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District Child Protection Unit will be recruited for vacant contractual posts of outreach worker in Korea

Invite application till 28th January
District Jail Program Officer of 22 January 2019 / Women and Child Development Department said here today that for implementation of Integrated Child Protection Scheme, District Child Protection Unit will be recruited to vacant contractual posts of outreach worker in Korea. Applications are invited from the eligible candidates till January 28. Application forms can be submitted in office at the office of the District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department. For more information, the information panel of the District Program Officer's office of the Women and Child Development Department and the website's website can be reviewed.

The enthusiasm shown in youth and students for direct communication from Facebook with Facebook    CEO's solutions for youths in urban and rural areas

In the context of the special brief revision program of Korea Jan 18, 2019 / Voter List, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the youth to communicate directly with the Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Subrata Sahu. From the urban areas of the state to the rural areas, the college and college youth showed their curiosity and curiosity in the voting list as well as the process of joining the voters list.
    Responding to the questions of the youth, Shri Sahu said that all the youth who are completing the age of 18 years on January 1, 2019, can vote. For this, he has given information about different mediums to get the name added while urging him to join the voter list. During his interaction with the CEO, his professors along with the students in many schools and colleges were also present.
    During the Facebook Live program, Mr. Subrata Sahu solved the curiosity of youth from different districts of the state, including from Bilaspur, Mungeli, Mahasamund, Raigad, Jashpur, Kabirdham, from Raipur to Bilaspur and gave answers to questions. The youth took information about the voting process and the revision of voter list from the Chief Electoral Officer in the Facebook Live program through their mobile phones, laptops and desktops. Between the different questions in the live program, Shri Sahu, while highlighting the importance of voting, called upon the youth to make them aware of voting for others. He said that campaign for voter awareness is also being conducted in the state. Voter awareness forum has also been formed in every district. During the Facebook Live program, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan and other prominent officials were present.

Collector Durga did a surprise inspection of Higher Secondary School

Korea, January 18, 2019 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, today conducted a surprise inspection of Higher Secondary School, Bishnupur. Various models produced by the students in science experiment, were reviewed and appreciated by them. Students were given motivational guidance by going in class as well. They were then asked to do the necessary work in the school premises. On this occasion, Principal of the school Mr. Natar and other officers and a large number of students were present.

Collector declares local holiday for the district

Korea 18 January 2019 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has announced the Local Dept for Calendar Year 2019 for the entire Korea District, using the given powers. He has declared the local distinction in the district on Monday, October 28, on the second day of Vishav Adivasi day 09 August Shukraar, Sarv Patarromoksha Amavasya 28th September, Saturday and Diwali. This will not be applicable to the Deposits / Sub-Dakshalas and Banks.

Integrated Child Development Project Bharatpur Recruitment of one assistant of worker to 2 vacancies in Anganwadi centers Invites applications till 31st January

The project officer of the 18 January 2018 / Integrated Child Development Project, Bharatpur said here that Integrated Child Development Project will be recruited at vacant 02 posts of another vacant vacant worker of Anganwadi workers in Anganwadi centers under Bharatpur. He said that Anganwadi worker will be recruited in Anganwadi center, Anganwadi center, village village panchayat katwar, Anganwadi Sahayika in Baggirand and Anganwadi Sahayika in Anganwadi center of village panchayat kameri, in village Anganwadi center of Juwail of Gram Panchayat Julepur of Vikaskhand Janakpur. Candidates who wish to be eligible for this may submit their application to the Integrated Child Development Project Office, Bharatpur till January 31, 2019. For more information, the Office of Integrated Child Development Project, Bharatpur can be contacted.

National Lok Adalat from the National Level on March 9

National Jan 18, 2019 / National Legal Tribunal at the national level to be constituted by the District Legal Services Authority, Baikunthpur Korea, to resolve the pending cases in the court on March 9, 2019, 13 July 2019, 14 September 2019 and 14 December 2019. Whereabouts, criminal cases, criminal cases, bank and electricity related matters, family matters and related matters related to the bank, which have not been recorded in the court, have also been disposed off. The District Legal Services Authority President and District Judge Vijay Kumar Ekka has given instructions to resolve more and more cases through the resignation of the National Lok Adalat.

