Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Voting Parties Training Start


For the purpose of organizing the Legislative Assembly elections 2018, there is a comprehensive preparation for the guidance and direction of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta in the district. In this regard, training programs for the voting parties are being run in all the developmental headquarters of the district. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta visited the Vedner Memorial High Secondary Secondary School, Mahasamund, here today to inspect the training programs of the polling parties. He asked the officers of the polling parties to take this training seriously. He said that the voting teams should be aware of the entire process of conducting the poll. The District Election Officer said that in the training program, all the polling personnel, especially VVPAT and EVM machine, are aware of the operational procedures and learn their nuances during training. Apart from this, keep special information about mock-pole, CRC etc. The presiding officer should take a thorough study of the presidency diary and also make practice of filling the ballot paper so that there is no difficulty.

In the training program of the voting parties, information regarding detailing of the responsibility of the presiding officer, duty, VVPAT containing EVM machine, sealing and its complete procedures is being given in detail by the master tech nurse. In the training program, the Presiding Officer, Voting Team Officer, Number One, two and three are being given training. Under this, information about all types of work, including important format, ballot paper, mock-pole, CRC, tender vote is being given.

During the first training, the postal ballot application will be received in format 12. During the second training of the Voting Team, the postal ballot paper will be released in 13-A, B, C and D. As per the Election Commission's mandate, every polling party will be deployed in the other assembly, so it is necessary for everyone to give a postal ballot paper. Apart from this, the practice of filling the presidency diary in this training program will be done and it will be provided with detailed information. Model of ideal polling station is also being prepared in the training program. On this occasion, SDM Mahasamund, Shri Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi, Deputy Collector Shri Bhaag Thakur, Janpad Panchayat Mahasamund CEO Mrs Abha Tiwari and Master Trainers Mr. Himanshu Bharati were particularly present.

It is notable that under the first phase of training programs of the polling parties, training programs are being run in five developmental headquarters of the district. Under this, Vedner Memorial Higher Secondary School, Mahasamund is being organized on October 16, 17 and October 20, 2018 in Mahasamund Vikashand. In Bagbahra Vikaskhand, Pratibha Public School is being organized in Bagbahara on October 16 and 20, 2018. Pithora is being held on 16th and 17th and 20th of October in Pithora, St. Francis Higher Secondary School in Vikaskhand. Basna is being organized in the Vidyanchand, Governmental Higher Secondary School, Basana, on 16 and 17 October 2018.

Similarly, the St. Vicente Palti English Medium School is being held on 16th and 17th October 2018 in Quetta Saraypali in the Sarai Pali Vikas block. In this training program, all the polling parties have been instructed to be present in the training of their development headquarters and all the Sector Officers at their Block Headquarters. In Mahasamund total 1,1361, in Bagbahara 852, one thousand 201 in Pithora, 888 in Basna and 856 voting officers in Saraypali will be trained.



In Jashpur district, the average rainfall recorded is 1055 percent


So far 1055.9 percent of the rainfall has been recorded in the district compared to the average rainfall. As per the information received from the land records branch of the collector's office, 1000.4 millimeter rainfall was received from the 1st to the 16th of October in the district. The highest rainfall is 1315.6 mm. In Kunakuri tehsil. In Jashpur tehsil 1172.4 millimeter, Manora 1145.6, Duldula 1083.1, Parsabahar 770.2, in the garden 813, in Kansabel 845.2 and Pathalgon 857.8, millimeter rains have been recorded. The average annual rainfall of the district is 1121.7 mm. is.

Collector Dr. Shukla conducted inspection of polling stations of Manora district


Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla inspected several polling stations of Manora district on Tuesday, October 16th. During this, he reviewed other polling stations including Asta, Harradipa, Bardih and Bhimsila. During the inspection, Dr. Shukla gave orders for the construction of village Aasta polling station of Manora. To consider the color combination at Harradipa's polling booth, write the slogan related to voting in Beledih polling station and directing the SDM to direct the ramp to Bhimsila's polling station.

At the same time, he also said to make other necessary arrangements in the polling booths. Dr. Priyanka Shukla has been given timely timely meetings and other meetings to ensure the authorities all the necessary basic past features in all polling stations. He also said that every polling station should have clean drinking water facilities and ramps and other facilities for the devotees should be done in a proper manner.


