Proceedings on chhattisgarh education workers are justified

Ask those who do not have employment, whose families suffer from lack; At the same time, the Chhattisgarh state's education workers, who drink and drink well, even after getting all the government facilities - Started the movement with
It is not democracy, it does not mean that whatever you want in your favor, their movement is being seen for many years when elections are coming closer, these education workers start blackmailing the government, these education personnel will read them The care of the future of the children is not at all, but they show their selfishness more
And the children's parents also keep quiet, because the majority of the children studying in the government primary school are from the weak and the poor. These education workers are concerned about the future of themselves and their children, but not those poor.
If these educational workers had to study the children of an IAS, a senior officer or a big leader in schools, then these education workers were aware of the fact that what is the truth is that even these education workers teach you children in private schools.
Such people have accepted themselves, that
More than 90% of these teachers work in private schools, so they have no problem with this strike. The future becomes dark, then the children of those poor villagers and farmers who go to the government schools to study.
Children of education workers read out so that they enjoy spoiling the future of poor laborers, they only have their future, whereas the future of those millions of poor children has become darkened. How many educators teach their children in government schools ... if not, then why not? .. Because they know that there is no good education in government schools
This means that they do not believe in their own studies or their colleagues, only then do not teach their children in government schools ... strike from above..and those days in teacher's day are seen as saying "The teacher is like a girl Burns itself and gives light to others. " ... now these sayings are confined to books only
These educational workers should not be shown any mercy as they have become a drama forever.