Collector's meeting of Li political parties Facility software will be used

Bemetra October 30, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre gave information regarding the convenience software in meeting the representatives of political parties in the collectorate auditorium this evening. He said that during the Model Code of Practices, on the portal of the Election Commission of India, the online permission for eight types of events and purposes can be taken on the name of the facility named 'Facilitation' for campaigning. During this, it was stated that different formats have been prepared by the Commission for different types of events, on the basis of which the permission will be granted by returning officers. He clarified that any event will have to be applied online at least 48 hours before. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. The returning officer of Mandavi, Saja, Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok was present.

The District Magistrate said that the URL of the facility has also been uploaded in the district website and can be opened online by opening it. He said that the desired entries will be filled in the opening page, in which the information of the name, candidate or his representative, political party's name, mobile number, epic card number etc. will be entered. After this, the details of the purpose for which permission will be sought will be filled. This includes permission for meeting the meeting or meeting, floating office, loud speaker, meeting place, vehicle (for promotion), procession or rally, platform construction, and undercarriage vehicle including helipad. Shri Kaver said that according to the instructions of the Commission, different formats of the application are available for different types of permissions, which can be downloaded and applied for permission in the same format. There are various attachments in the portal as well as samples of NOC certificates. The URL address of the above portal is 164 x 100 x 128 x 75 million.

The collector also said that the various circulars of draft-26 of affidavit to be filled during the nomination by the Commission have been amended and the candidates in accordance with the provisions of the affidavits C-1 and C-2 have been amended by the candidates. Publication and TV in multi-public newspapers in different dates of the given oath Broadcasting in channels is mandatory and for this the time limit has also been determined by the Commission. The collector said that it is mandatory to get certification from the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) prior to the advertisement in electronic media. Representatives of recognized political parties in the meeting included Keshav Namdev, Yashwant Kumar Donde and Sushil Kumar Markandey.

In the presence of political parties, E.V.M. First Randomization of

Bemetra October 30, 2018: - In the presence of political parties under the Vidhan Sabha elections in the district, E.V.M. The first randomization was done. Through this the machine is allocated in the assembly area. The second randomization is proposed on November 04, under which polling will be alloted. District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that 285 polling booths under Saja assembly constituency in which 99 voting centers are included in the Dhadha assembly constituency of Durg district.

267 polling stations under Bemetara assembly constituency in which 22 polling stations are covered in Durg district. In the same way, 298 polling booths under Navagad assembly constituency are thus eVM for a total of 850 polling booths. Radiation was done. The collector said that in these 850 polling booths, one out of the Saja assembly constituency and two in the Bemetara assembly constituency, including two auxiliary polling station, was also included. He told that 10 percent of ballot unit and control unit and VV 15 percent of the stomach has been kept for additional number of reserves, which has been done for redundantization. On this occasion, ADM And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. The returning officer of Mandavi, Saja, Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering and E.V.M. In-charge-tested Chadhari, District Information and Science Officer (NIC) Rohit Chandranna, Election Supervisor Santosh Namdev, representatives of political parties, including Keshav Namdev, Yashwant Kumar Donde and Sushil Kumar Markandeya.


National Resolution Day Today

Mahasamund, 30 October 2018 / Self. On the occasion of the date of the death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, today 31 October will be celebrated as 'National Resolution Day'. A rally will be organized in the district headquarters on this day. During the rally, nationalities and patriotic songs will be lectured. In this program, the participation of people and youth of all sections of society will be there.


National Integration Day Today

On October 31, 2018, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Mahasamund will be celebrated as 'National Unity Day' on October 31. According to the circular issued by the General Administration Department, on this day officers and employees will be sworn in by all the officials in the government offices and the races will also be organized for unity. In this event, people from all classes will also be accompanied by local schools, college students and NSS, NCC, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Police Center, Home Guard.

Application for issue of Transport Registration Signage till 15th November

Mahasamund, October 30, 2018 / District Transport Officer, Mahasamund has appealed to the automobile owners to complete all the documents of the vehicles which are not registered for the vehicles which are registered in 2.0, where the chip registration card is not issued, 15 November 2018 in the District Transport Office Submit up to He said that if the original documents are not submitted for registration in the prescribed time limit, the registration process will not be available in Vehicle 4.0. This will be the responsibility of the dealer, vehicle owner. In addition to this, the vehicles receiving temporary registration marks through the ticket, which were issued for the temporary registration mark vehicle 2.0, have been implemented during this period. The need for backlog should be to supply such issued registration sign through Vehicle 4.0. Except such vehicles, transport vehicle and quarter, monthly tax vehicles will not be made without the permission of backlog entry headquarters. All tax payable to the government till the date of registration from the registration date is to be backlog only after ensuring the fee is received.


