Raipur: Supervision of more than five hundred cows, excellent food and water management

Raipur: Supervision of more than five hundred cows, excellent food and water management

Gokuldham's view in Gautan of Duldula in Jashpur district
The state's most ambitious scheme Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva, Bari has changed the picture of the villages. In view of the view of the Gautan, which is being made for animals especially in the villages under the scheme, in Duldula, Vikaskhand headquarter of Jashpur district, it seems that now the rural economy will revolve around it. We know that village, rural, farmer and animal have always been dependent on each other. For the time being, in order to give a new life to the rural economy weakened due to the decreasing concern between them, the Chhattisgarh government's Narva, Garuna, Nirruva, Bari scheme will undoubtedly work for Sanjivani.
   Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva, Bari, in Duldula of Jashpur district, seeing more than 6 acres of land under this scheme, eating, drinking and feeding the animals in the Gautan and seeing the rest in the shade of Amrai, it seems like Gokuldham Duldula has settled on this land. Gautan has arranged for the restoration of 507 animals, arrangement of fodder and animal health care for their health.

     District CEO Shri Prem Singh Marakam said that 9 nos. Water tank for the animals in Gothan, 9 Nos. Kotana has been constructed for fodder. For the rest of the animals, there is a grasshopper shade and terrace. A large number of mango trees are engaged in this area of ​​Gothan. Arrangements have been made for the seating of animals in Amarai's shade. There is a committee of 84 people for the maintenance of animals. On daily basis, 5-5 members of this committee are responsible for maintaining livestock care.

    For the animals coming to Gothan, the women belonging to the village self-help group and the villagers are donning their feet in a form of fodder. To maintain the fodder, 7 scaffolds have been made. Here the ladies of the Self-help group are also building the swimming pool. Pit has been dug for the preparation of plantation of 500 coconut trees in Gautan area. Solar pumps have been set up for drinking water. Shri Merkam informed that for the preparation of Vermic compost by the Department of Agriculture here 25 Vermicelli beds and 2 Nadep stitches have been made. With the formation of Gobar Gas, Vermi and Compost Manure in Gothan, the villages will also be connected with the establishment of Gumutra Research Station and Agarbatti.
    Shri Murakam informed that arrangements for green fodder are also being arranged for cattle coming to Duldula's Gothan. Mecca and millet have been sown in about 5 acres of land. He told that the perennial Shardi Nala flows in the vicinity of Gautan. The stop dame has been built at Nadiratuku, which has plenty of water. He informed that under irrigation there will be arrangements for irrigation in the pasture through lift irrigation. To prevent the flow of water from the drain, there will also be construction of boulder checks etc. Work is also being undertaken by the Department of Horticulture in Duldula village. Here ten beneficiaries have been selected for development.


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