Vikas Yatra 2018 : Chief Minister unveils development works worth Rs 158 crore in general assembly of Balod

'aabaadi patta' to 38 thousand poor families

LPG gas connection to four thousand families

During his Vikas Yatra tour to District Headquarters Balod on June 5 tommorow,Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will unveil 144 construction works worth Rs 158.29 crore at the general assembly to be held there. This includes inauguration of completed 101 construction works worth Rs 116.24 crore and foundation laying of 43 newly-sanctioned works worth Rs 42.05 crore. Chief Minister Dr Singh will be benefiting nearly 78 thousand 111 beneficiaries under various scheme, in the general assembly. This includes distribution of aabaadi patta to 38 thousand 804 families, bicycles, toolkits and e-rickshaw etc to 4413 labourers, LPG connection to four thousand 100 wpmen, saur sujala pumps to 55 farmers, mini-kits to 664 farmers and bicycles to tendupatta 59 'fad munshi'.

The works to be inaugurated by Chief Minister mainly include road from Balod to Dhamtari built at the cost of Rs 65 crore, high-quality bridge on Sundra-Devinavagaon Tandula River worth Rs 10 crore 92 lakh, remodeling and lining work in distributary from Tandula tank to Pairi worth Rs 10 crore 55 lakh, renewal work of road from Gurur to Naragaon worth Rs 8 crore 15 lakh, livelihood college building worth Rs 4 crore 14 crore etc. On the occasion, Chief Minister will lay foundation of government polytechnic college building worth Rs nine crore 11 lakh, bridge on Beloda-Gotulmuda main road Arajgunda road worth Rs three crore 87 lakh, bridge on Bhendiya Navagaon road worth Rs two crore 80 lakh, bridge on Parsoda-Sohantara road worth Rs two crore 69 lakh, and bridge from main road to kharra road worth Rs two crore 14 lakh.


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