Media Certification Committee has certified the advertisement for the broadcast

Korea, October 17, 2018 / First Meeting of the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee constituted to ensure the adherence of Model Code of Conduct during the election, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Till October 16th, under the chairmanship of Bharathidasan The application for pre-certification was discussed in the meeting and after the consent of the members, a certificate of no-objection was issued for the broadcast. On October 16, only one application was received by the committee.
In the meeting, Dr. Renuka Shrivastav (Returning Officer of Raipur South), Chairman of the Certification Committee, Smt. Padmaja and Doordarshan Program Head Mr. P.K. Srivastava was involved. According to the Election Commission of India, one media certification and monitoring committee (MCMC) has been constituted in each district and in every district. The Additional Chief Electoral Officer is the Chairman of the State Level Certification Committee formed by the Chief Election Officer. Apart from this, Returning Officer of one assembly constituency of Raipur district and one of the Principal Category Officers of the Information and Broadcasting Department.

Notification for voting for first phase of voting in the state On the first day no candidate filed nomination

On October 16, 2018 / Chhattisgarh, notification was issued for the first phase of assembly elections on October 16. With this, the nomination process started. On the first day, no candidate has filed his nomination papers for the 18 assembly seats. In the first phase, nomination papers for 12 seats of Bastar division and 6 seats of Rajnandgaon district are to be filed.
It is worth mentioning that nominations can be filled up to 18 seats for the first phase of the elections going to be held in two phases. Nomination papers will be checked on October 24 and the candidate will be able to withdraw his name till October 26. For the first phase, the voting will be held on 12th November whereas the counting for both phases will take place on December 11.
In this first phase elections, a total of 31 lakh 79 thousand 520 voters will be able to exercise their franchise in respective assembly constituencies. 4 thousand 336 polling stations have been set up to ensure 100 percent polling. In this phase 16 lakh 21 thousand 839 women, 15 lakh 57 thousand 592 male and 89 third gender voters will be able to use their franchise.

Road accident in Saraipali area, people returning after visiting Goddess, clash with truck, 10 killed

Sarayapali: A news of a painful accident occurred on Wednesday 17th October in Nuapada from Odisha border in Saraipali. According to the latest news, last night, when Scorpio returned from a scorpio van in Orissa's Goddess Devi Temple, scorpio got directly from a truck. Ten people aboard a car in a painful accident died on the spot. Among the dead, BJP's Sakra Divisional President Surjit Singh, besides Meghnad Nishad, Mukesh Agarwal, Ghanshyam Netam, Duleeshwari Nishad, Meena and Dinesh Dudsena, his wife and son of the same family are included. In this accident, 5 people of Baldidih of Mahasamund district, 4 of Sankra and 1 in Ansula had reached the spot after the incident of the police incident. Let me tell you that such an accident happened on Sunday, where a vehicle named Dongargarh mother Bamleshwari The people who returned after seeing the car was hit by the truck. In this accident 10 people died, all were residents of Bhilai

Instructions to make people aware about voting under sweep program in district


The meeting of the District Sweep Core Committee was held in the meeting room of Yeha District Collectorate under the chairmanship of District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga. In the meeting, the District Election Officer said that voter awareness program is being run by the District sweep committee, Korea under the name of 'Sangari Chhe Vote Dare Bar' under the systematic voter education and electoral participation (sweep) program in the three assembly constituencies of the district. Under the Sweep program, under the Sweep program, women belonging to self-help group formed under National Rural Livelihood Mission and MLS livestock, Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, under the Chief Minister's Food Assistance Scheme, along with eligible beneficiaries, sports organizations, police and city forces personnel, MNREGA workers A big and influential awareness program for local people, farmers, Gave instructions for organizing On this occasion, he said that a program has been made for voting by Divyang Mitan, for voting of Divyang voters, supported by the district. He said that to provide proper arrangement of housing, food, drinking water, toiletries etc. for the polling party, the concerned authorities were given necessary instructions. Apart from this, the political parties have also been given the facility of making online application for the procession. During this time, he directed the concerned Executive Magistrate and Police team to work with mutual coordination for videography of all the printing press operated in the district. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Additional Superintendent of Police, Smt. Nivedita Pal Sharma, District Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Chief Executive Officer of all district panchayats, all urban bodies Officials and concerned departments of the district level officers were present.

Contact for voter awareness by NSS volunteers of the college


According to the purpose of the work, under the Voter Awareness Program in the district, the Mahaprabhu Bachacharya Post Graduate College of Mahasamund, through the NS students of Mahasamund, encouraged the voters to make contact with the house-to-house in Mahabharamund's Mahabharamand, along with the people working in the ward.

