Intensive scrutiny of food institutes was done


On the instructions of Collector and District Magistrate Shri Mahadev Kawre, a comprehensive investigation of various food institutions of Bemetara Nagar was conducted by a joint team of the Food Department, Food and Drug Administration and Department of Napa-weave department today. During investigations, two kg cylinders were spoiled and two kg cylinders were destroyed in the miscreant 08 kg Khowa and 02 kg of Chamcham in M ​​/ s Bhawani Sweets Durg Road, as well as commercial use of domestic gas cylinders.

05 kg Khowa damaged from Saraswati suites Durg road was destroyed. 01 Kg lost was destroyed by Mandela sweets, the inedible Jalebi color was destroyed from Shivam Sweets. Similarly, Lakshmi Hotel, Anmol Hotel, Line Dairy, Nirmal Sweets, Gagan Hotel were examined and keeping khechen clean, not eating Khowa and other food items on the newspaper.

Instructions have been given to leave the weight of sweets in the kitchen while working for the gloves and cap on the hand of the kitchen and weighing for the sale of sweets. Also, the instructions for not using domestic gas cylinders and blue kerosene were given. In the investigation team, Mr. Geetesh Dutt Mishra was the Assistant Food Officer, Mr. Roshan Verma Food Safety Officer, Shri Damodar Prasad Verma Nattaulal Inspector, Shri Varun Patel Sample Assistant.


Today's scrutiny of nomination papers in the collectorate


Under the assembly elections today, scrutiny in the presence of candidates by Returning Officers of Sajja, Bemetra and Navagadh, situated in collectorate from 11 am on Saturdays.

Returning officer Mahadev Kawre for the Bemetra assembly constituency, for the US Returning Officer D.S., appointed for Sahu and Navagadh Uikeke scribbled On this occasion, General Observer appointed by the Election Commission of India on the occasion- Mr. Sujit Kumar (IAS), Bemetara Mr. Ranjith Kumar (IAS) And Navagadh Shri KV Murlidharan (IAS) was also present. According to the program issued by the commission, the last date for nomination withdrawal has been fixed on Monday 05 November 2018. The symbol will be allocated after 3 o'clock on 05 November.

7 nomination papers canceled after scrutiny of nomination papers

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / Nomination papers were examined today in the Surajpur district under Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018 and due to various shortcomings the nominations of 7 candidates were canceled. During the scrutiny of nomination papers, the nomination papers of five candidates of Vidhan Sabha constituency Premnagar, one candidate from Bhatgaon assembly constituency and 1 candidate of Pratappur assembly constituency were canceled due to various reasons. Thus, 7 nominations have been canceled from the three assembly constituencies of the district. According to information received from the returning officer office, Mrs. Tileshwari Sandhya of Ambedkarite of India in Premnagar constituency, Mr. Rajesh Jagte of Shiv Sena, Shri Virendra Kumar Jaiswal from Independent,

Names of Shri Khesai Rajwade and Shri Amrit Singh were canceled due to various reasons. Similarly, the candidature of Mr. Kapildev Pankara, candidate of CPM of Bhatgaon assembly constituency, was canceled due to non-completion. Pratappur assembly constituency was canceled due to lack of nomination papers of Shri Ramkalvon Marbani, Jawahar Marab, nomination letter of NCP.

Instructions for presenting all male devotees of the district office at 10 am at Surajpur District Election Office

According to information received from Surajpur 03 November 2018 /According to the information received from the Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Singh, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati, today, on Sunday 04 November 2018, all district office heads have been directed that all male devotees of the office are given the district election Order to be present at Surajpur at 10 am in the office, so that the election related work water Could be soon completed the.


In the Ashram schools of the district, about 8000 children of girl child wrote a post card in Sargujia and appealed to vote on November 20, 2018 for her constituency.

