6 masked crooks arrested for looting ATM cash van with crores of rupees in Bemetra

6 masked crooks arrested for looting ATM cash van with crores of rupees in Bemetra

The police have arrested 6 miscreants who escaped from the ATM Cash Van in Bemetara by robbing them of 1 crore 64 lakh rupees.

Unmatched. In Bemetara district of Chhattisgarh (Bemetara) district, a big plunder incident has come to light. At around 12 noon on Saturday afternoon, the robbers escaped by robbing 1 crore 64 lakh from the ATM Cash Van. However, due to the vigilance of the villagers, the miscreants were caught in just 3 hours. The incident is on the Bemetra-Mungeli main road between Jhal and Atariya village, 12 km from the district headquarters.

The whole case

The people of village Pardikdih also rained stones on the car riders, but the robbers escaped by taking advantage of the empty road. The cash van came out of Bemetra to put money in the Nawagarh SBI ATM, but was punctured on the way. In this, 6 crooks reached the white Honda City car from behind. Masked miscreants gun on driver changing tires and guard sitting inside cash van
Taunted After this, the robbers opened the locker from the personnel and got it placed in a thong car filled with notes and escaped with the guard's 12 bore rifle.

Villagers nab the miscreants on the rumor of child thief

On being informed of the case, the police cordoned off all the boundaries of the district and started investigation. Apart from Bemetra, police have also been alerted in Durg, Rajnandgaon and Kawardha. The miscreants were running away with the car in the rough paths, but due to drain in the middle, they left the car there and started running in the field. As a child, the thief ran after some villagers, on which the miscreants fired on them. Encouraged by this, the villagers caught the accused by giving information to the nearby villagers by phone. The villagers beat up the robbers fiercely and handed them over to the police.

Arrest of the accused due to the vigilance of the villagers

The DIG said that the accused have been taken to Raipur, where the entire case will be disclosed. However, the rumor may be of a child thief, but due to the vigilance of the villagers, the accused were caught in just a few hours. In this way, the police arrested all the robbers in the Bhagam part of 3 hours.


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