Assembly election 2018 18 people bought today name directing letter

Nomination letters have been purchased by 18 candidates on 30th October 2018 for elections to be held in Mahasamund, 30th of October, 2018 / second phase of assembly elections -2018. These include Shri Shyam Tandi from Saryapali assembly constituency, Shri Poonam Chandrakar, Mr. Mohammad Ismail Khan, Shri Ganguram, Shri Krishnakumar Chandrakar and Shri Smt. Pooja Dhruv from Mahasamund Vidhan Sabha area, Smt. Mohini Pandey, Shri RamAvtar Dhruv, Mr. Govardhan Nishad from Khallari assembly constituency, Shri Bhawanlal Sahu Shri Bhanuram Sahu, Mr. Mohammad Sarfaraz, Mr. Roshanlal and Mr. Deenya Diwan, by settling constituency name by Sumit Agarwal, Mr. Sampath Agarwal, Mrs. Padmini Pradhan and Mr. Durgacrn Patel purchased nominations. So far, some 53 people have been given name directive letters.


Assembly election 2018 Three nominees filed nomination papers

Under the Mahasamand, 30th October 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, one nomination papers for Basana assembly-40, Vidhan Sabha Khallari-41 and Mahasamund assembly-42 in the District Election Office were filed here today. These included nomination papers for Mrs. Anamika Pal (Independent) for the Assembly Basana-40, Shri Nand Kumar Nishad for the Vidhan Sabha-41 Khallari (Backward Samaj Party United and Legislative Assembly Mahasamand-42) Mr. Jai Kosaria (Independents) nomination papers.

Political parties meeting in relation to ad authentication and paid news

During Jashpurnagar 30th October 2018 / assembly election 2018, the meeting was held on the last day of the meeting in the meeting room of the collectorate office in connection with advertisement certification and paid news of all the political parties of the district. It was informed in the meeting that the authenticity of the advertisement of the political nature of the candidate who wants to disseminate the candidate, the political party print, electronic media, in the competent level is called authentication. He told that there is no requirement of authentication in print media, it is necessary in electronic media. After being certified at the competent level, any advertisement will be shown to the public / activists. Advertising is such that there is no violation of Model Code of Conduct.
District Election Officer Dr Purnika Shukla informed that under this, print media, electronic media, visual media, social media come under it. In the print media, newspapers and magazines, electronic audio media, radio, FM channels, television in television, cable network, cinema, mobile phones, video vans, internet and social media comes in. Social media includes Wikipedia, Tutor, YouTube, Facebook and Apps.
The applicant should fill the prescribed form of the application form Annexure 'A'. After which the application is submitted to the media audit and surveillance committee. He said that a copy of the decision is given to the applicant by deciding on whether the committee decides whether to attain recognition or not.


Chhattisgarh Janata Congress Jashpur District President Mr. Shashi Bhagat registered a crime

Jashpurnagar 30 October 2018 / Police against the District President of Chhattisgarh Janata Congress, Mr. Shashi Bhagat, has filed a complaint against the application submitted on behalf of the Tehsildar and has registered a crime under section 153 A, 505, and 125 Public Representation Act.
  It is notable that the District President of Chhajka Shri Shashi Bhagat posted a post in the Social Media (Facebook), which was declared the violation of the code of conduct by the District Election Office and was sought from him for clarification on that post. In response to Mr. Bhagat, the District Election Officer was not satisfied and the instructions for legal action were issued against Mr. Bhagat as per the rules.


Assembly election 2018 An award-winning nomination on Tuesday 9 nomination papers purchased by candidates

In the Jashpurnagar 30 October 2018 / Assembly General Election 2018, today, the candidate of the Republican Party of India (A), Mr. Manohar Tirki has filed his nomination papers from Kunkuri assembly constituency -13 in Jashpur district on October 30, 2018. Three candidates from Jashpur assembly constituency, two from Kunkuri assembly constituency and four from Pathalgaon assembly constituency have purchased nomination papers for the general election of 2018 for the Assembly elections 2018.

Today, Mr. Vinay Kumar Bhagat, Indian National Congress, Mr. Rohit Lakra, Aam Aadmi Party and Mr. Hiru Ram Nikunj, Indian National Congress, for the Jashpur assembly segment - 12 Scheduled Tribes purchased nomination papers. Mr. Benjamin Minj Bahujan Samaj Party and Shri Indranath Sair Independent for Kukururi Assembly Area-13 Scheduled Tribes purchased nomination papers. For the Scheduled Tribes of Pathalgaon assembly segment - Mr. Jorge Karketta, Mr. Jalandhar Pankara and Mr. Tikeshwar Ekka have purchased nomination papers from Independent and Mr. Jagatram Bhagat Swabhiman Party.
Collector and District Election Officer said that nominations can be filed by candidates by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5.


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