Assembly general election 2018 2 nomination papers rejected in nomination papers

Jashpurnagar 03 November 2018 /Nomination papers were examined in Jashpur district under Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018 and due to various shortcomings the nominations of 2 candidates were canceled. During the scrutiny of nomination papers, today the nomination papers of 2 candidates of the assembly constituency of Pathalgaon-14 were canceled due to various reasons.

According to information received from Returning Officer's office, his nomination papers have been canceled after not fulfilling the criteria set by Mr. Anil Kumar Pahha and Swabhiman Party's Mr. Jagat Ram Bhagat of Indian Tribal Party of Pathholanga Assembly Area-14.

It is worth mentioning that 45 candidates had filed nomination in Jashpur district. Of these, nomination papers were filed by assembly constituencies of Jashpur-12 to 14, assembly constituency Kunukuri -13 to 15 and Pathholanga assembly constituency -14 to 16 candidates. After the nomination was canceled, there are 14 candidates remaining in Pathholanga assembly constituency. The candidates will be able to withdraw their names by November 3, 2018 till 3 PM.

Vidhan Sabha Election -2018: 3 nominations filed after scrutiny were canceled.


After the scrutiny (sorting) of the total 34 nomination papers submitted by the three assembly constituencies under the three assembly constituencies of Korea District, total 03 forms were canceled due to various reasons in the state assembly elections held in Phase II in the second phase. According to the information received from the returning officer's office, scrutiny of applications received in the returning officer's office today after the last date of submission of nomination papers was scrutinized.

Due to various types of errors found in some of these applications, they were canceled by the respective Returning Officer, while 31 applications were declared eligible for candidacy.According to the information received from the returning officer's office, Mr. Krishna Prasad Cherva, Mr. Gulab Kamro, Smt. Chandravevi Pavale, Mr. Krishan Kant Nagvanshi, Pooja Singh Poaya, for Bharatpur-Sonhat, Applications of Mr. Madanlal, Mr. Shyam Singh Markam, Sukhmanti Bai and Mr. Sharan Singh were found eligible for candidacy. Similarly Vinay Jaiswal, Shree Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Shri Aditya Raj David, Shri Jaljit Singh Poya, Shri Pratap Singh, Florence Nightingale Sagar, Shri Lakhan Lal Shrivastav, Shri Satish Kumar Singh, and Mr. Digambar Singh for Assembly constituency-2 Mannadgarh. Applications of Shri Deepak Kumar and Shri Shayam Babu were found eligible for candidature And applications of Shri Subhash Devanag and Vidyan Bose were canceled due to not being eligible for the candidature. In this order, for the Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur, Smt. Ambika Singh Dev, Shri Bhaiyalal Rajwada, Shri Bihari Lal Rajwada, Shri Ram Pratap Sahu, Sri Lava Singh Uday, Sri Sunil Singh, Shri Sanjay Singh Kamro, Shri Gopal Singh, Applications of Shri Chintamani Sandilya, Pushpalata Singh and Shri Ramanarayan Sahu were found eligible for the candidacy and the application of Mr. Gulab Ram Panika was canceled due to not being eligible for the candidature.


Training of employees engaged in distribution of voting material on 9th November

Bemetra 03 Nov 2018: - Training of employees appointed for the Saja and Bemetara assembly constituencies for distribution and return of Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018. Now, the employees appointed on 08th November were posted on November 09 at 12 noon in the district office, Bemetara. is. Likewise, the training of the staff appointed for the assembly constituency of Navagad will now be held at the office collector's auditorium on November 12 at 4 pm.


The Collector has given instructions to the bankers to give information of more than one lakh rupees in transit

Bemetra 03 Nov 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware issued instructions to the bankers and directed them to present online information of transactions of more than one lakh rupees in the District Election Office every day. The audit expenditure of all types of expenditure will be done by a separate newly opened bank account. Any common citizen carries a cash amount of more than Rs 50,000, he will have to give account of it during the investigation, for which he will have to show the valid documents. The collector told the bankers that if a bank has more than one branch in the district then appointing a nodal officer instructed to give information about the transaction. The District Magistrate said that ATM If the amount is for refilling, then the information related to it should be given to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of the concerned area.
They also instructed that in order to maintain the correctness of the election process as per the Election Commission of India, the District Election Officer will seek the following information regarding suspicious cash transactions made from banks during the election process. According to which, in the last two months, without any examples of deposits or withdrawals, extraction of extraordinary and doubtful amount of more than one lakh rupees or withdrawal in bank account during election. During the election process, without any prior example of such transfer in the district / constituency, R.T.G.S. Unusual transfer of funds in the account of different persons in a bank account through one through To deposit or withdraw cash deposits of more than one lakh rupees in the bank account of the candidates or their wife or their dependents, as mentioned in the affidavit filed by the candidates and who is available on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer. During the election process, the withdrawal or depositing of cash amount of more than one lakh rupees from the account of the political party. Any other suspicious cash transaction which can be used to give bribes to the electors. The information will be processed by the District Election Officer and wherever it is suspected that cash amount can be used to give bribes to the voters, then Flying Squaid can be asked to take necessary action after thorough investigation. However, if the amount of money to be deposited is more than Rs. 10 lakh in cash, then its notice will be sent to the nodal officer of the Income Tax Department for necessary action under income tax laws.


