Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Training of Sector Officers


A training program was organized in the assembly hall of district panchayat today for the Sector Officers appointed for the Assembly Election 2018. On this occasion, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta told all the sector officials that the Sector Officers should look after the work of the CRC, including the mock poles, on the voting day. He said that every Sector Officer has to report the voting on every two hours.

Sector officials should ensure that polling parties arrive at polling stations on time and submit their report. Deal of the Mock Poll on Voting Day During the training, the District Master Trainers Mr. Himanshu Bhawan informed the Sector Officers about various procedures through the Power Presentation. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Mohammad Sharif Khan and all the Sector Officers were present.

Organizing diverse programs in urban areas under Sweep

Mahasamund 17 Nov

Collector District District Election Officer Mahasamund Mr. Himshikhar Gupta and the Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mahasamund and President of Sweep Committee Mahasamand Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Mr. Abhinit Singh, District Nodal Dr. Malti Tiwari, Vidhan Sabha Nodal Officer Ajay Kumar Raja For the purpose of increasing the last Sweep program today, on November 17, 1818, Was held at Mick school.

Students of all colleges of Mahasamund and students of 11th and 12th students of Human Chain, Sworn, 18 who have completed 18 programs, including Government PG College, Mata Karma, Indian, Shyam Balaji, Nursing, Polytechnic, MPW Kalindi ITI , Diet Adarsh ​​Higher Secondary School, Bach Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Government DMS School, A number of about 3500 number of Diet Training Mahasamund made the sphere in the sphere. In the making of human series, Principal Mrs. Saurin Chandrasen, Mr. Rekhraj Sharma Sweep Secretary, Mr. Pramod Kannauj Assistant Secretary, Mr. Hitendra Sahu Mr. Tekram Sahu was involved in cooperation. Thereafter, Dr. Tiwari sent all students to vote for their parents on 20th November to go to the polling station and swear to use the right of their democracy,

Collective voter awareness and mass signature campaign were started in 30 Wards of Mahasamund under the Department of Higher Education, all the colleges, government Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, post graduate college students, in-charge Smt. Saraswati Seth, Smt. Rajeshwari Soni, Smt. Sages Pradhan, Ashutosh Sharma, Priyavwada Sharma, Parvin Karim , Madhu Verma Government Mata Karma Nodal Officer Dr. Saraswati Verma, Sh. Ri Sahu, Mrs. Svetlana

Polytechnic Mr. Vinod Singh Horse Government ITI Mr. Hiralal Verma, Mr. Yogendra Sahu Nisha Salman Khileshwari Ram Prasad Verma Rakesh Verma Shyam Balaji Smt Manju Sharma, Shantabai College Smt. Namrata Devangan District Hospitality Training MPW Nursing Preeti Bala College Kalindi GNM Shrimati Role Luni Jai Hind College Smt. Chittesh Vari Sahu Indian College Mr. Chum Not red SahuShri Murali Sinha Dit Mahasamand Girls All students voted for voting in the 30 wards for voting conducted for 8940 signatures. Objective None of our voters will be deprived of voting. In all the wards of Mahasamund, the voices of voting gathered together with slogans. Rally all selected Champs Ambassador Laxman Singha of all the colleges

Vaishali Thakur, Suman Prajapati, Shubham Gaikwad, Gitanjali Devangan, Hemraj Patel, Kavita Chandrakar Hemant Kumar, Barkha Chandrakar, Preeti Sahu, Sanjay Patel, Lakshmi Narayan Bhardwaj, Suresh Kumar, Chhathalhari, Girish Kumar Dhivar, Nand Kumar Kosaria Surya Kant Vidyarthi Vidyarthi With the help of visiting people walking the house for voter awareness, visiting throughout the day at different Mohalla Chowk intersection Hn played.


Arrangement of vehicles for movement under employee welfare

Mahasamund 17 Nov.

