Campaign expired at 5 o'clock this evening

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - The voting will be held on Tuesday 20 November in the district under the assembly election. The publicity campaign will end on Sunday 18 November, at 5 pm, 48 hours before polling ends. District Election Officer Shri M.D. After the ending of the promotional period, if any complaint is received in this regard, then in case of violation of the Model Code of Conduct against them, the matter of action is to be taken as per rules. He has instructed the Flying Skat, Static Team, Video Observation Team to alert his duty promptly.


Commission issued instructions regarding election booth on voting day

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Voting will be held on 20th November under the Assembly Election 2018 in the district. On the day of voting, important instructions have been issued to the Election Commission of India regarding the installation booth at 200 meters of the polling booth by political parties on the day of polling, which is mandatory for every political party and candidate to be followed. In this regard, Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kavre asked to ensure compliance with the instructions of the Commission giving directions to the Commission. In connection with election booths being implemented by political parties and candidates outside polling booth, he told that it is necessary to get permission from the concerned urban body or village panchayat in writing. A table and two chairs and a large umbrella or piece of cloth or tarpaulin will be used in the booth. Booth installation permission is required outside of all polling stations. Action will be taken to give any temptation to the booth and invite voters.


Collector's meeting of Lei heads

    Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer M.D. Kaveri took a meeting of the heads of the non-government schools of the district with the facility of vehicle under section 160 of the Public Representation Act, 1951. Instructions regarding vehicle acquisition and postal ballot of driver and assistant of bus. ADM in the meeting K.S. Mandavi, District Education Officer G.R. Chandrakar, Statistical Officer Sunil Tiwari and other officials were present.


Reserve EVM Ready for election

Bemetra November 17, 2018: - In the presence of representatives of political parties in the strong room set up in local agricultural produce market premises today, Reserve E.V.M. The proceedings of the assembly of the assembly were done in the preparation of commissioning. On this occasion, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, CEO of District Panchayat. Mr. S. Alok, A.D.M. Mr. K. S. Mandavi, Returning Officer Saja Shri Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Other officers including Uike were present.

District liquor shops will be closed for two days during elections

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Mahadev Kaware, located in the district till the end of polling on November 18, 2018 from 5 pm to 20 November 2018 on the occasion of voting on November 20, 2018, to the country and foreign liquor shop run in the district. Retail stores of all domestic and foreign wines, C.S. -2 (Ghag), F.L. 1 (Ghag) and liquor stores have declared dry days to keep the warehouses closed. In the said period, the entire transaction of alcohol has been restricted, they have been asked to ensure strict adherence to the instructions, orders and orders of the police and excise department. On the day of counting on December 11, 2018, the collector has declared a dry day to keep the country liquor (cobbia), the picki para and the foreign liquor (cobbia) of the municipality area Bemetra, one day off.


11 Model Polling Stations and 4 Sewing Booths in District

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - 11 Model Polling Stations and 4 Sewing Booths are being set up in the three assembly constituencies of the district under Vidhan Sabha Election 2018. This booth has been set up to increase voting percentage and promote women's awareness. District Election Officer MD Kavre told that in the ideal polling centers, assembly constituencies under Congaakala, Shah. Uma. Under the Shala Saaza, Mohatra, Sauksha, Beymantara assembly constituency, Dunda, Bachedi, Kota Navagad, under Gordhukh, Andhiharkhor N, Karmatra and Jhal are included. Similarly, Sangwari polling centers have been set up at 4 Block Headquarter. These include the polling station no. 112 (a) of ma Shaw West Room No. 11, Berla Voting Center No. 191 (a) Primary School Building Navagad, Polling Station No. 153 Government East. Shaw Building is included. In addition to the presiding officer / voting officer, the security personnel will also be women. The attractive booth is being arranged.