International Rural Women's Day Organized


Women and Child Development Department organized 'International Rural Women's Day' to bring awareness among women for voting on the last day.

The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department said that in order to make women aware about voting in development block level and in some village panchayats by organizing the program, women and child development organized a sports competition. Apart from this, EVM Voting Machines were also demonstrated and trained for awareness of voting.

He said that 5492 women took oath on their own to vote and 10 others to cast their votes. In this program, 5476 women participated in the competition and 5492 women were sworn in for voters. In the program, the Rasta-Kasi Matsafod, Daud, Jalebi Race, Mahandi Rangoli Contest was organized.


Divisional level seniority list of Assistant grade-2 published, Claim-objection for up to 15 days


In the case of Assistant grade-2 of April 1, 2017, divisional level seniority list has been published. The information of this seniority list can be done on the information panel of the Commissioner, Office of the Saruguzha Division Ambikapur and the Sarguja, Surajpur, Korea, Jashpur and Balrampur-collector office of Ramanujganj district. In respect of seniority list, claim-objection can be submitted within 15 days of the establishment branch of Ambikapur, the Commissioner's office of the Sarguja division. No consideration will be made on the claim-objection after the scheduled time period. This information was given by Deputy Commissioner.


Instructions given to the officers to ensure proper arrangement in polling booths


The weekly time-limit meeting was held in the meeting room of Yeha District Collectorate under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga. In the meeting, he received information of pending applications of various departments and gave clear instructions to fix pending applications. In the meeting, the collector, Mr. Dugga, in the forthcoming assembly election 2018, established inter-coordination with all the district level officers and said that necessary cooperation should be made in the electoral work.

He said that 690 polling stations have been set up in the district for the smooth, well-organized, inclusive voting in the assembly elections 2018. In which assembly constituency no. 310 under Bharatpur-Sonhat, Assembly constituency-2 under Manedagarh, 153, 277 polling booths under Vidhan Sabha area number-3, Baikunthpur. Through these polling stations, 4 lakh 49 thousand 428 voters of the district will use their franchise. In addition, 3,666 Divya voters will also strengthen the public mechanism by voting. Collector Dugaga said that the Duty Legislative Assembly elections of the officers of different departments have been held in 2018. The concerned officers should be aware of the actual situation of drinking water, ramps, electricity, toilet, meeting arrangement, parking, root chart, access road etc. in their polling stations, and they gave specific instructions to ensure proper arrangements.

He said that any employee engaged in the election process will not be emancipated till the completion of the election process and neither will leave the headquarter without approval. He further said that the Control Room Sato will continue for 24 hours. On this occasion, he gave instructions to the revenue department officials to keep regular departmental work. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Additional Superintendent of Police, Smt. Nivedita Pal Sharma, District Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Chief Executive Officer of all district panchayats, all urban bodies Officers and District level officers of different departments were present.


Instructions for setting up five-five ideal polling stations in each assembly areas : Collector Shri Devsenapati


The meeting of the time bound meeting was held today in the presence of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and Additional Secretary Shri KP Say. In the meeting, the Collector Shri Dev Senapati informed that directing Zonal Officer and Sector Officers of the District for the Vidhan Sabha Election 2018, he said that he has instructed to establish five-five Model Polling Stations in each of the assembly constituencies under his own Sector. Ensure the facilities of electricity, water, toilets, ramps, wheelchairs and mobile connectivity in ideal polling stations. They informed that informing the Chief Executive Officer of the municipality and the Chief Executive Officer of the Janpad Panchayat and the Assistant Returning Officer regarding the postings, political posters, banners, buildings, premises located in their respective sectors.

The collector said that in order to install banner posters in private buildings like hotels and malls, permission for building owner will be required in draft 2A. The collector has to make a video graph in the General Assembly of the political parties for the Elephant affected area, in which the authorized videographer will be given first by election, after which every venue of the General Assembly will be videographed. Under the sweep for voter awareness in all government buildings, writing shlogan in big-letter letters.

