All basic facilities, including accommodation and food in the quarantine centers, regular health check up of the people living there

All basic facilities, including accommodation and food in the quarantine centers, regular health check up of the people living there

3.48 lakh people have been kept in more than 20 thousand centers, 25 thousand migrant workers returned home after completing quarantine period


More than 20 thousand quarantine centers have been set up across the state for migrant workers returning to Chhattisgarh from different parts of the country. Three lakh 48 thousand people have been kept in these centers. 25 thousand workers have returned to their homes after completing the 14-day quarantine period. At home, they have been instructed to stay in home-quarantine for seven to ten days. The quarantine centers set up in the villages are being operated and controlled by the district administration concerned. Gram Panchayats, Janpad Panchayats and Zilla Panchayats are taking active participation in their operation.

Quarantine centers have been set up in almost every gram panchayat on a war-footing after the state government arranged for the return of migrant laborers to the state. The migrant laborers residing in these centers are being provided all basic facilities including accommodation and food. Provision has been made for temporary toilets, separate bathrooms for men and women, clean drinking water, lights and wings. On the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, arrangements for entertainment such as television and radio are being made in these centers. The health of people living in quarantine centers is constantly being monitored. Unhealthy people are being provided treatment and medicines. Immediate samples of individuals with the possibility and symptoms of infection are being sent for examination.

In Quarantine centers, adequate number of two-storey and disposable glasses have been made for eating and drinking. Along with soap and water, hand-sanitizers are also being made available for frequent hand washing. Masks and skirts are also being provided to cover the mouth. The mattress, carpets and bed sheets are being made available for sleeping in Quarantine centers along with all the arrangements for making food. Cleanliness has also been made in these centers. For this, adequate centers have been given dust-bin, broom, phenyl and buckets. Yoga and pranayama are being conducted in quarantine centers to increase the immunity of people. Sanitary pads are also being distributed to women for menstrual hygiene.

Instructions have been given to ensure strict compliance of Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules-2016 for safe disposal of residual materials. The local administration has also directed to keep a room in each center safe for isolation. The quarantine centers are being arranged by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department from the Disaster Relief Fund released to the districts and the Fourteenth Finance Commission and basic funds made available to the Gram Panchayats.

At present, apart from three lakh 48 thousand migrant laborers living in quarantine centers, about one lakh 70 thousand laborers are expected to return to the state. The state government is committed to keeping all people safe. All kinds of resources are being made available to protect their convenience and health. In almost all the panchayats of the state, resources have been mobilized for a quarantine center in a very short time. Control of global epidemic Kovid-19 is the top priority of the government and effective steps are being taken in both rural and urban areas.


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