Korba district would become a beautiful, healthy and educated district : Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Korba Medical College to have 100 seats: Medical College Building to be constructed at the cost of nearly Rs 325 crore

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Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has said that Korba district has got a new direction for development in the field of infrastructure , tourism, education and now also in the field of medicine. With the consistent efforts of state government, Korba district would become a beautiful, healthy and educated district of Chhattisgarh. He said that this is the first time in the history of the state, when Chhattisgarh is going to get four government medical colleges in a year. In one year, three new medical colleges were approved in Korba, Kanker and Mahasamund. Besides, decision has also been taken to acquire Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College. This will help in improving medical education and medical facilities in the state. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel was addressing the function after inaugurating Korba Medical College and performing Bhoomi Poojan of the new building of the Medical College from his office room in Vidhan Sabha here today through video conferencing.

Chief Minister said that when Chhattisgarh state was constituted, there was only one medical college in Raipur. Later, new Government Medical Colleges were established at Bilaspur, Raigarh, Ambikapur, Rajnandgaon and Jagdalpur. Chief Minister said that shortage of doctors has always been a problem. In order to increase the number of doctors and to make better medical facilities available to people of the state, state government is making efforts to establish a medical college in every Lok Sabha constituency. In future, state government would take steps towards establishing medical colleges at the district-level. He said that the state government would make efforts to start a medical college in Janjgir as well.    
Mr. Baghel said that Korba has been identified as an aspirational district by Central Government. State government is making efforts to turn it into a developed district. Steps are being taken to establish Satrenga of Korba on the national map of tourism. Chief Minister informed that Rs 300 crore has been provisioned in state government's budget of financial year 2021-22 for three new medical colleges in Korba, Kanker and Mahasamund. Budget allocation for these medical colleges will be released in the upcoming month of April. In future, this district will also be recognized in the field of medicine and tourism.
Presiding over the program, Vidhan Sabha Speaker Dr. Charan Das Mahant said that it was a dream of people in Korba region to have district's own medical college. Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel had announced establishment of a medical college in Korba a few days ago and today, it is being inaugurated. This is a historic occasion for the district. He said that this medical college is being inaugurated in a short period of four months. Funds have also been allocated for this medical college. Health Minister Mr. T.S. Singhdev said that today is a day of pride and happiness for all of us. Approval for three new medical colleges was received under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, out of which Korba Medical College is being inaugurated today. Chhattisgarh is continuously advancing in the field of health. This achievement is important in the public interest.
Addressing the program, School Education Minister and Minister in charge of Korba district, Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam said that the building of Korba Medical College will be constructed at a cost of about Rs 325 crore. This medical college will have 100 seats. He congratulated and greeted the villagers on the inauguration of the Medical College. Revenue Minister Shri Jaisingh Agrawal said that the medical college of Korba is being started from this year. Medical college will be established in the IT college campus here and 25 acres of land has been allotted for the same. Tender will be issued soon for the construction of the building. He said that Korba is the highest mineral royalty-giving and the highest railway revenue-giving district, and it also has coal mines. This medical college has been started today with the efforts of the Chief Minister. Lok Sabha MP Smt. Jyotsna Mahant along with Shri Purushottam Kanwar, Deputy Chairman of Central Region Tribal Development Authority and Mr. Mohit Ram Kerketta, Chairman of the Board of Integrated Tribal Development Project Advisors, also expressed their greetings and best wishes to the people of the District.
Separate arrangements are being made in two blocks of IT college in Jagarha to start studies in this new medical college to be established in Korba. 25 acres of land behind IT College has been earmarked for the new building of Medical College.
Vidhan Sabha Speaker Dr. Charan Das Mahant, Health Minister Shri T.S. Sinhadev joined the bhumipujan programme through video conferencing from capital city Raipur. At the programme venue in Korba, State Revenue Minister Mr. Jaisingh Agrawal, School Education Minister and Minister in-charge of Korba District, Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam and Korba Lok Sabha MP Mrs. Jyotsna Mahant, Vice President of Central Region Tribal Development Authority Mr. Purushottam Kanwar, Integrated Tribal Development, advisory board president of the project Mr. Mohit Ram Kerketta, Mayor of Korba Municipal Corporation, Mr. Rajkishore Prasad, District Panchayat President Mrs. Shivakala Kanwar and Chairman of Municipal Corporation Mr. Shyam Sundar Soni along with many public representatives were present.