He said that Navodaya voters, Divyang and Third Generator voters are also to be made aware. Collector Shri Deveshapati said that after receiving the EVM and VVPat machine by the Presiding Officer, the Sector Officer will ensure that he will be evacuated in the scheduled bus, Collector Shri DeSanapati said that 48 hours before polling, there will be complete restriction on all types of publicity. and No promotional material can be placed in the radius of 100 meters of polling station. He said that the eve of the polling will be ensured to remain in Tehsil headquarter so that the timely introduction of the Mappole and voting can be done. He said that it is compulsory to make a videography of McPaul, and if there is no videographer, then the video can also be made from smart phones, strict instructions to make sure to do a McPoll at seven o'clock in the morning. He said that Navodaya voters, Divyang and Third Generator voters are also to be made aware. Collector Shri Deveshapati said that after receiving the EVM and VVPat machine by the Presiding Officer, the Sector Officer will ensure that he will be evacuated in the scheduled bus, Collector Shri DeSanapati said that 48 hours before polling, there will be complete restriction on all types of publicity.

On this occasion, SDM Surajpur Dr. Subhash Singh Raj, SDM Bhayyathan Smt. Jyoti Singh, SDM Pratappur Mr. CS Painkara, Deputy Collector, Mr. Ravi Singh, were present along with the Zonal and Sector Officers.



District Level Sweep Nightly Kabbadi and Sugga Shaila Competition in Kudargarh on 15, 16 and 17 October 2018


According to the Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, voter mass awareness campaign will be organized in Surajpur assembly election 2018, for the widespread publicity of "Chala Sangi, Vote Dehe," Devi Dham Maa of Surajpur district, three days at the holy site of Kudargarh, , Shaila and Nightly Kabbadi competition are being organized. Whereas display of sports competition and Suga Shaila competition, along with E. V. M. M. and V.V. Pat machine, is the center of attraction for the people. The area of ​​Kudargarh is completely forested, where VVP machine is the eagerness to see people. People are using the machine to increase it. The display of the machine is being given various information through trained trained trainers of the district, how the voters can see slip from the machine.

In the same category, under the nightly Kabbadi and Suga Shaila competition at the district level Through the huge number of people and third gender brand ambassador of Surajpur district Surajpur Kajal and third gender brand ambassador Ikana Shalu as well as Divya brand ambassador Mr. Ishwar Shaw and youth youth college of Surajpur district and youth young college Candidate Campus Abysedere Voters are being called on to vote in their polling booth on November 20, 2018. Calling for extensive publicity is being done. Twenty teams of Kabbadi participated in the competition and an oath was also taken to make awareness among the voters among the competitions.

Kudargarh is the Vananchal region which makes people less eligible for the franchise, therefore, according to the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Devasanapati, the Panchayat work is being done to organize the people by organizing district level sports and cultural competition.

In addition to making the program successful, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Odgi, Shri S.K. Murmur, Sports Officer Mo Gos Baig, Culture Officer Dr. Mohanlal Sahu, District Coordinator Shri Devendra Upadhyay, Advisor Mr. Sanjay, Nodal Officer of Shaila-Suga Competition Team, Nodal Officer of Kabbadi Contest Team and all Officers Staff of Janpad Panchayat Odagi and Active participation is being made in the awareness campaign of the youth. Where a successful rally was organized by the first day young voters, Bhai-Sisters.

With the slogan "Chala Sangi, Vote Dehe, the rally was taken out of the village-gali of the voters. Broadcasting is being done through Divyang and Third Gender Abyserder. Where the machine is being used by locals seeing VVPs and EVM machines, hiding and voting The VV pat machine is curious to people that it works in some way. In this three-day program, the district officials and employees are working together in the district.




Training of Zonal / Sector Officers


In the presence of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KC Devsenapati, and Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur, Shri Sanjiv Jha, the training of zonal / sector officers was held on 16th October, 2018 in the meeting room of District Panchayat Surajpur. 

In the training, the District Panchayat CEO Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha directed all sector officers to keep mobile annex and instructed the implementation of Model Code of Conduct in all the polling stations in their respective Sectors. He said that strictly follow the check list given to sector officials and five to five ideal polling stations have been set up in each assembly, There is a need to have facilities like dining, painting, ramp, railing and toilet facilities (minimum basic facilities). On the day of voting day, a tent, 50 chair and place will be developed in the form of a voter support center, outside the ideal polling station, where there will be a list of ASPD, list of electoral rolls and voter slip.

