Three kids missing from Raipur's Bal Ghar, fear of abduction

The case of disappearance of three children has emerged from Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur. Children have disappeared from the Shankar Child Shelter Home based Shankar Nagar Kailash Residency in posh area of ​​Raipur. It is believed that an unknown man took away with him by seducing and seduction. Police is looking for the accused. The possibility of abduction is also being raised in the case.

Caretaker of Shelter Home Roshan Lal Nishad has filed a report in Civil Lines Police Station in Raipur. The age of missing children is being stated as 14 to 17 years. A case of kidnapping has been registered in civil line police station. The police have gathered in the search for the accused and children. Alerts have been issued on city nos.

According to the information, the children are being reported from Chhattisgarh's Korea, Satna of Madhya Pradesh and Samastipur of Bihar. Shutter House's bathroom window is also broken. In police case, other children and staff can also inquire.


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