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / In the Ashram schools of the district, 8000 children / girls have written post card in Sargujia by issuing an innovative appeal for voting on November 20, 2018, by distributing comprehensive awareness of voter awareness in the resolution of collector and district election officer and Extensive publicity of voter awareness in the guidance of Chief Executive Officer and District sweep Nodal Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha Rasar is being done through various means. In the same sequence, all the Kasturba non-resident schools of the district, Eklavya Adarsha Abhyas Vidyalaya and Ashram Shalaya of the district, including Pre. Posting of Matriculation and post-matriculation program by the child / girls and officers / employees, creation of the Human Series, Post Card writing work. Virgo hostel, Surajpur, P.M. Child hostel, Surajpur, P.M. Virgo hostel, Vishrantpur, P. class P. I Virgo hostel, Surajpur, Po. Female hostel Ramanujanagar, Po.M. Balak / daughter hostel, Ogi, Po.M.Balak / Girl's hostel Premnagar, P.M. Child / girl hostel Bhayyathan, Po.M. Child / girl hostel Pratappur, Scheduled Caste pre. Student. Surajpur, pre.m. Child hostel, Surajpur, pre.m. Boy hostel Vishrampur, pre.m. Child hostel kanji, pre.m. Child Hostel Kalyanpur, pre. Child hostel syphilli, pre. Virgo hostel, Surajpur, pre. Child hostel Ramanujanagar, pre. Boy hostel salahi, pre.m. Boy hostel Parashurampur, pre.m. Child hostel Devnagar, pre. Child Hostel Ganeshpur, Pre.m. Child hostel Trivugudi, pre. Female hostel, Trivugudi, pre. Daughter hostel Bhubaneswarpur, pre.m. Daughter hostel pasta, pre.m. Girl hostel Madaneshwar, pre.m. Female hostel Ramanujanagar, pre. Virgo hostel Parashurampur, pre.m. Female hostel, Ganeshpur, Pre.m. Daughter hostel omega, pre.m. Boy hostel biharpur, pre.m. Boy hostel karoti, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Bach Dharsadi, Pre.m. Boy hostel lanjit, pre.m. Boy hostel shadow, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Boy dorm, frankly, pre. Daughter hostel, pre.m. Girl hostel farewell, pre. Daughter hostel omega, pre.m. Child Hostel Premnagar, pre. Child Hostel Premnagar, pre. Boy hostel, Umeshpur, pre.m. Child Hostel Navapurakala, Pre.m. Boy hostel kotia, pre.m. Hostel hostel, pre.m. Girl hostel kachanpur, pre.m. Girl hostel salaka, pre.m. Girl hostel Premnagar, pre. Female hostel Umeshwarpur, Pre.m. Daughter hostel dearness, pre. Female Hostel Navaparka, Pre.m. Daughter hostel bhayyathan, pre.m. Female hostel, Shivprasadnagar, pre. Female hostel Satyanagar, pre.m. Child Hostel Satyanagar, pre. Boy hostel daripara, pre.m. Daughter hostel bhayyathan, pre.m. Boy hostel pratappur, pre.m. Boy hostel khurma, pre.m. Child hostel Chandaura, pre.m. Child Hostel Govindpur, pre. Child hostel Ramkola, pre. Boy hostel dhamarpur, pre.m. Boy hostel jajwal, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Hostel bird, pre. Virgo girls hostel, pre. Virgo hostel Pratappur, Balak Ashram Ketu, Virgo Ashram Dedury, Virgo Ashram, Shivpura, Balak Ashram, Ganeshpur, Kanya Ashram, Odgi, Kanya Ashram, Chandra, Balak Ashram, Biharpur, Virgo Ashram Khod, Balak Ashram Khod, Kanya Ashram Dharsadi, Balak Ashram Premnagar, Kanya Ashram Premnagar, Balak Ashram Tara, Balak Ashram Shivnagar, Balak Ashram Durgapur, Virgo Ashram Maheshpur, Balak Ashram Parvatipur, Balak Ashram Baajnathpuru , Kanya Ashram Banja, Balak Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Khopa, Kanya Ashram Govindpur, Kanya Ashram Khorama, Kanya Ashram Pratappur, Balak Ashram Seamarkaal, Balak Ashram Lokki, Balak Ashram Jajal, Balak Ashram Pardapara Kevara, The program of voter awareness was organized in all the ashram schools in the district including Kanya Ashram Kevra, Kanya Ashram Matidand. Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Dr. Lalit Shukla, District Coordinator Sudarshan Agarwal, District Sweep Coordinator Dr. Mohan Sahu, Board Coordinator, Ashok Upadhyay, Shree Brijesh Chabe, Principal Eklavya Vidyalaya, Shivprasadnagar, Suman Verma Superintendent Kasturba Vidyalaya, Surajjur, for the promotion of Voter Awareness Campaign in Ashram Shala The superintendent and staff of all the Ashram Schools in the district, including activists, were active.

