Assembly Election 2018: On the first day 10 nominees purchased nomination papers


As per the program issued by the Election Commission for Assembly General Election 2018, the work of purchasing and depositing of nomination papers has started with the publication of notification at Jashpur district today at 11 am today. On the first day of nomination, three candidates from Jashpur assembly segment, five from Kunukuri assembly constituency and two candidates from Pathholanga assembly constituency have purchased nomination papers. Today no nomination papers have been filed by candidates of any assembly constituency in the district. On the day before purchasing nominations, Mr. Vishnu Ram for the Scheduled Tribes, on behalf of the Backward Community Party United Party, Ms. Renuka Bhagat, on behalf of Bahujan Samaj Party, Mr. Emmanuel Kerketta, the Republican Party of India (A) Has bought the nomination letter on behalf of.

Mr. Kaushal Kumar Ohdar for Kunukuri assembly constituency -13 Scheduled Tribes on behalf of the Backward Society Party United Party, Mr. Manohar Tirki, Republican Party of India (A), Mr. Balram Kumar on behalf of Ambedkar Right Party of India, Mr. Bharat Sai On behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party and Shri Kamleshwar Ram Nayak has purchased nomination papers on behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party. For the Scheduled Tribes of Pathalgaon Assembly-14, Mr. Shivshankar Sai Paikra has purchased nomination papers on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Mr. Patrik Bakhla on behalf of the Backward Samaj Party United Party.

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Dr. Priyanka Shukla, centers have been set up in Collectorates for purchasing and depositing nomination forms in all three assembly constituencies of the district. Candidates can submit nomination papers by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5. The District Election Officer said that only four others are allowed to remain with the candidate during the nomination.


Assembly Elections-2018: First day 6 nominations form nomination form


For the assembly elections to be held in the second phase in the state, the first day of purchase of nomination papers in Korea district, six candidates have purchased nomination forms from the 03 assembly constituencies of the district today. Today, no candidate has filed his nomination papers on the first day.

In the first day of assembly elections for the second phase of assembly elections in the state, for taking the nomination papers and depositing in the first day, Bharatpur-Sonhat has been nominated by the Bhartiya Pataati, Smt. Chandravadevi Pavale, Vidhan Sabha Area No. 2, Manendragarh for the Bharatiya Janata Party From Shri Shayam Bihari Jaiswal and Independent Shri Shayam Babu Khatik, Mr. Digambar Singh, Mrs. Florence Naitriglas sagar Mr. Sunil Singh took away from the Aam Aadmi Party for Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur.

To organize awareness about voting from today to 15th November, the program will be organized


Under the directive of Election Commission of India, Sweep Program is being conducted to make voters aware about the electoral process and motivated them to vote. In the same sequence, the sweep program in the district is being operated as a "Sanghari Vote Vote Bar" campaign.  District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has organized the program from October 27 to November 15 to alert the departmental beneficiaries about voting, and has given specific information to the concerned to submit the report along with photographs and paper clippings.

District Election Officer and Collector, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, voter awareness rally of police and city forces on October 27, students' conference of tribal department on 28th October, Guardian Awareness Convention of Education Department on October 29, Sweep Orientation of Kaushal Vikas on October 30, Workers' Conference of Labor Department on October 31, Sweep Orientation of Women and Child Development Department on 01st November, Agriculture on November 2 and Part of Krisk electoral conference, On November 03, the Swip Workshop of the Health Department and Women's Voter Conference of the District Panchayat, Swip Conference of Veterinary Department on November 4 and Zone-level motivation program of MNREGA, District level motivation program of District Panchayat on 5th November, Forest protection on November 6 and Forest Development Committee, sweep conference and sweep workshop, 9th November Sweep School of Electricity Board,

On November 10, the EVM of Social Welfare Department, VV belt motivation program, health department's sweeping education on November 11, 12th and 14th November, District and Development Block level and Development Block level voter conference and quiz competition, on 12th November, Department of Horticulture Sweep conference On 13th November the motivation of employed personnel in the construction department and motivation of the fisheries department, on Nov 14, voter awareness of Sweep Shrivir and Swachh Bharat Mihan of the Mineral Department and on 15th November was organized by the Sports Department to organize sweep rally. Has given instructions to Along with this, the permission of the sound expansion machines to be used in the programs was given to the concerned section of the department concerned to obtain mandatory receipt from the revenue.