Arbitration in MNREGA ..... The process of complaints is not stopping ... The villagers are worried for Majduri .....

 Surajpur-Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme This scheme has gone through corruption, there may be no guarantee of employment, but it has become a complete guarantee of corruption, without any work, it may be openly in the name of the relative of the relative of the employment assistant.  It is necessary to stop this, but despite all the monitoring, corruption is going on in the MNREGA. It is so arbitrary in the MGNREGA that the complaints about wages have come a day that the administration is also upset.  One case can not be investigated, another comes to light. Ram Lal Pando of Gram Kolhua has alleged in a complaint to the Collector that in the year 2018-19, a kup in his name was constructed in his land in which he and his  Three people, including his wife, worked in the construction of the kupa, which was not paid.  He told the Collector in a complaint that for Majduri he also went to Secretary, Employment Assistant Basant Sahu, but till date the Majduri done by him in the construction of kupa was not paid.  On which a strict action has been taken from the Collector to pay the wages by taking strict action against the employment assistant along with the secretary.

 Arbitration of Secretary, Employment Assistant…
 Poor hard work, the process of not getting the money of the people is very long.  He worked for 104 days in Dabri construction work built on the land of Inam Kunwar under Ramadhar Yadav MNREGA of village Kolhua but today the wages have not been more than two years.  Similarly, Gaurishankar Vaishya has also talked about not getting wages after working for 83 days in the same Dabri, whereas before this, the charge sheet for not giving the amount of construction of the well to the employment assistant and giving half the amount in bribe to the collector.  Has been given, which has not even started investigation.  Due to which the complainant is in fear.  Here, on the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli, Raj Kumar Khairwar and Nityananda have said that the Prime Minister's residence has been approved in the year 2018-19 and 2019-20.  Which those people have made themselves and the employment assistant has taken the amount.  It has been said that through the master role, 15000 rupees were withdrawn in the name of his family, siblings and father.  Till date they have not received this amount.  Earlier also, the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli has been accused of such kind.  But no investigation or action is fresh.


Surjpur - In-charge, manager, operator of paddy procurement centers, Shoupa memorandum to the collector about not taking up paddy

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Surajpur  10 February 2021. 
Under the banner of the Tribal Service Cooperative Society Employees Union, all the paddy procurement in-charge of the district, the manager, the operator, the paddy committee, the memorandum has been sent to the collector seeking to lift the paddy.

 On February 8, the members of the cooperative society sent a memorandum to the Collector and Bhatgaon MLA and said that the condition of paddy uptake is better in other districts in Surguja division.  So there is less in Surajpur.  According to the memorandum, only 18 percent of the paddy has been raised in Balrampur, 60 percent in Korea, 31 percent in Surguja, Surajpur.

 Union officials told 'Lokvichar' that according to the order of the government, the lift should have been done within 72 hours if the bumper was purchased.  It is further said that due to non-lifting of paddy, the committee has accumulated a large amount of paddy.  Gnome is coming in paddy.  Along with this, continuous theft is also happening.

 They say that up to 2 kintals per truck are being sated.  It is further said that the collection center in Surajpur district is reported to have started.  But not yet visited the collection center.  It is further said that there is news of paddy rot in Lodhima, Devnagar.  A similar situation can be seen in our committees.  The administration should take immediate notice of the lifting of our paddy so that it does not prevent the puff in the paddy.

Put a sign board on the allotted government land - Collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma

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Collector took time limit

 Put a sign board on the allotted government land - Collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma

 Surajpur / 09 February 2021 / Collector Shri Ranbir Sharma took a time-limit meeting in the collectorate office hall today.  In the meeting, the District Panchayat CEO Mr. Akash Chhikara, Additional Collector Mr. SN Motwani, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Banerjee, Sub-Divisional Officer.  Heads of all the departments were present.  The collector took information about the pending cases and progress of work to all the department officials and instructed to expedite the pending cases within the time limit.

