Chief Minister quenches thirst from irrigation pump water

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today landed at village Dhurijhar (development block Baghbahara) district Mahasamund as a part of Lok Suraj Mission. He quenched his thirst from irrigation pump water while walking through the fields towards a temple to conduct 'choupal'. Dr. Raman Singh added that this irrigation pump water is tastier than bottled water in big cities.


On seeing the helicopter in the village sky, runaways and laborers rushed to welcome the Chief Minister: Chaupal kept in the temple premises after going through the fields

Several announcements including the pond deepening and community building in Turiser

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today reached the village touriser (Vikaskhand Bagabahra) of Mahasamund district under the statewide Public Suraj campaign. As soon as the villagers saw the chief minister's helicopter in the sky of his village, farmers, laborers and local children and youth ran for their welcome. His helicopter landed in a farm. The Chief Minister accompanied the villagers on foot from the fields and reached the temple complex on the shore of the lake, where the chaupal and the villagers started the conversation. Several panchayat representatives of the surrounding villages including Regional MLA Mr. Chunnilal Sahu and Turijar welcomed the Chief Minister. Dr. Singh immediately gave his approval to the villagers on many demands. In Choupal, he sanctioned the construction of Tukisar pond deepening and community building along with the Turijar to Dokkapali road. He sanctioned five lakhs for CC Road in Turanpur's Puranpura. Also, in the downstairs, CC Road has been announced. Dr. Singh instructed forest land officer that the amount of dividend paid by the sale of bamboo to Touriser Forest Management Committee would be provided till March 31. Dr. Singh also instructed Patwari to set up an income certificate for the villagers and caste certificate in Turizar. The villagers told them that the amount of toilets in some of the toilets built in the houses under the Swachh Bharat Mission is owed. On this, the Chief Minister directed the officials to ensure payment of the outstanding amount within 15 days. Chief Secretary Shri Ajay Singh was also present in the Choupal. The Chief Minister took seriously the grievances of the villagers about the salesmen of the fair price shop in the Choupal of Turiser. He told the officials that the salesmen should be removed immediately and alternate arrangements for distribution of ration should be made there. On receiving information about the arrival of Chief Minister, Mahasamund collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta also reached there.

Gaurav Path will be built at a cost of Rs. 18 crores Dr.Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh participated in the Solution camp organized in Iron Ore Nagari Kirandul in Dantewada district today under the state-wide Public Security campaign. He announced the grant of Rs. 18 crores for the construction of the Gauravpath in Kirandul Nagar. Dr. Singh said that the construction of Gauravpath will be done by the amount of CSR item and DMF. He instructed the officials to complete the Kirandul Water Purification Scheme within eight months for the well-arranged supply of clean drinking water. Dr. Singh said that under the Sadbhavna Yojana 90 connections of poor families in the city will also be given connection of electricity soon. He also said that the 50% households of the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) on the land will also be given electricity connection. The Chief Minister also started the distribution of compensation under the Revenue Book Circular 6-4 to the drought affected 16 thousand 870 farmers in the camp. These farmers of all the 5 tehsil areas of the district will get compensation of about Rs. 174.24 million.

    Dr. Singh distributed the grants and grants of checks along with the contents to various beneficiaries under various schemes of the government. He provided a check of Rs. 15 lakhs for 4 farmers for the Rs. 6 lakhs for the stranded fescing and three women self-help groups for Kadaknath poultry for 15 lakh 60 thousand rupees. Under the scheme, free irrigation machines for 35 workers of unorganized sector in the unorganized sector, free kitchen gas connection to 40 women under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, solar irrigation pump under 4 solar farmers scheme, 4 farmers, and cut cutters for 4 farmers. The Chief Minister took detailed information about the registration of the workers under the schemes of the Labor Department. He organized massive labor conferences by May 15 and instructed the workers to distribute materials such as cycles, sewing machines, tool kits etc.

     On this occasion, the Minister of School Education and Tribal Welfare and Shri Kedar Kashyap, in-charge of the district, Mrs. Kamla Nag, District Panchayat President, Mrs. Anil Rajim, President of Municipal Council, Mr Bhima Mandavi, Former MLA, Mr. Ajay Singh, Chief Secretary, State Government, Public Relations Department Special Secretary Mr. Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, Special Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Mukesh Bansal, DIG Mr. Sundarraj P, Collector Mr. Saurabh Kumar including district administration and NMDC officials were also present.

New record in public Suraj campaign together eleven hundred weddings in one day

New record in Lok Suraj campaign: eleven hundred marriages together in a day

Jagdalpur: a new record of eleven hundred weddings was made in one day in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, under the state-wide Public Security campaign. In the evening, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh blessed all the couples by joining the marriage of eleven hundred daughters of poor families at the mass marriage ceremony held in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district.

