Now the work will be done in Anganwadi centers online

Now the work will be done in Anganwadi centers online

Anganwadi centers are being made online under the snip project with the assistance of World Bank in Garia Bandh district of Chhattisgarh. Under this, mobile distribution is being done in all Anganwadi centers of the district. Not only this, Anganwadi workers are being trained to run mobile and departmental information through mobile to a higher office.

Mobile distribution work has been completed in most Anganwadi centers of the district. The purpose of the department is to make all 1347 Anganwadi centers in the district online through mobile. Department officials hope that this project will speed up the work. Also, departmental information will be easily available to the people.

Apart from this, the monitoring is expected to be done better, but some questions have arisen before the start of the project. The biggest and important question in this is that there is a problem of not having network in most part of the district. How mobile will work in such a way and how Anganwadi workers will be able to report daily.

The second important question is that most Anganwadi workers do not know how to operate the mobile and use the internet. However during the training many Anganwadi workers reached their children so that their children could learn and tell them. On the other hand, the authorities have hoped to get a better result from the project, the clouds are running on them.


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