On the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta in Vidhan Sabha General Election -2018 in the implementation of instructions of the Election Commission of India, vehicles have been arranged for movement under employee welfare and their place and time have been set. Under this, the Government Child Higher Secondary School will be leaving from Mahasamund to Sarai Pali delivery center at 6 pm at 8 pm, The same government school will leave for 7 buses at the Higher Secondary School, Mahasamund, at 9 pm. In front of Bagbahahah Tehsil, the Sunsunia Stadium will be dispersed to the distribution center, Saraipali, 4 buses at 10 am and the four buses will depart from this place at 11.00 am to the Shree Shali delivery center. The Tehsil office will depart from Pithora from 5 pm to 10.00 pm for distribution center.

From the same tehsil office, 2 buses will depart at 11 a.m. The tehsil office will be departing from Pithora to the distribution center for Mahasamund at 5 pm in the morning and will return to Tehsil office Pithora from 5 pm to 11 pm for the distribution center Mahasamund.

Similarly, from the district office Basana, the distribution center will depart for Mahasamund 5 buses at 9 am and again from Janpanch Panchayat office, the buses will leave 4pm for the Mahasamund at 10 pm. The Government Child Higher Secondary School, Sarai Pali, will leave 4 pm for 8 pm on MahaSamand's distribution center and again from Government school Higher Secondary School, Sarai Pali, will depart 3 pm to 9 pm for Mahasamund.

Use of these vehicle facilities will be able to access the employee distribution center, if necessary, can reduce the number of vehicles in Tehsildar and traffic charge. Government school, college and Dharamsala have also been arranged for the night of November 18, 2018 for all employees, in Mahasamund and Saraypalali.

Voters can vote through 12 alternative photo identity cards

A press conference was organized today in the presence of Surajpur, 17 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati and in the presence of Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha. Today print and electronic media representatives of the press were held. It was informed in the press conference that such electors who are not able to submit their electoral photo identity card, to establish their identity, the public sector undertakings, Central Government, to their employees, by issuing passports, driving licenses, Raj Public Limited companies Photocopied service identification cards, photographs issued by banks post office Smart card issued by SubCo, PanCard, RGI and NPR, MNREGA Job Card, Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of Labor Ministry, photo-based pension documents, certified photo voter slips issued by the election system, MPs released to the Council members Government Identity Card / MLAs and Aadhaar Cards as Alternative Photo Identity Documents Render Hchan letter compulsory.
Today the departure of polling booths of remote polling stations
Collector and District Election Officer Shri KC Deesanapati told that on November 18, 2018, for the 145 remote polling booths of assembly constituency, 06 Pratappur, the departure of polling personnel will start from 09 am and 97 assembly constituencies of Odhi block of 05-Bhatgaon Voting personnel will be dispatched for 11 pm at polling booths of the constituencies and Assembly constituency 04-Premnagar The Ramanujnagr and Prem Nagar block will be off the 59 polling station officials / employees of the afternoon 01 hours for polling stations.

Assembly election 2018 : 7 lakh 87 thousand 703 voters will use their franchise

Mahasamund 17 Nov.

A total of 1,773 polling stations have been set up in the four assembly constituencies under the Assembly Elections-2014 in the district by the Election Commission of India. There are 7,87,703 voters in total. Which includes 3 lakh 91 thousand 304 male voters, 3 lakh 96 thousand 106 female voters, the other 21 and service voters 272. Assembly constituencies - 268 polling stations under the Sarai Pali, 286 polling booths in assembly constituency -40 busas, 273 polling stations in 41 assembly constituencies-41 Khalari and 246 polling stations under Assembly constituency-42 Mahasamund. Of these, there are one lakh 90 thousand 751 voters in Saraypali assembly constituency, in which male voters 95 thousand 882 and women 94 thousand 811 voters, the other two voters and service voters are 56.