He gave his best wishes to the bride and groom for their happy family life. The function was organized by the Women and Child Development Department in collaboration with the District Administration under the Chief Minister's daughter marriage scheme.

Addressing the function organized at Lalbagh Maidan, Dr. Raman Singh said that people are being availed of various schemes under the Public Suraj campaign in the state. In the same link
Today, this grand mass marriage ceremony is a great virtue in the form of Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojna for eleven hundred daughters of poor families on the occasion of the launch of Chaitra Navratri and Indian New Year Vikram Samvat 2075.
The Chief Minister said that marriage is not just a celebration but it is also a resolution for discharging their family and social responsibilities with entry into a household life. The chief minister
Blessing all the newlyweds, he said that in Chhattisgarh, now houses of all the families will be illuminated by electricity. The state government is running a special campaign to provide electricity connections to all powerless houses by June. Pucca toilets are being constructed in all houses. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap and MLA Mr. Santosh Bafna also gave blessings to the Navodients.

Shri K. Kashyap, Minister of Tribal Development, Shri Ram Pratap Singh, President of State Medicinal Plant Board; Mr. Kamalchand Bhanjdev, Chairman of State Youth Commission; Shri Srinivas Muddhi, President, Forest Development Corporation; and Chairman of District Panchayat; Smt. Jabita Mandavi; Officials of the institutions and a large number of citizens were present on the occasion. Divisional Commissioner Shri Dilip Vasanikar and collector Shri Dhananjay Devangan and other senior officials of the administration were also present in the program.

In the ceremony, the marriages of the selected daughters from the villages of different projects of the women and child development department are done according to their customs. Of these, 115 of the Tokalal project, 80 of Jagdalpur urban project, 150 of Jagdalpur rural project, 181 from Dakavad project, 165 of Darbhaji project, 143 of Lohandiguda project, 87 of Bastar project and 179 girls of Bastar project were included. In the Bastar district, now the marriage of 8647 couples has been completed by combining them under the Chief Minister's daughter marriage scheme.


Today, a new record of eleven hundred weddings was made in one day in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, under the state-wide Public Security campaign. In the evening, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh blessed all the couples by joining the marriage of eleven hundred daughters of poor families at the mass marriage ceremony held in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district.



Chief Minister's surprise visit to village Pusapal of naxal-affected Kondagaon district

                     Dr Singh shakes hand with children playing on branch of a tree

Tribal Farmer Families welcomed Chief Minister with corns

Dr Singh inspected ration shop run by women : sanctioned kerosene tanker

Chief Minister inspected ground-levelling work underway at Rai Singh's farm

On the eighth day of state-wide Lok Suraaj Abhiyan today, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh paid surprise visit to village Pusapal (Maakdi block) of naxal-affected Kondagaon district of state. At the chaupal held under the shade of banyan tree, Dr Singh informed villagers about various government schemes. While talking a walk across the village, Chief Minister found some children playing on branch of a tree. He stopped by there to meet and shake hands with those children. He asked them about their studies and also asked them about their favourite game. Children told that they love playing cricket but their bat has got broken. Chief Minister immediately gave these children Rs 500 to buy a new bat.

Dr Singh said- these children reminded me of my childhood. He inspected ration shop and sanctioned kerosene tanker on request of women members of the self-help groups. At the chaupal on request of villagers of Pusapal, Dr Singh sanctioned Rs five lakh for construction of women function hall, Rs five lakh each for construction of CC-road in Gram Panchayat Headquarters Pusapal and dependent village Kotwel. Ge also sanctioned ground-leveling work for farms of 15 farmers.

As soon as his helicopter landed in Pusapal, Dr Sing without informing anybody at first reached the house of farmer Ghasiram Netam. Mr. Netam was worshipping the Tulsi Chaura with his family. Mr. Netam was taken by surprise to find Chief Minister at his door.  Dr Singh worshipped Tulsi Chaura with him and prayed for peace and prosperity of Netam family. Mr. Netam welcome him with roasted corns. Dr Singh also relished the treat. Mr. Netam informed Chief Minister that he had received irrigation pump from state government two years back. Now he gets yield of 15-20 sacks of corn, which he sells in the market for additional income. Mr. Ghasiram is also cultivating tomato, brinjal and coriander in backyard. When Dr Singh returned to their home after visit to backyard farm, daughters of Mr. Netam Manju and Manisha gifted him a handmade greeting card. Dr Singh praised them for their talent.