The workers will have to vote in the assembly elections in 2018 and all the members of their family He told all present to the people that being free, fair, bold, without any temptation, appealed to use his franchise. The government college students of the government college and the campus ambassadors Lambaan Sinha, Vaishali Thakur and Divya Sahu, Vedkumari Dhruv, Mamta Vishwakarma, Mamta Patel, Rishab Rajput, Prashant Vyas, Kuldeep Lakhe, Pavendra Kumar, Tomon Bhandari, Gujan Thakur, under the Speech In the direction of the college nodal officer Dr Malti Tiwari and the nodal officer of the college Ajay Kumar Raja Sweep activities are being conducted to increase the percentage of voting in green areas.

Sweep Trophy Cricket competition from October 23


Under the voter awareness program, under the Voter Awareness Program, from October 23 to October 28, 2018, an inter-collegiate sweep trophy cricket competition will be organized in the district, in which the Indian College, Jai Hind College, Shantibai Arts and Science College, Government PG. The middle match of college Mahasamund will be played. The first match will be played on October 23, 2018 between Indian College Mahasamund and Shantibai Arts and Science College, Mahasamund and the second match will be played on 24th October 2018 between Jai Hind College and Government PG College Mahasamund. Final match will be played on October 28, 2018.

Voter Awareness Program in Public Service Centers Tehsil Office Basana


According to the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, voter awareness campaign is being started in public service centers of the district. In the same link, on October 15, 2018, the Public Service Operator of Tahsil Office Basana, Taparanjan Samal and In the forthcoming assembly elections 2018, the rural  urban voters who came to the service center by Mohammed Zubair Khan motivated themselves and all members of their family to vote essentially. He told all those present that using their franchise without being influenced by any inducement, being free, fair, courageous.

Special awareness campaign in Toshgaon and Bijra Bhantha, less voting district


As per the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta today, in order to increase the percentage of voting in the lowest voting center in the voting center on October 17, 2018, the lowest polling station in the district in the assembly elections 2013, number 180 Got Toshgaon and polling station number 38 Vidarbha Assembly, 39 Assembly seats and 40 Assembly seats under Votant Awareness Program Activities will be organized, Including torch rallies, street drama college students, the activities of electoral literacy club, informing voters of the idealistic polling station, EVM, VV Pat will be performed. On this occasion, people will be invited to use their franchise without being influenced by any inducement, being independent, impartial, bold.

For the successful operation of the program, the Deputy Executive Officer (Revenue) Sarai Pali, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Saraipalali and Basna, CDPO for torch rally. Dr. Umender Singh Beriah Nodal Officer and Assistant Professor Government, Mr. Birendra Bahadur Singh College, Sarai Pali, Surendranath Nodal Officer, Sweep Basana, EVM, for conducting activities of the women and child development department, SaraiPali and Basana, electoral literacy clubs. For the Tehsildar Sarai Pali, Basana has been given the responsibility.

District and Assembly level committee constituted for better facility extension management for Divyang voters


A committee has been set up at district level for better facility extension management for easy and inclusive voting of Divyang voters in the district. The district collector will be the district collector and district election. The Deputy Inspector of Social Welfare Department, District Education Officer, Civil Society / Divyang Kalyan wing (Fortune Foundation Shri Neeranjan Sahu) and Executive Engineer of Public Works Department will be a member of this committee.

Similarly, the Legislative Assembly has been constituted in all the four assembly constituencies. Among them, Sub-divisional Magistrate Revenue Chairman, Social Welfare Department of Social Welfare Department, Development Officer, Education Officer for the Assembly Mahasamund, The member of Divyanjangan Mr. Safiq Mohammad Khan and the Sub-Divisional Officer will be the member of Public Works Department. Sub Divisional Magistrate Revenue Chairperson, Social Welfare Department Social Welfare Department, Development Branch Education Officer, DivyaJangan Member Shri Chokhe Lal Sinha and Deputy Engineer, Public Works Department, Bagbahara will be the member for the Khandari Assembly.

Sub-divisional magistrate Revenue Chairperson, Social Welfare Department Social Welfare Department, Developmental Education Officer, Divyangjan Samaj, Shri Daras Siddar and Deputy Engineer Officer Public Works Department, Basana will be the member for assembly settlement. Sub-divisional magistrate Revenue Chairperson, social welfare organizer of social welfare department, developmental education officer, member of Divyanjan, Shri Rishimuni, night and Sub-divisional officer, Sarai Pali, will be member of Public Works Department.


Partial amendment in duty of two Sector Officers


Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta has made a partial amendment due to the transfer / promotion of the Sector Officers appointed for Assembly General Election 2018- Mahasamund and Vidhan Sabha 41- Khalari, in which the other officer has imposed the duty, Sector No. 6 of Sukhridabri, Mr. Jainakant Gandhecha and the Legislative Assembly Mr. Shri Ram Lal Mahasamund Sector duty forest yeoman behavior to No. 12.


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