Under the Minority Scholarship Scheme

Pre-matric scholarship on October 15 and online applications for post matriculation and merit cum mins till October 31
Jashpurnagar: On October 15, 2018, pending online application for post matriculation, pre-matric and merit cum minor minority scholarship scheme has been invited from the minority community students of the district. Also, many pending applications have also been asked to provide information from the concerned institution.
Assistant Commissioner said that 20 applications in the pre-matriculation 1111, Post Matric 43 and Merit cum Means of minority community are pending at the institution level and district level. For this, all the Heads of Education Institutions have been advised to provide information about their pending cases immediately. So that the pending application can be resolved. He also informed that online application for applying date of application of matriculation pre-matric scholarship to 15, post matriculation and merit cum mins has been done till October 31.

Formation of District Expenditure Monitoring Committee

District Surveillance Committee has been constituted for observation of election expenses of Jashpurnagar 15th October 2018 / assembly constituency 2018 for Assembly constituency, No. 12-Jashpur, 13-Kunkuri and 14-Pathhalgaon. In the committee formed, the District Election Officer and Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Deputy District Election Officer Shri I.L. Thakur and Deputy Collector Shri Yogendra Shrivastava have been made in-charge expenditure incurred in the constituency.

In Jashpur district, the average rainfall recorded is 1055 percent

Jashpurnagar has recorded 1055 percent of the rainfall in the district as on October 15, 2018, compared to the average rainfall. According to information received from the Land Records Branch of Collector Office, 1000.4 millimeter rainfall was received from 1st June to 15th October in the district. The highest rainfall is 1315.6 mm. In Kunakuri tehsil. In Jashpur tehsil 1172.4 millimeter, Manora 1145.6, Duldula 1083.1, Parsabahar 770.2, in the garden 813, in Kansabel 845.2 and Pathalgon 857.8, millimeter rains have been recorded. The average annual rainfall of the district is 1121.7 mm. is.

Due to the action taken under the Motor Vehicle Act in 896 cases from October 6, in Pathalgaon

After the effect of Jashpurnagar 15th October 2018/Sharsha Practices Code, the Police Department is continuously checking under the Motor Vehicle Act. So far, a total of 896 cases have been prosecuted.
SDOP of Police Department Mr. Abhishek Jha said that under the motor vehicle act, every small vehicles are being checked by making points every day. In which there are no number plates, names of political parties in the number plates, registration of vehicles, absence of insurance and other papers, non-wearing helmets and other urgent action are being done. He said that on the previous day, on 12th October, 3 political parties, after getting number plates of the post on their vehicles, the number plates of the post was removed and action was taken under Section 50/177 of MV. Gone.

Meeting of MCMC committee

District Election Officer and Collector Dr. Jashpurnagar organized a meeting of the Media Certification and Testing Committee (MCMC) set up for the October 15, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018. Chairperson Priyanka Shukla was held on Monday in the meeting room of the collector's office. In the meeting, discussions on print media, electronic media and pad news on social media and violation of good conduct code were discussed.
It is to be noted that the Code of Conduct Conducted in the District is effective from 6th October, 2018, during which any action will be taken by MCMC Committee on violation of PAD News publication or Adarsh ​​Code of Conduct. MCMC has been divided into various units. In which print media unit will be presented to MCMC by scrutinizing the news related to paid news by scrutinizing morning and evening news papers. The electronic media unit will be presented to MCMC by marking the news related to paid news by checking the samples being broadcasted in 24C7 news and local cable channels. News related to paid news will be submitted to MCMC by scrutinizing the news that will be broadcast in 24 Media 7 social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WikiPedia, Instagram, Whotspap, Web News etc. in Social media unit. News related to Paid News will be presented to MCMC by scrutinizing the news to be broadcasted in 24 C7FM or local Akashwani radio channels in FM or local Akashavi Radio unit. Along with this, electronic media will be presented to MCMM by marking the news related to Negative News, Fake News by checking the news that will be broadcast under the four types of units mentioned above by the Unsecurity Unit.