Assembly Elections- 2018: The last date for Chhattisgarh polls is now November 7


                                                      Campaign on social media linking youth with voting

The last date for contesting 'Chhattisgarh Votes' operated on Facebook by Chhattisgarh's Chief Electoral Office office, has now become 07 November 2018. Those who have not yet participated in it, they can be entitled to a prize by participating in it till November 07. The rules and conditions required for joining the competition are available on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer's office. In the Chhattisgarh Voting Competition, the participants will receive the lyrics for a specified limit in their social media pages, with a certificate, cash prize of Rs.500 to Rs.50,000 will be awarded. This innovative campaign to increase the voting percentage through the creativity of the main electorate office to motivate young voters to vote has been started from the past 01 August. The last date for participating in the first was October 14, which has now been extended to November 07. Facebook page and Twitter handles have been prepared by the Chief Electoral Office to use social media to connect more citizens to the electoral process and make them aware about voting.

By joining these two social media platforms, the 'Chhattisgarh Votes' campaign has been launched to know all the activities of general civil assembly elections and to make their participation. This will not only increase the participation of youths in the electoral process, but also create a transparent system. This innovative initiative is being taken in a link to the voter awareness campaign to ensure smooth, well-organized and inclusive elections in the state. Many interesting competitions are being organized under this. In it, painting, sketch, photo and slogan writing category have been kept, for which seven subjects have also been given. Participants must post their posts on topics given to participate in this. Various categories of awards have been created based on the upcoming themes.

Important topics like Ethical Voting, Voter Awareness, My Vote-My Rights, Smooth Elections, Why Voting Vote, No Voters, Voting-Strengthening Democracy, etc. have been set up to participate in the competition. There are options for participants to participate in the Chhattisgarh Votes campaign. These include picture painting competition, photo competition and slogan (slogan writing) competition. Participants can introduce their skills by selecting the mode at their own discretion.



All measures will be taken to make peaceful polling in Naxal-affected districts of Chhattisgarh: Mr. Subrat Sahu


During Chhattisgarh assembly elections, arrangements will be made to ensure security of peaceful voting in Naxal-affected districts. In the meeting of the Election Commission of India on October 25 in New Delhi, there was an intense discussion about security arrangements in the Naxal-affected areas during the assembly elections in the state.

Chief Election Commissioner Shri O.P. In the meeting chaired by Rawat, along with senior officials of the Election Commission of India and the Home Ministry, Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrat Sahu also joined the meeting.

Chief Election Officer Shri Subrat Sahu said that in the meeting of the 25th October, there was a special discussion regarding security arrangements for voting in 18 assembly constituencies of the first phase of Chhattisgarh. In the Naxal-affected areas of Bastar division and Rajnandgaon district, voters can use their franchise without fear,For this, adequate security arrangements are being made. He said that serious discussions were held in the meeting today on various topics related to the deployment of security forces, the movement of polling parties, security of polling booths and voter awareness.

Shri Sahu said that Helicopter is being arranged to bring the voting party to the most sensitive polling stations in terms of security. Chief Election Commissioner Shri O.P. Rawat, in the meeting, the collectors and district election officials of all the eight districts of the first phase,Through the direct contact through the video conferencing from the Superintendent of Police and the respective range of Police Inspectors, take the information of preparations made for smooth and inclusive elections and give necessary guidelines regarding security arrangements.


Assembly General Election 2018: First day 14 nominations filed by nominees


As per the program issued by the Election Commission for Assembly General Election 2018, the work of purchasing and depositing of nomination papers has started with the publication of notification at 11 PM today in Surajpur district. On the first day of nomination, four candidates from Premnagar assembly constituency, eight from Bhatgaon assembly constituency and two candidates from Pratappur assembly constituency have purchased nomination papers.

