Congress will leave soon to join our party wife Renu - Ajit Jogi

Congress will leave soon to join our party wife Renu - Ajit Jogi

Renu Jogi, wife of former Chief Minister and Janta Congress Chhattisgarh supremo Ajit Jogi, will soon quit Congress. Even before the announcement of the election, Renu Jogi may formally join the party in the party of his husband Ajit Jogi of Chhattisgarh. Former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi has given this information in a special conversation with News 18.

Former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi said that his wife Renu Jogi, who is Congress MLA, will soon join the Congress party in Chhattisgarh. Jogi said, 'We have been married for 41 years. In these years we have always supported each other. No one should imagine that we would be different. He will definitely join my party. '

Ajit Jogi denies the allegation made by Ajit Jogi in his entire conversation on the question of promoting familyism on Ajit Jogi. Jogi does not believe that he has promoted familyism. According to Ajit Jogi, familyism works for the first time, but not repeatedly. Let's tell that after coming to active politics in the former IAS, his wife Renu Jogi and son Amit Jogi contested on the ticket of Congress and now Jogi has discussions of his daughter-in-law Richa Jogi contesting the elections.

During his treatment in the hospital, his son Amit, wife Renu and daughter-in-law, Richa Jogi, along with former CM Ajit Jogi File photo

Public court accepts family
On the question of familyism, Ajit Jogi says that 'you can redeem familyism once, but after that there will be qualifications only people will be able to survive. If my wife is in politics, she has won the election three times. My son, if he has won by a record vote in politics then he has won. The public's court has accepted them. Earlier he was my son and wife but now he has won the election. So the question of familyism does not arise. '

Renuka Jogi's faith and integrity, with whom Ajit Jogi becomes a separate party, is with whom it is not hidden from anyone in the state. That is why Jogi Ji's statement is not surprising. There is a very confusing statement.
-RP Singh, Spokesperson, Pradesh Congress Committee, Chhattisgarh

Ajit Jogi and Renu Jogi are husband wives and this is their family affair. The Congress knows this very well. That's why Congress has already sidelined Jai in Renu. Who goes to a party, it has nothing to do with the BJP. The BJP is going to fight elections on its own.
-Sunil Soni, Vice President, State BJP


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