Constituency-wise flying squad members constitute for continuous monitoring of check posts


Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deveshnapati has said that in the forthcoming assembly election 2018, for the purpose of monitoring election expenditure, the Legislative Assembly, Area-wise in-charge, did a partial research in the order issued earlier to check post and police staff for continuous surveillance on the check post. The Flying party team has been constituted in the assembly area. In the first shift in the first shift for the assembly constituency 04-Premnagar Aengta Tara Barrier, from 08 am to 10 pm, in-charge officer in charge of the airport, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Premnagar, Mr. Teerath Prasad Jaiswal, Incharge Officer, Check Post Deputy Engineer Public Works Department, Mr. Shivbachan Singh, Police Staff Mr. Nandlal Singh, Rakshak Shri Satyendra Dubey, Rakshak Shri Jayjeet ToPpo is set Duti.

Similarly, in the first shift for Barabspur Barrier from 08 am to 10 pm, Officer-in-Charge of the Udgadasta tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Ramanujanagar Shri Shabab Khan, Incharge Officer, Check Post Deputy Engineer, Shri. Ajay Kumar Patel, Police Officer, Mr. Vivek Pandey, Police Officer, Shri Shree Ghanshyam Sonwani, Rakshak Shri Sanjay Yadav and second shift in the night from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm, Officer-in-Charge of the Flying Officer, Deputy Engineer, Zilla Panchayat, Ramanujanagar, Mr. Surendra Pankara, Incharge Officer, Public Works Department, Mr. Pramod Kumar Gupta, Police Officer, Mr. Anil Bhagat, Rakshit Shree Ranjit Singh and the dancer of Dhananjay Sirdar have been appointed. In the first shift for the dearness barrier, from 8 am to 10 pm, in-charge officer in charge, in-charge, in-charge Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Premnagar, Mr. Teerath Prasad Jaiswal, in-charge officer, check post, Deputy Engineer, Chhattisgarh, Mr. Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Police Officer, Mr. Devnarayan Yadav, Police Officer, Mr. Raghavendra Sail Rakshak Shri Dinesh Thakur and second shift in the night from 10 am to 8 pm in charge Officer, Flying Officer, Deputy Engineer, Graduate Service, Mr. Rishikant Tiwari, Incharge Officer, Check Post Deputy Engineer Public Works Department, Mr. Kalyan Singh Porte, Police Staff, Mr. Vinod Singh, Police Officer, Mr. Vinod Singh, Chandra Kumar Sahu, Rakshak Pravin Ekka has made a duty.

Deputy Engineer Lt. Swamy, Mr. Vikash Prashant Singh, Incharge Officer, Check Post Deputy Engineer, Lt.V. Mo Kaif Anjaam, Police Staff, Mr. Rakshak Sharma, Mr. Harishankar Tiwari, Rakshak Shri Devanandan Rajwade, Rakshak Shri Naveen Singh and Officer-in-Charge in the Second Shift, Officer-in-charge, Deputy Engineer, Mr. Subhash Kumar Sinha, Incharge Officer Check Post Deputy Superintendent Lt. Sw. Ram, Shri K.R. Gupta, Police Mchari Q 0 constable Ashok Sahu, Constable Anil Minz, constable Shri Shantanu Singh has been appointed.In the first shift for Shivprasadnagar Barrier, Officer-in-Charge Officer, Ondnasta Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Sub-Tehsil, Bhatgaon, Smt. Sangeeta Sai, Incharge Officer, Check Post Deputy Engineer, Electrical Rural Mechanical Service, Shri Raju Jangade, Police Staff, Mr. Bishun Dev Pankara, Raksh Chandra Sai Rajwade, Mukeshwar Verma and Officer in charge in Second Shift Flying Dasta Deputy Engineer, Water Resources Department, Bhaiyathan Mr. RS Thakur, Incharge Officer, Check Dy. Deputy Engineer, Mr. Swamy, Mr. Amit Rai, Police Officer, Mr. Devnarayan Pankara, Police Commissioner, Mr. Jai Prakash Singh, Rakshak Shri Sonu Singh. In the first shift for Biharpur Chandni Barrier, In-charge Officer OndaDasta Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Ondi, Mr. Salik Ram Gupta, Incharge Officer, Deputy Superintendent, Graduate, Mr. Amit Kumar Tamarkar, Assistant Sub Inspector, Ganga Prasad, Police Superintendent, Mr. Sunder Lal, In-charge Officer, Flying Day Deputy Engineer Water Resources Department Ri Lokesh Rajvadeh, the officer in charge Czech Post Upabhiyanta g 0 entries 0 0 Sri Kishore Kumar Khalkho, policeman Q 0 constable Mr Lalchand Kujur, constable Rajendra Pratap Rajvadeh, Constable Mr Capal Kashyap has been appointed.

