Former CM Ajit Jogi said - Right to Tribal people on their public land

Former CM Ajit Jogi said - Right to Tribal people on their public land

Demonstration of villagers continues in protest against excavation in the deposit 13 of Baladila in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. Let us know that on Saturday, former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi also reached the site of the dam. JCCJ supremo Ajit Jogi said that villagers' demand for land and forest land is justified. The villagers have the right and it will remain. According to the information received, the Labor Employees Association has also decided to support this movement of tribals. Soon, the workers of the trade union organization can support the agitators by reaching the site of Dharna. It is known that the tribals in Chhattisgarh have started a struggle against mine. Adivasi tribals are opposed to the Adani Company's Iron Aysak mine of NMDC 13, located at Nandaraj mountain of Baladila mountain range of Dantewada district. Let us say that thousands of people are also encroaching NMDC on the second day of rural movement. Joint Panchayat Jan Sangharsh Samiti is performing this.

This is the whole case

Indeed Dantewada Bailadila mountain range Nandaraj be NMDC's deposit Adani company -13 Number mine located on the mountain after the mining opposition tribesmen started. All the Gram Panchayats have prepared for the movement to save the Nandraj mountain. Under the banner of Jana Sangharsh Samiti, tribal people are encroaching NMDC. Trade unions opposing the privatization of deposit 13 are also in support of the movement. Found According to information Adani Group on September 20l8 created company Bailadila Iron Ore Mining Pvt Ltd ie Biaiompiel name and center on December 20l8 government granted lease by 25 years of mining in Bailadila this company. Forest Department has given environmental clearance in 2015 for mining of iron ore in 315.813 hectares in the deposit 13 of Baladila. On which NMDC and State Government CMDC had to jointly excavate. Later, it was transferred to private company Adani Enterprises Limited for 25 years.



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