Chief Minister said to Ghasiram Netam that State Government has arranged for procurement of corn at support price at cooperative societies. This year support price for corn has been fixed at Rs 1425. He advised Mr. Netam to not to sell corn at lesser price. Dr Singh also inspected the ground-levelling work under at the farmers of Mr. Raisingh, a farmer of Pusapal. Mr. Raisingh has been awarded forestland right certificate on two acres of land, on which levelling work is in progress. State government has sanctioned Rs 39 thousand for ground levelling his farm. Mr. Raisingh's family is also engaged in tendupatta collection. They told that they have received tendupatta bonus, but his wife Mrs. Rajvanti Netam has not received flip-flops. On this, Chief Minister immediately made Forest officials to bring a pair of flip-flop and gave it to Mrs. Rajwanti Netam. At this chaupal of Chief Minister, State Civil Supply Corporation Chairman and Ex-Minister Ms Lata Ussendi, Chief Secretary Mr. Ajay Singh and other senior officials were also present.


Chief Minister visits home to see Prime Minister's residence

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh suddenly reached village Dangardula in Dhamtari district under Lok Sarraj Abhiyan. The villagers there said that many villagers have been sanctioned under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme and many villagers have made their houses. Dr. Singh came to see the villages of the villages Mrs. Bahurra Bai Yadav, Phool Kunwar Nishad and Mrs. Tulsi Bai Sahu. In order to make the house under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme in 2016-17, the three beneficiaries were sanctioned for the amount of one lakh 35 thousand 500 rupees.
The house of these three beneficiaries has become ready. Now the three beneficiaries are living in their new home. All three beneficiaries have been given LPG connection under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme. When the Chief Minister reached the house of Mrs. Bahurra Bai, she was cooking on the gas in her kitchen. Mrs. Bahurra Bai thanked the Chief Minister for the new house and LPG connections. Chief Secretary Shri Ajay Singh, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Shri Aman Kumar Singh were also present on this occasion.


Lok Suraj campaign: Chief Minister arrives at Suraj camp at Madagaon in Garia Bandh district

Lok Suraj campaign: Chief Minister arrives at Suraj camp at Madagaon in Garia Bandh district

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh reached the Solution camp organized in village Madgaon, situated near Orissa border of Devbhog Vikaskhand in Gariyaabad district during Lok Sarraj campaign. The Chief Minister announced a grant of 50-50 thousand rupees to 96 families affected by Kidney Disease of Suepbaeda in Griya Bandh district and to make their ration card.
In the Solution camp, the farmers complained that they did not distribute the seeds minikit in the village on which the Chief directed to suspend the senior agricultural extension officer Mr. Lalit Yadav.
On the insistence of the villagers, Dr. Singh has approved the Tap Water Scheme in Madgaon and Umraichala and announced the opening of Rural Bank in Jharkhapara. Announcement of construction of the Ahada at Madgaon Middle School The Chief Minister instructed the officials of the revenue department to set up a camp in Madgaon within a week to resolve the cases by settling, splitting and demarcating.
Dr. Singh informed in the camp that under the Prime Minister Good Luck scheme, all the 14 thousand households targeted till the end of May in the Giriya Mandal district will be given electricity. He also informed that the work of 132 KV Sub Station will be started soon in Kendagaon to overcome the problem of low voltage in the Devbhog region. In the Samadhan camp, the Chief Minister called the officers of all departments on the stage and inquired about the progress of their department's plans.



Lok Suraj campaign: Chief Minister suddenly reached village Dangardula in Dhamtari district

Lok Suraj campaign: Chief Minister suddenly reached village Dangardula in Dhamtari district
Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh arrived in village Dangardula (Vikas Khand-Nagari) in Dhamtari district today as per the state-wide public survey campaign. Seeing there, the crowd of villagers gathered there. Under the year's tree in the village, he chawl of the villagers and discussed with them the information about Prime Minister Housing Scheme, Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme, Tandupta Bonus Distribution, Toilets Construction, Ration Distribution and Drinking Water System.
Dr. Singh gave instructions to the officers to distribute the Charanpadka within 8 days to the Tendupta collectors.

On the demand of the villagers, Chief Minister Dr. Singh gave immediate approval to a new Anganwadi building in village Dongaradula and the primary school building in Behidapara. Simultaneously, in the village, for the provision of drainage system, the sanction for the installation of solar pumps near the ponds and deep pond for three ponds was approved. Similarly, for the three farmers, individual ponds have also been approved for mining.
He also inspected the fair price shop being operated in the village. Meanwhile, the villagers said that people in the village are getting ration on time. The people of Rashan village have raised this month. Chief Minister of the class VIII student Somendra Sahu and class IV student K. Pomesh Sahu, Sanjana Sahu and Gyanendra asked the multiplication table of nine call their near and fourteen, with readings by children ruled.
After discussing with the villagers, Dr. Singh asked the collector and the forest collector to immediately mark the land for the construction of higher secondary building here. He reviewed the Prime Minister's residence built in the village and met with the beneficiary beneficiary Mrs. Kumari Bahtam, Mrs. Bahurabai Yadav, Phulkundar Nishad and Mrs. Tulsibai Sahu from the plan. Dr. Singh also announced the access road for Koteshwar Dham on the demand of villagers and solar panels and community building.