Today no nomination papers have been filed by candidates of any assembly constituency in the district. District Election Officer Shri DeSenapaty said that on 26th October the assembly constituency, 04-Premnagar, Shri Jaynath Singh Keraam, father Mr. Dharam Sai Kairam, from Godvana Gantantra Party, Mr. Duroga Singh, father Mr. Budhram Singh and Shri Tal Singh, father Mr. Ramlakhan Singh, Independent From Shri Rajesh Kumar father Indal Ram from Shivsena Party and Mr. Dinesh Prasad Soni from 05-Bhatgaon Vidhan Sabha constituency from Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Surendra Lal Singh from CPIM, and Mrs. Kiran Singh Keram, Mr. Sitaram Bhaskar, Mr. Kumai Ram Sandhya, Mr. Haribhagat Yadav, Mr. Om Prakash Sonawani Shri Upendra Gupta, Independent and in the 06-Pratappur assembly constituency, Shri Ramsevak Pankara father rip Mr. Thurooram has bought nomination papers from the BJP, Mrs. Asha Devi, husband, Mr. Budhram, from Godavana Ganatantra Party.

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Shri KC DevSenapati, the Returning Officer's office has been made to Collector Court situated at Collectorate Complex for 04 Premnagar in the district and Shri K.C. Devsenapati will be the Returning Officer of Premnagar assembly constituency.

The Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha has been made in the returning officer's office of 06-Pratappur and the office of Joint District Office. Similarly, Additional Collector Shri KP Sai has been made Additional Collector Court as the Returning Officer's Office of 05-Bhatgaon assembly constituency. Candidates can submit nomination papers by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5.


District level inter-party competition in Surajpur on October 30


District level inter-party competition is being held in the joint ground of District Administration and Sports and Youth Welfare Surajpur from 11 am on October 30 in Stadium Ground Surajpur. This competition includes folk dances, folk songs, instant speech and the colors of Rangoli. Only students studying in the school can participate in this competition. Rs. 2400 / - for the first position in folk dance, Rs. 1600 for second place and Rs. 1000 / - for the third party. Similarly, in the folk song, the winners who have secured first, second and third positions will be given Rs. 1500, 1000 and Rs. 500 respectively.

Instant Speech and Rangoli competition will be held at two levels; Different competition will be organized for all middle and high school and higher secondary schools. The participants who receive the first position in both the classes will be given 1000 / -, 750 / - in second place and 500 / - on getting third position.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018: Development Block level Youth Festival will be organized on October 29


The Development Block level Youth Festival will be organized on 29th October in the joint tenure of District Administration and Sports and Youth Welfare Surajpur. Like every year this year, the Development Block level Youth Festival will be held on 29th October 2018 in the Development Block of Ramanujanagar stadium Ground, Devnagar, in Pratappur Community Hall Pratappur

Vikaskhand Premanagar's Govt. girl Higher school. In Premnagar, Vikaskhand Odhikar's Shabal High.M.School Vikas Khand Yuva Utsav is being organized in Odgi, Mangal Bhavan, Bhayyathanan, Vikas block of Bhayyathan and in the Stadium Ground Surajpur of Surajpur. Artists who got first position in every mode of development block, will take part in District Level Youth Festival organized on October 31, 2018 in the stadium ground Surajpur. Selected artists at district level will represent Surajpur district in state level youth festival


Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Today 11 people took the form


On the first day for the three assembly constituencies of the district on Friday, 11 people bought a set of nomination papers for these two, 02 for Bemetra and Navagadh VS. For 06 people are involved. In the district office, the form of Form 3 was reached by reaching the cells created for getting the nomination papers made for different assembly constituencies. The District Election Officer said that for the Navagadh assembly constituency, Harikshan Kurre, Tekram Kosale, Om Prakash Bachpeyi, Bhaskar Chand, Bharatlal Patale and Ramakant Ray are included.

Similarly, for Bemetara assembly constituency, Sanjeev Agrawal, Sanjay Phulchand Surana and Churavan Sahu and Saja Vidhan Sabha constituencies are included for the benefit of labhchand Bafna and Ashok Tandulkar. Today on the first day, no candidate in the 03 assembly constituencies of the district submitted their nomination papers. The collector said that on Saturday 27th October, banks will remain under the Negotiable Instrument Act. The nomination papers can not be accepted on Sunday, October 28.

Invite applications for admission to All India Sainik School


The entrance examination for admission in class 6th and 9th will be held on January 06, 2019 in the All India Sainik School, Ambikapur, in the academic session 2019-20. Online application forms will be filled from 08th October to 26th November, 2018 and the last date for submission of application online has been fixed by 01 December 2018. Online application form is to be filled from the official website of Sainik School Society. Additional Collector Shri Vijay Kumar Kuzur has asked all the development block officers of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district to cooperate to fill the application form for the students seeking admission in the Sainik School.

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