..When the education minister had to be scolded for lying, got the work of 'peon' in punishment!

..When the education minister had to be scolded for lying, got the work of 'peon' in punishment!

Raipur. There is hardly any student studying in the school who has never been punished by the teachers in his school. Everyone remembers the lesson as well as the punishment during the school days. The same example was shared by School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam of Chhattisgarh (School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam) during a meeting of the Education Department. The program 'Guru Tujhe Salaam', started by the state government to honor the Gurus, has started. On this occasion, School Education Minister Premasay Tekam remembered his school days.

During a live broadcast on YouTube, Minister Tekam shared an incident sharing his school memories. He said that as a child, Narayan Singh, the teacher of primary school of village Silauta, had entrusted him with the responsibility of giving the key to the school, then who knew that this child of village Silauta in Pratappur, Vikas block of Surajpur district, will grow up and take care of all schools in Chhattisgarh state .

Was caught lying like this
School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam said that 'when he was studying, there was no school in our village at that time. I cycled with my friends to school for 7 km to study. It was often late. Once Guruji asked the reason for coming late, I said that the cycle had become punctured. Guruji took me and my friend separately and asked the same question, which tire was punctured. Both of us gave different answers and got scolded for lying. The school education minister said that in order to prevent punishment for lying and late arrival every day, my teacher Narayan Singh ji handed me the key of the school that day. So that I have to come first and open the school '. Let me tell you that the peon is usually the work of unlocking schools.
This punishment changed the habit
The minister remarked that after giving responsibility by the teacher, I got used to going to school on time every day and the school started feeling like its own. Minister Tekam said that with the help of his colleagues, he made a new class by doing Shramdaan in the school. Started doing something for the development of the school. Seeing the good and new things going on in the nearby schools with the teacher, he would try to do it in his school. Let the teachers, students and parents of the state also participate in memorable moments under the Guru Tujhe Salaam Abhiyan, in this two-minute online audio-video program, by sharing that special moment through expressing their feelings towards their gurus and motivators. Expressing gratitude and expressing thanks.


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