There are 2 lakh 5 thousand 542 voters in the assembly constituency. Among them, male voter is one lakh two thousand 369 and female one lakh 3 thousand 78 voters, the other three voters and service voters 92. Khallari assembly constituency has one lakh 99 thousand 230 voters. These included male voters 98 thousand 559 and female one lakh 621 voters, the other 8 voters and service voters are 42.

There are 1 lakh 92 thousand 180 voters in Mahasamund assembly constituency, in which male voters 94 thousand 494 and female 97 thousand 596 voters, the other 8 voters and service voters 82.
 Similarly, the Divajangan voter of the district is 6 thousand 629. Among them, 4 thousand 889 voters of bone disrupted, 796 voters of visually impaired and 941 voters of hearing impediment.

Among them, there are 1127 voters in Basti disrupted in Saraypali, 191 voters of visually impaired and 389 voters of Hearing Impact. There are 1175 voters in Basti disrupted buses, 209 voters of visually impaired and 253 voters of hearing impediment. There are 1348 voters in Basti disrupted in Khallari, 230 visually impaired and 130 voters disrupted. There are 1239 voters of Basti disrupted, 167 voters of visually impaired and 169 voters disrupted in Mahasamund.

Sworn by Divas under Voter Awareness Campaign

Surajpur under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Shri KC Devsenapati and Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat and Nodal Officer Sweep District Surajpur Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, under the guidance of Surajpur Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 voter awareness campaign, Voter awareness campaign in Parri's Livelihood College campus for the promotion of 'Dehi' Sangi, Vote caste 'was administered by Divyanango. Devyangjan, who was present at the Library Head College, was promoted through his medium of ensuring 100 percent participation in the voting. Swearing in the oath of Sariguzha giving a message to the people, "Run, sing, give a vote", among the large number of civilians present in the oath, among the people, women and men, voters of different departments and institutions, master trainers, over the age of 85 years, took. Vigilant Shri Durgesh Chandrasekari was given the oath of Sargujiya in the Braille script, "Kiriya Khake", and was taken into oath by the silent deaf, Shri Ashutosh Kumar, Shri Kapil Kumar etc., which was the center of main attraction. Swearing-in ceremony Shri Narendra Jaiswal, Shri Ramasai (Visvadhyadhar), Sweep Brand Ambassador Shri Ishwar Yadav (Bone Disrupted), Sweep Brand Ambassador and International Taekwondo Player Mr. Naresh Kumar Tirki (Bone Disrupted), Sweep Brand National Runner Chandrapati Rajwade and elderly women and men of more than 85 years of age were welcomed by putting a badge and caps. Meanwhile, Sweep Assistant Nodal Officer Mr. Ajay Mishra, District sweep coordinator Mr. Goss Beg, Dr. A large number of officers and employees of the district including Mohan Sahu were present in the slogan and everyone took the oath of "Kariya Khake" in Saruguzha, slogging the slogan "Come running, vote cast".


