Approved amount of 4 lakh for affected people in civil disaster


In case of loss of natural calamity, the amount of 4 lakhs has been approved for the affected families. After the death of the holy father Sagloo on May 14, 2017, after the drowning in water, the check number 299262 was issued on 25 May 2018 by the garden Tahsildar in the name of the deceased's father Sagloo. But after the death of Sagalu's father, on 8th October, 2017, financial assistance amount of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned for Sajjul's son Sajjan and Bhajan.


District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga did a casual inspection of Ramanuj Higher Secondary School


District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga conducted an accidental inspection of the Government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School here today. The government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School has been selected for the distribution of material to the voting parties in the Korea District for 2018 election, the return of post-poll return and the counting of votes. On this occasion, he gave the Public Works Department the surety to ensure adequate arrangement of tent, light and sound system etc. District Election Officer and Collector Mr. Dugga said that the distribution of the material to the polling parties would be done on 18th and 19th November and the material will be withdrawn after the voting on November 20 and the counting of votes will be done on December 11. Subsequently, Mr. Dugga gave necessary instructions to the officers present on the occasion to ensure all the arrangements, so that the election process can be done peacefully without interruption.


Discussion of political parties on various topics including criminal record, expenditure and media certification


Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu on 22 October met with representatives of political parties to discuss various issues related to election. He gave detailed information of various aspects related to Model Code of Conduct with the announcement of election to representatives of political parties. During this, he informed the representatives of political parties about the violation of the Code of Conduct, directly to the public about the C-Vigil app. The meeting was attended by Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Chhattisgarh Janata Congress (J) and Bahujan Samaj Party representatives.
Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu told in the meeting that according to the Supreme Court, the candidates of the election must make public the information of their criminal records. For this, it is mandatory to publish and circulate prominently in newspapers and electronic media. The format for publication has also been determined. After the filing of nomination and the candidate has to be broadcast at least three times before both the voting.

Shri Sahu told in the meeting that certification of publicity material is necessary for promotion. For this, the District level and State level Media Certification Committee has been formed. The promotional material prepared at the level of political parties will have to be certified by the State Certification Committee, whereas it is compulsory to certify the prepared material at the level of the candidate at the level of the District Level Certification Committee. Broadcast pre-certification is mandatory for the promotion of electronic media, while in print media it is mandatory for a limited opportunity. This certification will be mandatory for publicity in the print media 48 hours prior to the end of voting. Electronic media such as TV, radio, F.M. Candidates or political parties will have to apply at least 3 days in advance for broadcasting in channels, e-newspapers, cable TV, SMS and public places in visual audio, while another person, institution or trust can apply for 7 days in advance. Will be able to do it.

Responding to the questions of the political parties in the meeting, Shri Sahu said that the expenditure incurred by the candidate starts from the day of implementation of the code of conduct. In such a situation, it will be seen that the nomination has not been done by him during the public program before enrollment. In case of maturity, the expenditure of the event will be included in the candidate's electoral expenditure. In addition, he said that the use of flags and stickers set by the workers of political parties and candidates will not be considered a violation of the code of conduct but their expenditure will be included in the expenditure of the party or candidate. While addressing the questions of the political parties during the meeting Mr. Sahu said that for the promotion of social media, the Election Commission has directives. The instructions received from time to time in this regard will also be exposed to political parties.

During the meeting with political parties, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr S. Bhartidasan, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Shri U.S. Agarwal, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Shri Srikant Verma, other officials of election work were present.




Partial amendment in the order of Legislative Officers appointed for the licensing of Observers


For the forthcoming assembly election 2018 by the Election Commission of India, District Election Officer and Collector, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga appointed the Legislative Liaisoning Officers for the purpose of liaisoning the general observer appointed at the district level level for smooth conduct of various election related work at the district level. Has made aesthetic reconciliation.