'Review meeting concluded with officers of Armed Forces coming from Digar District to bring peace to the upcoming assembly elections 2018'

Review meeting with officials of the forces coming to the security arrangement for assembly elections 2018 in presence of Police Observer, Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha and General Observer Shri Yogesh Kumar, Superintendent Jashpur, Shri Prashant Singh Thakur, in the meeting room of Jashpurnagar 17th November 2018 / Reserved Center Jashpur. Finished In the meeting, Superintendent of Police, Jashpur Mr. Prashant Singh Thakur gave information about the geographical situation of all the assembly constituencies of Jashpur district and gave information about the neighboring states of Jashpur and the areas connected to the border.
In the meeting, the Police Observer, Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha, in view of the geographical situation of Jashpur district, he said that the Jashpur border is connected to other districts, so that the route is connected to another state in which more security is required. He directed the officers and employees to perform their duties with utmost caution while raising their morale. Also, point wise information about what should be the duty of each employee in the polling booth. Apart from this, how should the police work be done, how should they behave towards the voters, and clear instructions on how to discharge their duties on the polling booth.
During this time, General Observer, Mr. Yogesh Kumar called on all officials of the polling booth and asked about the safety of the polling booth and what precautions should be taken from voting to the counting of votes and carefully cautiously Inspired to discharge duty. Information about the entire polling booth of Jashpur district has to be given so that no obstacles will arise in the forthcoming assembly elections and successful voting can be done in the district. "On this occasion, with the Police Observer and General Examination Officer and Superintendent of Police, All the top officials of the Armed Forces were present.

'Released Release of Directory Guide'

Jashpurnagar 17 November 2018 / Information related to upcoming assembly election 2018 'Election Directory Handbook' was released by the Superintendent of Police Mr. Prashant Singh Thakur on Friday. It was released by the Police Observer Shri Deepak Kumar Sinha and General Observer Shri Yogesh Kumar and the officials of the Edak Company. In this book, clearly details of all the assembly areas of Jashpur district were shown through the map and general instructions have also been issued regarding the election for the police and it is clear that what police personnel should do on polling day What to do and various information related to the major legal provisions related to elections and voting and the security of counting votes. The Ilit.
         In addition, the list of police officials in the book and the police stations and mobile numbers of the names and names of the police in charge of all the sections have been mentioned and the name and mobile number of the officials engaged in election has been mentioned so that the officers posted in duty No difficulties, in case of adverse circumstances, their high officials can be contacted and all the voters of Jashpur Includes information centers.


Assembly general election 2018 Voting material delivery on November 19

Jashpurnagar 17 November 2018 / Assembly elections under General Election 2018 will be held in the district of Jashpur from 8 am to 5 pm on 20th November. Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer have informed that voting material will be distributed to voting parties from 7 pm on November 19 and voting parties will be dispatched to polling stations. They have said that work will be taken to get back the material till late night after the polling ends on 20th November.
Deputy District Election Officer said that two centers have been set up for distribution of material in the district. The distribution of contents of constituency no. 12-Jashpur and constituency of 13-kuncuri will be distributed to the Government Child Higher Secondary School, Jashpur. Content distribution for Vidhan Sabha constituency no. 14 Pathhalgaon will be done in Government Thakur Shobhasinh College, Pathalgaon. He also said that from the remote places for election work, they will be present in Jashpur and Pathalgaon on November 18. Alternate arrangements for officers and employees of these polling parties have been done by the district administration.

Assembly election 2018 : Chief Election Officer Shri Subrat Sahu appreciated the various programs and efforts being run under voter awareness in Korea district

Koriya 16 Nov.

Chief election officer Shri Subrat Sahu has been present in the district headquarters of Baikunthpur on November 15 for reviewing the election functions. He observed the Patna and Jamgahna Sangwari polling booths which came under the Baikunthpur Vikaskhand in Korea District. During this time they saw the programs of voter awareness organized at these places. He also took part in the voting booth organized by students and ordinary citizens in the Bakunthpur District Collectorate Complex.

He praised the huge and attractive Rangoli made under the Voter Awareness Campaign to inspire voters. Shri Sahu appreciated the various programs and efforts being run under voter awareness in Korea district.

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