Jagdalpur: Collector launched Manjhi Scheme to promote institutional deliveries in outreach areas

Jagdalpur: Collector launched Manjhi Scheme to promote institutional deliveries in outreach areas

Under the guidance of Collector Shri Rajat Bansal, the Manjhi Yojana has been started by the Health Department by arranging a two-wheeler at the local level in the district Bastar outlying areas to bring the pregnant woman to the hospital.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. RK Chaturvedi informed that 18363 institutional deliveries and 405 deliveries have taken place at home in Bastar district in the financial year 2019-20. In the financial year 2020-21, till the month of June 2020, 3822 institutional deliveries and 74 deliveries have taken place at home. In the event of childbirth at home, the life of mother and child can be threatened at any time, because 48 hours after delivery are important for mother and child. Due to delivery in the institution, mother and child can be treated immediately in any complication.
Mother and child deaths can be reduced by this. There is a provision of 102 Mahtari Express for the transportation of pregnant women, but due to lack of road in some areas, four-wheelers are unable to operate, due to which most deliveries in such areas are at home. As per the District Administration's recommendations, out-of-reach areas for 100% institutional delivery have been identified in Bastar district, in which 12 blocks are in Bakwand, 16 in Bastanar, 8 in Darbha, 7 in Lohandiguda, 4 in Nangur and 01 in Tokapal. In these villages, arrangements will be made to bring pregnant women to two-wheelers under the Manjhi scheme to the nearest hospital.
The two-wheeler owner will be paid cash fare according to the distance. In which, Rs 400 will be given from 01 to 10 km, Rs 500 for 11 to 20 km, Rs 600 for 21 to 30 km and Rs 700 for 31 to 45 km for taking pregnant woman from home to hospital. The Collector has given responsibility for BPM, Sector Medical Officer, Sector Supervisor, Regional Health Worker, Anganwadi Worker, Mitanin Trainer and Mitanin for 100% institutional delivery.

Under the innovation system of bringing pregnant woman from two wheelers to the hospital to the hospital
Vehicle owner will get cash amount according to distance
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