Finished training of officers / employees appointed for micro observer

In the direction of Surajpur 17 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.D. Devsenapati today, on 17th November 2018, the Government Child Higher Secondary School, Surajpur. It was told in the training that the micro observers have to work directly under the control and supervision of General Observers. Observers are only a supervisor in micro and not a member of the polling party. A photo pass, identity card and appointment letter will be given to the micro observers by the District Election Officer. They should get a communication plan from the returning officer. In the presence of microscopic observers and with their duly approved approval, the polling station should be handed over randomly before the day of departure. Micro observers should ensure that they have completed knowledge training organized by the District Electoral Officer. Arrangements will be made by the District Election Officer to leave them to the polling stations and take them there. They will not travel with voting personnel, they can travel with regional (Sector) officers. They will be provided with general facilities. Micro observers should reach at the polling station at least one hour before voting begins or on the evening of the day before voting should be reached. After the voting, the micro observers will have to submit the details of the voting day activities or details of the polling day of each polling center under their jurisdiction (as per the format). Micro observers posted on multi-polling stations will have to visit those polling stations located in the same campus at some intervals. Training was given to the micro observers to get directions from the general observers for different aspects of the election process, the operation of the EVM, guidelines issued by the Election Commission for the micro-observers, the contact numbers of the general observers and the execution of the work. It's important to know about. Along with this, the sub-observer has the ability to record the voting process, the presence of voting agents and the instructions of the Indian Commission, access to the pass-through and voting centers, according to the directions of the Election Commission of India, the proper identification of constituents, absenteeism, transfer and duplicate Knowing and recording the process of voter list, putting inward inks, details of the electors in register register 17-A To inform the general observers through the communication medium available in the event of any violation of the process, voting secrecy, voting agents, their grievances, if any, during the observation, reports in the prescribed format by the micro observer. To prepare, report to the general observers by the micro observers at the collection centers and on that day It is necessary to keep the information about the reports of the micro observer, including scrutiny of register 17-A, to be submitted to the General Observer himself and to decide on the re-election. Training was given by Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 All permission for 01 vehicles from Premnagar, 04 from Pratappur and 7 candidates from Bhatgaon, etc., will be canceled.

Surajpur, 17 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C. Devsanapati and Returning Officer, Vidhan Sabha, Premnagar has informed that under the Section 77 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, the following is not being submitted to the Audit Observer and Assistant Expenditure Observer Election Commission of India, Order No. 76 / Instructions / EEP / S / 2015 / Block-1 of Election House New Delhi In the pursuance of May 29, 2015, all the provisions of Section 201 (1) of the Election Commission of India, under Section 171 (I) of the Legislative Assembly, 04 Premnagar, Independent candidate Smt. Seema Singh Tekam, has been canceled with immediate effect. And assembly constituency 06-Pratappur, Mr. Chhota Lal Tirki of Aam Aadmi Party, Dr. Narendra Pratap Singh of Janta Congress, JG (J) and Mr. Mr. Premyasi and Mr. Premisai Singh father of Ramdhari, Dimple and Vidhan Sabha constituency 05-Bhatgaon, Mr. Mohan Singh Tekam of Shivsena Party and Mr. Anand Rajwade, from Independent, Shri Om Prakash Sonwani, Mr. Kumet Ram Sadilya, Mr. Tileshwar Prasad Rajwade, Smt. Madhu Tiwari And Mr. Sitaram Bhaskar, all the provisions of the vehicles used in the election of election 2018, have immediate effect. It has been canceled.

Children of Baikunthpur, children of child house child in Korea district, in the Hausla 2018 program

Koriya 17 Nov.

Hosala program was organized by the State Child Protection Committee, Raipur, on 15th November, Women and Child Development Department. In which children of Child Development Organizations of Korea District participated immensely. In the state-level hospitality program organized by Chief Minister of Women and Child Development Department M. Geeta, Mr. Takeshwar of the Child Home Child of Korea District has won the first position.

On the other hand, Mahesh Mali got the first position in a high jump and honored the respective regions of Korea District and Sarguja Division. On this occasion, the legal co-probation officer Mr. Pankaj Kumar Verma made his important contribution. On receiving the first place, District Program Officer Mr. Chandresh Sisodia has congratulated the child.

E.w.m. And VV Pat Machines Distribution On November 19th

Balrampur November 17, 2018 / EVM and VV for Assembly Election 2018 Pat Machines, Electoral Rolls Accounting Officer, Diary, Statutory Envelope-SE 8 and imprinting envelope - S.E. 8 is to be distributed from 1975 to 6 PM from 6.00 am to the Strength Room from Government Girls Higher Secondary School and the work of collection will be done on November 20, 2018, from 5.30 pm to the Strong Room Government New College Balrampur. Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak has been appointed as Nodal Officer, Distribution and Storage Incharge and Distribution and Storage Assistant for distribution and collection work.

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