Wife wanted to get rid of wife, raped friend, arrested both

Wife wanted to get rid of wife, raped friend, arrested both

After raping his wife with his friend, the accused husband divorced him on a stamp of Rs.50. Then they got married at the stamp of Rs. 50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


There has been a case of shyness to tarnish relationships in Chhattisgarh's Kavaldha. A case has been registered in Kawharda's Kotwali police station area. The victim told the police captain of the district his predecessor. After this initial investigation was done. Then the case has been registered. Police have arrested the victim's husband and his friend in the case.

According to the news published in Dainik Bhaskar, it is a shameful event to relieve the soil on the sacred relation of husband and wife. This strange case of rap has come out in Kotwali police station area. Where a husband, with the help of his friend, looted his wife beforehand. Then divorced on the stamp of Rs.50 and got them married at the stamp of Rs.50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


Such open truth
The Kawardha police arrested the accused, husband and his friend under section 376, 120, 34. The surprising facts have surfaced in the inquiry. The accused is a resident of 19-year-old Singhnipuri. He was married to the victim 40 days earlier. She wanted to get rid of the wife because of her love affair with another woman. Therefore, the help of his resident friend Rajnandgaon took help. The special thing is that the victim was a minor at the time of marriage. The accused husband's age is 19 years.

Mike left after rape
This marriage has also opened the poles of the women and child development department. After misbehaving, the accused husband left the victim in her mother's womb. After a few days, the accused went to Kamlesh's mother and told him to get married after stamping him on stamp. Then the conspiracy came out. Social meetings took place and the accused refused to keep on saying by being stigmatized. Then report in the police station.

Swindle building Adhar card

The incident is June 27. By blaming the Aadhaar card, the accused reached the cremation with his wife. The accused friend was also together. In the Tahsil office, sign the victim on two stamps. One stamp was related to divorce and the other accused was married to Kamlesh. After the notary stayed in the Lakshmi Lodge. After a while, the accused husband left his wife along with his friend. During this, Kamlesh allegedly raped her.

Husband created a plot
The victim told the police that we had been married 40 days earlier. I have read up to the 11th. After 10-15 days of marriage all went well, but husband's behavior changed. Used to threaten One day, he talked of running a smart card to make a smart card. We got out of the bike, but they put me on the bus from Lohara. This was my husband's friend in this bus. After sitting in the bus, asked me to meet in a bunch. After this we reached the Kali Garden of Kavaldha.

After 3 hours my husband came there and started making videos. Then threatened me. The other day, I brought a bump. Threatened to kill him and signed him to the hotel. I have been there for a while, saying and did not come back. During this, his friend committed a crime. Together they conspired and left me deliberately in the room. After this I went to my maiden I gave information about the incident there. Here, my husband's friends started pressurizing me to take me along to reach the police station.


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