 Collector Shri Ranbir Sharma allotted the government land for various departments in the district and under process, land for food parks, land allotment for working women, family court, multi purpose hall for sports, gas godown, ITI.  It has been instructed to install sign boards to the concerned department so that no encroachment can be done on it.  The collector took information about pending cases of various departments and asked for quick disposal.  He became aware of the pending cases of eligible and ineligible beneficiaries of Forest Charter and asked to resolve pending cases while working as per rules.  The Collector asked to complete the appropriate action by bringing progress in the work within the time limit of the buildings and other pending cases being constructed in the medical department and for the recruitment processes and medical department.  He inquired about the Muktanjali vehicle purchase system, forgery in the nursing college and directed the CMHO to start the election process for the post of vice president in the Red Cross Society.

 Collector Shri Sharma informed about the time-limit meeting to be held in the month of Kudargarh and instructed to start preparing for the festival.  He took information about the Kudargarh ropeway and said to bring progress in the work.  He took information about paddy offtake from the District Marketing Officer and gave proper instructions to take up paddy by making proper arrangements for paddy uptake.  The Collector inquired about the villages affected by the Lameru Elephant Project.  He took information about the Chief Minister's Kanya Vivah Yojana from the Women and Child Development Department and instructed to get married on the basis of the tradition of the society concerned.  The Collector has instructed to take proper investigation on the purchase of paddy from the Deputy Registrar Co-operative Society Society after taking information about transfer of money to others.

 He took information from the leading bank manager about serious issues like loan waiver case, Kisan Credit Card, fake and cheating case from bank operated in the district and instructed to resolve it promptly by taking necessary action.

 The Collector took information about labor registration, child laborers, Shram Mitra Yojana and other schemes from Labor Department and also gave instructions to register 100% of Kotwar, Mitanin of the district.  He has instructed the concerned department heads to dispose of them on time-limit with special attention to the pending cases, including Public Service Center, Chief Minister Janchapal, PM Portal, Jan Shikayat.  The collector has given instructions to send the questions of various departments engaged in the assembly in time.


DURG Collector-SP has vaccinated, so far more than eleven and a half thousand have been vaccinated

Vaccinated at ten o'clock in the morning after reaching Kovid vaccination center

Durg  / Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure and SP Shri Prashant Thakur also visited Corona Vaccine at the Vaccination Center of District Hospital. Along with him, the chief officers of the collectorate also reached the vaccination center today and got vaccinated. According to the Kovid protocol all formalities were completed. According to protocol, the hospital staff gave all the information related to Kovid vaccine to the authorities. After this, according to the protocol, it was seen that after applying the vaccine, there is no side effect. The vaccine remained completely safe.

Collector and SP as well as principal officers of district administration, Additional Collector Mr. Prakash Surve, Mr. BB Panchabhai, Assistant Collector Mr. Jitendra Yadav, Durg SDM Mr. Khemlal Verma, Patan SDM Mr. Vinay Poyam, CSP Mr. Vivke Shukla, Deputy Collector Mr. Arun Verma, Ms. Divya Vaishnav and other officials also got vaccinated.
So far, more than eleven thousand six hundred vaccines have been installed in the district. All have been vaccinated safely. CMHO Dr. Gambhir Singh Thakur said that today the chief officers including the Collector and SP were vaccinated. After vaccination, they were kept under observation for a fixed period. These did not show any side effects from the vaccine.
He informed that vaccination work is being done daily in all centers. Health workers were vaccinated in the first phase. It is being monitored daily. According to the protocol, all things like cold chain are being followed. He told that the information comes on the mobile number of those who have to be vaccinated.