District Election Officer, for the constituency serial number Bharatpur-Sonhat, Mr. Vijay Minj, Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department, and Executive Engineer of Rural Engineering Service for Manindergarh Mr. Jitendra Kumar Devangan and Assembly Area No. 3 of Bakunthpur. For PMGSY Executive Engineer, Mr. Navin Mehta, has been appointed as the Legislative Liaisoning Officer for the liaisoning of the general observer of the area. Likewise, he has appointed the expenditure observer and Project Officer of District Panchayat Korea Mr. ML Mandavi as Legislative Liaisoning Officer for the Liege of Sweep Observer, to the Executive Engineer of Water Resources Division, Bekunditpur, for the entire assembly constituency, Mr. V.S. Sahu. The District Election Officer has entrusted the appointed liaisoning officer with the responsibility of arranging all facilities to the observer as per the Election Commission's order.


Assembly election-2018 : In the print and electronic media candidates and political parties will have to give information about criminal cases


Candidates of the Assembly election must give information about their criminal background to the voters through print and electronic media. Political parties will also have to display information of criminal cases of party candidates on their website. Political parties have to publish this information in newspapers and electronic media as well. Based on the notification issued recently by the Law and Justice Ministry of the Government of India, the amendment in format 26 of the affidavit submitted by the Election Commission of India has been amended by the Election Commission.

According to the directive of the Election Commission of India, such candidates against whom criminal cases are registered or have been in the past, will have to give the information of the cases registered against them to the political party of their affiliation. At the same time, they have to declare before the returning officer that they have given information to their team of criminal cases. Candidates must publish the criminal cases registered against them in the format prescribed by the Commission (C-1) in the multi-pronged newspaper of the field in three separate dates. The publication of such announcement is mandatory from the last date of withdrawal of nomination from the date of voting till two days of voting. The candidate will also have to broadcast the announcement of criminal cases in three separate dates on the television channel. TV This announcement on the channel can be broadcasted till 48 hours before the end of polling. Recognized political parties and registered non-affiliated parties must display their candidates on the criminal background announcement website. In addition, it will have to be published in three different dates in a wide circulated newspaper in the field in the format set by the Commission (C-2).

The publication of such announcement is mandatory from the last date of withdrawal of nomination from the date of voting till two days of voting. Political parties have to broadcast the announcement of criminal cases in three separate dates on the television channel. Parties to TV This announcement on the channel must be confirmed 48 hours before the end of the poll. Returning Officer Candidates, Newspapers and TVs Regarding publication of the announcement of criminal cases for broad publicity in channels, the memorandum will be issued by the Commission in the prescribed format (C3). Candidates will submit copies of news papers to the District Election Officer as also the election expenditure articles as proof of publication. Details of the format C-1 and C-2 and their respective instructions are made on the website of the Election Commission of India (PPA) and the website of the Chief Electoral Officer office of Chhattisgarh, the President's Office ( Chhattisgarh Dot, NIC Dot-in) A copy of the details and instructions can also be obtained from the respective Returning Officer.




Men & Women's Multipurpose Health Worker Training Counseling on 22 and 26 October

Mahasamund, October 18, 2018 / Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar said that the counseling and selection process organized for the men and women's multipurpose health workers' training session 2018-19 was adjourned till the guidance of the high officials due to the implementation of Model Code of Conduct under the General Assembly Election 2018. Due to being affiliated to the Directorate of Education and Training, Directorate of Health Services Chhattisgarh, Model Code of Conduct does not have this effect, it has been instructed to complete the process of selection of counseling tax by November of November, under which the male multipurpose health Counseling of Worker Training 22 October 2018 and Women's Multipurpose Health Counseling of the training training of the worker has been fixed in the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer on October 26, 2018.

Assembly election 2018 Class 6th and 9th in Sainik School Ambikapur Exam for admission in January 6

All India Sainik School entrance examination will be held on Sunday, 6th January 2019, for admission in class 6th and 9th in the session 2019-20 in Mahasamund, 18 October 2018 / Sainik School Ambikapur. Application form for entrance examination in Sainik School, Ambikapur, can be filled online from the official website of Sainik School Society from December 8 to November 26, 2018. In this regard, all the developmental education officers and head readers in the district have been instructed to spread wide spread in respect of the application through organizing the admission test and online application process.


