Chief Minister announces 'Raman ki Goth': 50 thousand rupees now for purchase of e-rickshaw

Chief Minister announces 'Raman ki Goth': 50 thousand rupees now for purchase of e-rickshaw

All the myths that prevent positive works from women: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has announced a grant of Rs. 50 thousand through the Labor Department to the people who bought e-rickshaw in the state. He told the audience in his monthly radio talk 'Raman Ke Gote' broadcast from Aakashwani Raipur center this morning- I want to give you another good news that there was no provision for e-rickshaw for all the districts before. In some districts, arrangements have been made to provide subsidy from DMF (District Mineral Institute), but now we have arranged a third of the total cost ie 50 thousand rupees for the subsidy through the Department of Labor, whose benefits Get ahead
    Dr. Raman Singh also informed about the ongoing project for women empowerment in the state in its radius. He said- In earlier villages, Swarna Jayanti Employment Scheme was run for livelihood and Swavalamban, in which women and men had equal participation. We named this plan as 'Chhattisgarhi' environment called 'Bihān', which meant morning in the morning. This scheme has been completely devoted to women. Under this, women self-help groups are being formed. He said - women have broken all the myths, which prevented them from doing positive work or clinging in unnecessary chains.

    Dr. Singh told the radio audience- So far, more than one lakh 24 thousand self-help groups have been set up under the state rural livelihood mission in the state. Chhattisgarh government has decided to provide easy and cheap lending to women self-help groups. As a result, in the last five years 90 thousand self-help groups have been given a loan of Rs.1.11 crore. Women have wandered their unity by joining each other and have also made them the medium of self-reliance, economic development and society reform. The practice of making various items such as pickle, large, papad, incense stick, belametal, bamboo crafts etc is already in our region. Many women groups have done so great work on these items that they are earning millions of rupees. The e-rickshaw which Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who was on a tour of Bijapur district, is an example of our sister entrepreneurship.

    In the same episode, the Chief Minister also announced a subsidy of 50 thousand rupees through the Department of Labor for the purchase of e-rickshaw and said that its benefits will be realized. Dr. Singh, while praising the employment and income generating activities of women self-help groups, said that such a rice is being generated through organic farming, whose demand is in the metros. The groups that first made the candles are now making LED bulbs. The women running livelihood by making dung cloth in villages have learned to join the self-help group to make ice cream. Those who used to make clay pots, they are now setting up cold storage and keeping local fruits and vegetables in place. He said- The role of women groups in solid waste management in Ambikapur has been appreciated nationally and now the same system is being implemented in the urban bodies of the entire state, which is garbage, processing it They also earn money by selling manure and selling them. Sisters of 44 development blocks of twenty districts of the state have become 'Bank Sakhi'. This is an arrangement whereby the members of the Self-Help Groups are providing the facility of the house in the house-to-house. Dr. Singh said - Our state has been famous for power centers of power of Ladies, but today with his inspiration, women group has been established as a women power center in the village.


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