Raipur: illegal firewood worth five lakh seized in Gariaband forest division

Rapid action by the department under the direction of Forest Minister Mr. Akbar

To govern tractor and trolley worth eight and a half lakh
Including both the accused are being sent to jail

Today, under the Gariaband forest division, illegal wood chiran amounting to about Rs 5 lakh was seized by the Forest Department under the direction of Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar. Along with the illegal transportation of Chiran, tractor no. CG 04-1576 and the trolley being confiscated under the District Gariaband, the residents of village Sambalpur and the accused Krishna Kumar Pandey and Deendayal Pandey including the necessary action under the Forest Act for 14 days judicial. Being sent to jail in custody.

    In this regard, on receipt of information about illegal transportation of wood chiran on April 8 last day, an immediate strategy was made for necessary action by the officers of the department under the direction of Forest Minister Mr. Akbar. Simultaneously, search warrants were also conducted to search their houses. During this period, a political action was taken in favor of the new tractor with illegal transportation of chiran and the rule of trolley. The value of which is estimated to be around eight and a half lakh rupees. Also, illegal wood chiran of about five lakh rupees has also been seized from the houses of both the accused.

Forest Minister Shri Akbar has directed the Forest Department to be ever vigilant for the protection of forests. In this regard, he took a meeting of concerned departmental officers including Principal Chief Conservator of Forests at his residence office in the capital today and gave necessary instructions regarding the protection of forests. In the meeting, Secretary of the Forest Department, Mr. Jai Singh Mhaske, Chief Conservator of Forests Raipur Mr. SSD Badgaiah and Forest Officer Officer Gariaband Shri Mayank Agarwal were present.

    According to the direction of Forest Minister Shri Akbar and under the guidance of the higher officers of the department, the said tractor and trolley between village Kantidadar and Mainpur of forest area Parsuli under Gariaband forest division under the guidance of forest officer Shri Gariaband Shri Agarwal has 90 species of Saja and Senha species. Bally was seized while transporting illegally. Today, search warrant was issued by Deputy Forest Officer Rajim Shri Atul Shrivastava in search of the house of Shri Krishna Kumar Pandey, resident of village Sambalpur. Shri Pandey placed 241 pieces of earthen forest produce teak, sal and bija in various places of his house. The said chiran amounting to about 4 lakh rupees has been seized by the department. Similarly, in Sambalpur village, 108 pieces of teak, sal and beja were seized after searching the house of Shri Deendayal Pandey. Its amount is about one lakh 10 thousand rupees.

Jaundice outbreak in Raipur amid corona epidemic, one dead

Amidst the panic of the epidemic of Karona virus infection, the outbreak of jaundice has also increased in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.


Raipur. Amidst the panic of the epidemic of Karona virus infection, the outbreak of jaundice has also increased in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. After the Amapara of Raipur, patients of jaundice have also come out in Shyam Nagar area. One of the 2 patients has also died. Due to dirty water, the outbreak of jaundice spreads, the question arises that the Municipal Corporation is not able to provide clean water to the people.

More than a dozen people were affected by jaundice in Amapara of Raipur. After this, a similar situation is being seen in Shyam Nagar. In last years too, there was a huge outbreak of jaundice in the Mowa area. Despite this, the corporation does not learn anything. Due to this, every year the number of deaths and patients from jaundice in Raipur is increasing. After the latest case, the municipal corporation is talking about being in alert mode.

So trouble
The Municipal Corporation is talking about the dirty water coming from the river due to the drop in the water level of Kharun river from Raipur. Councilor of Shyam Nagar ward area Ajit Kukreja says that the Municipal Corporation is alert to deal with such problem in summer. The water level of Kharun river has fallen, due to which dirty water is coming from the river. However, the municipal management is making all efforts to supply clean water to people and to remove the problem. Full monitoring is being done in the jaundice affected area.

