Chief Election Officer Shri Subrat Sahu has reviewed the number of polling stations in Patna, Sangwari polling station, Jamjahana and counting of votes.

Koriya 15 Nov.

Chief Election Officer of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Subrat Sahu, visited the Adarsh ​​polling center in Patna, Sangwari polling station, Jamjahana and counting site of the District of the District for the Legislative Assembly elections 2018 and visited the headquarters of the District headquarters, Bakundathpura, at Rajshahi Ramanuj Higher Secondary School, Bacundhetpur and inspected various rooms. Ramps for electricity, water, toilets, furniture and lights etc. Instructions to ensure the arrangements.

They have been directed to officers immediately after reporting the polling day and voting percentage on polling day. With this, the students also gave suggestions for sealing and commissioning. On this occasion, the security nodal officer of the Assembly election and the Inspector General of Police Mr. Dipanshu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr s. Bhartidasan, District Election Officer, Shri Narendra Dugga, District Superintendent of Police, Mr. Vivek Shukla, Returning Officer of the three Assembly constituencies, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, along with other Chief Officers were present.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Chief Election Officer Shri Subrat Sahu reviewed the preparations being made in relation to the election

Koriya 15 Nov.

Mr. Subrat Sahu, Chief Election Officer of Chhattisgarh today reviewed the preparations being made in connection with the preparation of the second phase of the Legislative Assembly 2018, in the collectorate meeting room of the Korea district, taking the meeting of officials in the respective elections. Shri Sahu appealed to the voters to make 100 percent of the voting in the second phase of elections on November 20. He commissioned Electronic Voting Machines Regarding timetable, distribution of postal ballots to the officers and employees, information about the polling booths being made for webcasting polling centers and women voters. He asked for adequate security of Strong Room and Counting Sites. Shri Sahu directed the MCMC to make certification mandatory for advertisements to be published in print media a day before polling day and polling day.

In the same way, he asked them to arrange the necessary arrangements to provide information about the Ma'pole and the voting percentage every two hours on the voting day. Mr. Sahu instructed him to download C-Tapps application to all sector officials in mobile and train them in connection with its usage. On this occasion, the District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga gave detailed information about the preparations made in the district for assembly elections 2018.

In the meeting, security nodal officer of the Assembly election and Inspector General of Police Shri Deepanu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr s. Bhartidasan, District Superintendent of Police, Shri Vivek Shukla, Returning Officer of all three assembly constituencies, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, along with other key officials were present.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: The arrangements for the arrival and lodging of the polling parties

Mahasamund 15 Nov.

As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, the Legislative Assembly in the Mahasamund district has been set-up 39-Saraipali and 40-buses for distribution centers of Government School Higher Secondary School Sarai Pali and Assembly of 41 Khalari and 42-Mahasamand Distribution Center Mandi Praghana Patiyazar Mahasamund. 17 organizations and Dharamsala have been acquired in Saraypali for staying on November 18, 2018, for the purpose of implementation of the Election Commission's directive for the employees' welfare. In front of the pre-matric child hostel post office, Saraypali, the women's hostel behind the girl hostel, in front of the temple high school, All India Radio. Government High Secondary School BEO's Office, M. S.G. In the presence of the Government East Secondary School Ram Mandir, Government Girls Pre-Secondary School Saraipalali Meera Sari Center, Government Girls High Secondary School Saraipalali

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Jhilmila Sarai Pali, Agharia Hostel Saryapali, Self. Raja Virendra Bahadur Singh Government College Sarai Pali, Agrawal Dharamshala Sarai Pali, Geeta Bhawan Saraypali, Ivas Woodland School, Saryapali, K.G. Caveant School Saryapali, Pre Matric child hostel, Saraipalali, Post Matric child hostel, Saraipali, RBC, towards hospital road. Arrangements have been made at places such as Bhawan, Saraipali etc.

Likewise, 12 institutions have been acquired in Mahasamund, in which the Green Valley School Ashram Compalex Mahasamund, Chh. Higher Secondary School, Broonda Chowk Mahasamund, Saraswati Shishu Temple, Bhalasar Road, Mahasamund, Government Child Higher Secondary School, near the mini stadium, Mahasamund, Babus Sanskar near Higher Secondary School, Mini Stadium, Mahasamund Ashi Bai Golchha Mahasamund, Chandrayaan Public School Bagbahra Road Mahasamund, New Holi Faith School, New Mandi Road, Mahasamund, Dev Culture School Club, Para Mahasamund, Vedner Memorial School, Brooda Chowk, Mahasamund and DPS. Arrangements have been made to stay at the school Bagbahara Road, Mahasamund.