Commission appointed general observer

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / Election Commission of India has been appointed observers for Surajpur district for assembly elections 2018. General Observer Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak has been appointed General Observer for General Assembly (Abrrajwar) for Vidhan Sabha area, Mr. A Tambikanta Singh and General Area for Bhatgaon, Mr. Amagothu and Mr. Ranganike and Assembly Area 06 Pratappur.
General observer Shri A. Tambikanta Singh will be available in the Surajpur Room Collector Office at the place of meeting between 10:00 to 11:00 (one hour) per day for meeting political parties, media representatives and the general public. The general number of General Observer Mr. A. Tambikanta Singh is 94255-09504. The meeting will be available from 10.30am to 11.30 pm (one hour) for meeting ordinary observers, Shri Amgothu and Sri Ranganayak political parties, media representatives and the general public. The Sleeper District will be available in Surajpur, Bhatgaon District. General Observer Mr. Amagothu and Mr. Ranganike's mobile number is 94255-09505. The General Observer Shri Bijay Kumar Nayak will be available from 10.30 am to 11:30 pm (one hour) daily for meeting political parties, media representatives and the general public. The SMELL rest house will be available in Suratpur, Bhatgaon District. General viewer Bijay Kumar Nayak's mobile number is 94255-09506.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 In-charge Officer appointed for distribution and collection of materials

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deveshnapati has informed that for the Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018, election materials distribution and collection centers, ITIL Bhavan Parri Surajpur, for the distribution and collection of statutory materials in the various offices of the district, officers / employees Has been deployed. In which the Department of Materials distribution and Storage Officer for the Regional Area 04 Premnagar Mr. H.R. Kanwar V. Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur; 05 In-charge Officer for distribution and collection of material for Bhatgaon; Shri Upendra Tiwari; Taxpaying Officer; District Panchayat; Surajpur; and 05; Distribution and Storage in-charge Officer for Pratappur: Mr. S.N. Patel; Junior Accounts Officer; Assistant Commissioner; Tribal Development: Surajpur; has been appointed.


Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 Navigation team launched by Joint Team of Excise

 Surajpur 03 November 2018 / In view of the Legislative Assembly election 2018, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati, Collector Balrampur Mr. H.L. Nayak and Collector Singrauli-Bhidhan (Madhya Pradesh) Mr. Anurag Chaudhary, in the above three districts, District Excise Officers, Shri Ramkrishna Mishra, Mr. Kalakh Ram, By making a joint team by Mr. Anil Jain, search operations around the interstate border Played

The team inspected the Navatola Barrier and Tungwa Barrier on the interstate border and the vehicles were searched. The joint team inspected the stack and record of Sasan (Reliance Plant), a liquor shop near Madhya Pradesh, across the Chhattisgarh border. A total of 11 suspects were killed in the two states in the campaign In which the case of Section 34 (1) of Excise Act was settled, in the Navgi District, Surajpur, by the possession of Lal Babu Jaiswal, 13 paddy, Madhya Pradesh's masala liquor was seized. Similarly, 10 kilograms of Mahua small was seized from the possession of 10 liters of Mahua liquor, Lakhan Badi, one liter of Mahua liquor and Chhoturam by the possession of Devi Singh Bedi, accused from Harvah (District Singrauli) of Madhya Pradesh. In the future, joint action will also continue on excise crime.

Observers observed various monitoring rooms

Jashpur Nagar 03 November 2018 /

Various chambers and polling stations for the assembly elections were examined today by the general observer of Jashpur, Jashpur, appointed for the Legislative Assembly, 2018, Mr. Yogesh Kumar, IAS, Kunakuri observer Dr. Partha Sarathi Mishra and Pathalgaon observer Mohammad Ashfaq.

During the inspection, he has established control form in the Collectorate office, account room set for election, room for monitoring of TV channels under MCMC, Monitoring Cell of Social Media, Civil Aviation Redressal Cell and other polling stations. done inspection. During this period, he took information from employees employed for monitoring for various rooms and also gave necessary instructions.

Installation of single window for permission of election campaign rally, amusement, loudspeake

Jashpurnagar 03 November 2018 /

During the assembly election 2018, a single window has been set up in Jashpur district office for the permission of election campaign rally, general assembly and loud speaker by candidates of political parties. Shri R.S. Parihar, Sub-Divisional Officer Police Jashpur has been appointed in-charge officer. In which the duty of the officer-employees posted in the district has been imposed.

The single window political party and candidates have been set up to allow the use of vehicles for non-commercial, remote, uncontrolled airports, helipad purposes, public meetings, rally, procession, use of sound equipment and election campaign.

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