Needs a Long Strategy to Deal With Naxalites

Report by Sudhir Jain

Jagdalpur: In Chhattisgarh, there is a need to create a long strategy to overcome the synonymous Naxalism of terror. History is a witness that if the Maoists go away from some time in some area, then this is part of their strategy. They return again in the same area with complete preparation and strategy. They are not among those who are so quick to accept, there is a great need to make long-term strategies to deal with them. In fact, the manner in which the Maoists are trained is like training of the army, but our CRPF is trained to fight like, but they are not trained to fight the Maoists, they are specially guerrillas. Formally trained.

It would be imperative to mention here that Maoists have complete training of strategies and tactics in this kind of fight, they analyze the police encounter in any part of the country, analyze it with their colleagues and discuss it. Then, considering its positive-negative aspect, decide its next strategy, while there is a complete lack of it in the police. The need of the hour is to become a strategy to fight the Maoists, to train them against their attacks, effective operations can be done only.

There is no need to deploy army in Bastar, it is not that all tribal Maoists of Bastar are Maoists. Actually the fight that the police can fight, instead of adding the army to that fight, would not be a better strategy.

It is noteworthy that the Maoists are always fighting their long term war. His documents show that he considers retreating in the long-term battle as a normal procedure. It is possible that the government has put the Maoists on the backfoot, but this does not mean that the Maoists will accept defeat by doing so. They believe that in the process of going back and forth, they will eventually win their battle. Whenever the Maoists go backfight, they use that opportunity to understand their mistakes, weaknesses, manipulate them and prepare for further battle. They are not so easy to sit quietly. If there is an effective fight against the Maoists, then the government has to form a long-term strategy.

Concrete and policy decisions have to be taken for the elimination of Naxalism. Security and intelligence will be made more secure and stronger than Naxalites. Apart from this, the confidence of local people will be won. We have to understand that a slight negligence in security can make it difficult for us.

Janjgir and Korba will start in Deendayal Anna Yojna: Workers will get five rupees in full food

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh instructed to start with an Appellate
Construction of houses in the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme should be completed on time.
Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh reviewed the development works of Janjgir-Champa and Korba districts


Under the Public Suraj Campaign 2018, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh reviewed the development works of Janjgir-Champa and Korba districts in Janjgir's collectorate meeting room. The Chief Minister said that the Deen Dayal Gram Yojna in both the districts will be started from one APRAL. Under this scheme, the laborers registered under the scheme will be given only five rupees filled food. Workers can take food in Tiffin if they want. The Chief Minister said that the number of laborers in these two districts is quite large and they will benefit from the operation of this scheme. The Chief Minister has instructed to register more and more laborers by putting special camps.

While reviewing the wages payment under MNREGA, the Chief Minister has instructed to pay the pending wages by putting camps in both districts. Dr. Singh said that under the Prime Minister's Awas Yojana, the purpose of construction of housing in the year 2016-17 and 2017-18 is to be completed on time. The incentive amount of toilets manufactured under Clean India Mission should also be provided to the beneficiaries. While reviewing the road construction works, Chief Minister Dr. Singh has instructed to complete the road construction work till Janjgir-Pamgarh-Sahay till June. Dr. Singh has instructed to complete the work in the approved roads for the renovation under the Chief Minister's Gram Sadak Yojna in Janjgir-Champa and Korba district till June. He said that due to the timely maintenance of the roads, villagers have facilities to travel. It was informed by the officials that amount was given for upgradation of 13 roads in Janjgir-Champa district and 38 in Korba district.

The Chief Minister has instructed to speed up the construction of 14 new works of Janjgir-Champa and 9 new roads in Korba. The Chief Minister has directed to complete the construction of Khoksa and Champa Over Bridge soon. Collector Dr. S. Bhartidasan said that 95 percent of the state's work has been completed in both the over bridge. The work of the train is left. On this, Chief Minister Dr. Singh has instructed the railway authorities to complete the work soon. Referring to the drinking water system, Chief Minister Dr. Singh has instructed to start the Nal-Jal Yojna in Bulgaon of Ballada in two months. He said that if the work is not completed within the given time, take action against the concerned officer.

Dr. Singh said that more and more people should get benefits in health insurance scheme. Create a smart card of the remaining beneficiaries in this plan. He said that caste certificates were not made due to the quantitative error of the castes in Korba and Janjgir-Champa districts, and their caste certificate should be made by putting camps. Lok Sabha MP Smt Kamla Devi Patale, Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Ambesh Jangde, Chief Secretary, Mr. Ajay Singh, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. C.K. Mr T.C., Commissioner, Khilan, Bilaspur Division. Mahavar, Inspector General of Police, Shri Dipanshu Kabra, Janjgir-Champa Collector Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Korba collector, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Kesar Haq, all the concerned officers were present.

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