Antagarh Tapapand: Firoz Siddiqui released the new video, said - soon will be exposed many big faces

Antagarh Tapapand: Firoz Siddiqui released the new video, said - soon will be exposed many big faces


Feroze Siddiqui alleged that the police are being intimidated by me. CCTV connections have been disconnected.


Feroz Siddiqui, Chief Witness of Antagarh Tappak, has again released a video. In the video, Siddiqui said that at 1 a.m. in the night, the police confessed in my house. I am under house arrest. He said that police jawans are sitting outside the house. Accused of being threatened by the police by the police. CCTV connections have been disconnected. In the video, Siddiqui claimed that if right investigation is done in the Antagarh case then those faces will be exposed, which is still behind the scenes. It is known that earlier even Firoze Siddiqui released a video and demanded protection.

This big claim by Feroze Siddiqui

According to the information, Firoz Siddiqui released a video before the police was arrested. In the video, it is said that Antagarh Tappunk Part-2 is yet to come, in which many big faces will be exposed. Because of this I am trying to suppress my requirement. Siddiqui alleged that without the midnight night the warrant police has given a damn in my house and I was trying to kill him. At present, the Civil Lines Police, Feroze Siddiqui, has taken the police station with him.

What was the Antagarh Tupenda case

In 2014, the then MLA of Antagarh Vikram Usendi resigned after winning the Lok Sabha election. In the bye-by-elections there, Congress had fielded former MLA Mantu Ram Pawar as candidate. Bhojram Nag was standing from BJP At the last minute of the withdrawal, Mantur had withdrawn his nomination. This gave the BJP a kind of walkover. Later, the call of a person named Firoz Siddiqui was viral. There were allegations that then former Congressman Amit Jogi, son of Ajit Jogi, who was in Congress, returned the name of Mantu. In Tapakand, there was reportedly a conversation between Amit Jogi and son-in-law of Dr. Raman Singh, son-in-law of Puneet Gupta.


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