Surajpur: Teachers Association submits memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA regarding his demands

Surajpur: Teachers Association submits memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA regarding his demands

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur: Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur submitted a memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Paras Nath Rajwade to raise the demands of teachers (LB cadre) including promotion, promotion, salary discrepancy, old pension mentioned in the public announcement letter in the budget session and to the Chief Minister. Seeking support with recommendations

Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur State General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh and other office bearers met Parliamentary Secretary of Chhattisgarh Government Parasnath Rajwade and handed over the copy of the public manifesto along with the demand letter and said that the public announcement letter of the government included the promotion, old pension Many demands have been made and there is a lot of demand that needs to be taken for the redressal. For this, the demand for raising the demands in the budget session of the Legislative Assembly and sending the demands to the Chief Minister along with the recommendations urged to take the initiative to fulfill the demands. On which the Parliamentary Secretary assured to fulfill the demands.

It is to be known that the teachers of LB cadre have not been promoted even once after 23 years of service, in the public announcement letter of the government it has been asked to implement it, but even after continuous demand, the authorities have not made a provision, similarly 28 thousand posts are vacant for promotion of assistant teachers, but the Education Department has not done any promotion, apart from salary anomaly, old pension, compassionate appointment, pending dearness allowance and additional service period from 2 years after merger in 2 years. Demand for fixation of pay giving weightage for the same is also pending.

Main demands

Promotion - Order of promotion should be made by assuming service period from the first appointment date,
Benefit has been given to the upper class by adding the service of the lower class of education workers, so the promotion order should be issued by providing the benefit for promotion by adding the earlier service period.

Promotion - Promotion is going on in all departments, it is known that thousands of posts of head reader are vacant in primary school, pre-secondary school, there is also a provision for promotion to the post of teacher, lecturer and principal, hence total educational service experience to LB cadre ( Pre-service) basis, it will lead to qualitative improvement in teaching system.

 Salary discrepancy - The salary of assistant teacher is less than that of lecturer and teacher, considering the primary education as special educational service, the pay scale of teacher and assistant teacher should be improved in proportion to the difference between the pay scale of lecturer and teacher and the teacher Pt / ni cadre. From 01/05/2013, the revised (equivalent) pay scale is issued with retrospective effect on determination of coefficient of 1.86 and the benefit of one weightage in 2 years has been given, ordering him to give 1 weightage in 1 year. Revise LPC is released.

 Retirement of old pension - Public declaration letter mentions action for restoration of old pension, so action should be taken to implement OPS (Old Pension Scheme) in place of NPS.

 Compassionate Appointment - On the pending case of Pt. Compassionate appointment should be granted.

 The order for dearness allowance pending from January 2019 should be issued soon.

  After merging in 02 years, the pay scale should be fixed giving weightage of additional service for 2 years.

        Among those who submitted the memorandum were Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Provincial General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh, Chandravijay Singh, Gaurishankar Pandey, Survind Gurjar, Nandkishore Sahu, Vijendra Sahu, Anil Chakradhari, Mukesh Mudaliar, Ramchandra Soni, Vijendra Sahu, Rahman Khan, Gauri Shankar Pandey. , Mithilesh Pathak, Motilal Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Umesh Gurjar, Deepak Jha, Vijay Pathak, Chandrahas, Nand Kishore Sahu, Pitambar Marabi, Nagendra Singh, Vinod Keram, Chandra Dev Chakradhari, Rambaran Singh, Jitendra Pratap Singh, Rajesh Jaiswal, Dharmendra Bareth , Kusum Toppo, Suniti Kushwaha, Toshit Kushwaha, Roshan Gurjar, Phool Bai Ratre, Bodhan Ram Rajwade, Uttam Chandra Gurjar Shankar Jaiswal, Sobran, Silvina Kujur

Savita Singh, Rajahin Singh, Nand Kumar Singh Vartwari Paikra, Umesh Yadav, Lalan Sai, Mahendra Kumar Uike, Ramkisun Singh, Ram Sagar Jaiswal, Gulab Singh Dimension, Ashok Singh, Ramalakshman Singh, Ramlal, Reshma Toppo, Niranjani Singh, Dharmaraj Singh, Ganga Prasad, Shivratan Ram, Rakesh Gurjar, Ramesh Gurjar Roshan Gurjar, Chandrika Singh, Adeshwar Gurjar, Satyendra Gurjar, Indra Prasad Singh, Indrapal, Luv Kumar, Shiv Sharan Singh, Phulbai Ratre, Chandravati Singh, Seema Singh Hiraman, Rajudas, Tejuram Kamlesh Packra Sampat Singh, Suraj Mercam, Virendra Sahu, Sukhdev Singh, Sarju Prasad, Ramgovind, Puran Ram Rajwade, Daya Ram, Arvind Tiwari, Lalsay Andilya, Nanka Singh, Tarkeshwar Singh, Jitendra Nath Dubey, Anuj Rajwade, Tilak Dhari, Naushad Alam, Virender Packra, Vijay Yadav, Tekram, Mubarak Ali, Aditya Yadav, Dayanand Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Govardhan Singh, Anil Chakradhari, Satish Kumar, Rupesh Rawat, Pankaj Singh, Gulab Dewangan, Kameshwar, Shriram Yadav, Vijendra Bharti, Uttam Rajwade, Bodhan Rajwade, Arvind Gupta, Lalkeshwar Rajwade, Sugriva Kushwaha, Dhirendra Kushwaha, Ramdev Packra, Arun Kumar, Arvind Singh, Sunil Kushwaha, Khir Rodhan Singh, Shyamlal Yadav, Rajesh Mishra, Tuleshwar Rajwade, Ranjit Singh, Sohan Kannaujia, Somnath Nagesia, Shibalal Patile, Harilal Ekka Manohar Khes, Ramkishun Singh, Ram


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