Corona Warriors' important contribution in stopping corona infection -Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu honored Corona Warriors

Program organized in Gondwana Bhavan

durg 8 February 2021 / Corona Warriors deserve praise for the way Corona Warriors have served their people and controlled the growing risk of Corona infection in the district, despite the serious threat of Corona. This was stated by Home and PWD Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu on the occasion of the program organized at Gondwana Bhavan.
The Home Minister said that Corona Warriors assisted people during the peak of the Kovid transition. Worked hard day and night. Durg district is an industrial district and there is a lot of movement from other states. Due to this, there was a lot of possibility of spreading of Kovid infection here. The Corona Warriors did important work to prevent this disaster.
The Home Minister said that social organizations also had good participation in it. He helped people a lot during the lockdown. Those trapped during the lockdown were greatly assisted by the Corona Warriors. Due to the quick availability of treatment by Corona Warriors, many patients were saved.
The event was organized by Om Satyam Teaching and Public Development Committee. Chairman Mr. Sitaram Thakur and Secretary Mr. Dilip Thakur thanked the Home Minister on the occasion. On this occasion, District Panchayat President Mrs. Shalini Yadav, District President Durg Mr. Devendra Deshmukh, Jeevandeep Committee Member Mr. Dushyant Dewangan and other public representatives were present.

Invitation of claim objection in publication of membership list of Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies

Jashpurnagar 08 February 2021 / Collector and Managing Director of Shri Mahadev Kavre, District Forest Produce Cooperative Union Marya. According to the information received from Jashpur, the membership list has been published by the Registration Officer for the election of the Board of Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Committees.
The Managing Director said that if any member has any objection in the published member list, he should submit the objection in writing to the Registration Officer or the authorized officer appointed by him to the institution office in official time till the last date of the membership list along with the proof of proof. Can. Separate information has been issued to members in this regard.
He said that the membership list of the first cycle included Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Society Pathalgaon, Ludeg, Kotba, Bagbahar, Bataikela, Pandaripani, Tapakra, Ganjhiadih, Konpara and Sagajor whose membership list was published on 11 February. The period for receiving objections from the members is fixed on February 19 and the last date for disposal of objections has been set as February 20.
Thus the membership list of the third cycle includes Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies Ankira, Lavakera, Udyan, Sanna, Kunkuri, Charaidand, Narayanpur, Galunga, Duldula, Kastura, Kersai and Jashpur. Whose membership list publication has been done on 15 February. The fixed date for receiving objections from members is February 23 and the last date for resolving objections is February 24.


Surajpur In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.

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Surajpur  In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.  The villagers of the village crusher in a written complaint to the collector today, if they believe that the allegation is true, then half of the government scheme has to be paid in bribe and half the amount is pressurized to work with quality.  K Basapati Singh, Ashok Kewat and Chhotan Singh said in a written complaint to the Collector on Monday that the construction of the well was approved for them under the MGNREGA, whose work was done by the beneficiary at his own expense and when  When it came to pay the amount, he was given only 83 thousand 7 hundred rupees in place of 1 lakh 52 thousand, while the remaining 68 thousand was apprehended, which is reported to be spent on bribes.  According to the villagers, 9 thousand sub-engineers, 6 thousand SDOs, CEO 4 thousand, PO and program officer 2500 .. 2500 hundred, Babu, operator 2.2 thousand, sarpanch secretary 10, 10 thousand and tea water expenses 4 thousand.  Similarly, out of the sanctioned 1 lakh 72 thousand rupees, 94 thousand 500 rupees were given.  The rest of it was also accounted for in the same order.  On the other hand, Ashok Kewat has been given only 40 thousand. While the approval of 4 lakh 50 thousand has been received.  The villagers have asked whether it is right that such amount is bribed and if it is right then how can the beneficiary do his work with quality also ..?  The villagers have alleged that the Panchayat Secretary who has done this work has been accused of embezzlement in the past and the sarpanch has gone to jail.  The villagers have said that in such a situation how will they get the benefit of the schemes of governance.  The villagers have investigated this and have demanded full amount and action.