Toll-free number established for election related information

Bemetra 03 Nov 2018: - Toll-free number 18002332126 has been established for information regarding assembly election 2018 and the mobile number - 9479262143. In which 07711950 and 1800111950, 18002337010 for information related to income tax and control number - 07824222326 in collectorate Bemetra and Election Control Room has also been established. Whose telephone number is - 07824-222103.

Printer, printer on poster, publisher name required

Bemetra 03 November 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware has asked printers, publishers that the name and address of the printer and publisher in the election related papers and posters, records, booklets etc. should be clearly shown. Four copies of the printed material and a copy of the publisher's declaration, within three days of printing, the office of Chief Electoral Officer six. Raipur and one per district election office should be sent along with the prescribed format. He said that it is necessary under Section 127 of the Public Representation Act, 1951 and its violation will be taken seriously and strict action will be taken against the violators.


Police Observer Shagun Gautam

Bemetara 03 November 2018: - In the Bemetra district by the Election Commission of India, Shri Shagun Gautam (IPS) The cadre has been deployed. Whose mobile number is 9425509491.

Nagar Panchayat Paropody liquor shop will be closed for two days

Bemetra 03 Nov 2018: Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Mahadev Kaware, being in the 5 km distance from the front line area of ​​the first phase of the election to be held in Rajnandgaon district, the local liquor shop Paropody, run in the Parapodi Nagar Panchayat of the district, On the occasion of polling ended 48 hours before ie 10 November 2018 from 5 pm to 12 November 2018 till the end of voting country Liquor store Parpodi C. The 2 (Ghag) retail store has declared dry period to keep the closure. In the dry period / day, there will be no liquor shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs etc. selling, serving other serving, person, whatever, whichever is not allowed to sell and serve alcohol. He has been asked to ensure strict adherence of the instructions and orders issued to the authorities.

Nomination of four candidates canceled 5 lakh 87 thousand 106 voters in the district will use their franchise The collector gave information to the media representatives

Bemetra November 03, 2018: - District election officer Shri Mahadev Kaware today gave information regarding the scrutiny of nomination papers (in the district) on the afternoon of the District Office meeting with the representatives of the media. The collector said that 18 candidates for Vidhan Sabha field no. 68 Saja had filled their nomination papers, all the applications were found valid. Similarly, the form of one of the 18 candidates for the Assembly Area No. 69 Bemetra has been postponed. Likewise, for the assembly constituency no. 70, for Navagad, a total of 23 candidates had filed their nomination papers, out of which, the nomination form of 03 people has been rejected by Returning Officer related to technical reasons. Collector said that the last date for withdrawal of nomination has been fixed till 05 November to 3 pm. After this the candidates will be allocated symbol (symbol). During the assembly elections, various parties related to election work will be connected with C-Tops (COPPs) app and their momentary activities will be monitored. Activity of all parties related to election through Chhattisgarh Tracking of Polling Process Software (C-Tops) app can be monitored. The Chief Electoral Officer, District Election Officer, Returning Officer and Superintendent of Police, C-Tops Sharing website and the app will continue to update. Until the sector officer, you will be connected to this app. Recently, the Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr. O. P. Rawat launched this app during his stay in Chhattisgarh. In the press conference, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar gave information regarding law and order in the district. ADM on this occasion And Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi was also present.
The collector said that 729 polling booths have been constructed for the three assembly constituencies of the district under Bemetara Revenue District, it includes three assistant booths. The total number of voters in the district is 5.87 thousand 106. Of these, 2 lakh 97 thousand 293 males and 2 lakh 89 thousand 813 female voters are included. The number of Divyang voters in the district is 3727 and Third Gender 07. These include one lakh 45 thousand 824 under Saja assembly constituency, 2 lakh 3 thousand 645 under Bemetara assembly constituency and 2 lakh 37 thousand 637 voters under Navagadh assembly constituency. Among them are Saza V. There are 73 thousand 717 male voters and 72 thousand 107 female voters under the area. Bemetra VS Under the area, one lakh 2 thousand 602 male voters and one lakh one thousand 043 female voters are included. Similarly VS Under Navagadh area one lakh 20 thousand 974 male voters and one lakh 16 thousand 663 female voters will use their franchise. The collector said that the number of service voters is 130, they will use their franchise through the Electronic Transmitted Postal Ballet System (ETPB). The District Magistrate said that during a search under Khandasara Police check, a person has been recovered from the cash amount of Rs.2 lakhs. They will be returned back after submitting legal evidence by making necessary inquiries. Since the Model Code of Conduct is effective now, it is prohibited to carry more than Rs.50,000 in cash. Due to this, movement of vehicles by the officers engaged in the election team is being investigated. The collector said that about 300 kg of Ganja has been seized in the district. Whose market rate is 14 lakh 67 thousand rupees. Similarly, 417 liters of liquor has been seized under illegal liquor. The collector said that the distribution material will be distributed on 19th November at Agricultural Produce Market Complex, Bemetara. EVM in post polling And VV Pat Legislative will be deposited in the Strong Room made. He said that 99 polling stations under Saja assembly constituency are included in Durg district of 22 polling booths under Vikaskhand Dhandh, in Durg district and 22 in Bemetara constituency. The machine will be stored in the Strong Room located in Bemetara.

Police Observer Shagun Gautam

Bemetra 02 November 2018: -Shri Ratnamani Sanjeev as the Police Observer for the assembly elections in the district by the Election Commission of India In place of IPS, Mr. Shagun Gautam has been deployed.


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