Inspect the Sector Officer at the polling booth and inspect the process by continuously visiting the polling day. The Sector Officer will keep VV pat and EVM machine with him, which will be the assembly concerned, wherever the machine is closed or errors in different types of machine, the Sector Officer will notify the District Election Officer immediately by changing the machine. Sector officials will be present in the training of Presiding Officers so that they can get full knowledge of the election process.

After 1st randomization, Tahasil level training will be given to Pethacin and P-1 between October 20 and 25. After the second randomization, around three days training will be done on the district headquarters of Vidhan Sabha wise Pethasin, P-1, P-2 and P-3 near 10th November. Sector officials must be present at at least one polling station at the time of McPaul. Geo Tag information was given to all sector officials by the District Information and Technology Officer At the end of the training, information about the machines and errors related to the polling booths by the District Master Trainer, Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey was given. On this occasion, Sector / Zonal Officers, including Training Assistant Nodal Officer Mr. Ajay Mishra, District Education Officer, Mr. Rajesh Singh were present in the training.



Legislative assembly election 2018: Political parties conclude meeting


The meeting of the political parties was held in the presence of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati and in the presence of the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat and Returning Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha.

In the meeting, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Deveshapati, during the meeting, during the election campaign, during the campaigning, going from house to house, using SMS, Whatsapp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 07.00 AM to 08 AM. Relation was told. In the context of the order passed by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has amended the paragraph (02) by mentioning the aforesaid letter dated 05 September 2018, in the context of "6-Model Code of Conduct, during the election campaign house Use of contact, SMS, WhatsApp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that the common citizens To respect the privacy issues. According to the said instructions, the information related to the above information related information will be brought to the notice of all the officials of the state level political parties and registered invalidity parties, and all the authorities and affiliates related to the election process, and it will be widely publicized in the district. It will be taken care of that the Model Code of Conduct has been implemented in the state. Instructions will be automatically effected as above.

The training was also given to the political parties in the meeting. It was told in the training that in each polling booth, voters are being motivated to vote for free and autonomous voting in polling day and also the information given by the Election Commission to the voting machine connected to VVP. Is going. In the voter cell, the valet unit and VVP machine will be kept.

After voting by the voter, the number of candidates voted in VVPt's display segment, the name of the candidate and his simbal will be displayed for seven seconds which the voter will be able to see. Voting booth compartment will be re-verified from the wallet unit and VV pat machine screen. As soon as voter will be voted, at the same time, the candidate will get the lamp ready for the valet unit and at that time the slip will come out from VVP and the voter slip stand will remain for seven seconds in the slip. After this there will be a slip in the drop box, at the same time the candidate will get a red lamp of the lamp and control unit and at the same time there will be a whip for 10 seconds. This will know that our voting has fallen. Voters have been instructed to take corrupt conduct and polling day not to drink alcohol and follow the code of conduct. Full information about the entire process and code of conduct was given in the training. In training, E.V. M.M. and V.V. Pat machine is involved in the polling day by mixing the machines at the time of the Mole Poll and after watching the activities, the pole is to be done. The blind voting voter will need the person who helps in the voting even after getting information of the Braille script, because the blind voters will not be able to see the demonstration on the VV pat screen. Practical information about the use of the VW pat machine for the standing committee and political parties present in the training.

In the meeting, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Deveshnapati said that no party or candidate should do any such work which would increase existing differences between different caste and religious or linguistic communities or create a feeling of hatred or create tension. He said that in order to get votes, communal or communal sentiments should not be asked for help. Mass venues, churches, temples or other places of worship should not be used as a forum for publicity. All parties and candidates should be avoided with all such acts honestly, under the election law, there is corrupt conduct and crime, such as bribering voters, intimidating voters / impersonation, voting of voters, Voting within 100 meters of the polling station, taking public meetings and voters from the vehicle to the polling stations and bringing them back from there in the 48 hours that ended due to the end of the voting. He told that no political party or candidate should allow any of his followers to use land, gates, wall etc. without his permission for making flag flags, hanging the flag, writing information slogans, etc., to his followers.



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