"The school is going to grow, the people who have been laughed" Collector inaugurates Shala Pravesh Utsav 05 teachers of 06 schools get absent salary

Bemetra June 24, 2019: - From today, the government and private schools of Bemetara district have begun to be happy with the children. Today Shala Entrance Celebration has also been inaugurated from today. In the schools today, the children of Navodaya children were welcomed by wearing gulas and sweetening the children who entered Class I, VI and VIII. Collector Mahadev Kavre today reached various schools in the district and joined the school admission celebration school. He welcomed them by providing a book to the newly invited children under Jogi La Gaede Bar. Uniforms were distributed to children of primary and middle children with the book.

On the first day of education session 2019-20 after the summer holidays, the Collector gave his congratulations and greetings to the newly opened children at Government Higher Secondary School, Balasamund and Bawmohatra Primary and middle schools, Bhothidih, Bawamohatra, Navagon (Khudmudi) and Khudmudi. The Collector said that special attention should be paid to the reading-reading of the school for better examination results. The collector said that efforts will be made for career guidance of the youth in the district. Regarding the results of schools in the class X and XII board, the results of the schools are good, the teachers need to pay more attention to this. During the inspection of the school collector of village Ghtholi, it was found at 12.00 noon. The villagers said that the school was open today morning. For this reason the teachers were declared the leave of children by the teachers. While two schools are not operated in that campus. The collector directed the DEO to issue show-order notice against the teachers concerned. Mid-day meals were not operated in Village Ghattoli Primary School, the villagers said that it was being operated by Jai Maa Bambleshwari Self Help Group. Collector D.O. Asked to issue show-job notice.

 Inspired by the children, the collector highlighted the name of his parents, village and school by doing good reading. District Education Officer Shri C. S. Dhru said that the government is giving cycles to the students under the Saraswati cycle scheme for free books, uniforms and girls for the students. Education gets a new light Students can serve family, society and country by doing good reading. On this occasion, he welcomed the sweet young people of the newlyweds and welcomed them intimately. During the inspection, the committee coordinator of Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Kamod Thakur, B.E.O. Bemetra Mr. D. D. Dahariya, A.S.O. Sunil Tiwari B r c. Satish Sharma was present.

Remuneration payers of absent teachers- absentee teacher from the first day school during the surprise inspection of collector, Anita Tamrokar, lecturer, Panchayat, Kamlesh Kumar Singh teacher, L.B. And Sameer Shukla L.B. All teachers are from Government Higher Secondary School, Balasamud. During the inspection of the Collector, remained absent from duty. For this reason, the instructions for cutting the salary of the three people to the District Education Officer present on the spot. Similarly, assistant teacher of primary school Khudmudi, Mrs. Kiran Banjare and Arunima Ramtek were also found absent from duty today. The instructions for cutting the salary of both of them are DEO. Given to Similarly, the teacher of Government School Bhothidih, Udal Prasad Banjara, who was absent from duty today, will also be deducted a day's salary.


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