District sweep committee meeting concluded From October 23 to November 15, under Voter Awareness   Organizing different programs

Mahasamund, 18 October / District Sweep Committee Mahasamund's meeting was held in the auditorium of the District Panchayat under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mahasamund and President Sweep, in which according to the scheduled action plan of sweep program reviewed the works carried out in September and October. Approval of works done under Sweep Program from 23 October and 5 November Organizing the Intercollegiate Swip Cricket Trophy in District Headquarters from October 23 to October 28, 2018, the Human Series at the Mini Stadium in Bagbahara, Swami Vivekanand, Bach Rally, Voting resolution, evening rally torch rally in the main road, and organizing of Nookak drama by the college students / hostels at the railway station, bus station, Making a mono message for PWD voters on October 24, Bike rally in Pithora of Vikas block Pithora, 100 percent votes by Nukkadar Drama College students to form human series, activities of electoral literacy club, on October 24 270 feet long photo-wide banner exhibition with photos of electoral literacy, human chain, development rally, rally rally in Saurapali, Nook Drama, making 100 percent votes as human series, activities of electoral literacy club, rally of women self-help group on 27th October, Bike rally in Bhanwarpur, street play, making 100 percent votes as human series, elector Activities of the literacy club, on October 30, all the development block headquarters of the college students, the scooty rally, various voting centers of the urban polling station Appeal for voting in donation centers, all government offices of district headquarters, all offices of development block headquarters, oath of voting in polling booths on November 1, 2018, vows for voters by writing 100 percent votes from sports material in district headquarters on November 3, 5th November In all the development block headquarters, through Divya Duj, a conference of the Divya and low polling station, in the polling station Seven percent polling and sweeping logo from Deep Resolution and Deep, will be done on November 10 in all polling booths of the district by contacting the house and giving an appeal letter for voting. On 13th November the Government Adarsh ​​Higher Secondary School, Mahasamund, Rangoli, Activities of Electoral Literacy Club, Nook drama, V.V. stomach, EVM. In order to organize an exhibition, photographic exhibition, sweep logo in henihadi, fictitious voting center, for entertainment in the fair, on November 15, the work will be done on all the polling booths of the district by contacting the house and giving an appeal letter for voting. Secretary in the meeting Mr Rekhraj Sharma, Abhijit Singh, District Nodal Officer, Dr. Amaliati Tiwari, Assistant Nodal Officer of Sweep, Mr. Pramod Kumar Kannauj, Mr. Ajay Kumar Raja, Assistant Professor PG College, Dr. Saraswati Verma, Niyaz Ali, Chitteshwari Sahu, Manju Sirmaur, Kishore Kumar, Ashok Chakradhari, Surendra Shukla etc. were present.

Torch rally under voter awareness

According to the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, Mahasamund Janpad Panchayat, according to the plan of Voter Awareness Action Plan, on October 23, 2018, it has been decided to conduct various activities in Bagbahara, in which Chief Minister of Bagbahara The human chain in the stadium, voting resolution, evening torch rally in the main road and Elve station will simply hold cranny play by college students / Chhatrao station. On this occasion, the Chief Secretary of the department, Mr. Deepak Mandavi, Mr. Pankaj Dahir, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Bagbahra, Deputy Collector, Pooja Bansal, District Secretary Mr. Rekhraj Sharma, District Sweep Nodal Officer, Dr. Malti Tiwari, Vidhan Sabha Nodal Mr. Om Prakash Maravi, CDPO, ABEO, BRC Urban Anganwadi worker, BLO Etc. were present.

Voter awareness program

According to Mahasamund, 18th October 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, continuously demonstrate the activities of EVM, VV stomach and exhibition of electoral literacy club under Voter Awareness Program in high school near Khallari temple. Voters are aware of the process of voting through snakes, sticks, blinds, lunds through various sports Been done At the same time, the people who were present were motivated to vote for themselves and all the people of their family, and were motivated to exercise their franchise without being influenced by independent, unbiased, impartial, fear and greed. On this occasion, the participants of the nearby village including Khammari Khallari took part in the game with great enthusiasm. Secretary, Prince Katolia, Daulal Giri collaborated in the program. On this occasion, the Secretary of Sweeter Mr. Rekhraj Sharma, District sweep nodal officer, Dr. Malti Tiwari program inspected the event.


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