Similarly, the officer in charge of the first shift for Kdgwan barrier under constituency 06-Pratappur flying squad Naib Pratappur dog 0 Poonam Rashmi Tigga, official Czech Post Deputy Engineer of Water Resources in charge of Mr. P 0 Ekka, policeman Q 0 constable Mr. Rvinand Singh, constable Mr. Rajnish Patel, constable Shri Karan Singh Netam and in-charge of the second shift, Officer-in- 0 entries 0 service Mr. Avinash Raj Sinha, take the officer in charge Czech Post Sub Engineer welcome 0 0 0 entries Mr Gyanesh Mishra, policeman constable Mr. Vishal Gupta, constable Shri Aniruddha Pankra, Constable Mr Inderjit Singh went to put stand down. Chandura (Benaras Road) barrier for the officer in charge of flying squad Naib and Executive Magistrate Pratappur Ms. rituraj Singh, officer in charge Czech Post B. R. C. Pratappur Ramesh Sharan Singh, policeman constable Mr. Dlsay Koram low and charge in the second shift officer flying squad Upabhiyanta welcome entries  Mr. Vimlesh Singh, Officer-in-Charge, Check Post Technical Assistant, MNREGA Pratapu Mr. Dharmendra Singh, policeman constable Anurag Yadav, constables Vikas Singh went to put stand down. Silfili (Rajpur road) officer in charge of the first shift for barrier flying squad Naib Pratappur dog Poonam Tigga, post officer in charge of Czech Deputy Engineer District Panchayat Pratappur Mr. Manoj Pankra, policeman Q 0 constable Rajesh Kumar Yadav, constables in Mr. Narendra Nikunj and Second Shift Incharge Officer Onda Dasta Deputy Minister, Grameen Services Mr. Avinash Raj Sinha, Incharge Ri Czech Post Sub Engineer g 0 entries 0 service Mr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta, policeman Q 0 constable Mr Raghuvar Singh, constable Dinesh Kumar Bhagat has been appointed.



Constituency-wise flying squad members constituted for continuous monitoring of Sector and polling booth