Arrested in Jharkhand's car while transporting 20 kg of illegal narcotics with marijuana, two accused and a woman

Prabhat Mohanty

Mahasamund: Mr. Superintendent of Police Mr. Prafulla Kumar Thakur and Additional Superintendent of Police, Mrs. Megha Tembhurkar, directed the sub-divisional officer to direct all the police station in-charge of the district to take action on illegal narcotics, marijuana and drugs and other drugs transported from other states. (Police) On the direction of Bagbahara Ms. Litesh Singh today, at 16/30 of 07/02/2021, information was received from the informer that a Maheroon color Hyundai company was varnished. In JH 10 AG 2560, three persons, including a woman, two men, who have been illegally transporting Ganja from Orissa towards Mahasamund, NH 353

On information, on reaching NH353 Main Road Pithora Chowk Bagbahara on Hamarah staff and witness, a little late on behalf of Khariar Road, Odisha, Verna car number of Hyundai company of a maroon color. JH 10 AG 2560, who was stopped by a siege, in which two men were seated, a woman was asked to know the name of the driver, his name was Ravindra Ghee, father Gokul Ghee, 39 years old, who belonged to Sakin Charbahl police station, Koksara district, Kalahandi, Orissa, and the person sitting next to him. Asked to know his name, Kaushal Ali, father Anwar Hussain, age 24 years, Sakin Ward No. 04, Jobapur Kothi Police Station, Jamubazar District, Siwani Bihar, and said that after asking the name of the woman sitting in the back seat, her name was Maghusmita Nayak husband Ravindra Ghee age 35 years. Sakin Charbahal police station Koksara district Kalahandi, resident of Odisha, said that the possession of which is 01. 20 kg of illegal drugs, Ganja precious Rs. 2,00,000. 02. Two pieces of mobile, old Istmali, Rs. 10,000 Rs. 03. One piece of hand, Precious Rs. 1000. 04. One Cash ATM card 05. Cash amount 2000 rupees 06. Verna car number JH 10 AG 2560 of a Hyundai company valued at Rs. 4,60,000, Rs. 613,000, according to the jetti sheet was captured and captured in the police.

The accused have been duly arrested in Sadar on 23/10, 23/15, 23/20 on 07/02/2021 respectively. The case has been presented to the court on judicial remand since the case is non-bailable. Crime no. 31/21 Section 20 (B) NDPS in Bagbahra police station against the accused Taking action under the Act is deliberating. The police station in-charge Swaraj Tripathi, assistant sub-inspector Bisali Ram Dhruv, constable Eklabyak Bains, constable Thakur Ram Patel, constable Vikram Lehre were specially contributed to the entire proceedings.

Jallap property
01. 20 kg Gram illegal narcotic marijuana marijuana Rs.2,00,000
02. Two Nos. Mobile Old Istemali Precious Rs. 10,000
03. Precious 1000 rupees for a cash hand
 04. One ATM ATM Card
 05. Cash amount 2000 rupees
 06. Verna car number JH 10 AG 2560 of a Hyundai company valued at Rs 4,00,000
        Total Joomla Rs 613,000

Surajpur: Visit program of Food Minister, Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat

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Surajpur: Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Minister of Economy and Statistics and Culture Shri Amarjit Bhagat will depart from Gauripara Ambikapur on Tuesday 9 February at 10 am for the village Barmali and reach there on foot on the Khirkhiri hill. From 2 pm to 3 pm, the village will depart from Badmali, Ambikapur for the district Surajpur and will participate in the cricket concluding program at village Kharasura.

 From 3 pm to 3.30 pm, the village will depart from Kharasura to Ramnagar and will meet the workers at the house of Santosh Pavle, president tribal cell, Sujarpur. From 3.30 am to 4 pm, the college will depart from Ramnagar for the college group Surajpur and will be the chief guest at the concluding program of the cricket competition. From 4 pm to 6.30 pm, they will leave Surajpur for Baikunthpur, District Korea and will attend the swearing-in ceremony of District Advocate Association Baikunthpur. From 6.30 to 8.10, will leave for discussion from Baikunthpur and join the local program. From 8.10 to 9 o'clock, Baikunthpur district will depart from Korea for Vishrampur and meet the workers at Vikas Singh's residence. Bauripara, a place of abode from Vishrampur, will leave for Ambikapur.

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