on October 15, 2018, the meeting of political parties under the chairmanship of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta has been held in the collectorate meeting room. In the meeting, all political parties have been requested to attend the office bearers and representatives.

Assembly election 2018 Meeting of media representatives on October 15

The meeting of the media representatives on various topics of Mahasamund, October 13, 2018 / Assembly General Election 2018 has been held in the collectorate meeting room under the chairmanship of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta at 4 pm on October 15, 2018. In which the media representatives of the district have been requested to be present.


Assembly election 2018 Sector officials completed second phase training Keep complete information of EVM machine and VVPat etc to sector executives

In connection with the training of second phase of Sector Officers appointed for Mahasamund, 13th October 2018 / assembly Election 2018 and training of EVMs and VVPAT, training program held in the district panchayat of the assembly hall. On this occasion, Shri Himashikar Gupta, Collector and District Election Officer, told all the Sector officials that he should keep the full knowledge of the functioning and procedures of EVM machine and VVPAT etc. and learned about Bhalbhanti during the training. He said that during the voting, this training will be able to benefit them.
The District Electoral Officer told the sector officials that they have been visiting polling stations of their respective sectors. From time to time in those areas to see them, organize, etc. He said that all the Sector Officers must keep mobile numbers of BLO, Patwari, Secretary, Sarpanch etc. in their area of ​​coverage The role of sector officers is important in the elections. They will be responsible for reaching polling stations and after returning polling booths from polling stations. He said that what is done in the event of the degradation of EVM machine etc., how to diagnose its problem, learn it during the training. Training was done in connection with the Sector Officer. During the second phase training of sector officers, it was said that the reports of polling booths have been given by them. The distribution of the voting material will be settled and the child of Sarai Palali will be from Higher Secondary School Sarai Palali. The same Khaliari and Mahasamund will be from Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar Mahasamund. The return of material after the vote will be held in the agricultural produce market of the four assemblies of Patiyazar Mahasamund. During training, the sector officials were aware of the contacts, their responsibilities, etc. to the Presiding Officers All the arrangements for the polling stations are suitable, in this regard, they were also directed.
It was informed during the training that the sector officials should also take special measures to monitor their sector maps, mobile numbers of area officials, road conditions, shadows in the polling station, toilets, rain, water, electricity etc. Having said. Apart from this, sector officials were told that they make the Model Code of Conduct. During the training, the sewing of EVM machine, maize-poles, presidency diaries, viewing account slip, keeping a list of voting parties, voter list etc. had also been conveyed to During the training, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer B. S. All Sector Officers including Murmur were present


Assembly election 2018 More than five thousand citizens in the district headquarters made a human chain and gave a message of voter awareness Cent percentile appeals

Mahasamund, Voter Awareness Campaign of the Election Commission of India on October 13, 2018, today was given a message to make a cent percent poll by creating a human chain in the district headquarters. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta challenged the present masses to come out of their homes on polling day and vote for them. He said that the generality of Voter Awareness Program under Sweep will be proved when the public is bound to vote for a cent percent.
 The human chain of voting awareness was set up from the Gallanta Chowk to the old district hospital, in which large number of colleges, women self-help groups, Anganwadi workers, Mithanin, BLO, ANM, GNM, and departments of the officers and employees of large number Participation was taken after the rally took place. In the mini stadium, various college students gave the message of making a human chain of "Sweep Mahasamund" in the capital letter of English, in which about 700 students joined. During this time, performance of the street plays and voter chariot was taken in connection with the voting awareness near the municipal office.

Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta administers oath to participate in the process of voting in the assembly elections with a fair and peaceful and transparent election of the Election Commission of India at the mini stadium. In his oath, he said, "We take this oath by keeping our complete faith in India's citizen democracy that we will maintain the democratic tradition of our country and keeping the dignity of free fair and peaceful elections intact, fearlessly, Without any influence of religion, class, caste, community, language or any other temptation, use your franchise in all the elections , And Divyanjan will inspire voters to vote. He appealed to the district residents to participate in the process of cent percent polling.
Collector and District Election Officer Shri Gupta by running a motor cycle
Citizens to appeal to vote
Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta motivated people to vote for the people by running a motor cycle from the office of Mahamasamund, here under the voter awareness as per the sweep. Along with this, the officials, employees and ordinary citizens of different departments delivered messages regarding voter awareness by running motor cycle and cycle.
On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Sweep and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Ritterraj Raghuvanshi, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Tiwari, SDM Mahasamund Mr. Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi, Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Mrs Abha Tiwari, Chief Municipal Officer Mrs. Preeti Singh, CMO College Nodal Officer Dr. Malti Tiwari, District Secretary Mr. Rekhraj Sharma, Mr. Pramod Nnauje, Upasnchalk Department of Agriculture Mr. Whikpik Dr. D. D. Jharia, Deputy Director, veterinary services, Mr. BL Kurray, District Education Officer, Mr. Alok Dwivedi, international player, and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Assembly election 2018 Legislative Returning Officer Returning Officer will be Collector for Bemetra

