Arbitration in MNREGA ..... The process of complaints is not stopping ... The villagers are worried for Majduri .....

Arbitration in MNREGA ..... The process of complaints is not stopping ... The villagers are worried for Majduri .....

 Surajpur-Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme This scheme has gone through corruption, there may be no guarantee of employment, but it has become a complete guarantee of corruption, without any work, it may be openly in the name of the relative of the relative of the employment assistant.  It is necessary to stop this, but despite all the monitoring, corruption is going on in the MNREGA. It is so arbitrary in the MGNREGA that the complaints about wages have come a day that the administration is also upset.  One case can not be investigated, another comes to light. Ram Lal Pando of Gram Kolhua has alleged in a complaint to the Collector that in the year 2018-19, a kup in his name was constructed in his land in which he and his  Three people, including his wife, worked in the construction of the kupa, which was not paid.  He told the Collector in a complaint that for Majduri he also went to Secretary, Employment Assistant Basant Sahu, but till date the Majduri done by him in the construction of kupa was not paid.  On which a strict action has been taken from the Collector to pay the wages by taking strict action against the employment assistant along with the secretary.

 Arbitration of Secretary, Employment Assistant…
 Poor hard work, the process of not getting the money of the people is very long.  He worked for 104 days in Dabri construction work built on the land of Inam Kunwar under Ramadhar Yadav MNREGA of village Kolhua but today the wages have not been more than two years.  Similarly, Gaurishankar Vaishya has also talked about not getting wages after working for 83 days in the same Dabri, whereas before this, the charge sheet for not giving the amount of construction of the well to the employment assistant and giving half the amount in bribe to the collector.  Has been given, which has not even started investigation.  Due to which the complainant is in fear.  Here, on the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli, Raj Kumar Khairwar and Nityananda have said that the Prime Minister's residence has been approved in the year 2018-19 and 2019-20.  Which those people have made themselves and the employment assistant has taken the amount.  It has been said that through the master role, 15000 rupees were withdrawn in the name of his family, siblings and father.  Till date they have not received this amount.  Earlier also, the employment assistant secretary of Gram Panchayat Mahuli has been accused of such kind.  But no investigation or action is fresh.



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