Kawardha: The beneficiaries will be paid by Mahila Jan Dhan accounts by Bank Sakhi

According to the announcement made by the Government of India, the amount of Rs 500 per month has started to be deposited in all accounts opened under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Khata Yojana of women in the district for three months. Which will be paid to the villagers by going to their homes through Bank Sakhi through Pay Point facility.
Regarding the works of Bank Sakhi, Collector Kabirdham Shri Avnish Kumar Sharan informed that at present, all social security pension scheme is being distributed to villagers by Bank Sakhi. Under which, from the payment of wages of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA along with old age pension, pension of the disabled, widow pension etc. from fund transfer and all necessary services related to banks, villagers are going to their homes.
Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Kabirdham Shri Vijay Dayaram Giving information, he said that funds have been released in the Mahila Jan Dhan accounts for relief of people from the disaster of Novel Corona virus. Which will be distributed through Bank Sakhi as ATM And the villagers will have trouble in coming to the bank and will be afraid of infection. Due to this, with the security of the bank, the villagers will go door-to-door and make benefits based on Aadhaar based payment. Mr. Vijay Dayaram K. Told that Bank Sakhi has been formed under the National Rural Livelihood Mission. The bankers will join the banks in their area and pay the amount with the help of biometric devices. There are 92 bank safis functioning in the district which will provide relief to people during this epidemic from the hilly regions to the plains. The citizens of the district are appealed to avail the payment through Bank Sakhi, which they will get in their homes, for which they do not need to go anywhere. And it is necessary to avoid congestion in any places, as well as the rule of social distancing of at least one meter must be followed.

In Chhattisgarh also, tigers are prone to corona infection, instructions to test as soon as symptoms appear

After confirmation of corona virus infection in tiger in America, now the risk of infection of Kovid-19 in tigers is increasing all over India including Chhattisgarh.


Raipur. After confirmation of corona virus infection in tiger in America, now the risk of infection of Kovid-19 in tigers is increasing all over India including Chhattisgarh. In view of this danger, the Central Zoo Authority of India has issued an order. In it, tigers kept in ju have been reported to be at risk of corona infection. In such a situation, instructions have been given to conduct medical tests as soon as the signs of infection appear in tigers or other animals kept in ju.

Instructions have been given to reinforce safety measures from corona infection in Xu. In addition, the Zoo staff has also been instructed to prevent infection. Please tell that there are currently 19 tigers in Chhattisgarh. Following the direction of the Central Zoo Authority of India, all the ju in the state have been put on alert mode. On seeing symptoms in any animal including tiger, it has been asked to immediately inform the niche command and then send its blood sample for examination.

Spent 35 crores
In the name of conservation of wildlife, Chhattisgarh Forest Department spent an amount of 35 crores, but could not conserve tigers of the state. This is the reason that the number of tigers has come down from 46 to 19. 4 crore 75 lakhs was spent in the year 2015-16. Apart from this, 10 crore 63 lakhs have been spent in 2016-17, 11 crore 97 lakhs in 2017-18, 7 crore 36 lakh rupees have been spent so far in 2018-19.

The entrance to the palace of Bastar opened in the battle with Corona, after 1966 the treasury was again divided.

Every hand, be it small or big, is coming forward to cooperate with each other in this time of disaster due to the coronary virus caused by the corona virus.


Bastar. Every hand, whether small or big, is coming forward to cooperate with each other in this time of disaster due to the disaster caused by the corona virus (COVID-19). Bastar, the tribal dominated area of ​​Chhattisgarh, also had the kind of crisis that came during the princely period, after which the treasury of the palace was opened. This opportunity has come for the second time after 1966 when the palace has once again opened to help people.

From treatment to the poor, two-time food, ration and essential medicines are also coming forward in Bastar, from the social service organization, as a personal help. In such a situation, how does the Bastar royal family also lag behind. In this hour of disaster, the people of the palace are also raising their hands for help. To help people inside the palace, every day the Rajmahal family is carrying hundreds of ration packets and fresh vegetables to the people in the court. Members of the royal family remember Kamal Chand Bhanjdev himself, Maharaja Praveer Chandra Bhanjadev, are sending helpers to the homes of people every day according to their needs. The entire palace family is involved in this work.

The door was opened in 1966
Some similar disaster came in Bastar even three decades ago. It is said that in the year 1966, there was a famine in Bastar. People of Bastar had become fascinated by the rash. At that time, Maharaja Praveer Chand Bhanjadeva of Bastar princely state had sacrificed for three days inside a cave in Farspal and after that the treasury of the palace was opened to help the people, who needed help at that time by the palace. Given to

COVID-19: There will be no shortage of essential things in lockdown, Railways is helping in this way

In the war against Corona Virus, the Indian Railway is also coming forward completely to help the people.


Raipur. In the war against Corona Virus, the Indian Railway is also coming forward completely to help the people. From Quarantine Coach to Corona patients (COVID-19), a railway is being built for the bed so that there is no shortage of anything at the time of need. In this link, now the railway is also supplying the goods needed by the people. Under the supervision of high officials, goods of common need are being transported and supplied.

