Rally for cleanliness from Laxman temple of Sirpur

Rally for cleanliness from Laxman temple of Sirpur

On the completion of the project work duration in the Lakshman temple of Sirhapur on September 26, 2018 / World famous historic site, today, under the Sanitation Campaign on the direction of India Scout and Guide New Delhi, the purpose of service of the district Mahasamund Sanitation by the Archeology Department Survey of India Raipur Circle. Under the rally, public awareness and hygiene campaign was started According to information received from the District Education Officer's office, the Government Higher Secondary School, Sirpur, SCO SS, Patwa Scouts, Guidet Rover Ranger Team will be responsible for the protection and hygiene of National Heritage Laxman Temple Sirpur from 01 September, After inaugurating, Mr. Tulendra Kumar Sagar, Mr. S.N. SS Patwa was given the project in charge.

Chief guest of the program, District Sangh Mahasamud, Shri Jai Ram Ram Sahu, Vice President, Shri Dew Lal Chandraqar, Shri Vimal Jaiswal, Department of Reforms, Raipur Division, Mr. Rajesh Meena, Puritan Department, Sirpur, Mr. Seven Lal Chandra, Former Vice President, Janpad Panchayat, Shri Santosh Purna Goswami, Deputy Chief, Sirpur, Mrs. Ami Rufus, District Commissioner, Guide, Ms. Anjali Beramal, Assistant Sports Officer, Mr. Mayukh Shrivastav Bringing organization Mahasmuund Commissioner, Mr standard Namdeo, Mr. Honey serious, Mr. Mohit Israni, Yogesh Bagmare, Mr. Jyotis Chaudhary Mnchasin. The essay competition was organized by the Department of Archeology on the subject of Clean Conservation, which included the Scout Guide Rover Ranger. Under the purview of the sanitation service, the rally was taken out to raise awareness and self-awareness. Operation was done by Mr Tuleendra Kumar Sagar Scout Master Project Incharge. In this project, the scout guide, Roger Ranger, was edited by Mr. Misab Noori and others officials of the Archdiocese of Sirpur, the work of sanitation program and the message of salon to the tourists for the protection of the national heritage. It is to be known that, on October 2, 2017, Bharat Scouts guide was organized at Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, Chhattisgarh, State Headquarter, Raipur organized a universal prayer meeting in Jagdalpur, Bastar. The Chief Guest in which the Chief Minister of the State was Dr. Raman Singh. On this occasion, Mr. Kedar Kashyap, School Education Minister and Chairman Bharat Scouts and Guides Six, Dinesh Kashyap MP, Bastar Jagdalpur, Mr. Mahesh Gagada Van Mantri, Shri Gajendra Yadav State Chief Commissioner Bharat Scouts and Guides Bharat Scout Guide, various dignitaries The specific people were Manchasin. In this program, Mahasamund district was provided by the tax lotus of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh under the National Archeology Heritage Sirpur Sanitation Campaign. The President of District Mahasamud, Mr. Kairam Sahu, Vice President Mr. Daulal Chandrakar, District Organization Commissioner Mr. Mayukh Srivastava, Mr. Ram Kumar Sahu, Senior SKU, Former District Secretary State Teacher, Tuleendra Kumar Sagar, Joint Secretary and Project Leader Kartar took it.

 This project is sponsored by Dr. Manoj Kumar Kurmi of the Department of Archeology, Mr. Bhagirathi Garitiya, Mr. Gajendra Yadav, State Chief Commissioner Bharat Scouts and Guides Bharat Scout Guide, District Sangh Mahasamud Chairperson Mr. Kareram Sahu, Special Assistant of District Chief Commissioner Mr. Poonam Chandrakrakar and District Education Officer Mahasamud ex-district commissioner, Ska Mr. B.L. Kurre, Smt. Ami Rufus, Principal and District Commissioner's Guide, and Mr. Hasrat Khan, State Organization Commissioner, Ska. State Headquarters Raipur, Assistant Director Mr. Satish Nayar, Mr. Ajay Biswas, Shri Himanshu Bharti, NK Sinha, Assistant District Sports Officer, Ms. Anjali Beramal. In this project, Development Council Chairman Local Association Mahasamund Shri Kamal Luniya, Vikas Jharkhand Education Officer Mahasamund Shri PK Sharma, Principal Mr. U.M.V. Pateva Shri Sameer Chandra Pradhan, Principal Mr. U.M.Virpur D. S. Dhruv Pradhan Pathak B.L.Pelt Schauer Guider Charge Narottam Chakradhar, Smt. Local teacher, local teachers and representatives of the Red Teacher were special assistants.


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