Simultaneously, for the polling booths in Mahasamund and Khallari Assembly, 13 buses from Mahasamund, 8 buses from Bagbahara and 7 booths from Pithora will be sent to the yatra. Similarly, for the polling booths of Saraipali and Basana whose duty is located in Khallari and Mahasamund, seven buses from Saraipali, 9 from Busana and 10 from Pithora will leave for Mahasamund. At 8 am and 9 am, buses will depart from Mahasamund, Bagbahara, Pithora, Basna, Saraypali.

Display of sweep activities in the Bagbahra for Divyang voters

Mahasamund 15 Nov.

Under Sweep Program, various activities have been organized to make the voters aware about the Assembly Election 2018, accessible and well-organized and inclusive themes in Town Hall, Bagbahra, on 16th November. In which young voters performed Nookak Drama, Song, E.L.C. Activities will be organized in partnership with Divya voters etc. For this, departmental officer revenue and assistant returning officer, Bagbahara, have been given responsibility for the work of the officers of different departments.

Voters of Tamri Sector burnt human chain and lamp and resolved to vote

Mahasamund 15 Nov.

Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himshikhar Gupta and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mahasamund and President District Sweep Committee, Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi today, according to the Sweep Action Plan in Tamari, Khallari Vidhan Sabha, to motivate more and more people to vote. To fulfill the goal of hundred percent vote under Voter Awareness Campaign Various programs were organized for the purpose, In which chiefly the government high school, in the field of Tamari, by writing hundred percent votes in rotation, constructing a human chain, burning a lamp in the field and centering 100 percent votes, drawing on finger through Rangoli, was inspired to create a picture and vote Took oath to vote.

The voters present were encouraged to vote by securing the name of Mr. Jahangir Bhuttohu Ji by Secretary Sweep Mr. Rekhraj Sharma and slogans and other slogans. The program was attended by people from Tamari and nearby villages Patraparpali, Khurshi Pahar, Chandrapur Sivni, Sonamundi, Karhidihi, Salhebhantha, Deori, Brahmandih. Assistant District Nodal Officer Sweep Mr. Pramod Kumar Kannauj, Development Block Education Officer Mr. K.R. Kovachi, Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Temari, Mr. Sandeep Sahu, Teacher Vijay Sharma, P.T.I. H.R. Devganan College Assistant Professor Om Prakash Muravi, Taxation Officer Lakhanlal Sahu, Sunder Sahu, package coordinator Neelima Sahu, secretary Chandrakant Sahu, Swachh Bharat Mission, Preeti Pandey, Krishna Deewan, Sajjad Khan Manju Tharani, Anganwadi workers and officials were present in the rural areas.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Financing of Micro Observer Training

Mahasamund 15 Nov.

On the guidance and direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta, for the smooth editing of Vidhan Sabha Election 2018, today the Central Officers and Bankers were trained as micro observers in the Zilla Panchayat's meeting room. On this occasion, Mr. Dipchand, observer of Sarai Palali assembly, - D.J. Jadeja Assembly- 41 Mr. Badri Nath Choubey, observer of Khallari, Assembly- 42, Mr. R., observer of Mahasamund. The training of micro observers was done in the presence of Rajesh Kumar. So that the work of voting can be done in a proper manner. He specifically emphasized cooperation and co-ordination with the presiding officer and voting party. He said that all the micro observer polling stations should be reached at the scheduled time. Keep coordination with sector officials. The general observers appointed by the Assembly also guided micro observers.

Training by Master Trainer Shri Himanshu Bharati through Power Presentation On this occasion, officers of District Bankers, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalaya, LIC, including Lead Bank officials were present.

Inspection of Strong Room by Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu

Surajpur 15 Nov.

During today's visit to Surajpur by Chhattisgarh Chief Election Officer Mr. Subrata Sahu, the officers were given necessary instructions to the officials while inspecting the Strong Room of the Vidhan Sabha area 04-Premnagar, 05-Bhatgaon and 06-Pratappur, in the Government's IIT Bhawan Parri, Surajpur. He also inspected the voting, distribution room, storage room and counting rooms installed in Government IIT Building, Parri, Surajpur.

While inspecting the venue for the media gallery by Shri Sahu, the media representatives visited and visited the meeting and meeting room. During the counting, he reviewed the gallery set for the visits of political parties and media representatives. Inspecting the spot for distribution of Electronic Voting Machine and VVPAT by Shri Sahu, the officers instructed them to easily distribute and store EVMs. During the inspection, the security nodal officer of the assembly election and the Inspector General of Police Raipur Mr. Deepanshu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KC Devsenapati, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Superintendent of Police, Shri G.S. Jaiswal, Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha area, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and other officials were present.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018: Complete sealing work in the presence of candidates and representatives

Surajpur 15 Nov.