Indian Railways is making every effort during the nationwide lockdown due to Kovid-19 that there is no shortage of sugar, salt and edible oil for the common man. During the lockdown, the loading, transport and unloading of these essential items is going on at full speed. According to the information provided by the railways, during the last 13 days from 23 March to 4 April 2020, the railways carried 1,342 wagons filled with sugar, 958 wagons of salt and 378 wagons / tanks of edible oil (58 to 60 tonnes consignment in one wagon. )) Of loading and carrying.

Being monitored

According to the railways, the freight is being closely monitored by high level senior officials. The problems faced by the Railways during loading and unloading at various terminal points in the past are being effectively resolved. Indian Railways is in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the State Governments and the operational problems that are coming up suddenly are being overcome.

There will be no shortage!

Shiva Prasad, Senior Publicity Inspector, Raipur Railway Division, said that in order to ensure that there is no shortage of food items in the country under the conditions of lockdown created by the corona infection, Indian Railways has made approximately 1342 sugar wagons and 958 salt wagons 378 edible oil vegan countries. Has been sent to various parts of the city, in addition to this, the Raipur Railway Division has ordered about 15 tons of material by parcel velocity. The rice has been sent to various parts of the country, as well as rice is being supplied in various parts of the country with the cooperation of FCI from the temple Hasoud siding.

Raipur : Janjgir Police Initiative: App tracks the location if the person leaves the house (upto 100 m) sends an alert to Police

Rakesh Sen (name changed) was a migrant worker working in Mumbai. When the lock down was announced, he came back to his village – Saragoan in Janjgir Champa, Chattisgarh. Migrants like Rakesh are coming home to their village to be with their family in the time of the Covid epidemic but are also bringing with them the risk of Coronavirus Community Transmission that has wreaked havoc in countries like Italy, Spain and more recently America. The State and the District administrations across the country are therefore worried on how to keep the rest of the resident population safe from the risk of community transmission.
All the districts across the country are keeping the migrants under quarantine in their homes for 14-28 days as this is the time needed for the affected to show symptoms. However there the numbers are so large that it is impossible to track each migrant. A district like Jangir Champa has 6,000+ migrants that are under quarantine. Chattisgarh has over 70,000 migrants who are under quarantine after they came from outside the country or moved from outside the state. If the virus spreads the numbers will go even more with not enough hospital beds to keep the suspected corona virus infected.
Janjgir Champa district police deployed technology to solve this issue.  Along with a Noida based startup- Mobcoder, they developed a mobile app called ‘Raksha Serv’ that all the home quarantined people can download. The mobile app then tracks the person and he has to take a selfie every hour. The app also tracks the location and if the person leaves the house (upto 100 m) sends an alert to the local Thana.
This allows the police force to deploy their resources on law and order issues and still know if the home quarantine person is breaking protocol. If the person switches off the phone or stops his location, the app sends the alarm to the local Thana.

Says SP, Jangir Champa- Parul Mathur- “We want to respect privacy of the home quarantine residents. ‘Raksha Serv’ is an excellent use of technology where we know that the home quarantine people and the community is safe. The local Thana and the head office gets alert and all of the data is encrypted. The tracking automatically stops when the quarantine period ends.”
Says IG, Bilaspur Range, Dipanshu Kabra, - “We want to use technology more and more for community and self-policing. This is a great example and we will use it for all districts in the Bilaspur Range”
Says Girijesh Kumar, CEO, Mobcoder- “Technology is a big enabler and here we are using the mobile sensors and features to collect the data and provide humane access to the Government in their fight to keep India safe.”

Raipur: After the instructions of the Chief Minister, the prices of vegetables decreased, the arrivals in the mandis increased: smooth supply, farmers started going to break the vegetables.

Due to reduced arrival of vegetables in the mandis in the early days of the lockdown caused by Corona virus infection, the problem of rising prices and low availability is now completely over. The Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, had given permission to operate goods carrier vehicles engaged in the supply of essential commodities in a smooth manner. Since then, adequate quantity of vegetables has started reaching the shops of retailers of fruits and vegetables including wholesale mandis. Other green vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, chillies, coriander, okra, cabbage, brinjals are also available in plentiful markets.