Collector and District Election Officer Shri KD Devsanapati has said that in order to monitor the election expenditure for the upcoming assembly elections 2018, the Legislative Assembly, Area-wise in-charge officer, Executive Magistrates and Police employees, for continuous surveillance of the Sector and polling station, While making amendments, the Flying Squad Party has been constituted in the assembly constituency. In the first shift from 08 am to 10 pm, Nodal Officer, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Surajpur, Dr. Subhash Singh Raj, Incharge Officer, Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Pilkhra, Smt. Garima Thakur, and Police Inspector, Shri NP Rajwade, Rakshak Shri Ashok Sonawani, Women Arakshar Santoshi Verma police station Surajpur, in-charge officer Tehsildar and executive magistrate Ramanujnagr Mr. Shabab Khan, Police Officer Assistant Sub-Inspector Shri Hiralal Sahu, Rakshak Shri Sanjay Singh Rajput, Women's Reservoir Sindhu Kujur, In-charge Officer in-charge Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Mr. Teerath Prasad Jaiswal, Police Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Mr. Basant Gupta, Rakshak Surendra Singh, Women Rakshak Nikki Mishra Duty In charge and in second shift from 10 am to 8 am in charge Officers Sub-engineer low.svg.v Shri Shailendra Kumar Patale, Police Staff Assistant Sub-Inspector Shri Ram Singh, P. R. Shri Vikas Singh, Rakshak Shri Jhumuk Lal, In-charge Officer, Deputy Superintendent of District Panchayat Ramanujanagar Mr. Surendra Pankara, Police Officer, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Mr. Ranjit Sonwani, Rakshak Shri Ram Kaskal Yadav, Shamalal Sahu, In-charge Officer, Deputy Superintending Engineer, Govt. Premnagar Shree Rishikant Tiwari, Police Sub-Inspector Sub-Inspector Shri Subbal Singh, Rakshak Bhaineshwar Singh, Rakshak Shri Nirmal Singh have been posted as Duty.

Similarly, in the first shift for assembly constituency 06-Pratappur from 08 am to 10 pm, Nodal Officer, Divisional Magistrate Pratappur, Mr. CS Pankara, In-charge Officer Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Pratappur Ms. Rituraj Singh, Police Staff Deputy Inspector Shri Sadam Chauhan, Devraj Ram, women's reserve Anima Minj, in-charge officer Naib Tehsildar Police Superintendent of Police Poonam Tigga, Assistant Sub Inspector Shri Sohan Singh, Police Inspector Shri Ashwani Pandey, and Rakshak Shailesh Singh have been deployed in the second shift and in the second shift from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm, the Officer-in-Charge of the Deputy Engineer, Lt. Swamy, Mr. Vimalsh Singh, Police Staff, Assistant Sub-Inspector Shri Bajrangi Lal, Principal Mr. Navalasai Ram, Mr. Rajkumar Kanchav, Reserve Officer, Deputy Officer in charge Ntri g 0 entries 0 0 Mr. Avinash Raj Sinha, police staff inspector Mr R 0 n 0 Bhagat, constables Mr. Amleshhwar Singh, constable put Dyuti Mr. Manoj Rai.



Postponement of Collector's election till election


Collector Mahadev Kaware told that the weekly demonstration program will be postponed every Tuesday in the collectorate meeting room of the Joint District Office Building, till the completion of the process of assembly election 2018.

Seized 18 vehicles by mining department, fined 21 thousand rupees


On receipt of complaints of repeated mineral exploration / transport of the illegal mineral exploration / transport under Bemetara district, during the strict operation by the Mineral Department, Bemetara, according to the order of Collector Mahadev Kawar, in October 2018, sand 11, murum 03 and ballast 04 total 18 The total amount of recoveries of the vehicles has been recovered to 21 thousand 700 rupees. Action taken on illegal mineral transport has been banned illegal transportation to a large extent and the proceedings will continue further.

Collector meeting of School Operators


Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware held a meeting of the directors of various schools of the district in the District Panchayat Samiti. He apprised of the bus acquisition for assembly elections.

The collector informed that on 18th November, 12 am to ensure that the vehicle is sent to Bemetara in the agricultural produce market Bemetara. Come in the driver uniform and hold the card issued by the school management. Do not drink alcohol during duty, it should be carefully taken care of. Voting will take place on November 20 in the three assembly constituencies of the district. The said date will be declared public holiday in the district. Holidays in schools due to Sunday on 18th November The collector said that the drivers of the drivers who will feel duty driven for the postal ballot. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat Shri Sachchidanand Alok, District Education Officer Shri G.R. Chandrakar, B.E.O. Navagadh Shri G.R. Chaturvedi, Bemetra Shri Arun Khare, Berla Shri Nibhalal Ravte, were also present.

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