Bemetara October 13, 2018: - According to the election schedule of the Election Commission of India for the three assembly constituencies under the district for the general election of 2018, the Returning Officer and Assistant Officer and the Assistant Officer to assist the nominee, The liability has been entrusted. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware has issued orders for officials, employees. The Returning Officer will be the self-collector for the Assembly constituency Bemetra. Assistant Returning Officer ARO (SDM Bemetra) Mr. D.N. Kashyap and SDM Berla Shri R.P. Anchala, Assistant Grade of Bemetra-02, Ravilal Pahre, Assistant Grade-03, Narendra Singh Rajput, Steno Kamta Prasad Piyush will be present for their clerical assistance. Returning Officer for the assembly constituency will be Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Saja Umashankar Sahu. Assistant Returning Officer ARO deputy collector Bemetra Shri D.R. Dhruv, Tehsildar Thankhmahariya Prafulla Rajak, Assistant Grade-02 Kailash Padoti for District Office Bemetra, V. Virendra Verma of Tahasil Office, Saza, Steno KL Srivastava of Berla, Tehsil office. Similarly, the returning officer for the assembly constituency Navagad will be the revenue department officer Navagad Dev Singh Uike. Assistant Returning Officer, ARO, District Panchayat, CEO of Navagad. And Deputy Collector Anandop Tiwari and Tehsildar Bemetra Smt. Uma Raj, for their clerical assistance, SDM Office of Bemetara, Vijay Kumar Verma, the Teestotal office of the Tehsil, Navadgad-3, Balaram Devdas and the Tehsil office of Bemetra, Gokhan Prasad Dhruv. Nomination letters can be deposited in Collectorate Bemetra for all three assembly constituencies of the district.

Instructions regarding property deformation issued

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - In the meeting held in Bemetara on Friday by the fortified fort, Shri Dilip Vasanikar had instructed that in cases related to violation of Model Code of Conduct in the Government Asset / Office Building etc., concerned head of the concerned department / department, Instructions have been issued to file an information report (FIR). Collector and District Election Officer have issued orders in writing to all the Heads of the district to strictly adhere to these instructions.


Instructions regarding leave acceptance

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware issued a letter to District Education Officer Bemetra saying that Development Officer, Bectara, Education Officer, Bmeetra, irrespective of the application of duty in the earned leave / medical leave and election duty of the employees of the district election office Contrary to the instructions In this regard, it is regulated in this regard that the application submitted in relation to non-levy of vacation or election duty for health reasons should be sent to the office along with the examination of the medical board after, along with the opinion . Application to keep free from leave or election, except for this office. Direct all subordinate officers in this regard The circular of this effect has been sent to the collectors of all departments of the district.

Collector reviewed the rest house

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware observed the newly constructed rest house located at Thankhmaharia, Tehsil headquarters of the district. The District Magistrate instructed the officers of the Public Works Department to keep all the facilities in the rest house a tidy condition. During the assembly elections, observers can rest in it. During the inspection, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Savaja Shri Umashankar Sahu, CMO Thankhmahria Shri Lalji Chandrakar, Nayab Tehsildar Shri Praful Rajak were also present.


Collector meeting took nodal officers

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware reviewed the preparations for election work in the meeting of the Nodal Officers appointed for the Assembly Election 2018 in the collectorate meeting room. ADM and Deputy District Election Officer S. Mandavi, District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra Mr. D.N. Kashyap, Saaza - Mr. U. S. Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, Berla Mr. R.P. Panchal, Deputy Collector, Smt. Silly Thomas, Executive Engineer P.H.E. Shri Parikrish Chaudhary, Lonivi Shri MR Jatav, District Information and Science Officer, Shri Rohit Chandravanshi, Treasury Officer, VG All nodal officers, including subdivision, MCMC's nodal officer and district public relations officer, election supervisor Santosh Namdev were present.
The Collector directed the strict observance of Model Code of Conduct issued by the Election Commission of India. Nodal officers also asked for active electoral literacy club formed in Panchayats under sweep plan and organized voter awareness program. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware said that this time the percentage of voting has to be increased against the previous assembly elections. For this, make every nodal officer aware about voters. Inspire voters to vote in each polling booth under Systematic Voter's Education and Electoral Participation (Sweep) plan. Respect the elderly voters of the village, also contact the Divya voters. For their convenience, there will be facility of wheel chair in polling centers. Better work on bringing voter awareness under booth level officer (BLO), Mitanin, sweep plan. This year 18-year-old age group is associated with new voters, they have to work as a vigilant. Inspire women voters to vote. All Nodal Officers will keep in mind that no political party persons should be included in Sweep Plan.


Assembly election 2018 Zonal officer appointed for assembly constituency

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in the three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections 2018. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kavre has appointed 15 officers under Zaza Assembly constituency as Zonal officers. These include Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayat, Saja Prakash Meshram; Zone-Kanha, Assistant Engineer, Water Resources, Bemetra, Vishnu Meshram, CmO. Thankhamhariya Lalji ChandraCare to Thankhmaria, Anu. Max. Public Works Department, Saza B.L. Patel was given Padmasura, assistant land conservation officer, Saza Ashutosh Shrivastav, to Khairjitikala, District Registrar Bmeetara Kumar Bhurai, Assistant Food Officer Gitesh Chand Mishra, Kehka, CMO Saza Ashwani Chandrakar, Assistant Engineer, Water Resources, Bemetra Gayatri Sahu, Bija, Development Officer, Saja Dr. Neelima Gadkari to Mohagaon, Executive Above P.H.E. Project Ms. Ashalata Gupta to Beagoda, Assistant Food Officer Bemetara Arun Meshram, Bhatgaon, CMO Paropody Ms. Anuradha Rajamani has been posted as Paropody, General Manager, District Industries Center, Kamal Singh Meena, Gadaadi, Forest Area Officer, Saza, Shri Dinesh Sahu as Deokar Zonal Officer. Apart from this, two officials have been kept in the reserve in which the District Co-operative Central Bank, Bemetara R.S. Kashyap and CMO Devakar Rajesh Banjara are involved.

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