    According to the order of the Chief Minister, the district collector had met the wholesale traders from the retailers selling the vegetables and had given necessary instructions to the officers to overcome their problems and maintain adequate supply of vegetables and fruits. Permission to run vegetable and ration freight trains is an important decision taken in the interest of common citizens. Now, the residents of the district administration are easily reaching the markets and buying vegetables, fruits etc. during the time fixed by the district administration. Prices of vegetables and fruits are also completely under control due to increased arrivals. For the last 10 days, potatoes have been sold in the market for 20 to 25 rupees, onion 30 to 35 rupees and other green vegetables at controlled prices. In the early days of lockdown, due to less arrival, tomato prices had reached Rs 50 kg, which has now come down to Rs 20 to 25 kg. The district administration is vigilant and serious to ensure supply of essential commodities to the people and due to constant monitoring in the markets, the prices of milk, fruits, vegetables have not increased unnecessarily and black marketing and profiteering are also completely under control.

    Rail, road and all means of transport are closed due to the lockdown implemented till 14 April in India due to the worldwide infection of Corona virus. Only transportation of essential commodities is allowed. According to the instructions of the state administration, the flow of fruits and vegetables has increased in the fruit-vegetable mandis of the districts due to facilitating the transportation of vegetables, fruits, milk and allowing the farmers and laborers associated with it to go to the fields. The shopping people are expressing their gratitude to the Chhattisgarh government, expressing happiness over getting sufficient quantity of vegetables. Wholesalers in the city's vegetable markets are now pasting the wholesale price rate list outside the shop. Due to which the Chillhar vegetable seller coming from far away has no problem in shopping and there is also relief in profiteering in the prices of vegetables.

    Bulk vegetable sellers told that sufficient quantity of vegetables is coming into the market and there is no restriction on the trains engaged in transporting vegetables and the laborers are also going to work till the farm. Due to which the supply of vegetables in the city remains adequate. During the lockdown implemented in the state, the state government has taken many relief measures to ensure that the supply of essential commodities remains to the people and no person remains hungry. All transportation services have been discontinued by the state government for the prevention and control of corona virus. But to ensure that access to essential commodities remains in sufficient quantity to the common people, the supply of essential commodities has been allowed to be transported by taking necessary measures to prevent the corona virus and farmers, laborers by making certain distance in the fields of vegetables and crops and Instructions have been given to work in the fields by taking adequate precautions.

: PDS goods, paddy milling, diesel-petrol, LPG and several other services declared as essential services

R aipur :Under the measures being taken for prevention of Corona virus (COVID-19) infection, Chhattisgarh Government has declared PDS goods, paddy milling, diesel-petrol, LPG and other essential services. 
The services declared as essential services by Food Department under the provisions of Essential Goods Act 1955 includes the distribution of goods under Public Distribution System, storage and distribution of sacks, sulphas, disinfectant, pesticide etc required for storage and procurement of PDS goods. State Government has also included loading-unloading of PDS goods, milling of paddy procured under decentralized procurement scheme, loading-unloading and transport of the same for storage, rice mills, scheduled petrol, diesel, CNG pumps, authorized distribution units of petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG (domestic and commercial) in the list of essential services. In addition, any other service declared as essential by District Collector will be included in this list.


Ready-to-eat food being distributed door-to-door, after closure of Aanganbadi centers

Chhattisgarh Government properly taking care of the nutrition needs of children, pregnant and lactating women, teenage girls
Women groups preparing and distributing ready-to-eat food while adhering to the quality and hygiene standards

Chhattisgarh Government has closed all the aanganbadi centers in the state, as one of the measures to prevent spread of Corona virus (COVID-19). On instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, nutritious food is being distributed to children of age group 6 months to 6 years, pregnant and lactating mothers and teenage girls. Women and Child Development Department is ensuring distribution of ready-to-eat foods at the doorstep of beneficiaries, through aanganbadi workers.  

It is noteworthy that to save people from adverse effects of corona virus infection, aanganbadi centers of the state have been closed till March 31. During this closure, children of age group 6 months to 6 years, pregnant and lactating mothers and teenage girls are being provided supplementary nutritious food and ready-to-eat food in sufficient quantity at their doorstep by aanganbadi workers. The ready-to-eat food is being prepared by selected women help groups for distribution. Women self-help groups prepare the ready-to-eat food packets carefully while adhering to the quality and hygiene standards. Women and Child Development Department has created such a system that even during this time of lockdown, nutrition level of children, pregnant and lactating women and teenage girls will not be compromised. State Government has provided sufficient budget to the department for distribution of supplementary nutritious food.

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