'Voter Awareness Forum' launches in the state

Ranging from school, college to voter awareness
Voters awareness programs will be institutionalized

Formation of Forum in Government and Non-Government Offices

Voter 'Awareness Forum' has been launched to increase voter awareness at every level in Korea 17 January 2019 / Chhattisgarh. Chief Election Officer, Mr. Subrata Sahu, launched it on January 16, in a function organized at CEO Office. In the program, he said that in order to develop a culture of strong and effective electoral participation, all the governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental offices in the state are being formed in the 'Voter Awareness Forum; Paranjit. He said that on the instructions of the Election Commission of India, its process has started in the state. Electoral literacy clubs are being set up in all the offices to provide knowledge of voter literacy and connect them with the voting process. Addressing the officials of the election office, NGOs, Master Trainers in the program, he said that this forum is part of the voter literacy club. He said that voting awareness should be encouraged by making students from different groups participating in this forum.
The Forum will be formed in different institutions and will work differently at district and state level. Nodal officers will also be coordinated to coordinate all these. On the occasion, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr S. Bhartidasan, Joint CEO, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Deputy Chief Election Officer, Mr. U.S. Agrawal and Mr. Ashish Tikhiyaha, Nodal Officer of State Voters Awareness Forum, Shri Prashant Pandey, State Chief of Indian Industry Confederation, Mr. Satish Pandey, Election Literacy Club, State Level Master Trainer, Ms. Nidh Agrawal, State Resource Person Mr. Madan Upadhyay and Master of the Election Literacy Club. Other members of the Voter Awareness Forum, including Television, Mr. Chunnilal Sharma Mr. and Master Trainers were present.
It is notable that the Commission has incorporated the formation of the Voter Awareness Forum as an important step to increase the participation of voters in the electoral process. Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has written to all the collectors and district election officials for the formation of 'Voter Awareness Forum'. In the letter, the information about the objectives of the forum, organization and key functions has been given. Collectors have been directed to form the Forum in government offices, non-governmental and semi-official offices, as well as government offices in the district.
Shri Sahu said that through the Forum, necessary action will be taken to create awareness regarding the voting process and to encourage people to enroll in the voters' list and encourage ethical voting. Office of the Head Forum will be the Chairman. The senior officer or employee with the experience of departmental chief election work will be appointed as the nodal officer of the forum. A committee will be constituted by the forum for organizing various activities. On the occasion of the State Level Voter Awareness Forum, Nodal Officer, Shri Prashant Pandey gave detailed information in accordance with the guiding points of the Election Commission of India through PowerPoint Presentation. On this occasion, a five-minute documentary film prepared in connection with the Voter Awareness Forum was also demonstrated by the Commission.

Rs 8 lakh sanctioned for the heir of deceased in natural calamity

Koriya 16 Jan

Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga has sanctioned a sum of Rs 4-4 lakh for Mr. Mangalasia and Mrs. Shyam Bai for his successor, if he died from the serpent-feeding of Mr Mahesh and Gram Pondi Bachra of village Kadreva of Vikaskhana Khadgwan. They have sanctioned this amount under the natural disaster relief under the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular.

Upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019: Collector Shri Narendra Dugga appointed nodal officers

Koriya 11 Jan

Collector Shri Narendra Dugga has appointed nodal officers for smooth completion of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 and various processes of election process. In which Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvashi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. Jagannath Verma, Mr. Bikram Singh, Mr. PV Khess, Deputy Collector, Mr. Shyam Sunder Dubey, Deputy Divisional Officer,Mr. Apurva Preeti Tappo, Ms. Suman Raj, District Public Relations Officer Mr. Laxmikant Kosaria, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Shivpal Singh Pacara, Women and Child Development Project Officer Mr. Chandresh Sisodia, District Treasury Officer Mr. Anil Kumar Pathak,District Transport Officer Shri Arvind Bhagat, Information and Science Officer, Shri Sukhdev Patel, Executive Engineer, PWD, Mr. R.C. Ramram, District Food Officer, Shri Ashish Chaturvedi, Social Welfare Officer, Shri Shaima Sunder Raidas, Chief Municipal Officer, Shri Rakesh Sharma And Ms. Ankita Patel, a naib tehsildar of Baikunthpur.

Candidates not depositing the election expenditure accounts may be eligible for election

Koriya 11 Jan

As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, the last date for submission of election expenditure accounts for candidates included in the Chhattisgarh election -2018 has expired. All the candidates who have not submitted their expenditure accounts to the Commission, they will be asked for a reason soon after issuing the notice. According to the rules of Election Commission of India, in case of non-submission of expenditure in the accounting time frame, the candidate will be declared ineligible for three years of election.

Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that within 30 days of the counting of votes under Public Representation Act-1951, every candidate has to file detailed report of his election expenditure to the Commission. Candidate presents his account to the District Election Officer. According to the rules, on December 11, 2018, the last day for submission of election expenditure details from 10th January, 2019 to the day of counting.

After this, now the District Election Officer will issue a notice to all the candidates and ask for the reason for not depositing the expenditure accounts. It must be submitted within 20 days of receipt of notice. Shri Sahu said that after considering the reply of the candidate and the comments of the District Election Officer, the Election Commission of India decides on this. If the Commission is not satisfied with the reply, the candidate under section 10 (a) may be disqualified for election for the next 3 years from the date of issue and it will be published in the Official Gazette.

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