Commissioning of Electronic Voting Machines (Siling) for the Legislative Assembly election for the three General Assembly elections in 2018 today, Returning Officer of Collector and District Election Officer and Returning Officer of District Assembly Premnagar in Suri Vajpur, Mr. K. Deesenaapati, general observer of Vidhan Sabha Pratappur IAS Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak , General Assembly of the Assembly, Bhatgaon, IAS, Shri Amgothu R Naik

The engineers and sector officials of ECIL (Electronic Corporation of India Limited) were present in the presence of the General Observer of the Assembly constituency Prem Nagar IAS Shri A. Tambikanta, the candidates and their representatives. A total of 926 machines were commissioned on the last day of the sealing. There are a total of 293 machines for Assembly constituency Premnagar, 328 machines for Bhatgaon assembly constituency and 305 machines for Pratappur. Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati, while taking stock of the EVM commissioning, give necessary instructions to the sector officials and voting officers. During this time, he got information regarding preparedness by asking the number of ballot units and VVPAT being commissioned by sector officials. He told the sector officials that in the slip of the EVM and VVPat machine being commissioned, must write the name of the polling number and polling station and paste it into the machine.

Be sure to insert VVPAT testing seal behind each slip of the emblem removed from VVPAT during commissioning. After sealing, put the slices in a pink colored envelope and paste the required information above the envelope. He said that the list of ID number of each machine has been prepared,

Make sure to match the machines being commissioned from that list, in order to avoid any kind of dilemma. The collector said that keep VVPAT away from the sunlight directly, so that due to sunlight the machine does not get any malfunction. He directed the Sector officials to send back the Strong Room after certifying with the concerned election officer if the allotted EVMs and VVPat machines were commissioned under the Randomization.

And commissioning of reserved machines. He instructed the sector officials to be patient and seriously commissioning of the commissioning of machines today. It is known that the EVM and VVPAT machines allocated for the three assemblies have been kept in the Strong Room located at the IIT Bhavan Parri, Surajpur. These machines are being protected by the CRPF jawans. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat and Returning Officer of Pratappur Vidhan Sabha Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Bhattgaon Vidhan Sabha constituency's election officer Mr. KP Sai, Deputy Collector Mr. Ravi Singh, SDM Surajpur Dr. Subhash Singh Raj, SDM Pratappur Mr. CS Pandara, SDM Bhayyathan Mrs. Jyoti Singh along with other officers were present.

Outstanding Performance of Child Scientists of the District

Balrampur 15 Nov.

Junior Group on 12th November at Government Balanced Higher Secondary School Balrampur and District Level 26th National Children Science Congress 2018 of Senior Group was organized on November 14, 2018. Talented students from all over the district presented their own projects with different types of models and charts on the theme. For two consecutive years, the students selected from the district are getting the opportunity to showcase their talents in the state-level program.

In the said program, a total of 89 projects were presented from various development blocks, including the first place from the senior group. Uma Soni, the government girl's higher secondary school, Vadafnagar, on the topic of medicinal plants, in the second place, Sonam Srivastava, Government Higher Secondary School, Baroow, got 'Third place' on 'Junk' from 'Junk' and Shubham Gupta of Government High School Sharadpur (E) presented short summary on ecosystem.

Khushbu Upadhyay of Kasturba Gandhi Residential School, Rajpur in Junior Group, secured second place on the basis of malnutrition and the first place on character and defense, the development of government secondary school Gopalpur; The team of selected child scientists will be representing Balrampur-Ramanujganj district in 2018 in the state level Child Science Congress, which is to be held in Campion School Assembly Road Raipur from November 30.

Chief Electoral Officer today on District Migration

Balrampur 15 Nov.

Assembly election 2018 Chief election officer of Chhattisgarh State, Shri Subrat Sahu will be on the migration of Balrampur-Ramanujganj District on November 16, 2018. Shri Sahu will reach Balrampur at 9.30 am in the Police Line Ground by helicopter.

They will observe the Strong Room Government High School Building Balrampur at 9.40 am and after 10.00 pm the Government New College will observe the Strong Room and the Counting Hall observed for the submission of material after voting made in Balrampur. Shri Sahu will inspect the Sanghwari polling station, made up of 10.25 till 10.35 pm in Dumour and Bhanaura. After inspection, they will leave a review meeting of work related to election in New Circuit House Building at 10.40 pm and depart from Balrampur at 11.27 hrs.

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